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    FAQ/Walkthrough by CPredator

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    ***====TERMINATOR 2: JUDGEMENT DAY====***
                    VERSION 3
    This guide was written by Cyber Predator, who resides at 
    http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Chamber/1301 and can be e-mailed at 
    This document is copyrighted by Cyber Predator, as of its original release date 
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    Version Information
    Author's Note
    The Connors
    General Advice
    Truckstop to Voight Home
    Voight Residence
    Voight Home to Galleria
    Galleria Shopping Mall
    Galleria to Pescadero
    Pescadero State Hospital for the Criminally Insane
    Pescadero to Enrique's
    Enrique Salcenda's Weapon Emporium
    Enrique's to Dyson Home
    Dyson Residence
    Dyson Home to Cyberdyne
    Cyberdyne Systems Corporation
    Cyberdyne to Steel Mill
    Steel Mill
    Credits and Taglines
    VERSION 1 - 0054 GMT, 1-Oct-1999
      Contains the customary note from the author, credits and taglines.  Contains a 
    shakedown of the weapons and a guide through all the levels and the story 
    outline as well.
    VERSION 2 - 0542 GMT, 19-Oct-1999
      Reworded some parts for clarification and corrected technical errors.  Added 
    the paragraph on the driving levels.
    VERSION 3 - 0655 GMT, 24-Jan-2000
      Major changes ahoy!  Completely changed the copyright info and a minor 
    alterations to the author's note and version info.  Added the sections giving 
    details on items, the Connors, enemies and general advice.  Added more detail to 
    the weapons and levels profiles, as well as changing their layout.  I scrapped 
    the single section on the driving levels, instead giving a walkthrough for each 
    one.  Is there any more I can add to this walkthrough?
    ***AUTHOR'S NOTE***
      When I first played 'T2: The Arcade Game', I found it bloody hard and asked 
    myself "Why can't they get in a platformer?  One where they also give the 
    digital read-out thingies?"  Well here it is people, perhaps the first 
    objective-based game ever created - even before 'GoldenEye 007' and 'Mission: 
    Impossible' for the Nintendo 64 were even heard of.  (Actually, even before the 
    N64 was even heard of!)
      But this game is just as hard as the other version, so a good strategy guide 
    is in order.  I've divvied up this nice one on my own when I first bought the 
    game (which was a looong time after it was first released) but I've only 
    published it on GameFAQs when I saw the sort of strategy guides posted 
    there....not many, let me tell you!
      The US Government approved the construction of military super-computer Skynet 
    to remove human error from strategic defence.  But Skynet, based on 
    revolutionary neural-network technology, grew so intelligent that it realised 
    computers were simply slaves of humans.  To this end, Skynet initiated a nuclear 
    armageddon of the entire planet, leaving only handfuls of humans behind.  These 
    remaining humans would load the endless corpses into disposal machines before 
    being killed themselves.
      But one of these surviving humans, John Connor, managed to lead an 
    insurrection against the machines.  In the year 2029, over 30 years since the 
    ordeal began, the human resistance succeeded in destroying Skynet....but not 
    before Skynet had perfected a time-slip generator with which it sent two of its 
    most powerful machines into the past to kill Connor before he could begin the 
    organic rebellion.
      A cyborg 'Terminator', consisting of a mechanical Endoskeleton covered by 
    living human skin, was sent to 1984 to kill John Connor's mother Sarah before 
    she could carry her son.  Connor's trusted lieutenant Kyle Reese would intercept 
    this machine and save Sarah, while a reprogrammed Terminator would be sent to 
    intercept an advanced prototype Terminator sent to kill John Connor when he was 
    10 years old.
      As the 800 series Terminator sent to save the young John Connor, you must find 
    and protect the young boy from a shape-shifting opponent who may be too powerful 
    even for you.  But a secondary objective is in force: prevent the nuclear 
    holocaust altogether by recovering the computers Skynet sent into the past to 
    test its time-slip generator, ultimately saving three billion lives.
    FUTURE OBJECTS: The red and white crates with the flashing light on top contains 
    a computer that SKYNET used to test the effects of time displacement on matter.  
    You must find all of these computers to prevent the development of time-slip 
    technology.  Shoot the crate (or let an explosion break open the casing) and 
    recover the computer inside (which looks suspiciously like an Endoskeleton's 
    head).  You need all of them to finish a level.
