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    Wingnut by afroshouji

    Version: 7.5 | Updated: 07/28/11 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

             #R:::::::::::,,;:::,  ;      .,::;.,..,.,.,.:::.,., ..;;;:..,IB## .
               ##V#,##i##+###I####=#Y#Y #######i#X##R## #==####R###B#####X#
                         ######i;     M    .       M  , +## #####B#i
             #########WY#W . :#   BW#.  R##  II##### YV:V#, #        ###########
           ##;=,  #  #  ## , .#:#Y#i#i : ##.R X#  V# # ##  ;# #R##M= #         ##
        X##=+#tI####   :# Y V,# =;. iXXX### i,## ## ; ##   #Y+t   WVW# :+R######
     #M#I   t  ##  #WVB #:+V  # tiWII+##  #   X# # ,XY###### RV#X=: ###I+     ##
     ########  ,##  #,;.##   ## . Y#,   ###I#####M ,=    X# +: .i####  ###Y := W#t
        I   ##=#IW# #I  .  R############# #W;    ###############X.  +##=#  ##=V X#
             #, M: ## ######                            W       #####   =####  ,##
             ;# ;V  #,         Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles:        ;#B:  I  I###
              ## ###V               Tournament Fighters               W########
               WR                       Wingnut FAQ
    [ Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) / Super Famicom  ||  version 7.o ]
    [ FAQ + ascii : `shouji´  ||  mailto : oodzume@hotmail.com  ||  Wingnut > You ]
      Copyright 2005 - 2011 `shouji´
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     > shell o1 - Introduction
     > shell o2 - Wingnut Official Information
     > shell o3 - How To Read The FAQ
     > shell o4 - Listing Of Wingnut`s Attacks
     > shell o5 - Basic Attacks
     > shell o6 - Special Attacks
     > shell o7 - Ultimate Attack
     > shell o8 - Using Wingnut Effectively
     > shell o9 - Fighting The Human Opponent
     > shell 1o - Miscellaneous Information
     > shell 11 - Quotes + Ending
     > shell 12 - Special Thanks
     > shell 13 - Revision History
     > shell 14 - Final Note
      shell o1 : INTRODUCTION
     A TMNT fighting game. Yes, everyone wanted it - at least back in 1993 they all
     did. After having to go through the long NES game where the Turtles were each
     nearly the same size as the Technodrome at the end, and the great versions of
     the 4-player arcade games Konami put out in the 90s, finally an actual wannabe
     SFII fighting game was created. And the best TMNT version ever - The NES and
     Genesis versions aren`t acknowledged anymore, much like the third TMNT movie.
     It may not be Capcom, but Konami stepped up to the plate once more and did one
     hell of a job on this game. I just wish it had more characters and a practice
     mode. I mean c`mon, no Casey Jones?! Or Leatherhead? Oh well.
     The reason of this FAQ is to give you a more in-depth look at Wingnut, and how
     he stacks up against the other characters in Tournament Fighters. There is a
     voted tier breakdown of this game (See "Miscellaneous Information" section),
     and Wingnut was placed where I assumed he to be. Not overly a powerhouse like
     Raphael or Armaggon, but is able to easily abuse what he does have available.
     Continue on reading to get more insight on this mutant space bat and how he
     can tear through the competition!
     (Copied from the instruction manual and the in-game profile.)
     Name       : Wingnut (or "Wing Nut")
     Height     : 6`
     Weight     : 300 lbs.
     Hair       : Black
     Eyes       : Yellow
     Age        : 300 Krono Cycles
     Birthplace : Planet Dexlon V in the Huanu system
     Weapons    : Plasma Propelled Bat-wings
     Hobbies    : Playing `Castlevania 2095´
     Goals      : Thinks the tournament will be fun - a good way to kill time.
     Stage      : Thunder Dome
     Those who are old enough and familiar with the first TMNT cartoons (not those
     [expletive deleted] ones that FoxBox airs) and the comics might remember that
     Wingnut also had a little partner with him named Screwloose.  Which I believe
     was a mutated mosquito, if I remember correctly. He was the brains of the two
     since Wingnut is more or less a dumbass.
      shell o3 : HOW TO READ THE FAQ
    -- [ CONTROLLER NOTATION ] ----------------------------------------------------
      ub   u   uf     Jump Up-Back            Jump Up           Jump Up-Forward
        \  |  /
     b --  N  -- f    Retreat / Guard         Neutral           Advance
        /  |  \
      db   d   df     Crouch / Low Guard      Crouch            Offensive Crouch
     - Reverse forward and back if you`re on the right side of screen.
    -- [ BUTTON NOTATION ] --------------------------------------------------------
     L-shoulder        R-shoulder              n/a                    n/a
              X Button                               Fierce Punch (FP)
     Y Button          A Button           Normal Punch (NP)       Fierce Kick (FK)
              B Button                               Normal Kick (NK)
     - Button notation can be changed at the Control Pad menu in the Option screen.
       This FAQ utilizes the default setup shown above.
    -- [ ABBREVIATIONS + COMMAND NOTATION ] ---------------------------------------
     P / K         -  Press any Punch / Kick button.
     +             -  Stands for "and".
     /             -  Stands for "or".
     (air)         -  Stands for a move that can be performed both on the ground or
                      in the air. Most moves with this principle can be done off
                      the ground by adding ub~uf at the end of the command/motion
                      (qcf[,UF]), and pressing the button the moment you start to
                      ascend. (Note this is similar to Sagat`s original Tiger Knee
                      command from Super SFII.)
     qcf / qcb     -  Motion (d,df,f) or (d,db,b) on the joystick.
     When close    -  Perform the following command(s) when player is near the
     Kyuuketsu                          When close, b / f + NP
     Ryuusei Otoshi                     When close, b / f + FP
     Dash Punch                         Press NP + NK
     Hovering                           In air, b / f + NP + NK
     Kyuukouka Kougeki                  In air, d + K
     Moonbuster                         In air, qcf + P
     Mad Spectre                        When U.A.G. is full, press FP + FK (air)
     "U.A.G." stands for "Ultimate Attack Gauge".
      shell o5 : BASIC ATTACKS
     All of Wingnut`s normal attacks (ie - regular punches and kicks) are listed
     within this chart.
     O  : The attack can be canceled after it hits.
     X  : The attack can`t be canceled at any time.
      Attack Position     Attack Name               Level  Hit  Cancel  Points
      Standing NP         Elbow Jab                 h      1    O       100
      Standing NK         Snapkick                  h      1    O       100
      Standing FP         Gut Punch                 h      1    X       300
      Standing FK         Handstand Twirl Kicks     h      3    X       200/hit
      Standing Close NP   Uppercut                  h      1    O       100
      Standing Close NK   Snapkick                  h      1    O       100
      Standing Close FP   Uppercut                  h      1    X       300
      Standing Close FK   Handstand Twirl Kicks     h      3    X       200/hit
      Crouching NP        Low Jab                   h      1    O       100
      Crouching NK        Low Kick                  l      1    O       100
      Crouching FP        Strong Low Jab            h      1    X       300
      Crouching FK        Triple Twirl Kicks        l      3    O  #1   200
      Jumping NP          Downward Hand Stab        m      1    X       100
      Jumping NK          Straight Sidekick         m      1    X       100
      Jumping FP          Downward Punch            m      1    X       300
      Jumping FK          Strong Straight Sidekick  m      1    X       300
      Jump Diagonal NP    Downward Elbow Jab        m      1    X       100
      Jump Diagonal NK    Downward Kick             m      1    X       100
      Jump Diagonal FP    Downward Punch            m      1    X       300
      Jump Diagonal FK    Strong Downward Kick      m      1    X       300
      1) Knockdown attack.
    -- [ STANDING ATTACKS ] -------------------------------------------------------
    ( Normal Punch / NP )
     - An elbow jab.
     Nothing much can be said for Wingnut`s Standing NP. It`s short ranged, but it
     is fast and links to a Crouching NP. The Turtles and Asuka can duck it easily.
    ( Fierce Punch / FP )
     - A gut punch.
     If you learn one thing from this FAQ, it`ll be that all of Wingnut`s FP
     attacks are great. Wingnut`s Standing FP has more range than it looks. It`s
     also fast enough to snuff out some close-ranged opponents about to attack. A
     nice time to use it is after about three or four Crouching NP/NKs, end the
     poking with a Standing FP. Usually if they try to do anything like move or an
     attempt to counter, this will either trade hits or knock them back. In saying
     that, Asuka`s Kochou no Mai (f,d,df + P) and sometimes Leonardo`s Shining
     Blade (f,d,df + P) will get the upper hand against it. So you may want to try
     also hesitating a second after your Crouching NKs before you do a Standing FP
     to better your chances. It doesn`t look it but Standing FP can be used as an
     anti-air against some Jumping Fierce-versions of attacks. Finally don`t use
     this attack against Armaggon much since he crouches low enough to duck the
     punch altogether.
