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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Shirow

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       Tiny Toon Adventures: Wacky Sports Challenge FAQ/Walkthrough
       System: Super Nintendo (SNES)
       Written by: Orochi K
       E-mail: kartelkertra <at> caramail <dot> com
       Version 0.2 -  on May 5, 2002
       Copyright 2001-2002, Orochi K. All rights reserved.
       This is a free work and is intended for personal use only. Please do not
       use this for any profitable purposes _whatsoever_. 
       Webmasters, if you wish to post this on your site, e-mail me first.
       This FAQ may be viewed at www.gamefaqs.com .
       Tiny Toon Adventures, characters, and names are trademarks of Warner Bros.
       Tiny Toons Adventures: Wacky Sports Challenge is Copyright 1994, Konami.
          I. Introduction
         II. Game Overview
        III. Options
         IV. Walkthrough
          V. Revision History
         VI. Credits
        This game is awesome! Fun and packed with tons of replay value! The only
        problem is that it's a bit too difficult and you're very likely to throw
        your joypad away in frustration. And if you're playing the game for the
        first time, you'll need time to understand the controls which change on
        each level. Well, to the FAQ itself!!
        The 'ACME Olympics' would be a very good title to describe this game. The
        challenges are very funny and very varied but you'll no doubt think about
        the real olympics while playing the game. Moreover, keep in mind that the
        controls change for each new level and that is why there is no 'real'
        control section in this FAQ. However, I'll be listing all the controls
        for the levels in the walkthrough section itself. The principle stills
        remains pretty obvious though, with you trying to score the maximum
        points and moving on to the next challenge. Keep in mind that there's a
        certain score you need to get to move on and sometimes, it'll take more
        than a try to get past this score.
        Here's what you'll see at the menu screen:
        -----> NEW GAME
        -----> PASSWORD
        -----> OPTIONS
        New game: Lets you start the game. Choose your character and get ready
                  for some wacky sports!
        Password: The continue service. You usually get these passwords at the
                  end of a whole level and each level consists of 4 challenges 
                  or more.
        Options: You can set your options here - Configuration/Pause/Sound .
        Once you're done goofing around, select new game for some serious 
        goofing!  ^_^
        You'll first see a newspaper headline stating that Montana was organizing
        the tournament and afterwards, you'll see a small sequence showing the
        4 participants. Once it's over, you'll be asked to choose your character
        from four: Buster Bunny, Babs Bunny, Plucky Duck, and the cool Dizzy
        Devil (my favourite). 
        Once you've made your choice, you'll be taken to a screen where you'll
        get a briefing of the next stage!
        |                                                                       |
        |                             EASY COURSE                               |
        |                                                                       |
        --------------------------- ICE CREAM THROW -----------------------------
        Points needed to qualify: 250
        Description: Throw the ice creams at the targets as they come out! If you
        hit them in a row without missing, you'll get the big points!
        The character you've chosen is always on the left most side. Move the 
        cursor around with the directional buttons and press A to shoot your
        ice-cream. You get 10-30 points for each Montana picture and a bonus
        20-50 for Elmyra. Do not shoot at the crossed ones as you'll lose 30
        points if you do so. The moving targets earn you more points but are
        more difficult to aim at.
        Useful tips: 
        - Aim at the corner targets first since they earn you bonus points.
        - Shoot at Elmyra first.
        - When shooting at moving targets, here's how you should proceed. Take 
          note of the path taken by the target and place your cursor in this
          path but a bit ahead of its current location. Then, just press A as it
          gets nearer to the cursor and you will hit it.
        - Watch out for your shot accuracy, don't just shoot around like a maniac!
        Point system:
        - Usual targets earn you 10-30 points depending on their type and location.
        - Elmyra earns you 20-50 points and a further 50 points again at the end
          of the level.
        - The crossed target will make you lose 30 points.
        - You get bonus points for the corner targets that you've hit.
        - Moving targets also earn you more points.
        - Your shot accuracy will make you earn more points if yours is the 
          highest. Keep that in mind!
        ----------------------------- CHICKEN RACE ------------------------------
        Points needed to qualify: 250
        Description: Use the power gauge to set the strength of the rubber and
        run towards the cliff! Try to stop as close to the edge of the cliff as
        possible. You can only use your brakes once, so be very careful! If you
        fall, it's a foul.
        You have 2 tries for this challenge!
        Press A button to fill your gauge and press Down to make your player run.
        The gauge changes colour as it strengthens and your character thus runs
        faster. You get points by grabbing stars which are scattered along the
        way. To make your character stop, press Down but keep in mind that you
        may do so only once, so press it at the appropriate instant.
        Useful tips:
        - Let the gauge reach the colour red.
        - Press Down to make your character break when you reach about 15 metres.
          This way, you'll stop just at the edge of the cliff which means that
          you'll get the maximum score.
        Point system:
        - 1 star gives you 10 points.
        - You'll get bonus points if your speed was the greatest.
        ----------------------------- WEIGHTLIFTING -----------------------------
        Points needed to qualify: 100
        Description: Use the power gauge and lift the barbell before the others!