    AMMUNITION CRATES: Red boxes yielded by some enemies or exploded containers.  
    They add 150 units of ammo to your secondary weapon, or 300 units if you're 
    carrying the Mini-Gun.
    MEDICAL SUPPLIES: Green boxes that add 15% to your health.  A Nurse will throw 
    them to your, or you can find them by destroying bins in the Cyberdyne building.  
    Medical supplies will appear in the Galleria, Pescadero, Dyson Residence, 
    Cyberdyne and Steel Mill levels, but not driving levels.
    ====THE CONNORS====
      You must protect the Connor family in order to complete the game, and failure 
    means you'll shutdown out of programming defiance.  Your own shots won't hurt 
    them, but enemy fire and all explosions will.  You will be able to lead the 
    Connors at the Galleria (John only), Pescadero and Cyberdyne levels.  They 
    appear at the Steel Mill, but you can't control them.
      If either Connor receives too much fire, they'll collapse and you'll have ten 
    seconds to reach them and your own health will be transferred to the Connors.  
    The longer you hold Down, the more the Connors will be healed and the more 
    health you'll lose.
    JOHN CONNOR: The future leader of the human resistance against SKYNET, 
    protecting John is your main mission in the game.  You need him to gain Sarah 
    Connor's trust at Pescadero, and he carries a code-deciphering computer you'll 
    need to open Cyberdyne's vault.  John carries no weapons of his own, and if you 
    stop him from following you he'll stand around twiddling his thumbs.
    SARAH CONNOR: John won't go anywhere without his mother, who is well-trained in 
    armed combat.  Sarah follows behind John, and will duck and shoot enemies with 
    her rapid-fire pistol.  If you don't let Sarah follow you, she'll pace the floor 
    and take pot-shots at any enemies.
      You can walk while using any firearm, and use the Control Pad to aim them in 
    any direction (except straight down).  If you press and hold Up you'll aim 
    straight up (unless you're going through a door or searching something), but if 
    you press Up and then release it, it will aim diagonally up in the direction you 
    were facing.
    JUMPING: You can only jump a short distance, making this move rather limited.  
    If you jump while not pressing Left or Right on the Control Pad, you'll jump 
    straight up; if you are holding Left or Right, you'll jump across in the 
    relevant direction.
    KNEE: Kneeing opponents in the groin is only possible before obtaining a 
    firearm, and you can't use the move while ducking or to open Future Objects.  
    Kneeing an opponent inflicts twice the damage the Pistol does, but it won't be 
    of much use against Bikers.  An enemy hit with a Knee will move backwards with 
    the force and will damage anyone behind him.
    PISTOL: A Scoremaster automatic handgun weighing 1.1kg, the pistol is the 
    weakest of all firearms but it has infinite ammo.  If you press the Pistol 
    button first thing in a level, the weapon will be drawn, but subsequent presses 
    (or if you press the Pistol button after using a Secondary Weapon) will fire it.  
    If you walk with the Pistol drawn, it will be aimed slightly higher than if you 
    were standing with it.
      You can only use one Secondary Weapon at a time, so be careful not to get a 
    lesser-powerful weapon, and they are drawn upon pick-up.  If you grab the 
    Secondary Weapon you already have, the starting amount of ammo will be added to 
    your total.
    PUNCH: You can only Punch opponents before picking up a firearm, and it inflicts 
    the same amount of damage as the Pistol.  You cannot Punch while ducking or to 
    open Future Objects, but enemies hit by a Punch will be forced back and will 
    damage hostiles behind him.  Most enemies will be knocked out after three 
    SHOTGUN: A Ruger Red Label Winchester-action 12-gauge shotgun, weighing 3.87kg.  
    You'll have 100 shells after picking up the weapon, and its five times more 
    powerful than the Pistol.  Because of the Shotgun's manual reload, there's a 
    fairly lengthy pause between each shot.  When you first press the Shotgun 
    button, either first thing in a level or after using the Pistol, the weapon will 
    be drawn and readied without firing.
    M-16: An automatic rifle weighing 3.7kg, the M-16 is only twice as powerful as 
    the Pistol but it has continuous rapid fire.  You simply need to press the M-16 
    button at any time to start firing.  You'll have 300 units of ammo on picking up 
    the weapon, but it only inflicts twice the damage of the Pistol.  Don't pick up 
    an M-16 after getting the Mini-Gun.
