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    FAQ/Move List by CGrey

    Version: 2.20 | Updated: 05/14/14 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    *** Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 Special Edition
        Super Nintendo Version FAQ v 2.20
    (c) 1996-2014 By Charles Grey (iceout0002@aol.com)
    Last Updated 05/14/2014
    2.20 (5/14/2014):
    - Improved formatting, some changes in the moves because I'm
      aiming for an 100% accurate movelist! Meaning all of the
      moves, kombo links, and finishers are listed exactly with
      the minimum required motions necessary. Multi-input moves
      are better detailed. I don't play online but do watch a
      lot of gameplay and combo videos.
    - Changed all HK/LK combo starters to just K.
    - added + for moves that also work in air.
    - Added some new combos I found playing with the Xbox 360
      trial version of MK Kollection and a Shang Tsung juggle
      that I discovered back in 1995 but somehow never put in
      the FAQ until now. All of the button link combos are now here.
    2.06  9/8/04: Various move corrections, easier LKang friendship.
    2.05  1/1/04: Reformatted the FAQ, a few move fixes.
    01. Info
    02. Controls
    03. Playing Options
    04. Finishers
    05. Moves and Combos
    06. Kombat Kodes
    07. Special Kodes
    08. Glitches
    09. Credits
    -- 01. Info
    * 24 known playable characters.
    * 7 stages:
     Blue Portal
     Jade's Desert
     Scorpion's Lair (can uppercut to Kahn's Kave)
     Kahn's Kave
     Waterfront (then goes back to Portal)
     PIT III (still fight Kahn here)
     The Roof (now fight Motaro here)
    * Some audio/graphic data removed to save memory.
    * Incomplete finishers for certain characters.
    * Rain has no ending.
    * Shang Tsung cannot morph into Rain/Noob/Smoke.
    Changes from original coin-op unit:
    * Sheeva removed.
    * No character name voices.
    * Animalities have been removed.
    * Scorpion and Kitana fatality altered.
    * Ermac, Mileena, and Classic Sub-Zero no longer need
      "Ultimate Kombat Kodes".
    * Older stages except PIT III and Roof removed.
    * Several Kombat Kodes removed.
    * New type of finisher -the brutality- added.
    * "Toasty" trick on Scorpion's Lair removed.
    * "Winner Fight Smoke" code you still fight robot Smoke.
    * Sonya still has old friendship.
    * Shao Kahn's Treasures only in 8-man tournament and reduced from
      12 to 10 squares and many of those are duplicates.
    * Ermac's head punch fatality has been changed.
    * Human Smoke and Classic Sub appear in Randper mode.
    * Human Smoke appears normally in demo mode.
    * Human Smoke appears in endurance rounds.
    -- 02. Controls
    Standard layout:
     Y- high punch (HP)
     B- low punch (LP)
     X- high kick (HK)
     A- low kick (LK)
     L- block (BL)
     R- run (RN)
    F-forward  B-back  D-down  U-up
    You can reconfigure these with "OPTIONS". You can also set damage handicaps
    for 2-player games and disable blood/fatalities if you wish.
    HP- high jab
    LP- low jab
    tap HP/LP- punch pummel
    HP (close)- Inclose combo starter
    LP (close,not in corner)- throw
    (jump) HP/LP- jump punch, can link into combo
    (crouch) HP- uppercut
    (crouch) LP- low jab
    HK- hard kick
    LK- medium kick
    (jump) HK/LK- jumpkick
    HK/LK (close)- knee/combo starter
    (crouch) HK- ducking medium
    (crouch) LK- ducking short
    B+HK- roundhouse
    B+LK- sweep
    U+HK/LK- vertical kick, can link into combo
    BL- block
    (crouch) BL- low block (must be used for sweeps)
    (jump) BL- air throw for certain characters
    U/B or U or U/F- jump
    D- crouch
    B or F- retreat/advance
    F+hold RN- run forward
    F+tap RN- fake run
    -- 03. Playing Options
    Random select:
    Player 1: U+start while on Rain
    Player 2: U+start while on Noob
    2-on-2 Kombat:
    Each side selects 2 fighters. When one loses, the second jumps in like an 
    endurance round.
