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    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV - Turtles In Time
    Stage #1  (Big Apple)
    Avoid the wrecking ball, jump over it before it flattens you.  Beware of the
    lightning bolts shooting out of the Robot Krang, stay to either side of them.
     When you get to Baxter Stockman you need to avoid his machine gun fire.  The
    best way to avoid his murderous fire is to stay outside his range.  Keep
    moving from corner to corner - side to side.  Once he lands you can strike
    him three to five times before he takes to the air.  Keep repeating this
    process until he is destroyed.  It is essential to keep moving to avoid being
    struck by his machine gun or his giant hand.
    Stage #2 (Alleycat Blues)
    End Boss:  To defeat M. Head you must get the pizza located nearby before he
    materializes.  Be wary of his extended punches with his hands and feet.  Get
    close and strike as fast as possible three to six times.  Once he starts to
    shoot his laser you must jump back to the opposite side.  Keep moving around
    until he lands.  This is where he is vulnerable.  Hit him repeatedly until he
    pulls out his laser.  Then simply repeat the process.  You must keep moving
    at all times to avoid any unnecessary trouble.
    Stage #3 (Sewer Surfin )
    Watch out for the many obstacles within this level, falling spike wall,
    spiked red balls, giant pizza monsters.  Pick up the bonus(question marks)
    whenever possible.  When you get to R. King it is important to strike his
    boat at the area marked  break point .  Keep hitting the boat until it starts
    to glow.  Beware of the spiked balls and remote control missiles.  Try
    hitting the boat three to five times then maneuver away from the obstacles.
     Keep hitting until it is destroyed.
    Stage #4 (Technodrome) 
    When you reach Tokka and his buddy Razhar, it is important to contact on one
    creature at a time.  Beware of Razhar s fire breath and Tokka s freeze ray.
     Try getting one of them in the corner and simply pound him into oblivion.
     Watch out for the second creature to sneak up behind you and attack.  The
    jump/slash technique is effective but will take considerably longer simply
    slashing.  Once you reach Shredder, you must throw at least nine foot
    soldiers into his console.  Watch out for Shredder s gun, he will try to rack
    you and destroy you.  It is important to keep moving at all times.
    Stage #5 (Prehistoric Turtlesauras)
    At the beginning of the stage, watch out for being trampled by a runaway
    dinosaur, it will take about 3/4 of your strength away.  Watch out for the
    falling rocks and stalactites.  When you get to Slash you cannot fight him in
    the conventional way.  There are two methods which will work, it is easy to
    keep jumping over Slash and land behind him to attack, but this takes quite a
    long time.  Another method is to run into Slash with your shoulder, he will
    be momentarily stunned.  This method is harder, but it will take less time to
    accomplish.  Don t try a straight on attack because he will simply block your
    hits with his pair of swords.
    Stage #6 (Skull and Crossbones)
    When you are making your way across the ship, beware of the loose planks.
     Once the pirate ship comes onto the screen, watch out for the falling
    cannonballs,  they will take half of your strength away. when you get to the
    pair of gentlemen in yellow and black who keep throwing the spiked boomerang,
    you must concentrate on the one closest to you.  You may have to take a
    couple of hits, but shoulder throw the closest one, then you can concentrate
    on the second guy.  When you get to Bebop and Rocksteady, pick up the pizza,
    you need to use the jump/slash technique.  Keep attacking Bebop, jump in and
    hit him four times, then jump away and do the same thing to Rocksteady.
     Don t get in between them or they will sandwich you.  Keep concentrating
    your attack while moving around.
    Stage #7 (Bury My Shell At Wounded Knee)
    When you reach L. Head, use the jump/slash technique to strike repeatedly.
     Once he goes into a prone position, jump away and start moving around to
    avoid his knives and lobster attacks.  Use the same evasive techniques to
    defeat M. Head.  Jump to the other side and evade his attack.  Once you get
    close enough, hit him between three to six times, then move.  Watch out for
    his jab.  If you can jump into him before he throws his knives and lobsters,
    you can stun him temporarily and slash three to five times.  Keep repeating
    until he is destroyed.  
    Stage #8 (Neon Night Riders)
    Destroy as many foot soldiers as possible, while picking up as many question
    marks as possible.  When you reach the helicoptered foot soldiers, it is
    tricky but you need to jump up and slash them as quickly as possible.  Once
    you reach Krang, use the jump/slash technique, hit him as quickly as
    possible.  But watch out for his missile attack and his kicking ability.
     Keep moving up and down, side to side and keep hammering away.  When he
    releases his bubble attack, look for the shadows of the bombs prior to their
    exploding.  You must move quickly because you don t have a lot of time to
    Stage #9 (Starbase: Where No Turtle Has Gone Before)
    To defeat Super Krang (inside spaceship) you must keep jumping and slashing
    to avoid his giant bubbles or robots.  The bubbles will trap you in suspended
    animation long enough for Krang to smash you.  Another trick used by Krang is
    to smash you with his spaceship.  Keep hitting and running, you must be extra
    patient with this section.  Keep repeating until he is destroyed.
    Stage #10 (Technodrome: Final Shell Shock)
    To defeat Shredder you must avoid his attacks.  He has three modes of attack,
    you must watch his hand and the color of the flameball to decide what type of
    attack it will be.  The red flameball means a line of fire across the floor,
    you only need to move to the other side to defeat this attack.  The green
    flameball is the shrink ray, you move away and wait for the blue flameball
    (the freeze ray).  This is where Shredder is weakest.  You must be patient to
    defeat Shredder.  After he throws the freeze ray, strike him five to six
    times then simply wait for the next freeze ray.  Keep repeating until he is

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