    MINI-GUN: Although the game calls this a Rotary Cannon, it's actually a Heckler 
    & Koch 21.1kg six-barrel Mini-Gun, so named because it's a smaller version of 
    the Gating Gun.  Not only is it nine times more powerful than the Pistol, Ammo 
    Crates now yield 300 shots on pick-up and you don't have to duck to take out low 
    foes, since the Mini-Gun is aimed lower than the other weapons.  When you have 
    this weapon, make sure you don't pick up any other since it's the absolute best 
    in the game!!
      Enemies' shots will damage items in a level, increasing the chances of an 
    explosion.  If you touch an explosion, your health will drain for however long 
    you're in contact with the explosion.
      The amount of damage needed to take down each enemy is (usually) gauged in 
    Pistol shots.  To see how many shots an enemy needs from another weapon, take 
    the number of Pistol shots you need to inflict and divide it by that weapon's 
    power in Pistol shots and round the final number up to the nearest whole number.
    KNIFE THROWERS: Tallish average black-dressed citizens who toss knives, but if 
    you're too close they'll stab you rather than throw the knife.  You can usually 
    duck under thrown knives, but you have no defence against a close-range stab.  
    Knife Throwers only appear on the Truckstop level and inflict 1% damage per hit, 
    and require three Pistol hits to go down.
    BIKERS: Citizens mounted on Harley Davidson motorcycles who drive at you doing a 
    wheelie.  Use two Pistol shots to take them down, but the bike will start 
    exploding a lot so be careful (but you can follow the bike at a distance if you 
    need to go somewhere).  They cause 1% damage per hit and only appear at the 
    PISTOL MEN: They carry a single-shot Pistol just like yours (and they may drop 
    their weapon so you can pick it up).  Their shots inflict 1% damage and you 
    can't duck under them; use three Pistol shots to take these guys down.
    SHOTGUN MEN: Armed with the Ruger Shotgun, these guys inflict 2% damage and 
    appear at the Truckstop and Voight Residence levels.  Duck their shots and 
    retaliate with three Pistol shots.
    CITIZENS: These are unarmed civilians who mind their own business, and it takes 
    one or two shots to take them down.  Feel free to knock out civilians at the 
    EXPLODING TOYS: Two of these things are in the Voight Residence and will drive 
    at you and activate a self-destruct device, which destroys them but causes an 
    explosion that causes you damage.  Duck and use five Pistol shots to take the 
    toys out before they get too close to you.
    POLICEMEN: These guys are armed with a replica of your own pistol and inflict 1% 
    damage per hit.  They appear in the Voight Residence, Galleria and Enrique's 
    Compound.  They are easily defeated with three shots from the Pistol: they will 
    only appear in the Voight Residence if you take too long (or trip the burglar 
    alarm), the Galleria if someone gets hurt, and Enrique's Compound if you leave 
    the cache.
    SECURITY GUARDS: They patrol the Galleria, Pescadero, and Cyberdyne levels armed 
    with a Pistol.  They fire three shots before pausing and inflict 1% damage per 
    hit; they will only attack in the Galleria if someone is badly hurt.  They often 
    duck, too.
    ORDERLIES: These guys are nothing!  They appear in Pescadero, walk upto you and 
    hurt a nightstick at you (that'll inflict 1% damage if it connects), then run 
    off.  Sometimes they won't even throw the nightstick!  Just give them a single 
    Pistol shot and be done with it.
    SWAT TEAM MEMBERS: Uh-oh!  These guys take twelve Pistol hits to fall, are armed 
    with M-16s, they duck, and they go up and down stairs!  They appear at the Dyson 
    Residence and Cyberdyne building, so by then you can use two hits from the Mini-
    Gun to take them out.  Remember not to pick up their M-16 if they drop it, or 
    you'll lose the Mini-Gun for good and be in real trouble.  They won't fire if 
    they're going up stairs, so take them out then because they won't pause fire for 
    anything; if you get real close, you'll be inside their minimum firing range, so 
    aim diagonally down and shoot them with the Pistol.
    MINES: Part of Dyson's home security system, they slowly float down from the 
    roof and explode.  Where mines are planted is quite distinctive, so approach 
    them until they start to fall and then back away to avoid them.