    8-man tournament:
    Each side selects 4 fighters. There are a total of 7 one-round fights. Beware,
    you may have to use one of your opponent's selections later in the battle.
    Winner selects prize from Shao Kahn's Treasures.
    Old tournament:
    Hold L+R, and start on left controller.
    First opponent to defeat all 8 of his/her opponent's fighters wins.
    Random select:
    U+start on top box.
    Can't use Rain,Noob,or Human Smoke in this mode.
    -- 04. Finishers
    When you succeed in draining your opponents' lifebar, it will say "FINISH 
    HIM/HER" and you will have about 5 seconds to input a finishing kode.
    (If some involve tapping up, hold BL to keep from jumping!)
    Do these at the right distance.
    Must not use BL on winning round or they will not work.
    Do Reptile's and Scorpion's up close.
    Same as friendship. Can be done anywhere.
    Do up close on either PIT III or Lair stages
    On round 3 only! (RN) for 3 seconds,D,D,release RN. Brings them back to
    life. Originally used for Animalities.
    The coolest finisher and also the hardest! Stand close and tap out
    the lengthy button sequence. Complete it and they churn out about 15
    more hits ending with an exploding uppercut!
    Don't do these too fast or else they won't work.
    -- 05. Moves and Kombos
    ( ) = hold
    + can also be done in air
    HP: High Punch  LP: Low Punch
    HK: High Kick   LK: Low Kick
    BL: Block       RN: Run
     P: HP/LP        K: HK/LK
    Cross kick - jump over opponent and jump kick
    Lightning:  B,B,HP
    Blue Bubble: D,F,HP
     - move opponent: B/D/F/U 
    Power Kick: B+HK
    (3) Lightning,PowerKick,uppercut (25%)
    (4) HP,HP,LP,HP (22%)
    (4) K,HK,LP,HP (21%)
    (4) PowerKick,PowerKick,PowerKick,uppercut (27%)
    (4) Lightning,PowerKick,PowerKick,roundhouse (27%)
    (4) Jumpkick,bubble,PowerKick,uppercut (36%)
    (5) K,HK,LK,HK,B+HK (26%)
    (5) PowerKick,PowerKick,PowerKick,LP,LP (21%)
    (5) Lightning,HP,bubble,HP,jumpkick (30%)
    (5) Jump,HP,HP,HP,LP,HP (31%)
    (6) Lightning,PowerKick,PowerKick,LP,LP,jumpkick (31%)
    (6) K,HK,LK,HK,B+HK,uppercut (35%)
    (6) Bubble,HP,bubble,HP,jumpkick,sweep (37%)
    (8) K,HK,LK,HK,B+HK,LP,LP,jumpkick (37%)
    Babality: F,B,B,HP
    Pit: F,D,F,LK
    Brutality: HP,HP,BL,LK,HK,BL,LK,HK,BL,HP,LP
    - Rain can't use bubble or powerkick after 3 hits.
    - Lightning cannot be used in middle of combo.
    - In this version Rain has no friendship,fatalities.