    ( Normal Kick / NK )
     - A front snapkick.
     Like the Standing NP, this is another short-ranged but fast attack. It also
     links easily into his Crouching NK. Wingnut can hit with about two Standing
     NKs in a row.
    ( Fierce Kick / FK )
     - A spinning handstand with three kicks.
     Standing FK is a funny attack because it doesn`t always do what it looks like
     it should do. It can technically be used as a decent anti-air, but _only_ if
     the feet hit. The legs don`t do anything, so jumping attacks basically pass
     right through and hit. On the ground, this attack can be avoided completely by
     the Turtles and Armaggon just by crouching. The plus side is that the hits
     will combo, but you`ll only get one or two to hit in most cases. In the corner
     you can manage to get all three to connect if done close up. An effective
     exchange is after a Standing FK, do a Standing FP. Even if a kick whiffs.
     Chances are the opponent may try attacking if a kick misses. But Wingnut
     recovers fast and can counter with his Standing FP for some quick damage.
    -- [ STANDING CLOSE ATTACKS ] -------------------------------------------------
    ( Normal Punch / NP )
     - Uppercut.
     Both of the punches are the same, and offer no differences beside the speed.
    ( Fierce Punch / FP )
     - Uppercut.
     It`s the same as his NP, just slower. The only good thing is that a guarded
     Standing FP will give a lot of energy to the U.A.G. These should not be used
     for anti-air.
    ( Normal Kick / NK )
     - A front snapkick.
     ( See "STANDING ATTACKS / Normal Kick" section. )
    ( Fierce Kick / FK )
     - A spinning handstand with three kicks.
     ( See "STANDING ATTACKS / Fierce Kick" section. )
    -- [ CROUCHING ATTACKS ] ------------------------------------------------------
    ( Normal Punch / NP )
     - Straight punch.
     Wingnut`s Crouching attacks are his best regular offense. Crouching NP is FAST
     and you can link four or five together easily, thus this attack (along with
     Crouching NK, explained below) will make up much of Wingnut`s ground attack
     poking game. This is an alternate method in getting your U.A.G. up swiftly, as
     only about 15 of them will activate it.
    ( Fierce Punch / FP )
     - Straight punch.
     Crouching FP is strong just like his Standing FP, and carries around similar
     properties. In fact you can use it in the same fashion of placing it after a
     few Crouching NPs to catch opponents in mid-attack. The drawback of it being
     slow and beatable by uppercuts still remains.
    ( Normal Kick / NK )
     - A long-reaching straight kick.
     Crouching NK is the absolute staple of Wingnut`s offensive game. This will
     primarily cover about 90% of your ground game, leaving the rest of the
     attacks to be focused on Hovering to get close, Moonbustering, or doing the
     Kyuukouka Kougeki. This attack is low, reaches incredibly far (1/3 screen,
     which rivals Chrome Dome`s Crouching FK), is fast to combo about five or six
     in a row, and fills the U.A.G. in a hurry. The main way to use this is simply
     abuse the hell out of it. Hit or guard, hit them with enough to push just
     close to out of range where Wingnut`s claws are hitting. Then buffer in the
     UF + Hovering (Refer to Hovering in the "Special Attacks" section) trick
     while they are still in guard to get back in close. Sadly this game was made
     before that wonderful innovation that is now known as "Jump Canceling," so
     there is some delay between the last Crouching NK you do and Hovering that
     the opponent can use to intercept. However don`t let that deter you from
     spamming this move whenever you can. Wingnut is made for poking and this is
     the essential tool to do it with.
    ( Fierce Kick / FK )
     - Spins and kicks three times.
     Only thing that can be said about Crouching FK is that it`s just a low version
     of the Standing FK. Three hits, but usually the opponent will be pushed back
     after guarding the second one. The hits do combo, but only on guard. Another
     attack to avoid and stick with Crouching NP or NK for low attacks.
    -- [ JUMPING ATTACKS ] --------------------------------------------------------
    ( Normal Punch / NP )
     - Descends with a downward arm stab.
     Aside from damage and a slight graphical change, both the NP and FP are the
     same. There`s no real difference in reach, but the NP does stay out the entire
     duration that Wingnut is in the air. Overall you may still stick with the
     Jumping FP as it causes a longer stun. Either is great to use when close to go
     over an attack and come down to counter, which links back into Crouching FKs.
    ( Fierce Punch / FP )
     - Descends with a downward punch.
     ( See "JUMPING ATTACKS / Normal Punch" section. )
    ( Normal Kick / NK )
     - Kicks out his leg with long reach.
     Like his jumping Punches, his kicks are also the same attack save for Wingnut
     retracting his leg when FK is used. Overall this is an aerial version of his
     Crouching NK, so the range is there to stop some other air attacks. If you
     jump the moment the opponent does and use either of these attacks, chances are
     it`ll hit to stop them all the time.
    ( Fierce Kick / FK )
     - Kicks out his leg with long reach.
     ( See "JUMPING ATTACKS / Normal Kick" section. )
    -- [ JUMPING DIAGONAL ATTACKS ] -----------------------------------------------
    ( Normal Punch / NP )
     - Descends with an elbow drop.
     Like with the Standing FP, Jumping Diagonal NP has more range than it looks
     like it should. Though if you`re in a air battle or want to jump in to attack,
     you should instead use Jumping/Jumping Diagonal NK because of its great reach.
    ( Fierce Punch / FP )
     - Descends with a downward punch.
     Jumping Diagonal FP is the same as his Jumping FP, and is a powerful tool to
     abuse. If you know you`re going to hit, instead use this instead of NK. It
     does great damage and still links into your Crouching NK barrage as normal.
     This is a powerful pegging attack when coupled with a low UF + Hovering, as
     you can have Wingnut on top of the opponent to do about 30% damage in just a
     couple of hits. If you want to do 25-30% damage with two hits, use Jumping FP
     into a Crouching FP for a nice payoff. Then do a Standing FP to tack on if
     they attempt a counterattack.
    ( Normal Kick / NK )
     - Kicks out his leg at a downward angle.
     Once more you have a pair of the same attack with the NK lingering for the
     duration of the time Wingnut is in the air. NK is Wingnut`s best friend in
     Crouching and Jumping at the opponent, so this is a tool to use when you are
     descending from a Hovering or just jumping at the opponent to keep the
     pressure on. Since it lingers out, there`s only a few attacks that beat it.
     Uppercuts being the main, but most normal attacks will lose to it. Those
     familiar with Vice from `King Of Fighters´ or `Capcom v. SNK´ will know the
     effectiveness of her Jumping Diagonal Short Kick. Cross-ups will be freely
     provided with this attack, especially after Hovering.
    ( Fierce Kick / FK )
     - Kicks out his leg at a downward angle.
     If you`re looking for quick damage, perhaps to finish off an opponent, this is
     a nice kick to use after Hovering.
      shell o6 : SPECIAL ATTACKS
    -- [ KYUUKETSU ] ----------------------------------------- ( Sucking Blood ) --
     Command : When close, b / f + NP
     Hits    : Weak 2~7
     Speech  : (drinking sounds)
     Points  : 100 per bite
     Wingnut grabs opponent and bites into them repeatedly while drawing blood.
    ( Notes )
     - Unblockable.
    ( Usage )
     For the reason the opponent can mash out of this before the full damage can
     register is main reason not to use it. The other and bigger reason is that
     when the throw is over, Wingnut is sent backwards to one side of the screen
     while the opponent flies to the other. You can`t even do Hovering to negate
     it, and thus kills your rushdown. However if you do happen to get the full
     seven bites (which technically will never happen), it will do 30% damage.
    -- [ RYUUSEI OTOSHI ] -------------------------------------- ( Meteor Drop ) --
     Command : When close, b / f + FP
     Hits    : Strong 1
     Speech  : "Uraa~!"
     Points  : 1000
     Wingnut grabs opponent and picks them up over his head, then slams them to the
    ( Notes )
     - Unblockable.
     - Knockdown attack.
    ( Usage )
     There isn`t much to be said about this attack, but it should be the throw of
     choice to use if you are in range. Wingnut picks them up and throws them back
     down. It hurts. The good thing is that after it`s over, Wingnut doesn`t go
     into recoil like he does after the Kyuuketsu. So you can follow up and keep
     your okizeme going, even cross them up and go back on your offensive.
    -- [ DASH PUNCH ] -------------------------------------------------------------
     Command : Press NP + NK
     Hits    : Weak 1
     Speech  : n/a
     Points  : 200
     Wingnut advances with a punch.