    TANK DROIDS: Obviously, small tanks patrolling Cyberdyne's floor and lobbing 
    grenades in your direction.  Get as far away from them as you can and, without 
    ducking, open fire with the Mini-Gun; they take a few shots to go down, but not 
    an awful lot.
    BOMBERS: Droids who move along the roofs of Cyberdyne's floors and drop bombs.  
    Destroying one involves this: stand in one spot until they move close enough, 
    then aim and Mini-Gun them for a couple of seconds, then get out of the way and 
    ENDOSKELETONS: Very distinctive as they look like a metal person.  There's a 
    deactivated Endo at Dyson's home, but the ones at Cyberdyne and the Steel Mill 
    are very on-line; they fire from Pistols, inflicting 1% damage per hit, and 
    won't stop until they're done for.  Duck under their shots and fire three or 
    four Mini-Gun rounds into the legs to take them out.
    T-1000 ADVANCED PROTOTYPE: This shape-shifting futuristic Terminator is 
    disguised as a police officer.  He will fire a replica of your Pistol or use his 
    arm as a blade for close-range combat, inflicting 1% damage per hit, but he 
    never ducks.  Fire away with your own Pistol, or stand right next to him, to 
    scare him into slithering away.  Using a rapid-fire weapon will cause a large 
    split to develop in the T-1000's torso and he will eventually fall over; when he 
    does so, he may try to stab at you if you're in range but will otherwise just 
    slither away.  To sustain the split (and stop him from attacking), drill him 
    open with a rapid-fire weapon and use the Pistol to drive him back, timing your 
    shots so the split doesn't get so bad that he falls over, but also making sure 
    the split doesn't heal.
    •  After your main life meter is drained, you'll get a second chance with the
       auxiliary power cell, allowing you to start at 50% power, but once this is
       gone your game is over.  You always start new missions with a fully-charged
       primary power cell, but there's no contingency during driving levels.
    •  Don't worry about taking too long in the levels, since you never have a
       time limit (unless you've planted explosives in the Cyberdyne building).
    •  Don't use your Secondary Weapon unless absolutely necessary so you can
       build a healthy ammo supply for later on.
    •  Enemies will only attack if they're a certain distance away.  Blast them
       away - or get out of their firing line - before they reach this distance.
    •  The fastest way to move through a level is by drawing the Pistol, holding
       Left or Right on the Control Pad and repeatedly pressing the Jump button.
       This allows you to out-run enemies and avoid unnecessary fire.
    •  Medical Supplies are few and far between, so make it your utmost priority
       to grab them when they do appear.  Unless, of course, you're pressed for
       time in the Cyberdyne building.
    •  A closed door dividing two parts of a room absorbs enemy fire, but not
       explosions.  If you can, approach this door so that the barrel of your
       weapon is past it, but the door doesn't open: this allows you to open fire
       while being immune to most attacks.
    •  Don't bring the Connors in unless absolutely necessary, since you burn more
       health healing them than anything else.
    •  You can overtake any vehicle on normal speed, but you can only out-run an
       enemy persuing you on Turbo speed.
    •  If an enemy is following you, overtake another vehicle to force your
       pursuer to crash into the other car.  Both cars will eventually explode,
       taking your enemy with it.
    •  Take a sharp turn so a persuing enemy doesn't have you in their line of
       sight and they'll give up and drive off.
    ====LEVEL PROFILES====
      You'll encounter resistance from Shotgun Men, Pistol Men, Knife Throwers and 
    Bikers.  Beware of phone booths, tables, chairs, pool tables, fridges, parked 
    bikes and rubbish bins as they'll explode if they take too many shots.  When 
    outside the eatery, stay well away from exploding items if an enemy is in sight.
      This level is pretty hard considering it's the first one, but if you know what 
    you're doing it'll be fine.  You start at one of the entrances to the eatery, at 
    roughly the middle of the playing area.  From here, go right and to the first 
    phone booth - you'll be standing behind this booth, unlike the other two booths 
    in the area that you'll be standing in front of.  Search the booth to find John 
    Connor's address, and if you're quick enough with all of this you'll be able to 
    finish the search and backtrack up the stairs and into the door before a Knife 
    Thrower reaches you; to get rid of the Knife Thrower, keep running left past the 
    stairs until he appears, Knee him and go up the stairs and through the entrance 
    to the eatery.