    Orb: B,B,HP+LP (fast): F,F,HP+LP
    Spit: F,F,HP
    Inviso: U,D,HK (repeat to turn back)
    Run & Punch: B,F,LK
    Slide: B+LP+BL+LK
    (2) Jumpkick,slide (19/23%)
    (3) Orb,uppercut,slide (25%) 
       (opponent must be above head before uppercut)
    (3) K,HK,B+HK (21%)
    (4) HP,HP,HK,B+HK (24%)
    (5) HP,HP,D+LP,fast orb,uppercut (34%)
    (5) Orb,HP,fast orb,uppercut,slide (33%)
    (5) Jump HP,HP,HP,D+LP,sweep (33%)
    (6) HP,HP,D+LP,fast orb,HP,spit (30%)
    (6) Jump HP,HP,HP,D+LP,jumpkick,sweep (41%) (must be near corner)
    (7) HP,HP,D+LP,fast orb,HP,jumpkick,sweep (40%)
    (7) HP,HP,D+LP,fast orb,LP,LP,LP (31%)
    Tongue Food: B,F,D,BL (2/3 screen)
    Acid Loogie: F,F,U,U,HK (1/4 screen)
    Friendship (reptile-in-a-box): D,F,F,B,HK
    Brutality: HP,BL,HK,HK,BL,HP,LP,LK,LK,BL,LP
    Babality: F,F,B,D,LK
    Pit: BL,RN,BL,BL
    - Reptile can't use the orb after 4 hits.
    Grenade: (high) D,B,HP  (low) D,B,LP
    Gun: B,F,HP
    Baton: F,F,HK
    Baton trip: F,B,LP
    (3) HP,HP,LP (18%)
    (3) K,LK,B+HK (19%)
    (3) Jumpkick,gun,run in,baton throw (41%)
    (4) K,LK,B+LP,B+HK (23%)
    (4) K,HP,HP,LP (23%)
    (4) HP,HP,LP,jumpkick (25%)
    (6) Jump,HP,HP,HP,LP,gun,run in,HK (40%)
    (7) Jump HP,HP,HP,LP,gun,run in,jumpkick,sweep (47%)
    (7) Jump,HP,HP,HP,LP,jumpkick,gun,run in,uppercut (52%)
         (gun must push into corner)
    (11) Jump HP,HP,HP,LP,walk in,HP,jumpkick,gun,run in,HP,HP,LP,sweep(59%)
        (must be relatively close to corner, but not too close or else you
         will get pushed out.)
    Time Bomb: D,F,D,F,BL (close)
    Laser: F,F,F,LK (far)
    Friendship (crossing guard): LP,RN,RN,LP
    Brutality: HP,LP,HK,LK,HP,LP,LK,HK,HP,LK,LK
    Babality: D,F,F,B,HP
    Pit: F,U,U,HK
    Rocket: (one): B,F,HP  (two): F,F,B,B,HP
    Blur Punch: F,F,HK
    Gotcha Grab: F,F,LP
     - 3rd hit: LP on 2nd hit
      - 4th hit: LP on 3rd hit
       - 5th hit: LP on 4th hit
    Earthquake: (LK)
    Quad Throw: Throw (close LP)
     - 2nd slam: HP,HP,..
      - 3rd slam: HP,HP,..
       - 4th slam: HP,HP,..
    Backbreaker: (jump) BL
    (1+throw) Jumpkick, backbreaker (??%)
    (2+throw) hit out of air HP, jumpkick, backbreaker (??%)
    (3) K,HK,B+HK (19%)
    (5) HP,HP,BL,LP,B+HP (24%)
    (7) K,HK,D+HP,HP,BL,LP,B+HP (33%)
    Mincer: (BL) U,D,F,U (close)
    Giant: RN,BL,RN,RN,LK (far)
    Friendship (jump rope): LK,RN,RN,LK
    Brutality: HP,HP,HP,BL,LP,HP,HP,HP,BL,LP,HP
    Babality: D,D,D,LK
    Pit: D,F,D,LP
    Axe: D,F,HP
    Shoulder: F,F,LK
    Shield: B,B,B,HK (defends against projectiles)
    Arrow: D,B,LP
    (2) Axe, roundhouse (19%)
