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    FAQ/Walkthrough by GLazo

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 02/16/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    "Terminator 2: Judgment Day" FAQ version 1.0
    FAQ Author: Gustavo L. Lazo
    Author's e-mail address: amazingbluntman@aol.com
    Date: February 16, 2001
    I.	FAQ Updates
    II.	Copyright Information
    III.	FAQ Notes
    IV.	Walk-through
    A.	Game Information
    B.	Controls/Options
    C.	Stage 1: The Corral.
    D.	To John Connor's home.
    E.	Stage 2: John Connor's home.
    F.	To the mall.
    G.	Stage 3: The mall.
    H.	To the state hospital.
    I.	Stage 4: The state hospital.
    J.	To Enrique's ranch.
    K.	Stage 5: Enrique's ranch.
    L.	To the Dyson residence.
    M.	Stage 6: The Dyson residence.
    N.	To Cyberdyne Systems, Inc.
    O.	Stage 7: Cyberdyne Systems, Inc.
    P.	To the steel mill.
    Q.	Stage 8: The steel mill.
    V.	Credits
    -Part I. FAQ UPDATES-
    Saturday, February 17, 2001: The date the FAQ is created. I added from 
    the first stage (The Corral) to riding the motorcycle to the mall (the 
    third stage).
    This document is copyrighted 2001 Gustavo L. Lazo. You are not 
    permitted to post this document on your web pages because I don't trust 
    that the owners will update the FAQ after I do. You are not permitted 
    to sell this FAQ to anyone. This FAQ is intended to help others. It's 
    all non-profit. You are not permitted to take credit for this FAQ, 
    -Part III. FAQ NOTES-
    This FAQ is for "Terminator 2: Judgment Day", not "Terminator 2: The 
    Arcade Game", which is a totally different game. The first few 
    additions of this FAQ won't be complete. As soon as I am done 
    completing this FAQ, I plan to make JPEG files of the motorcycle routes 
    to get from one destination to another. Any errors can be corrected via 
    e-mail. I will probably add a list of weapons. I will have to get back 
    to that.
    A. Game Information
    Platform: Super Nintendo Entertainment System
    Publisher: LJN Limited
    Programmer: Bits
    Release Date: 1993
    Number of Players: 1
    "Terminator 2: Judgment Day" ©1991 Carolco Pictures Inc. (U.S. & 
    B. Game Controls/Options
    T-800 Controls:
    Directional Pad:
    -Up: Aim your weapon at the sky. When near doors, drawers, phone 
    booths, etc., you can execute a special action.
    -Down: Crouch down. Crouch down to collect items.
    -Left/Right: Move left and right.
    -Up + Left/Right: Climb upstairs. Aim diagonally upward.
    -Down + Left/Right: Climb downstairs. Aim diagonally downward.
    -L Button: The default control has no action assigned to this button, 
    but either "Fire Other," "Jump," or "Fire Pistol" can be assigned to 
    this button.
    -R Button: See "L Button."
    -X Button: See "L Button."
    -Y Button: Fires the pistol, which is acquired in the first stage.
    -A Button: Fires the secondary weapon, which ranges from the shotgun to 
    the assault rifle to the mini-gun.
    -B Button: The T-800 jumps at the push of this button.
    Motorcycle Controls:
    -The L, R, X and A buttons are all unassigned controls by default. You 
    can assign either "Accelerate" or "Turn."
    -B Button: Accelerates the motorcycle.
    -Y Button + Directional Pad: Turns the motorcycle north, south, east, 
    or west.
    C. Stage 1: The Corral.
    You, the T-800, have just arrived from the future. After acquiring 
    clothes, you set out on completing your mission objectives. Your 
    primary goals are to acquire a pistol and a shotgun. You also must 
    locate John Connor, the future leader of the Human Resistance. Not only 
    that, but throughout every level in this game, you must collect these 
    future objects. At your location, walk right and head into the first 
    phone booth and press up on the D-pad. A message will confirm that John 
    Connor's address has been stored into the Terminator's memory. After 
    that is done, walk up the stairs and into the bar. Enter the middle 
    door, where the bar is. Following that, enter the second door you see. 
    It's to the right of the jukebox. Punch any guy that shoots at you with 
    either his pistol or his shotgun. They may or may not drop their 
    weapons, but if they do, grab them. The pistol, by the way, has 
    infinite ammunition. The shotgun does not. Inside the room should be 
    two pool tables, a jukebox, and your first of two future objects. Shoot 
    the box and you will see the endoskeleton head spinning. Collect that 
    and exit the room.  Go back the way you entered the bar, but this time, 
    head to the left. Keep going to the left until you see the second 
    future object. Collect that, and head all the way to the right. You'll 
    get a message stating the mission objectives are completed and you'll 
    head on your bike to the next stage.
    D. To John Connor's Home.
    You will ride your motorcycle to every destination once you've 
    completed the previous one. The directions to get to John Connor's 
    house are West, South, West, Northwest, and North.
    E. John Connor's Home.
    Your mission objectives here are to locate identification of John 
    Connor, and locate the future objects. When you first start the level, 
    shoot the alarm with your pistol so that when you enter, you won't set 
    it off right away and the T-1000 won't show up until later. Enter 
    through the front door. CAUTION. Throughout this stage, timed bombs 
    appear and will explode and therefore lower your power cell. Once 
    inside, enter the first door. One of the three future objects will be 
    there along with the possibility of the identification. A possessed 
    vacuum cleaner will attack you and explode. Shoot it with your pistol. 
    You have two options here. You can either press Up on the directional 
    pad to search for the I.D., or you can destroy the dressers. Either 
    way, the I.D. will pop out if it's there. If it isn't there, leave the 
    room and check the answering machine on the floor. Pete has planned to 
    meet John at the mall tomorrow at 10:30. Now we know where we are going 
    next. Destroy the answering machine. Next, go all the way to the left 
    and enter the door on the flat side. Here's another room where Connor's 
    I.D. could be. Shoot the toy truck with your pistol. Then, shoot the 
    white dresser if you haven't gotten the I.D., yet. If it pops out, 
    collect it and shoot the ladder. The second futuristic object is there 
    for the taking. After collecting everything there, exit the room. Enter 
    the door on the left of that door and you will enter the kitchen. Now, 
    enter the flat-sided door and you'll end up in the bathroom. Shoot the 
    shower. The I.D. could be there, too. If not, leave the bathroom and 
    head to the door on its left. You will end up in the first part of the 
    garage with blue drawers. Shoot those blue drawers for they are the 
    last place for the I.D. CAUTION. By this time, the T-1000 must have 
    shown up. He poses no threat in this stage. Just shoot him with your 
    pistol. Enter the door near the blue drawers and you'll end up in the 
    second part of the garage with the family car. Enter the door on the 
    right, and the last futuristic object is there. Go back to the garage 
    (with the car) and exit to the left near the car. The police and those 
    thugs from the Corral will be there to try and take you out. Go all the 
    way to the left. You'll recognize the front with the destroyed alarm. 
    At the very end at the left, the mission will be complete.
    F. To the Mall.
    Getting to the mall is easier than it was getting to Connor's home. 
    From the house, head east, and keep going straight until the compass 
    displays south, followed by another east, and you're right at the mall. 

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