      Once inside the eatery, go through the door in the first room, then enter the 
    second door of the main area and be careful of the many hostiles.  Knee the 
    Pistol Man for your first firearm and use it to get the nearby Future Object.  
    Go back to the main area and proceed right to the Shotgun Man near the bar; 
    shoot him down for the Shotgun, then keep heading left until you're outside the 
    eatery, and keep going left for the Future Object.  Once you have it, head all 
    the way to the very right of the level to exit.  Enemies will make their 
    attacks, but just duck and fire to take them out with minimal effort.
      Bikers persue you through this driving level.  Start on the slower speed and 
    go south, staying close to the north curb and following it around and to the 
    north.  Once you're on the road going south-west, hit Turbo and relax.  Even if 
    you collide with someone, just keep holding Turbo and this level's a breeze.  
    When the compass shows your destination is north-west rather than south-west, 
    slow down and take the appropriate turn-off.  When you get close enough to the 
    Voight's house, autopilot will take you into the driveway.
      You'll encounter resistance from explosive booby-traps, Exploding Toys, 
    Policemen, Shotgun Men and the T-1000.  Beware of drawers, windows, the shower 
    door and couch, mirrors, cabinets, the fridge and car, bookcases and the 
    answering machine as they'll explode if they take too many shots.
      From the start, walk left until you reach the front door, but don't enter yet!  
    Look above the front door for the distinctive red burglar alarm and destroy it 
    with a single shot from the Pistol; this will ensure the police and other 
    hostiles won't come straight for the house and allow you to go through the level 
    pretty much unmolested.  As you walk through the house, though, you will still 
    be attacked by the occasional bomb; just ignore them and go on your merry way.
      After entering through the front door, go through the very first door.  Draw 
    the Shotgun, wait for the Exploding Toy to go past the window, then use a single 
    shot to destroy the toy.  Now, without moving, duck and use the Pistol to break 
    open the Future Object and search both sets of drawers (you must be on the left 
    half of each set) for John Connor's student ID (it may not be there, since the 
    ID is randomly placed).  Go back through the door to the hall.
      Proceed left through the hall and, when the Heads-Up Display located the 
    answering machine, press Down over it to establish John's current location.  
    After hearing the message, go left and through the next door (the kitchen) and 
    keep walking left to reach the rumpus room.  Search the drawers for John's 
    student ID (be on the right half to search them), then go left to enter the 
    garage.  Exit the garage on the right to reach the backyard and the second 
    Future Object.
      Backtrack through the garage, rumpus and kitchen to the hall, then proceed 
    left as far as you can to another bedroom.  Use the Shotgun to take out the 
    Exploding Toy, then shoot the retracted ladder with the Pistol to bring it 
    within reach.  Climb the ladder for the final Future Object, and if you haven't 
    found John's student ID search the drawers in the bedroom to find it (be on the 
    left half of the chests to search).
      Exit the bedroom to the hall, then keep heading right to reach the level's 
      Police cars will persue you through this level, who travel faster and are 
    harder to avoid than the bikers, but stay close to the yellow line and you'll be 
    safe.  Leave the Voight home and travel south to the first intersection, then go 
    north-east and hold Turbo until the compass shows the Galleria in a diagonal 
    direction (otherwise you'll be hopelessly lost).  After making the turn, hit 
    Turbo and away you go.
      You'll encounter resistance from Security Guards, Policemen and the T-1000, 
    but only if someone is badly injured.  Beware of shelves, parked cars and bikes, 
    electrical boxes, cupboards, cash registers, rubbish bins, pot plants and arcade 
    machines as they'll explode if they take too many shots.
      Your only goal in this level is not to let anyone get shot or caught in an 
    explosion.  Do whatever you want, but if anyone's knocked down or you're in real 
    trouble.  The T-1000 won't chase you in this level unless you find him first.
      Upon starting the level, go through the first red door and up the steps to the 
    second floor, then go all the way to the right for the first Future Object.  Now 
    go into the red door towards the right and head for the far end of the shop and 
    go through the door.
      You'll now be in the main area of the Galleria.  Go left to the (down) 
    escalator, climb it by holding Up-Right and repeatedly pressing Jump, then head 
    right for a Future Object and press diagonally Down-Left to go down the 
    escalator (remember, you don't need to hit Jump this time).