    ( Notes )
     - Even after the Dash Punch hits, Wingnut will continue to glide forward until
       he reaches the full length of his advance.
    ( Usage )
     The main use of the Dash Punch is to aid in keeping the pressure on. After you
     have peppered the opponent with about four or five Crouching NKs, the gap
     between them and Wingnut will be fairly wide. So use this to help close it up
     again and keep the offensive on your side. Normally if they try any form of
     counterattack after your c.NK barrage, the Dash Punch will catch them in their
     startup to cancel it. Especially against their own crouching attacks or
     The Dash Punch can also be used as a pseudo anti-air, but relies a bit on
     placement and the degree of the opponent`s attack. If a jumping attack is
     coming in at Wingnut who is a bit far, the Dash Punch will knock them out the
     air as they are on the descent. Usually winning the exchange. On the flip
     side, if the opponent is close while doing a jumping attack, you can use this
     to glide under and catch them as they land.
     Although the gaps get closed up fairly well, there are a noticeable pair of
     disadvantages that come with the Dash Punch. First of all, this move isn`t a
     perfect solution to keep the opponent on lockdown. Wingnut doesn`t recover
     instantly after the punch hits. In fact, he glides the full duration of his
     advance regardless on how close or far the opponent is from him. And since it
     is a light punch, the opponent doesn`t reel long from the impact. Thus if it
     hits early, Wingnut can be left wide open to some possibly vicious attacks. To
     remedy this a little bit, use the Dash Punch only when the gap between Wingnut
     is about a character`s width. That usually will be the full distance of the
     advance to avoid hitting too early.
     The second flaw is that even after Wingnut makes the advance, it won`t place
     him right in the face of the opponent. The gap can still be a little wide so
     that only one or two Crouching NKs can catch before you have to advance again.
     You can perform two Dash Punches in a row, but it`s not recommended. The time
     between them is long enough to hit with a swift crouching attack to stop
     Wingnut. Or if the second does come out, it`ll hit too early and Wingnut will
     glide against the opponent, leaving himself totally vulnerable. Mix in Jumping
     NKs and keep them guarding if you`re too far just to better get right on top
     of them again and continue the pressure.
    -- [ HOVERING ] ---------------------------------------------------------------
     Command : In air, b / f + NP + NK
     Hits    : n/a
     Speech  : n/a
     Points  : n/a
     Wingnut glides backward or forward through the air.
    ( Notes )
     - Wingnut is able to perform basic attacks after Hovering before he lands.
     - Wingnut is unable to do any aerial special attacks (ie - Moonbuster,
       Kyuukouka Kougeki) or Mad Spectre after Hovering.
    ( Usage )
     Anyone that has played MvC2 or Guilty Gear will know the great benefits of air
     dashing. Since you will be in the air a lot of the match, this is your #1 tool
     to abuse. And I mean _abuse_. Wingnut`s glide is swift and it recovers
     instantly, so you should have no problem using it effectively. Plus Wingnut
     is able to do any of his normal attacks after it, which will overall be a
     Jumping NK or FP. Here are some uses of it for starters:
     1) Jump and Hover to gain more ground.
     2) Jump forward and Hover back to trick opponents into uppercuts, allowing
        Wingnut to land and catch them.
     3) After your Crouching NK barrage, press UF + Hovering to instantly move
        forward with a Jumping NK or Jumping FP. If you catch fast, it`ll register
        as a mid to catch the opponent while they are still crouching.
     UF + Hovering also acts as a ghetto way to dash with Wingnut. Especially if
     you do it very low to the ground (just when he starts to ascend with the
     jump), so that he lands fast and you can do it again. Very good to get back on
     top of the opponent, say if you knock them out the air with a Moonbuster. The
     only real negative about Hovering is that you can`t do any special attack or
     his Ultimate Attack out from it. So Moonbusters and Kyuukouka Kougeki sadly
     will be of no use. Yet being able to do so would make Wingnut even more
     powerful than he already is. Especially if he could do Crouching NKs to gain
     meter, then UF + Hover over the crouching opponent to do a point blank Mad
     Wingnut can use his Hovering to not only aid in crossing up his opponent, but
     can switch his attack direction upon passing over them. If you Hover over the
     opponent`s head to their other side, shifting the controller back toward them
     and attacking will have Wingnut turn in mid-air to face them when he attacks.
     However, Wingnut must be completely on the other side of the opponent for this
     to work. If he is only slightly, he will attack the same direction that he
     jumped into.
    -- [ KYUUKOUKA KOUGEKI ] ---------------------------------- ( Swoop Attack ) --
     Command : In air, d + K
     Hits    : Weak 1, Strong 1
     Speech  : (screeching sound)
     Points  : 200
     Wingnut glides down toward the ground with his wings extended.
    ( Notes )
     - When the Kyuukouka Kougeki begins, Wingnut is invincible.
     - Depending on which button you use, Wingnut descends at a slightly altered
       angle: NK is about 40-degrees, FK is 45-degrees.
    ( Usage )
     I consider this Wingnut`s best attacking special move. It also possesses no
     distinct disadvantages, and is just as fast as the Moonbuster. But the gold of
     it is that Wingnut recovers immediately - in a _single_ frame. Once the
     Kyuukouka Kougeki connects, regardless of if it hits or is guarded, Wingnut
     drops to the ground while the opponent is stuck guarding or in the reel from
     the hit. From there you have a choice of two options:
     1) Normally you`ll land close enough to attack with about two Crouching NKs,
        which leads you back into your flowchart.
     2) If Wingnut lands close after it actually hits, do Crouching FP to combo.
     Unless you need to cover a lot of ground fast, stick with the NK-version of
     the Kyuukouka Kougeki. A guarded Kyuukouka Kougeki has a lot of push back for
     the opponent, which creates about a two character width gap. NK Kyuukouka
     Kougeki drops Wingnut off closer than FK since he`s lower to the ground.
     This is also the counter-projectile move of the gods. Whenever an opponent
     throws a projectile, do an FK Kyuukouka Kougeki. It`s so fast you`ll catch
     them while they still are in attack animation. And normally you can add in a
     Dash Punch, Crouching NK, or Crouching FP to combo. From personal trial and
     error, the only opponent that is hard to counter-projectile with was Raphael.
     Only because after he throws a Jamboree (hcf + P), he`ll normally be charging
     a Chest Buster (Charge b,f + K) which ultimately beats out the Kyuukouka
     Kougeki. The same problem can sometimes result against Michaelangelo if he
     does a Rising Thunder (Charge d,u + P), but it will instead trade hits with
     the Kyuukouka Kougeki instead of just beating it completely.
     But this move doesn`t have to be done at the peak of Wingnut`s jump. No matter
     where Wingnut is in the air, it can be done. That means it can be done while
     ascending, or anywhere on his descent when he is just about to land again.
     If this move wasn`t already great, Wingnut is invincible for about two quick
     frames when flight is executed. Since those frames are in the air, there
     isn`t much you can avoid with that invincible opening. The best way to utilize
     this advantage is if the opponent is jumping in at you to attack. If they do
     so, jump and _immediately_ shift down and press Kick to Kyuukouka Kougeki. The
     opponent`s attack will sort of go through Wingnut, and the Kyuukouka Kougeki
     will beat it out most of the time.
     Once you drive the opponent into the corner, you sort of have the character on
     a lockdown. Provided they don`t have an uppercut, which will trade hits with
     the Kyuukouka Kougeki and Wingnut will be knocked across the screen. But
     against some (ie - Chrome Dome, War), the opponent can`t go anywhere from the
     pushback the Kyuukouka Kougeki creates. Thus Wingnut lands right on top of
     them and can pressure with Crouching NKs, Jumping NKs, Ryuusei Otoshi, or more
     Kyuukouka Kougeki. You can buffer in UF after landing from a Kyuukouka Kougeki
     and do another to keep coming against them a few times.
    -- [ MOONBUSTER ] -------------------------------------------------------------
     Command : In air, qcf + P
     Hits    : Weak 1, Strong 1
     Speech  : "Moonbuster!"
     Points  : 300
     Wingnut throws a yellow arc of energy at a downward diagonal at the ground.
    ( Notes )
     - Depending on which button you use, Wingnut throws the Moonbuster at a
       slightly altered angle: NP is about 40-degrees, FP is 45-degrees.
     - Wingnut is left in freefall after the Moonbuster, unable to attack until he
    ( Usage )
     It`s nowhere near as fast as Donatello`s Ground Claw (qcf + P) or Leonardo`s
     Shining Cutter (qcf + P), but it works well for Wingnut since you`re going to
     be in the air a lot anyway. The main problem with the move is that once you
     release a Moonbuster, Wingnut is left open. He`ll continue to move in the
     direction that you jumped into. (If you jump up-forward, he`ll arc in that
     direction after the Moonbuster is thrown.) So sometimes you may want to avoid
     jumping forward when you use this, else opponents like Asuka or Leonardo can
     guard it and counter with an uppercut.
