• Codes

    On the Main Menu press Left(3), Right(3), Left(7) then press Start.Fight as boss against CPU
    During a 1-player game press start on controller twoSlow motion

    Contributed By: Foehn.

  • Play as boss characters in Dead Dance JPN version.

    In Story mode or vs. CPU, start a game. Select your character and any boss character on the 2P side. When the round starts, pause the game and press Select on both controllers simultaneously. If done correctly, you will hear an explosion sound. When you unpause the game the 2nd player can control the boss character. You can play as any boss in vs CPU except for Jado. You have to play story mode and reach him to play as him. Note when you activate the code the 2nd player bosses are playable including in story mode and stay that way. So you can easily beat the game in Hard Mode. If you want to reverse it and have the CPU control the character again. Same process, pause, select on both controllers, explosion sound.

    pause, press select on both controllers.Play as boss characters

    Contributed By: Elu_VKV.

  • Play as Bosses in the Two-Player Mode

    This is to allow Bosses to be playable in the Two-Player Mode
    Input the Boss code, hit the Reset button, then input the code listed below.
    Note: The Boss code for One Player MUST be inputed first or the Two-Player code will not work.

    Right 3 times, Left 3 times, Right 7 times, press StartUnlock Bosses for Two-Player Mode

    Contributed By: Suibom.


  • Kotono's Passwords

    423235Final Stage (easy)
    734524Final Stage (hard)
    734344Final Stage (normal)
    477611Stage 1 (easy)
    740100Stage 1 (hard)
    477071Stage 1 (normal)
    467671Stage 2 (easy)
    770160Stage 2 (hard)
    770700Stage 2(normal)
    440500Stage 3 (easy)
    751037Stage 3 (hard)
    440760Stage 3 (normal)
    470560Stage 4 (easy)
    741017Stage 4 (hard)
    741637Stage 4 (normal)
    451437Stage 5 (easy)
    722726Stage 5 (hard)
    451617Stage 5 (normal)
    441417Stage 6 (easy)
    752706Stage 6 (hard)
    752526Stage 6 (normal)
    422326Stage 7 (easy)
    733655Stage 7 (hard)
    422506Stage 7 (normal)
    452306Stage 8 (easy)
    723635Stage 8 (hard)
    723455Stage 8 (normal)
    433255Stage 9 (easy)
    704544Stage 9 (hard)
    433435Stage 9 (normal)

    Contributed By: dinobotmaximized.

  • Syoh's Passwords

    The password screen can be found after choosing Story Mode.

    512306Final Stage (easy)
    463635Final Stage (hard)
    463455Final Stage (normal)
    526762Stage 1 (easy)
    437211Stage 1 (hard)
    526142Stage 1 (normal)
    556742Stage 2 (easy)
    427271Stage 2 (hard)
    427011Stage 2 (normal)
    537611Stage 3 (easy)
    400100Stage 3 (hard)
    537071Stage 3 (normal)
    527671Stage 4 (easy)
    430160Stage 4 (hard)
    430700Stage 4 (normal)
    500500Stage 5 (easy)
    411037Stage 5 (hard)
    500760Stage 5 (normal)
    530560Stage 6 (easy)
    401017Stage 6 (hard)
    401637Stage 6 (normal)
    511437Stage 7 (easy)
    462726Stage 7 (hard)
    511617Stage 7 (normal)
    501417Stage 8 (easy)
    412706Stage 8 (hard)
    412526Stage 8 (normal)
    562326Stage 9 (easy)
    473655Stage 9 (hard)
    562506Stage 9 (normal)

    Contributed By: dinobotmaximized.

  • Vortz's Passwords

    754144Final Stage (easy)
    625473Final Stage (hard)
    754324Final Stage (normal)
    417671Stage 1 (easy)
    760160Stage 1 (hard)
    760700Stage 1 (normal)
    710500Stage 2 (easy)
    661037Stage 2 (hard)
    710760Stage 2(normal)
    460560Stage 3 (easy)
    771017Stage 3 (hard)
    771637Stage 3 (normal)
    761437Stage 4 (easy)
    672726Stage 4 (hard)
    761617Stage 4 (normal)
    471417Stage 5 (easy)
    742706Stage 5 (hard)
    742526Stage 5 (normal)
    772326Stage 6 (easy)
    643655Stage 6 (hard)
    772506Stage 6 (normal)
    442306Stage 7 (easy)
    753635Stage 7 (hard)
    753455Stage 7 (normal)
    743255Stage 8 (easy)
    654544Stage 8 (hard)
    743435Stage 8 (normal)
    453235Stage 9 (easy)
    724524Stage 9 (hard)
    724344Stage 9 (normal)

    Contributed By: dinobotmaximized.

  • Zazi's Passwords

    403255Final Stage (easy)
    714544Final Stage (hard)
    403435Final Stage (normal)
    546742Stage 1 (easy)
    457271Stage 1 (hard)
    457011Stage 1 (normal)
    447611Stage 2 (easy)
    750100Stage 2 (hard)
    447071Stage 2(normal)
    557671Stage 3 (easy)
    420160Stage 3 (hard)
    420700Stage 3 (normal)
    450500Stage 4 (easy)
    721037Stage 4 (hard)
    450760Stage 4 (normal)
    520560Stage 5 (easy)
    431017Stage 5 (hard)
    431637Stage 5 (normal)
    421437Stage 6 (easy)
    732726Stage 6 (hard)
    421617Stage 6 (normal)
    531417Stage 7 (easy)
    402706Stage 7 (hard)
    402526Stage 7 (normal)
    432326Stage 8 (easy)
    703655Stage 8 (hard)
    432506Stage 8 (normal)
    502306Stage 9 (easy)
    413635Stage 9 (hard)
    413455Stage 9 (normal)

    Contributed By: dinobotmaximized.

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