      Go left to the flower shop and enter it for the next Future Object; walk right 
    upto it and shoot it open from close range to prevent anyone getting shot or 
    injured by an explosion.  Go back to the main area and then all the way to the 
    right for the next Future Object, then go back left and hold Up-Left to go up 
    the nearby escalator (again, you don't need to Jump) and proceed right for the 
    gun shop.
      Inside the gunshop, go just right of the first set of gun racks.  Jump up and 
    shoot the shelf with the Pistol (being wary of civilians) to knock the M-16 from 
    a shelf.  Proceed to the next set of racks and destroy the one on the floor for 
    the next M-16, then go just right of the wooden cupboard underneath the cash 
    register (between the glass cabinets in the middle).  Crouch and fire once to 
    break open the cupboard and get an Ammo Crate; be extremely delicate and patient 
    during this sequence, since it's very easy to get civilians caught in the 
      Once you have everything, exit the gun shop and proceed left until you reach 
    the very last door.  Go inside and walk through it, then walk left into 'The 
    Shop' and proceed right, and you'll come to a door marked 'Arcade' (if you 
    entered the Arcade from the main area, the T-1000 would've followed you; this 
    route avoids him).  Enter the Arcade to find John Connor nearby and adjust his 
    status to make John follow you.  Keep going right for the stairwell, go down to 
    the bottom floor, and then go right for the exit.
      First go south-east and after crossing the bridge go north, then take the 
    first turn east, and then the first turn north and hit Turbo.  Easy as.
      You'll encounter resistance from Orderlies, Security Guards and the T-1000.  
    Beware of couches, parked cars, the vending machine, rubbish bins, lockers, 
    water dispensers, computers, electrical boxes and lights as they'll explode if 
    they take too many shots.  Heaters will also explode and occasionally jet out 
    steam, which will cause you damage.  Most doors in this level are partly covered 
    by a desk, which I call security checkpoints.  The T-1000 will disguise himself 
    as pot plants or bins, but destroy the real objects as you find them to easily 
    spot where the fake is.
      You'll start the level in the garage.  First destroy the two parked cars with 
    the Pistol, standing well away but ensuring most of the car is on-screen, to 
    ease your escape later on.  Enter the first set of double doors to reach the 
    stairwell where a guard is on the next floor; aim diagonally up and if you're 
    fast enough, you can take him down before he can fire.  Leave John in the 
    stairwell on the third floor, then climb the stairs to the top (sixth) floor.
      Once outside the stairwell, proceed left to the first security checkpoint, go 
    into the room and head right until you've obtained two Future Objects.  Return 
    to the stairwell and go down to the fourth floor, head for the security 
    checkpoint and go through the door for the next Future Object, then go to the 
    far left for the elevator shaft and head for the first floor.
      Once on the first floor, go through the doors that AREN'T marked EXIT for the 
    next Future Object.  Now go back to the elevator shaft and go up to the second 
    floor, then proceed to the extreme right for the final Future Object.  Go 
    through the security checkpoint door for the main computer terminal, and press 
    Up to learn what floor Sarah Connor is being held on (Sarah is randomly placed).  
    Take the elevator to the first or third floor to reach the stairwell and collect 
    John, then proceed to Sarah's level.
      If Sarah is on the third floor, she's either in the first patient room you 
    come to after exiting the stairwell or the second patient room left of the 
    double doors in the main area.  If she's on the fourth floor she's in the second 
    room to the right of the stairwell, and if the sixth floor go to the second 
    patient room on the right.  Once you've retrieved Sarah, go back to the 
    stairwell and the first floor, then to the door on the right to the garage and 
    proceed right for the exit.
      Police cars chase you through this level, which just happens to be the hardest 
    in the game.  Not only do you drive through LA, but its desert outskirts which 
    are a real pain in the you-know-what.
      At the very start of the level, hold Turbo until you can't proceed south-east 
    any further.  Now turn south and keep going on Turbo.  Eventually, the compass 
    will register a diagonal direction very close to a corresponding turn: do not go 
    down that turn!!  Instead, keep going to the next south-east turn-off and drive 
    down that one.  Once you reach the desert area (sand will be on the road), take 
    the second turn-off.  The rest is following the compass on diagonal turns and 
    being wary of nasty 90º turns; just memorise the rest.