     The main use of the Moonbuster is for zoning. Throwing them out as Wingnut
     jumps back to keep the opponent at bay. If they try to jump up after him,
     chances are they`ll be hit with it since they can`t air guard. You can also
     use it to open up some room for Wingnut as you jump in, but watch for doing it
     too high. Again, you don`t want it to get guarded and Wingnut uppercutted out
     of the air.
     One of the interesting things you can do with the Moonbuster is use it off-
     the-ground via tagging an UF direction at the end of the motion. (qcf,UF + P
     for the command.) The motion will be buffered with the jump, and Wingnut will
     throw the Moonbuster immediately after lifting from the ground. What`s the use
     of this, you ask? Sometimes this will actually beat out jumping attacks that
     are coming your way because the Moonbuster amazingly hits in a wide arc in
     front of Wingnut. But since you can`t control which upward direction to buffer
     in that jump, it may not always work as well as you think. What can be done is
     using it against projectiles like Chrome Dome`s Chrome Spark (qcf + P) or
     Michaelangelo`s Dragon Breath (hcf + P) to cancel it, and come down on them to
     attack or throw while they`re still frozen in attack animation.
     The Moonbuster can be used as a fairly decent wakeup. Especially if you knock
     someone out the air with it, immediately rejump (or UF buffer it) and throw a
     FP-version while they are on the ground. They`ll have to get up guarding it to
     give you enough time to work in close with the Dash Punch or Jumping NK, then
     set up your mix-up or rushdown.
      shell o7 : ULTIMATE ATTACK
    -- [ MAD SPECTRE ] ------------------------------------------------------------
     Command : When U.A.G. is full, press FP + FK (air)
     Hits    : Power 3~6
     Speech  : "Mad Spectre!"
     Points  : 800 per pulse
     Wingnut jumps into the air and beats his wings, creating six large supersonic
     pulse waves (three on each side of him).
    ( Notes )
     - If the Mad Spectre is executed on the ground, Wingnut will jump straight up
       to the top of the screen before doing it. However you can instead set your
       own height by jumping and performing the move in mid-air.
     - Wingnut is left in freefall after the Mad Spectre, unable to attack until he
     - Wingnut will continue to move in the direction that you jumped into after
       you do the Mad Spectre. (If you jump up-forward, he`ll arc in that direction
       after the Mad Spectre is done.)
    ( Usage )
     Much like when Zappa gets Raou in `Guilty Gear XX,´ the Mad Spectre can end up
     being the deciding factor and turn the round a complete 180 in favor of
     Wingnut. Add into the fact that it`s not hard to get the energy to perform
     this Super early in the match, it makes it all the more deadly. What makes the
     Mad Spectre so powerful are three factors: the speed of its execution, the
     area, and the amount of stun it creates. Let`s go into these all separately.
     - The Speed Of Execution :
     When it comes to overall straight-out-the-box strength of Ultimate Attacks,
     Leonardo`s Hyaku Retsu Hyappo Shin Ken (Ultimate Attack) wins. But due to the
     startup time of Leo putting away his katana, it`s not going to ever hit much
     unless you knock down the opponent or have them dizzy. So chances are it`s
     going to get guarded when it`s executed. Then we have Wingnut`s here, which is
     the most powerful super in the game -if- all six pulses hit (which I`ll get
     into later). What sets Wingnut`s above Leo`s is that it has instantaneous
     execution _only_ when it`s done in the air. If you do the Super while Wingnut
     is on the ground, he`ll jump first to get airborne and do it at his peak.
     However it doesn`t have to be used like that. The Mad Spectre can be used
     anytime during a jump no matter where Wingnut is in the air. Regardless on how
     low or high, it can be performed. So the move executes with instant results,
     coming out the frame that you press the buttons. It will always win an air
     battle, and beat out any normal or non-projectile special move that is done -
     even Armaggon`s Jaws Upper.
     - The Area :
     Thankfully the Spectre doesn`t have crappy range like Shredder`s Lightning
     Pressure (Ultimate Attack) or Chrome Dome`s Gepard (Ultimate Attack). Nor is
     it full screen, but that`s fine. Since you can control where it comes out, in
     addition to the fact Wingnut covers a lot of ground with his jumping and
     Hovering, the huge shockwaves will cover an insane amount of area around
     Wingnut. And it hits on both sides of him. So if for some reason they manage
     to cross-under Wingnut while he`s in the air, they aren`t going to be safe.
     - The Stun :
     There`s nothing else in the game that produces as much stun from a single hit
     as the Mad Spectre. And because of this, you can more or less combo three
     pulse hits if you`re close enough. What happens is that when you hit the
     grounded opponent with a Mad Spectre, they end up reeling almost in a slow-
     motion fashion from the pulse. As they are reeling, Wingnut turns to release
     another pulse. Usually by the time he turns back to the side the opponent is
     on, they would have recovered. Normally this is true, but the distance between
     the characters plays a role in this. The pulses expand when they are released,
     but they do it quickly. So any part of that white ring is the pulse hit as it
     grows larger. If Wingnut is right on top of the opponent when it hits, they`ll
     be struck with the ring on its creation and take the full force as the ring
     expands. The ring will have been long gone before Wingnut turns to make
     another, but the stun impact keeps them reeling. Since there is nothing on
     the other side that is being hit, Wingnut immediately turns back toward the
     still reeling opponent and creates the next pulse ring. Some push back is
     made, and the gap can shove the opponent out of the combo range of the pulses.
     However, even if just two of the rings connect, it will have done at least 60%
     damage. Characters like Cyber Shredder have higher defense, and he is able to
     take all three blasts while at full health, doing 75-80% damage.
    ( Setups )
     1) Corner = great
     As the section above said, each pulse will push the opponent back after it is
     made. Regardless if it hits or is guarded. So if you work the opponent into
     the corner with Crouching NKs and the Kyuukouka Kougeki, you potentially win
     the match if they take a Mad Spectre. Because unlike the opponent, Wingnut
     doesn`t go anywhere. Wherever you do the Mad Spectre, Wingnut is glued in that
     spot until it`s over. So each pulse will beat them against the corner with no
     chance of getting out of it. If they guard, it will still take off a decent
     chunk of damage. My suggestion when you do this is to get them deep into the
     corner. Then when you get your U.A.G. filled, jump up-back and do the Mad
     Spectre as soon as Wingnut is in the air. That way once the Mad Spectre is
     over, Wingnut will continue to go backwards a bit out of range of the
     recovering opponent to prevent being easily counterattacked.
     2) The Anti-Projectile
     No mistake, this is another thing to use when the opponent throws a horribly
     timed or placed projectile. Since Wingnut automatically jumps when the Mad
     Spectre is done, you can simply just do it to go over the projectile and have
     the pulses hit to counter. Sadly the game won`t allow for two Ultimate Attacks
     to be on the screen at the same time, else this would be great to counter
     Asuka`s Ninpou: Kamikaze (Ultimate Attack) or Donatello`s Ryuu Hadou (Ultimate
    ( Special )
     - Six Pulse
     "Six Pulse" is what I refer to when Wingnut gets the entire Mad Spectre to hit
     which will end up winning the round regardless of how much life they have. And
     when I say "entire," I mean _entire_. All six blasts. Now as you read that you
     may be asking yourself how is this possible. You can only get three blasts to
     hit at most, right? Not really. Six Pulse is somewhat difficult to do mainly
     because of the positioning of Wingnut and the opponent. The basis behind it is
     to put Wingnut over the opponent, where he`s practically "sitting" on their
     head, as you do the Mad Spectre.
     The pulses expand so far that they actually overlap, so the opponent will be
     caught in the middle of them. It`s not 100% safe, but chances are if the
     opponent tries anything while Wingnut is attacking, they`ll get hit with one
     of the blasts. Which can result in them hitting back and forth between them
     to defeat them.
     Since Wingnut can only do normal attacks after Hovering, you have to rely on
     jumping to position him over the opponent. Normally you`ll probably get your
     U.A.G. up after you have poked them with so many Crouching NPs, NKs, and
     Kyuukouka Kougeki. If you do it with Crouching NK (which I recommend), then
     you`ll have a little more space to work with as they are caught guarding low.
     Jump with UF and do the Mad Spectre when you`re directly over them.