        If you make 3 lifts, you get the top points! If you're too slow, you're
        out of the competition. Save up a lot of strength or you'll drop the 
        Press A to fill your power gauge and once you think it's enough, press
        Down on the pad to make your character lift the barbell. It usually
        takes you 3 tries to lift the barbell completely. However, if you don't
        have enough power, you will only drop the barbell and will have thus lost
        precious time. Try to make your character a bit stronger with each
        successive lift.
        Useful tips:
        - Make the gauge reach red for each lift.
        - Make sure the next lift is a big stronger than the previous one or your
          character will fall.
        - Press and hold Down to make him/her lift the barbell to the maximum.
        - Watch out for the time or you may lose completely.
        - Pay attention to your opponents' efforts too. Don't let all three of
          them reach top points before you or it's game over.
        - Do not make the gauge go too far the first times, you character will
          not be able to handle it!
        Point system:
        - You get points which vary on how much you lifted the barbell on the 
          first try. However, if you drop it, you'll lose all the points.
        - You get more points for each subsequent lift provided it was greater
          than the previous one. So, you must lift the barbell a bit more on the
          next tries or it will only have been a waste of time.
        - You get points for the time you took to amke the successful third lift.
        - You get points for how much effort your character seemed to make.
        ----------------------------- SAUCER THROW ------------------------------
        Points needed to qualify: 250
        Description: Use the power gauge and go around in a circle. Decide the
        angle and let it go! If you throw it out of bounds, it's a foul.
        You have 2 tries for this challenge!
        Press A repeatedly to fill up your power gauge and press Down on the pad
        to throw the saucer. The in-bound region is represented by the blue 
        section in the power gauge and the dot must be in that region when you
        release the saucer. If you press Down while the dot is not in this
        section, the saucer will be out of bounds and you'll lose that try.
        A fun thing to do here is to throw the saucer in your direction and 
        you'll see the screen shatter!  ^_^
        Useful tips:
        - Let the gauge become red for maximum power.
        - There's a very neat trick to ensure that the saucer falls in the proper
          region. Simply continue tapping A and press START to pause the game 
          while doing so. When the game is paused with the dot in the blue
          region, just unpause the game and press Down at the same time and your
          character will immediately throw the saucer and it'll be a good try!
        Point system:
        - You get points for the maximum distance your saucer reached.
        - Bonus points are added for the character who made the most powerful
        ---------------------------- OBSTACLE COURSE ----------------------------
        Points needed to qualify: 200
        Description: As you run, try to collect as many items as you can! If you
        get a chance, bump your opponents. Avoid Elmyra and pits by jumping!
        Press the directional buttons to control your toon and A to jump.
        Hold X or Y to make your character accelerate. There are items which
        you can collect throughout the race and these will earn you points.
        Jump over the holes and obstacles and try not to meet Elmyra as she'll
        make you lose points and time.
        Useful tips:
        - Try to remain in the middle of the screen as much as you can.
        - Don't let the others preceed you or they'll take all the bonuses before
          you even get close to these.
        - If you're playing with a character other than Dizzy Devil, be on the
          look-out for him! He rules here!!
        Point system:
        - You get points for the items that you take.
        - You will lose some points if you fall into holes, collide with obstacles
          and meet Elmyra.
        - You lose 30 points if you are too slow and are caught off-screen.
        - You get points for how safe your race was and how well you ran.
        - The character who took the most items will get bonus points.
        - The character who did the best jumps and avoided the largest number of
          obstacles (holes, hurdles...but not Elymra) will also be awarded some
          bonus points.
        ------------------------------ BIRDMAN CONTEST --------------------------
        Points needed to qualify: 300
        Description: Fly as fast as you can! If you get a certain number of
        targets, you can climb a wire and then aim for Montana Max's mansion!
        Press A to speed up and X to brake. Use the directional buttons to
        control your toon as you wish. BTW, the music in this level is awesome!
        A plane will then come and shoot coloured targets at you. See the score
        to the right (it's 200)? Well, you need to make this reach zero. Each 
        target you take will make this score reduce and the targets vary in
        points depending on their colour. Note also that there is a time limit
        for this level. Once you've successfully made the score reach zero, 
        you'll be taken to another section where you'll have to land in Montana's
        house. Here, you have to position your toon so that he crashes in his
        house. If you manage to do so, you'll see your toon come out quickly
        with Montana chasing him in anger.   ^_^
        Useful tips:
        - Fly towards the middle of the screen.
        - Take those targets which give the least point. Why? Because you'll
          need to take more then and later, when you reach the points screen,
          this will enable you to earn more points!
        Point system:
        - Red target: 10 pts
          Yellow target: 30 pts
          Green target: 50 pts
          You get bonus points if you took the greatest number of targets.
        |                                                                       |
        |                           NORMAL COURSE                               |
        |                                                                       |
        ----------------------------- COMING SOON! ------------------------------
        Version 0.1 on July 17, 2001.
        - FAQ hopefully released.
        Version 0.2 on May 5, 2002.
        - E-mail change! Also edited some stuff.
        - CJayC <www.gamefaqs.com>
          For his running the best gaming site and for posting my guides!
        - Konami
          For this fun game!
                                                   Copyright 2001-2002, Orochi K.

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