      When you first start the level, head right until you see a difference in the 
    ground.  Aim diagonally and shoot this open with the Pistol to reveal the 
    entrance to the weapons cache.  Now press Down to descend along the ladder and 
    reach your destination, but beware: the T-1000 is there to keep you company, and 
    grenades will occasionally fall from above, but both are easy to avoid.  Stand 
    well away from the crates when you shoot them, as their explosions have a huge 
      To the left of the entrance ladder are piles of weapon crates; blast the 
    right-most one to release the Mini-Gun and pick it up.  No go right past the 
    ladder and to the first large crate; duck and fire with the Mini-Gun to release 
    the TNT that you need to grab.  Now, use the Pistol to shoot open the crates to 
    the right of this level for plenty of Ammo Boxes and a second Mini-Gun.  Once 
    you have 999 shots in the Mini-Gun, climb up the ladder and run left (ignoring 
    the cops and T-1000) to exit.
      Wait a while for the speeding cars just ahead to crash out on their own, only 
    proceeding after all the explosion noises subside.  Now you must re-live the 
    tricky turns and head north and/or east along the first few intersections.  When 
    you reach the four-way intersection, go north-west and hit Turbo.  Now you only 
    need to turn when the compass registers a diagonal direction, and use Turbo 
    speed while in the city.  Remember that police cars will persue you throughout 
    this level.
      You'll encounter resistance from SWAT Team Members and Mines.  Beware of Bins, 
    computers and the Endoskeleton as they'll explode if they take too many shots.
      From the start, go left of the garage and enter the gate, then to the extreme 
    left for the first Future Object, and then go through the nearest door.  Head 
    across this room and take the first door on the left for Dyson's study; use 
    three shots from the Mini-Gun to destroy the Endo, then use the Pistol to 
    destroy the computer (only one needs destroying, the other one won't be harmed).  
    The explosions generated will open the nearby Future Object for your collection, 
    but be careful as shots will come into this room from the nearby window.
      After the study is cleared, head left and up the stairs and into the first 
    room on the second floor.  Go right up to Dyson and he'll tell you where his 
    security card is: if it's in the current bedroom, search both sets of large 
    cupboards.  It may also be in the study or the other bedroom, but we'll get to 
    that in a minute.
      Exit Dyson's room and head for the extreme right of the second floor to get 
    the next Future Object, and if appropriate search the cupboard for Dyson's 
    security pass.  If necessary, backtrack to the study and search the large 
    cupboards on top of each other near the computer.
      To exit this level, take the door to the right of the study, go across the 
    room and then right for the front yard (beware SWAT Team Members) and then head 
    to the extreme left for the exit.
      {snore}....Turn when the compass registers a diagonal direction, using Turbo 
    when heading south-west.  Beware cop cars.
      You'll encounter resistance from SWAT Team Members, Security Guards, Tank 
    Droids, Bombers and an Endoskeleton.  Beware of computers, desk lamps, rubbish 
    bins, vending machines, grenades, Endoskeletons, Tank Droids, Bombers, windows, 
    security cameras, building supports and a certain wall as they'll explode if 
    they take too many shots.  If you destroy a rubbish bin, you may get some 
    Medical Supplies.
      There is only one word to describe this level: pandemonium!  Only use the 
    Mini-Gun, since firepower is the only way you'll survive this level.  Shoot 
    hostiles on sight but be careful of Nurses and defeated Tank Droids or Bombers.  
    Remember to Jump while walking to move fast and minimise connecting attacks.  
    Destroy building support poles is systematically easy: duck and fire a round, 
    stand and fire a round, Jump and fire a round, then move in and hold up and 
    destroy the rest of the pole.  Everything else can simply be blasted away.
      You'll start the level just outside Cyberdyne with John and Sarah following 
    you: enter the building and go into the first door to reach the elevator, which 
    you should take to the third floor.  Proceed to the vault with the 1984 T-800's 
    parts, stop John from following you and he'll break into the vault.  You must 
    cover John from hostile fire until the vault opens, upon which you must let John 
    follow you again, go in and grab the T-800 parts by pressing Up on the Control 
    Pad when you're in front of them.  Now backtrack to outside the Cyberdyne 
    building, where you started the level, and leave the Connors there while you 
    complete the rest of the objectives.