     Large opponents like Cyber Shredder, War, and Chromo Dome won`t be able to do
     much more than take the blasts because moving will be fatal. Leonardo, Asuka,
     and Michaelangelo do have a chance in stopping Wingnut or trading hits with a
     pulse since they all have uppercuts. Risky on their part, but possible. Notice
     that Armaggon isn`t listed because his Jaws Upper (Charge d,u + K) arcs and
     can very well run right into a blast or miss Wingnut entirely. Opponents can
     attempt to though; after all, Armaggon is invincible in the first couple of
     frames of the attack. But in most cases, even for the normal uppercut-having
     characters, they can still be caught by a stray pulse.
     Another setup to Six Pulse is after a knockdown, which is just going with the
     usual jump over them as they are getting up. Again though, some uppercutters
     may have a slim chance to hit Wingnut, depending on how low he is to them as
     they are standing.
     The full six blasts will defeat any opponent no matter who they are or how
     much life they have. You can see it happen if you fight a CPU Karai. Work up
     your U.A.G. and then jump high toward her. Karai will always dash underneath
     Wingnut to try and get away. When she is directly underneath him, perform the
     Mad Spectre and all six pulses will hit to defeat her.
     As I`ve said through most of this FAQ, Crouching NK is Wingnut`s go-to move.
     With its range, speed, and overall annoyance factor, this move is going to be
     used in clusters to work up that U.A.G. meter and score a dizzy. Adding in
     Crouching NP, Standing FP, and the Kyuukouka Kougeki into the mix, Wingnut`s
     flowchart will consist of something like this:
     Jumping NK  -     - Standing NK
                  | > |       |                             - Crouching NK
     Jumping FP  -     - Crouching NK -     - Dash Punch - |  (variable #)
                      |  (variable #)  | > |               |
                      |                |   |                - Ryuusei Otoshi
                       - Standing FP  -    |
                      |                    |                       - Crouching NK
                       - Ryuusei Otoshi     - Kyuukouka Kougeki - |  (variable #)
                                           |                      |
                                           |                       - Mad Spectre
                                            - Standing FP
     With not that many attacks in his arsenal, Wingnut`s chart seems to be over
     repetitive. But in a nutshell, this is the overall way to keep his pressure
     on and hold the opponent guarding. Speed is on Wingnut`s side in both his
     motions and most of his attacks, but the only attack that will give even the
     slightest bit of "slowdown" will be Standing FP. However throwing it out there
     will not put Wingnut in any disadvantage due to the crazy reach it has and its
     ability to snuff out some of the opponent`s attacks.
     You`ll notice there are three points where you abuse Crouching NK, and there
     is a "variable #" underneath it. That is left up to you to determine how many
     you want to perform before following up. Usually keep it around three or four
     to not make the gap between the opponent incredibly large. But if you do, Dash
     Punch, Kyuukouka Kougeki, and Jumping Diagonal NK will help to get back that
     lost ground.
     You can trade Crouching NK for Crouching NP; whichever you prefer.
     Keeping the opponent guarding is what you want so that you can get the U.A.G.
     energy fast for the Mad Spectre. Once it`s gained, the pressure continues so
     that you can maintain the meter until you find that opening on where to use
     it. This is where your mix-up game will come in handy: throw in a Hovering
     into the flowchart where you see fit. Usually after a Crouching NK you can do
     an UF + Hovering to glide over fast and hit the crouching opponent with an
     overhead attack. Thus making you land and continue to poke. Cross-up with
     Hovering and get behind them to do the same mix-up of Crouching NK, Standing
     FP, or Ryuusei Otoshi. This will effectively keep your meter charged up, and
     soften up the opponent so that you can catch them with the Mad Spectre when
     they least expect it.
     Hover over projectiles and close in that gap. People like Leonardo, Armaggon,
     and Michaelangelo may play the "jump over the fireball so I can get a free
     uppercut" game with you. If they are baiting you for that, instead jump over
     the fireball toward them. Then Hover backwards when they uppercut so that it
     whiffs and Wingnut lands first. At that point you can choose from your
     weaponry on how to punish them, but a Ryuusei Otoshi will put you back into
     the driver`s seat. However, do watch for off-the-ground uppercuts.
     I`ve been into a great deal on setup for the Mad Spectre in its section, so
     this will be a small recap. Once you work the opponent in the corner, beating
     them against it with the Mad Spectre will take away a considerable amount of
     life. Do watch out from knocking them out the air with it on some occasions.
     That pulse alone will do some heavy damage, but depending on how you jumped
     when you did it can leave Wingnut open after they are done guarding the other
    -- [ VOTED TIER RANKING ] -----------------------------------------------------
    [ - S Tier - ]  [ - A Tier - ]  [ -  B Tier - ]  [ - C Tier - ]  [ - D Tier - ]
     Karai           Armaggon        Wingnut          Cyber Shredder  Asuka
     Rat King        Raphael         Michaelangelo    Chrome Dome     War
                                     Donatello        Leonardo
     According to both SRK.com and NewChallenger.net, this is a ranking based off a
     couple of years of work and collected data from various websites. The overall
     basis of the tier list has been recognized by many gamers across forums, and
     agreed upon for the most part. Give or take a twist here and there between
     Tiers B and C (ie - some feel Chrome Dome and Donatello can be switched).
    -- [ VS. ARMAGGON ] -----------------------------------------------------------
     Believe what you will, but Armaggon is actually stronger than Raphael. Not by
     a huge margin, mind you. Armaggon is also ranked as a beast due to being able
     to issue a rather easy yet effective trap. What makes this more of a pain is
     that even though Wingnut will mainly be in the air, Armaggon can still manage
     to lay the trap down. It focuses on him throwing out NP Cyclone Waves (Charge
     b,f + NP) and pursuing them with a low Yuuei Zutsuki (In air, d + FP). The NP
     Cyclone Wave moves slow, much like Guile`s Jab Sonic Boom. As the wave travels
     Armaggon can recover and jump, then do a low Yuuei Zutsuki to get in close
     really fast. The Yuuei Zutsuki works similar to Wingnut`s Kyuukouka Kougeki,
     by having the same deep arc and ability to do it at any point in the air. The
     disadvantage to it is that it doesn`t recover instantly like the Kyuukouka
     Kougeki (Armaggon doesn`t land when it hits), and instead Armaggon will
     follow-through with the entire distance until he is real close to the ground
     to land. This is why it`s done low so that it relatively acts like the
     Kyuukouka Kougeki to "recover fast." The other half of the trap is after any
     Cyclone Wave or Yuuei Zutsuki, Armaggon can be charging DB to have another
     Cyclone Wave to fire, or a Jaws Upper (Charge d,u + K), which has invincible
     frames at startup. The FK-version hits twice, does massive damage, crosses up,
     and Armaggon recovers rather swiftly. Chances are if both hits connect, it
     will knock Wingnut dizzy. If the Jaws Upper grazes and only one hit connects,
     Armaggon will more than likely have another one charged to use when he lands.
     This matchup can end up 6-4 in Armaggon`s favor easily, but Wingnut can turn
     things around by playing very safe. Abuse a lot of Moonbusters to play some
     keep away. Even if you knock Armaggon down, don`t try to get in close with
     okizeme expecting to get him with Crouching NKs. He`ll just wake up with a
     Jaws Upper and gain advantage. So work him with Moonbusters and Kyuukouka
     Kougeki, forcing distance between you and him. If he guards a Kyuukouka
     Kougeki, go right in normal Crouching NKs to work up meter or move in close
     to throw. If he manages to guard your Crouching NKs at some point, don`t do
     the UF + Hover to try and catch with a fast mid. He`s guarding low already,
     so him getting up with a Jaws Upper again suddenly is not out of the question.
     Throwing out Standing FPs is not a bad thing, and can even "magically" snap
     Armaggon out of a Jaws Upper and Cyclone Wave. I`m not sure how, but I have
     more than once pegged the CPU and a couple of human opponents out of the
    -- [ VS. ASUKA ] --------------------------------------------------------------
     For those wondering if I made a typo, it is actually "Asuka." Look it up.
     Even though Asuka`s on the bottom of the totem pole, she can prove to be a
     potential annoyance to Wingnut. She has tools to be a real pain in the ass to
     deal with, provided you`re playing against someone that knows what they are
     doing. Asuka can kill some of your aerial freedom with her over-powered and
     halfway invincible Kochou no Mai (f,d,df + P), Hayabusa (qcb + K), Hip Attack
     (b / f + FK), and Ninpou: Kamikaze (Ultimate Attack). Hayabusa is avoidable,
     but she can pressure you into a corner at the drop of a hat. If she knocks
     you down, Asuka will normally do Hayabusa as you get up to force guards and
     gain meter. However, despite a couple of powerful issues, a lot else of what
     Asuka does puts her at major disadvantages. Guarded Crouching NK and FK slides
     leave her open to throws or a Crouching FP. They act like Wingnut`s Dash
     Punch, so Asuka slides the full length on either a hit or miss, which leave
     her vulnerable. Her Standing Kicks are slow, and her Punches all have short
     range. What Asuka players will most likely do for much of her damage is abuse
     Crouching FP (which has many of the same properties as Wingnut`s), Hip Attack,
     and Kochou no Mai, which get her out of a lot of problems. My advice in this
     matchup is just to stay grounded as much as possible and poke her to death.