    (3) Axe,jumpkick,sweep (24%) (on jumping opponent)
    (3) K,HK,B+HK (19%)
    (4) HP,HP,LP,HK (22%)
    (4) HP,HP,LP,D,F,HP (22%)
    (5) K,HP,HP,LP,D,F,HP (28%)
    (5) K,HP,HP,LP,HK (27%)
    (6) HP,HP,LP,D,F+HP,Axe,HK (31%)
    (7) Jump HP,HP,HP,LP,D,F+HP,jumpkick,sweep (52%)
    Lightning Strike: B,B,D,HP (2/3 screen)
    Dissappearance: U,U,B,F,BL (close)
    Friendship (RAYDEN/MK2 machine): RN,RN,RN,D
    Brutality: HP,HP,HK,LK,LK,BL,BL,LP,LP,HP,HK
    Babality: F,B,F,B,LP
    Pit: RN,RN,BL
    Blade: (straight) B,F,LP
           (high) B,F,HP
           (low) B,F,LK
           (returning): B,B,F,LP (2-player only)
    Jade Kick: D,F,LK
    Defensive Flash: B,F,HK (goes through projectiles)
    (2) Jumpkick,Jade kick (21/27%)
    (3) (corner) Jumpkick, Jade Kick, HK (28%)
    (4) (corner) Jumpkick, Jade Kick, LP, Blade (30%)
    (4) HP,HP,D+LP,D+HP (22%)
    (4) K,HK,LK,B+HK (23%)
    (7) HP,HP,D+LP,LK,HK,LK,B+HK (25%)
    (9) (immediately after sweep in 2-player game)
        returning boomerang,jump,HP,HP,HP,D+LP,LK,HK,LK,B+HK (46%)
        (make sure boomerang misses first pass!)
    Shishkabob: RN,RN,RN,BL,RN (close)
    Shake Em Up: U,U,D,F,HP (close)
    Friendship (bounces on stick): B,D,B,B,HK
    Brutality: HP,LK,HP,LP,HK,HK,LK,BL,BL,HP,HK
    Babality: D,D,F,D,HK
    Pit: B,F,D+RN (press both together)
    - Jade can't use Jade Kick after 2 hits.
    Katatonic Blast: D,F,LP (disables opponents blocking)
    Mirror Image Throw: F,F,HP
    Teleport Slam: D,U
    (2) Image throw,blast(right away),blast (0%)
    (2) Slam,uppercut (19%)
    (3) Image throw(into corner),HP,ducking LP,uppercut (31%)
    (4) K,LK,LK,LK (23%)
    (4) HP,HP,LP,HK (22%)
    (4) Jumpkick,slam,HP,katatonic blast (28%)
    (5) Image throw(into corner),HP,HP,slam,blast,HK (30%)
    (6) (full screen away),image throw,HP,HP,HP,slam,run,HP,jumppunch (36%)
    (7) (corner),jumpkick,HP,slam,blast,HP,slam,uppercut (52%)
    (8) Jump,HP,HP,HP,LP,HK,walk in,LP,Slam,uppercut (54%)
    (9) Jump,HP,HP,HP,LP,HK,walk in,LP,Slam,HP,jumppunch (51%)
    (all of these combos start with a teleport slam in the corner...)
    (3) ..ducking LP,uppercut (21%)
    (3) ..ducking LP,ducking HK (14%)
    (5) ..ducking LP,standing LP,blast,sweep (19%)
    (7) ..standing LP,blast,run,LK,LK,LK,LK (23%)
    Slam, image throw, blast, jump HP,HP,HP,LP,HK, jumpkick, slam, image throw,
    run in,uppercut (damage around 99%)
    Brutality: HP,LK,LP,BL,LK,HK,HP,LP,BL,LK,HK
    Babality: F,F,F,LP
    Pit: D,F,BL
    - Noob can't use katatonic blast after 4 hits.
    - Noob has no fatalities or friendship in this version.