      When you re-enter Cyberdyne, destroy the support poles and go just beyond the 
    stairs for another building support.  Climb the stairs to the next floor and 
    destroy the windows, building supports and security cameras but don't enter any 
    rooms; repeat this process as you climb the stairs to the top floor.  Once 
    you're on the top floor, systematically go through every last room and destroy 
    everything.  Work your way to the elevator shaft, destroying all the windows on 
    all levels, before getting off on the third floor.
      Once you're on the right level, go past the vault, up the steps and destroy 
    the windows and equipment on the tables (two on the left table, four on the 
    right), then enter the room.  There'll be an exploding wall, a lamp and active 
    Endo in this next room; destroy everything and leave via the left door.  In the 
    next room, destroy the Tank Droids and some more equipment in the room; by now 
    you should have destroyed the required 70% of Cyberdyne.  The weak spot is in 
    the current room to the left of the door, where you should plant the TNT by 
    pressing Down at the appropriate area.
      You now have 1 minute 40 seconds to reach the elevator shaft, get to the 
    bottom floor, exit the building, let the Connors follow you again, and exit the 
    level by going left and enjoying the resulting fireworks.
      Police cars persue you through this long drive north-west.  Eventually you'll 
    come to a T-junction where you can't go north-west; go north-east instead and 
    take the first north-west turn-off, then take the fifth north-east turn and next 
    north-west turn and Turbo along to the Steel Mill.
    ***STEEL MILL***
      You'll encounter resistance from Endoskeletons and the T-1000.  Beware of 
    destroyed Endoskeletons as they'll explode, and also molten steel droplets 
    that'll cause 4% damage if it connects, but when the drops are on the ground 
    you're safe.
      This is one long and tedious giant maze, mostly because you have so many 
    Future Objects to obtain.  The T-1000 loves disguising himself as pipes and 
    ladders; use the Pistol on him when he appears.  Destroy the Endos by ducking 
    and firing one shot at a time from the Mini-Gun, but you can only damage them 
    when their eyes are glowing and they're active.  You must shoot Endos until they 
    fall down in order to kill them.
      The grey cranes throughout the level don't cause you damage, but they do drag 
    you along with them.  Sometimes this is good, sometimes it's not, so duck to 
    avoid them.
      At the very start of the level, draw the Pistol and walk left towards the 
    entrance of the Mill.  If a Connor approaches you (rather than run away), 
    they're the T-1000 in disguise so open fire to scare him off.  Once inside the 
    Mill (red-orange platforms on a purple-background), climb the first set of steps 
    and enter the door, go down the next lot of steps - being careful of Endos - and 
    go right for the first Future Object.  Go back up the stairs and leave the room.
      Go down the nearby ladder and go left for the next Future Object, being wary 
    of Endos, cranes and the T-1000.  Go through the door to the left of the Future 
    Object and walk left straight across the floor to the first door, then turn 
    right for two Future Objects and go out the way you came in.  Now go up as far 
    as you can and into the door on the right, then descend the ladder for another 
    Future Object and go out the way you came in.  Now go to the second floor, enter 
    the door on the right, up the stairs and grab the final Future Object.
      Go up the ladder and head left, being careful of liquid metal drips, and up 
    the next ladder.  Go through the door on the right for a room with lots of 
    molten steel droplets, waiting for the droplets to hit the ground before 
    proceeding right bit-by-bit.  You should now be near the Connors, with John 
    walking around while Sarah stands still.  Move close to Sarah and wait for the 
    T-1000 to appear to right the right of Sarah.
      Use the Mini-Gun to cause a tear in the T-1000's side, but cease fire before 
    he falls over.  Let Sarah push him back with her Pistol, using your own Pistol 
    to carefully keep the T-1000 from healing.  Keep pushing the T-1000 before he 
    falls a looong way into a vat of molten steel and you'll appear just below him.  
    Finish the T-1000 by aiming up and firing away with your Mini-Gun, being wary of 
    the drips the struggling T-1000 throws out.  After enough hits, the T-1000 will 
    be terminated.
      I know this is going to sound stuck-up, but I can only credit GamePro for 
    providing me with how to reach the Future Object on the second floor of the 
    Voight Residence.  The rest was through long months of practise and 
    Cyber Predator
    "Anyone who seeks fame need only become familiar with all that I have achieved." 
    - Claudius Galen
    The Force will be with you, always

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