     Moonbuster when needed to knock her out the air or provide space. If you wind
     up being on the end of an Asuka that abuses Hayabusa, continue to throw out
     the Crouching NPs or NKs to try and interrupt. Once you stop her, Standing FP
     will catch her if she tries to do another. The gap will be opened again to
     give you some freedom away from her assaults.
    -- [ VS. CHROME DOME ] --------------------------------------------------------
     C.D`s extended reach and priority will make this another difficult battle for
     Wingnut. Add into the fact that Chrome has a large amount of setups for his
     Electric Piledriver (EPD) (d,u + NP + NK) that he can abuse. Granted, there
     are small portions of the rounds where Wingnut will actually be on the ground
     long enough to be open, but Chrome Dome has ways of making it happen. Case in
     point, his Jumping/Jumping Diagonal FK is the anti-flight. There isn`t much
     that can beat it, and Kyuukouka Kougeki usually just trades hits with it. A
     well-placed Moonbuster will counter it, but tricky. So with that and his
     Standing Close FP, this does hold the weight of keeping Wingnut from making
     too many sudden aerial moves. But you`re going to want to play this game far
     because Chrome will be wanting to get you in his EPD by any means. Since the
     EPD is so swift to execute, Chrome Dome can actually interrupt Wingnut`s
     Crouching NKs to pull it off suddenly. This goes the same for most other
     attacks that will linger out after they hit, like the Dash Punch. So if there
     was a match where you wanted to abuse Moonbusters, this might be it. Use them
     as you jump back, but be wary of Chrome Sparks (qcf + P) and Jumping/Jumping
     Diagonal FKs that he sends back your way. If you do find yourself face-to-face
     with Chrome Dome, then make room with Crouching NKs and Standing FP. Press NK
     as _fast_ as you can to prevent Chrome Dome from making that EPD interrupt
     possible. Avoid Dash Punches because you`re just asking to be thrown
     regardless. Standing FP has a lower risk of being interrupted, so make use of
     that often.
    -- [ VS. CYBER SHREDDER ] -----------------------------------------------------
     Cyber Shredder may be one of the mid-ranking characters in the game, but he
     gains a boost against Wingnut due to he being able to keep him out the air by
     various means. Since he`s a charge character, he can`t pull off his attacks
     quite so swiftly. Shredder can combo his Aura Crusher (Charge b,f + P) after
     Crouching FP, and his Aura Crush (Charge b,f + K) after Crouching NK. (Keep
     in mind that "Crusher" is the dashing punch, and "Crush" is the rising knee.)
     Each remove a significant amount of damage and can inflict a dizzy swiftly.
     The Aura Crusher and Aura Crush each hit very high in the air, which can hurt
     Wingnut`s air game. In fact the Aura Crusher has homing and Shredder attacks
     wherever Wingnut is rather than advance a set distance. Kyuukouka Kougeki
     works well here as Wingnut can hit Shredder out of Aura Crusher and land to
     tag him with Crouching NKs. This is a match where you want to avoid using many
     Moonbusters. One reason is because if they are reflected with the Aura
     Barrier (Press NP + NK), they bounce back up-forward rather than downward. No
     need to hurt Wingnut`s aerial mobility any more than it already will be.
     Shredder has invincibility frames at the start of his Aura Crusher, but it`s
     nowhere near as good as Raph`s or Armaggon`s. Cyber Shredder also has great
     low kicks, and it _almost_ seems as if Crouching NK chains into Crouching FK.
     Against a footsie-playing Shredder, UF + Hover to tag him with an NK to get
     into your normal flowchart. If you`re knocked down and Shredder is sitting in
     wait for some okizeme, you can do the UF + Hover off the ground to get a
     surprise reversal. Peg him with Standing FP as much as you can. It is able to
     stop his Aura Crush and even his Crusher if timed right. I`m not going to lie
     to you, this can be a -hard- fight for Wingnut.
    -- [ VS. DONATELLO ] ----------------------------------------------------------
     Fortunately, Donatello sucks against Wingnut. Aside from his strong Standing
     FP and Ryuu Hadou (Ultimate Attack), he doesn`t have much else going for him.
     He has no 2-in-1s since each of his moves have about a half second of startup
     time. So this really shouldn`t be a battle that Wingnut can`t win. The only
     things you may have to worry about is his Jumping/Jumping Diagonal FP and
     Standing FP. Each are effective anti-air moves and can take Wingnut down from
     flight with ease. Don`s Standing FP hits twice and both hits connecting can
     sometimes end up inflicting a dizzy. Pressure for Don comes from his Dynamite
     Headbutt (When close, b / f + FK) used to knock Wingnut into the corner,
     allowing him to gain meter by using his Dance Attack (qcb + K, move b / f)
     and Hyaku Retsu Tsuki (Press Punch rapidly, move b / f) for okizeme. If you
     are hit with the Headbutt, get up and guard the Dance Attack, then immediately
     jump and Moonbuster or FK Kyuukouka Kougeki.
    -- [ VS. KARAI ] --------------------------------------------------------------
     Konami made Karai a pest just for the hell of it. The problem is that most of
     her attacks don`t do _that_ much damage, but they`re fast and hit so many damn
     times. Which just gets her U.A.G. up near instantly, but thankfully her super
     isn`t good. I doubt in a serious tournament Karai would be allowed anyway
     since all she has to do to win is Jumping Diagonal FP over and over and over
     again. Because of how fast she is, Wingnut will have to chase Karai down. Not
     that much of a problem to do in the long run actually. If it`s obvious that
     Karai is going to do her Bakuretsu Jigoku Ken (Press NP + NK (air)) on you,
     then jump back and Hover backwards before she attacks. Karai homes in on
     Wingnut but the homing ability only keeps track of where he was on the ground.
     If you Hover back, Karai will attack the empty space where he was and leave
     her vulnerable on her freefall. Unfortunately you really can`t do too much
     while she is up there, but you can throw a Moonbuster and it may hit her as
     she lands. Kyuukouka Kougeki also comes in handy here because Karai has no
     way to stop it, or most other air attacks actually. Be careful while on the
     ground, and not only for her Bakuretsu Jigoku Ken. Karai also has sliding
     attacks that dart forward in a frame`s notice to poke Wingnut out of nowhere.
     They take off little damage alone, but allow Karai to get in close fast for
     her throws which will push Wingnut into the corner.
    -- [ VS. LEONARDO ] -----------------------------------------------------------
     The leader of the Turtles can give Wingnut a decently hard time. Mainly due to
     his insanely ranged Shining Blade (f,d,df + P) and its priority. Leonardo`s
     primary arsenal centers around Standing FPs (great poking attack which reaches
     about 1/2 screen distance), Standing FK (stops jumping attacks), Crouching
     NKs, Shining Blade and Shining Cutters (qcf + P). Watch for his c.NK > c.NK XX
     Shining Cutter and s.FP XX NP Shining Blade combos as those dizzy swiftly.
     Unless comboed, Endless Screw (qcb + P) is stupid to use since Wingnut can
     crouch to avoid it. What you may want to do is trick Leonardo into doing
     Shining Blades by jumping at him and Hovering back to avoid. Since Leo arcs
     forward though, be wary of the range so that you still won`t be nailed. There
     isn`t anything guaranteed Wingnut can do to trade hits or beat the Shining
     Blade (though Kyuukouka Kougeki may do it once in a while, but isn`t reliable)
     so you have to just play it safe. And Leo doesn`t stay in the corner for long
     because of it. If he manages to work up meter and get off his Hyaku Retsu
     Hyappo Shin Ken (Ultimate Attack), jump and Hover over it as far as you can.
     You may get hit with one of the punches on your descent, but it will knock
     Wingnut harmlessly through the rest to hit the ground. Though the length that
     the Hyaku Retsu Hyappo Shin Ken lasts is ungodly, so stand while guarding if
     it`s still going on when Wingnut gets back up.