    Rings: D,F,LP
    Leg Grab: D+LP+BL
    Fly Punch: F,B,HP
    Bike Kick: B,B,D,HK
    (2) Jumpkick,leg grab (26%)
    (3) K,HK,B+HK (19%)
    (3) HP,HP,U+LP (18%)
    (4) K,HP,HP,U+LP (21%)
    (4) HP,HP,LP,B+HP (22%)
    (5) K,HP,HP,LP,B+HP (27%)
    (6) K,HK,HP,HP,LP,B+HP (31%)
    (6) Jump,HP,HP,HP,U+LP,jumpkick,leg grab (40%)
    (7) HK,HK,HP,HP,U+LP,jumpkick,leg grab (40%)
    Kiss of Death: B,F,D,D,RN (anywhere)
    Purple Bubble: (BL+RN) U,U,B,D (far)
    Friendship (aerobics): B,F,B,D+RN
    Brutality: HP,LK,BL,HP,LK,BL,HP,LP,BL,HK,LK
    Babality: D,D,F,LK
    Pit: F,F,D,HP
    Knife Toss: D,B,HP
    Knife Slash: D,F,HP
    Roll: (straight)(LK)   (upward): F,D,F,HK  
    Choke: D,F,LP
    Air Throw: (jump) BL
    (3) K,LP (15%)
    (3) K,LP,upward roll (22%)
    (3) K,LP,walk in,uppercut (25%)
    (3) K,D+LP,D+HP (19%)
    (3) HP,HP,LP (18%)
    (4) HP,HP,D+LP,D+HP (22%)
    (4) K,HK,LK,B+HK (23%)
    (5) HP,HP,HK,LK,B+HK (26%)
    (8) Jump,HP,HP,HP,D+LP,D+HP,walk in,HP,jumpkick,knife slash (50%) 
        (be near corner)
    Skeleton Removal: (LP)F,D,D,F,release LP (close)
    Eye Beam: LP,BL,BL,HK (1/2 screen)
    Friendship (bubblegum): LK,RN,RN,HK
    Brutality: HP,LP,BL,LP,HP,BL,HK,LK,BL,HK,LK
    Babality: F,F,D,D,LK
    Pit: U,U,B,LK
    Twin Sais: (HP) +
    Roll: B,B,D,HK
    Sky drop: F,F,LK
    (2) Jumpkick, air twin sais (21%)
    (2) Roll, ..sais (14%), ...jumpkick (17%)
    (3) K,HK,D,F+LK (16%)
    (4) HP,HP,U+LP,D+LP (22%)
    (4) K,HK,U+LK,U+HK (25%)
    (5) HP,HP,HK,HK,D,F,LK (26%)
    (5) (in corner),roll,jumpkick,roll,jumpkick,sweep (36%)
    (6) HP,HP,HK,HK,U+LK,U+HK (30%)
    (7) Jump,HP,HP,HP,HK,HK,D,F+LK,jumpkick (35%)
        (can add sweep or LK if near corner for 41%)
    Bone Spit: D,F,D,F,LP (close)
    Nail Spit: B,B,B,F,LK (far)
    Friendship (looks in mirror and breaks it): D,B,F,HP
    Brutality: HP,LP,LP,HP,BL,HK,LK,HK,BL,HP,LP
    Babality: D,D,F,F,HP
    Pit: D,D,D,LP
    SUB-ZERO (Classic)
    Ice: D,F,LP
    Pool: D,B,LK
    Slide: B+LP+BL+LK
    (2) Jumpkick,slide (19/23%)
    (3) K,B+HK,F+LK (19%)
    (4) freeze in air, HP, freeze, HP, jumpkick, slide (36%)
    (5) HP,HP,LK,B+HK,F+LK (26%)
    (7) Freeze,jump,HP,HP,HP,D+LP,D+HP,jumpkick,slide (43%)
    (8) Freeze,push to 3/4 screen to corner,vertical kick,HP,HP,D+LP,D+HP,jumpkick,
        roundhouse,slide (53%)
    Head Rip: D,D,D,F,HP (close)
    Brutality: HP,LP,HP,BL,LK,LK,HK,HK,LP,HP,LP
    Pit: F,D,F,F,HP
    - Sub can't use Ice or pool after 2 hits.