    -- [ VS. MICHAELANGELO ] ------------------------------------------------------
     Mike`s a considerable opponent, but doesn`t hold a candle to Raph. His multi-
     hitting attacks can cause heavy damage and re-dizzies if he manages to get in
     close and combo them. Mainly looking for ways to combo in his Rising Thunder
     (Charge d,u + P) after a few Crouching NPs hit. Sometimes though the Rising
     Thunder will only graze Wingnut and doesn`t score the knockdown. Thus Mike is
     left in freefall open to the Crouching NK assault. This is another battle
     where you can use the "Jump in, Hover backwards" strat if Michaelangelo tries
     to catch with a Rising Thunder. The arch and height of the uppercut is fierce,
     but Leo`s is still much better and will knockdown no matter what. On a
     positive side, this is a fight where you can use Moonbusters with little
     threat of being punished for them. Obviously you don`t have to and just stick
     to the basics, but it is another tool there for you to throw in. Mike can spam
     his Dragon Breath (hcf + P) like crazy, and chances are a player will be
     charging a Rising Thunder in case you get the idea of coming in close. Mike`s
     Dynamite Bomber (Charge b,f + P) isn`t a pain to deal with since it doesn`t
     arch too high. A tactic used is when they use it on the ground after a couple
     of Crouching NP or a Standing FP. You can try and do a Standing FP to stop it,
     but it may just be better to just guard it. The problem is that it`s so safe
     on block as it pushes Wingnut back. Like with Asuka, Mikey`s low kicks are
     slides, and they leave him open if guarded. A perfect time to stab him with a
     Standing FP or throw.
    -- [ VS. RAPHAEL ] ------------------------------------------------------------
     Raphael. What can I say about Raphael? Aside from the fact he is the dirty
     little stepchild your mom warned you about, and will be a pain in the ass to
     deal with. One thing is for sure: get used to Chest Busters (Charge b,f + K),
     because it will be Raph`s primary assault and combo ender. It will link onto
     _ANY_ Standing or Crouching attack (except FK) he has. You can easily find
     yourself on the end of about three or four Crouching NKs that end with a Chest
     Buster if you`re not sharp. If that wasn`t bad enough, Raphael`s FP Drill
     Attack (Charge b,f + P) is similar CE Vega/M. Bison`s Psycho Crusher and goes
     through Wingnut on block. It doesn`t go full screen, so once Raph passes
     through, he`ll end up right next to Wingnut and it becomes a guessing game on
     if he will throw or attack low. Even jumping in at Raphael is rough because
     his Crouching FP and Chest Buster each work as very effective anti-air moves.
     Okizeme? Not going to work. Since the Chest Buster is invincible on its
     opening frames, he`ll pass right through most attacks. So what _can_ you do?
     The pickings are slim, but as powerful and versatile as the Chest Buster is,
     it doesn`t recover as fast as the Power Drill does. You can get Wingnut`s
     Crouching NK barrage to deal some damage _if_ you guard it. Though you may
     want to instead use Crouching FP to get better damage, then Standing FP to
     catch if he tries to attack again. Or guard it and wait for another Chest
     Buster, then repeat. Throw with Ryuusei Otoshi so that Wingnut can get the
     upperhand on him. This is another match where Moonbusters and Kyuukouka
     Kougeki will come in handy to swoop down fast. Careful: Chest Buster can
     knock Wingnut out of his Kyuukouka Kougeki if too far. If Raph gets his Atomic
     Energy (Ultimate Attack), back up as far as you can. Since it showers blasts
     at an angle, Wingnut can jump back and Hover backward to stay away.
    -- [ VS. RAT KING ] -----------------------------------------------------------
     I personally believe Rat King is more of a challenge than Karai when it comes
     to the bosses. I`m sure some may disagree. Rat King may be the slowest one
     in the game, but makes up for it with power even though he only has a couple
     of special moves in his arsenal. The main attack that will be an absolute
     killer to Wingnut`s assault is Rat King`s Super Dropkick (Jumping/Jumping
     Diagonal FK). It`s instant and will knock down all the time. And since it`s a
     FK, it`ll beat out most of Wingnut`s attacks easily - even his Kyuukouka
     Kougeki. Rat King can use it no matter how high or low he is in the air. So
     like with Wingnut`s UF + Hover, Rat King can do a Super Dropkick immediately
     after leaving the ground to counter most any attack Wingnut does. Which
     ultimately leads to Rat King able to work his way in close and catch with a
     Rat Bomber (When close, hcf + P). First of all, the only attack that will
     beat the Super Dropkick is a Moonbuster. Since Wingnut has startup time with
     it, you can`t use it when you see the kick coming at you. You`ll have to
     anticipate it and use the Moonbuster to counter. If it hits, it will knock Rat
     King down and put you at a chance to rush him down with Wingnut`s normal
     assault. As good as that is, Rat King does have a command throw. And with the
     engine that this game is made with, command throws sometimes have weird
     properties and can literally come out of nowhere - like Chrome Dome`s Electric
     Piledriver. The other nasty fact is that Rat King has taken a page out of the
     `King Of Fighters´ manuals and can combo the Rat Bomber from a Standing NP or
     FP. Which will result in Wingnut losing 1/2 of his lifebar. If all else fails,
     play an air game and zone him with Moonbusters until you knock him down. Get
     a good distance while poking with Crouching NK and Standing FP. Unlike the
     Electric Piledriver, Rat King has to be in the opponent`s face for the Rat
     Bomber to connect. So if you keep at least a half-character`s distance from
     him, you`ll be out of range.
    -- [ VS. WAR ] ----------------------------------------------------------------
     War`s strength mostly comes from his greater reach and jumping which is used
     to counter Wingnut in some of his aerial moves. Especially War`s Punches that
     curve with a great downward arc. Coupled with War`s vast jumping range, him
     getting over Wingnut to strike from above won`t be hard. Also War`s Jump Head
     Press (Charge d,u + K) tracks and has monster priority against aerial attacks.
     It`s swift too, so even attempting to jump up and counter it isn`t going to be
     easy. The best thing to do is guard it if you`re on the ground. However after
     it hits, War is usually bounced back to a safe position. Even throwing out a
     Dash Punch won`t always reach him. Pursuing him can lead to Wingnut being hit
     with his Turn Upper (Charge b,f + P) if he`s charging it up. War`s _also_ safe
     after his Turn Upper and recovers without much of a frame transition. But in
     all honesty there isn`t much else out of what you know on trapping an opponent
     to deal with War. Jumping NKs come in handy again, but will lose to a Turn
     Upper if it`s thrown out to counter. FK Kyuukouka Kougeki will be a nice way
     to get in at him and then drop to pelt him with Crouching NKs. Moonbusters are
     an effective way to keep him grounded, as it can catch him in the middle of a
     jump to allow you to put on pressure. He is a charge character though, and not
     as vicious as Cyber Shredder. So you shouldn`t have too much problem.
    -- [ VS. WINGNUT ] ------------------------------------------------------------
     It`s hard to talk about what to do in mirror matches. Especially with high-
     ranking characters like this. If both Wingnut players know the same overall
     strategy, then this is going to be a Crouching NK poke fest more than anything
     else. And should be about three Mad Spectres a round also. But for argument
     sake, let`s say you`re fighting against a moderate-level Wingnut. Against a
     Kyuukouka Kougeki, UB + Hover to escape it. Or Jumping FK to catch them out
     the air. If they are using a lot of Moonbusters, either Hover over them or
     Dash Punch underneath. Catch on the descent with Ryuusei Otoshi or Standing FP
     to punish. Concentrate on getting that Mad Spectre by any means necessary.
    -- [ COLORS ] -----------------------------------------------------------------
     1P - Blue skin tone, orange gloves, orange leg guards, brownish wings
     2P - Green skin tone, orange gloves, orange leg guards, reddish wings
    -- [ WINNING POSE ] -----------------------------------------------------------
     Wingnut does a spinning handstand (Standing FK), then punches a fist up into
     the air (Standing Close NP/FP) while laughing.
    -- [ COMBOS ] -----------------------------------------------------------------
     With the lack of a combometer to show guaranteed combos and hits, it can be
     hard to determine if a string actually works - but not impossible. Wingnut has
     no moves that can be used as great combo enders, but below are combos that
     will work for him to use in your assault.
     1) FK Kyuukouka Kougeki \/ Crouching NK > Crouching NK ..
     2) Jumping NK \/ Crouching NK > Crouching NK ..
     3) Jumping FP \/ Standing NK > Standing NK > Standing NK
     4) Jumping FP \/ Crouching NK > Crouching NK ..
     5) Opponent in corner. Low Moonbuster \/ Standing FK
     6) Jumping FP \/ Crouching FP
     7) Jumping FP \/ Dash Punch
     8) Cross-up NK \/ Standing FK
     9) Cross-up FP \/ Standing FK
     This is pretty much it. All the above really is going to be his combo support
     against anyone. Out of all the combos, #2, #4, and #6 should be what to
     usually go with. The only time you`ll use #1 is if Wingnut is really far from
     the opponent - as in on the opposite end of the screen. Any other time you`ll
     be playing rushdown with Wingnut, so jumping and Hovering with NK and FP to
     hit will be your main combo starter. Which leads into more Crouching NKs
     (noted with the "..") or a Crouching FP for great damage. Combo #7 is used if
     you want to close a gap, but is not safe as Wingnut is left open to throws or
     a combo.
    -- [ BONUS STAGE ] ------------------------------------------------------------
     Use Crouching FP. It hits all three safes at the beginning to break them at
     the same time. Wait until the next one falls and start doing Crouching FPs
     again to start breaking them as they fall. If done correctly, you`ll finish
     the bonus stage with 11 seconds left. That`s the fastest I could pull it off.
      shell 11 : QUOTES + ENDING
    -- [ WINNING QUOTES ] ---------------------------------------------------------
     - Quotes in English
     "Fighting against someone without wings seems like a waste! Train yourself and
     challenge me again!"
     "Uhi uhi hihihi!! My face is so nice. Don`t you like to look at my face?"
     "You have fought well, but you are not strong enough!"
     - Quotes in Japanese
     "Kuuchuusen mo dekinai nante hanashi ninaran. Seizei shugyou shiro yo!"
     ("What are you talking about not being able to do an air battle? At the very
     most, LEARN!")
     "Uhya hya~! Kono NAISU na BODI-, NAISU na FEISU orette SAIKO-!!"
     ("Uhi haa! With this nice body and nice face, I am definitely the best!!")
     "Yoku, tatakatta yo! Shikashi na jitsuryoku teki ni wa mada mada da na!!
     ("You fought well, but you still lack any capability!!  Uho~!")
    -- [ ENDING ] -----------------------------------------------------------------
     - Ending in English
     "I only entered this tournament to pound some heads!!
     Oh well, I guess I pounded everybody else and wound up winning!
     Well, now I`ll be able to waste even more money!!"
     - Ending in Japanese
     "Himatsubushi ni detara kacchatto yo! Orette tsuyokatta no ne~.
     ("Just killing time now that I finished winning! I was so strong, huh~.
     Maa tsugi no omoshiroi koto ga mitsukaru made asonde kuraso~tto!!"
     Well until I find the next interesting thing, I`ll try to play quietly!!")
      shell 12 : SPECIAL THANKS
     - Konami                                      ( konami.com/ )( konami.co.jp/ )
       Thank you for doing TMNT games right. The four-player arcades and this one
       are the best ever. Another one should be made, but not based on the new
       series. Think about it.
     - Jeff "CJayC" Veasey + GameFAQs                             ( gamefaqs.com/ )
       This is a given. The FAQ-emporium still is supreme.
       (GameFAQs : http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/recognition/300.html)
     - Shoryuken.com                                             ( shoryuken.com/ )
       No one in particular added any input to my FAQ. But not too long ago they
       did open up a thread to rediscuss this game and a tier system on how it was
       set up. So reading through that had brought a lot of new things to my
       attention, which I added in here.
     - NewChallenger.net                                     ( newchallenger.net/ )
       A massive post on many of the great and popular fighting games on the market
       today - past and present - and the tier ranking of all the characters. I was
       a bit surprised to find this game on it, and even more so on how closely the
       list matched my personal ranking.
     - "Tortilla Godzilla"                             ( tortilla@qualityroms.com )
       His vast and accurately created TMNT FAQ is the only one on the web, but it
       gets everything out the way about the game. I submitted some details for him
       to add to his FAQ a while ago, and in return I used it to get some Game
       Genie codes and character information used in this FAQ.
       (GameFAQs : http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/recognition/5697.html)
      shell 13 : REVISION HISTORY
     - version 7.5 / July 28, 2011
       I actually touched this again and edited the normal attacks section some to
       a cleaner format, as well as add some additional details to his moves.
     - version 7.o / February 22, 2010
       A possible final update, as I went through to cut out some of the excess
       information and adds in some combat details. One new combo was added also.
     - version 6.o / April 11, 2009
       The tier list has been altered a bit, as well as including the bosses. Seems
       that somewhere this game is still played and new things come out of it. I
       can appreciate that, as it shows that it can hold up over time. Overall the
       list is the same. Edits and additions to the v. human opponent section made
       as well, just to clear up my own work and add in in-depth tactics.
     - version 5.5 / June 17, 2008
       Editing some notes and strat in the v. human opponent section, and added
       some more detail to some of Wingnut`s specials. Minor cleanup as well. As an
       added bonus, the tier listing is put up. I said I wasn`t going to add it,
       but it`s interesting to see where Wingnut (and the rest) has been voted to
       stand among many other gamers across the world.
     - version 5.o / June 10, 2007
       I haven`t touched this FAQ for over six months. In this version there are
       some minor fixes to wording and move explanations. Also updated information
       on Wingnut`s Hovering move.
     - version 4.7 / December o5, 2006
       Although I speak English, I type it horribly. This is just a revision to
       clear up a lot of badly worded text. Also some additional notes are included
       to his flowchart and fighting certain opponents.
     - version 4.o / July 12, 2006
       I`ve recently been awakened, and see more of the power of Armaggon. He is a
       rather dirty beast after all. Still I don`t think he`s as bad as Raphael,
       but close enough. So additional strats have been added when fighting
       Armaggon, Asuka, and Leonardo. Plus a bit more information on a couple of
       Wingnut`s normal attacks, and I added the amount of points all the attacks
       do. More outline changes and spelling corrections. Nothing major. Unless any
       huge changes or additions come to my attention, I think this is done.
     - version 3.o / June 29, 2006
       Finally I got my hands on the Japanese movelist and changed the attacks to
       the correct names for Wingnut and any character that was mentioned. Most of
       the attacks are the same in Japanese and English, but there were a few (like
       Asuka) who had generic American names for Japanese attacks (ie - "Tornado
       Attack" is actually called "Ninpou: Kamikaze"). Still the command notation
       is there so you know what attacks I`m talking about. I added an attack chart
       to Wingnut`s basic attacks to show the hits and any canceling properties
       that he has too. However since Wingnut doesn`t have any real special moves
       that are performed on the ground, it made that a little difficult. However I
       based it on if they can cancel out of the attack into the Dash Punch and
       multiple usage, and came up with the chart that way.
     - version 2.o / June 9, 2006
       A bit more information in how to fight some of the other characters, which I
       went through each and played to get more in-depth with their attacks and how
       they would effect Wingnut. Also a few corrections here and there to the text
       and spelling errors. Plus I have the Japanese version so added the quotes in
       as well, as well as translate them. For Wingnut, I didn`t find any different
       gameplay notes between the versions, so I believe the ports are the same.
     - version 1.7 / November 29, 2005
       Cosmetic changes and corrections. There were a lot of typos.
     - version 1.5 / June 16, 2005
       Updating details in general, but added some comments in the "Fighting The
       Human Opponent" section. Especially against Armaggon, Mike, and Raph. Thanks
       to the SRK.com forum people for their thread on the game to shine some
       insight on character mechanics. I`ll have to go through it again to see if I
       missed out on some Wingnut points later.
     - version o.5 / February 25, 2005
       Small amount of editing, and added the combo and bonus stage sections.
     - version o.o / February 12, 2005
       FAQ completed all the way through and submitted to GameFAQs.
      shell 14 : FINAL NOTE
     Early in `04 I got back into this game because someone wanted to have a small
     tournament in it up in Pennsylvania. Though I wasn`t able to make it up to it,
     I got stuck playing this. And taking it on a much more in-depth level than I
     have ever done in the past. A lot of my training from `Soul Calibur 2,´ where
     I was taking into account frame data and guaranteed and broken tech, started
     bleeding off into other fighting games I was playing. So I was looking for the
     best characters in this old fighter and managed to find some very useful
     information. Though I said if I ever got the chance to get into a tournament
     for this game, I`d use Wingnut and Cyber Shredder. Since I have more broken
     fun with Wingnut, I decided to use this week and write a FAQ for him. But
     since no one else plays this game except me, it`s in vain.
       Have something to say about the game or this FAQ you want me or others to
       know? Find any of the above information wrong or misleading? Or maybe you
       have info or extras to add onto what`s posted. Whatever the case is, feel
       free to send it! Anything that is posted within the FAQ, you not only get
       full credit. Oh no no! You also receive unauthorized bragging rights that
       give you the Almighty-given gift of annoying the hell out of people with.
                                              .. By the way, thanks for reading!
       Sayounara, adios, ciao, xie xie, au revoir, and all that other crap.  ^_^
                                                - `shouji´ <oodzume@hotmail.com>
      | `It must be inordinately taxing to be such a boob.´                     |
      |                                     - The Brain, to Pinky; `Animaniacs´ |

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