    - He has no 2nd fatality/babality/friendship on this version.
    Ice: D,F,LP
    Ice Storm: D,B,HP  (near):D,F,B,HP  (far):D,B,F,HP
    Ice Image: D,B,LP +
    Slide: B+LP+BL+LK
    (2) Jumpkick,slide (19/23%)
    (3) K,HK,B+HK (19%)
    (3) HP,HP,B+HK (18%)
    (4) HP,HP,LP,B+HK (22%)
    (4) freeze out of air, HP, freeze, HP, jumpkick, slide (36%)
    (5) HP,HP,LK,HK,B+HK (26%)
    (6) HP,HP,LP,LK,HK,B+HK (23%)
    (8) Freeze,push near corner,jump,HP,HP,HP,LP,LK,HK,B+HK,slide (36%)
    Ice Breath: B,B,D,B,RN (1/2 screen)
    Icebreaker: BL,BL,RN,BL,RN (close)
    Friendship (snowman): LK,RN,RN,U
    Brutality: HP,LK,HK,LP,HP,HK,HK,HP,HP,LP,HP
    Babality: D,B,B,HK
    Pit: B,D,F,F,HK
    - Sub can't use ice or image after 2 hits.
    Hat Blade : B,F,LP
    Teleport : D,U
     - jump punch : P
     - jump up kick: K
    Suicide Kick: (jump) U,D,HK
    Turbine: F,D,F,RN,RN,RN,..
    (2) Suicide kick,sweep (21%)
    (3) K,LK,HK (19%)
    (3) HP,LK,B+HK (18%)
    (7) HP,LP,HP,LP,LK,LK,B+HK (34%)
    (100%) (corner),turbine,1 step back,turbine,repeat...
    Dismemberment: F,F,B,D,HP (close)
    Blender: RN,BL,RN,BL,D (anywhere)
    Friendship (hat trick): RN,LP,RN,LK
    Brutality: HP,LP,LK,HK,BL,HP,LP,LK,HK,BL,HP
    Babality: D,F,F,HP
    Pit: D,D,F,F,LK
    Straight Missile: F,F,LP
    Homing Missile: F,D,B,HP
    Teleport Punch: F,F,LK +
    (2) K,HK (15%)
    (3) HP,HP,D+LP (18%)
    (3) Teleport, walk in HP, straight missile (28%)
    (4) HP,HP,HK,B+HK (22%)
    (4) Homing missile,teleport,jumpkick,sweep (49%)
    (5) HP,HP,HK,HK,B+HK (26%)
    (7) Homing missile,jump,HP,HP,HP,D+LP,jumpkick,sweep (53%)
    Flamethrower: F,F,F,B,BL (2/3 screen)
    Smasher: LP,RN,RN,BL (1/3 screen)
    Friendship (hammer game): RN,RN,RN,RN,D
    Brutality: HP,HP,BL,BL,HK,HK,LK,LK,LP,LP,HP
    Babality: B,D,D,D,HK
    Pit: RN,RN,RN,D
    - Sektor can't use teleport punch after 2 hits.
    Fans: F,F,HP+LP +
    Elevate: B,B,B,HP
    Jet Punch: D,B,HP
    (4) Elevate,jumppunch,fans,jet punch (16%)
    (4) HP,HP,B+LP,F+HP (25%)
    (4) K,HK,LK,B+HK (23%)
    (4) Jumpkick,fans,jumpkick,sweep (36%)
    (5) Elevate,jump punch,fans,jumpkick,LK or sweep (25%)
    (5) (back into corner),elevate,jumpkick,fans,jumpkick,HK (29%)
    (6) Deep jump punch,fans,run,HP,HP,B+LP,F+HP (36%)
    Inflate Kiss: RN,RN,BL,BL,LK (close)
    Head chop: B,D,F,F,HK (close)
    Friendship (blows bubbles): D,B,F,F,LP
    Brutality: HP,HP,BL,HK,BL,LK,BL,LP,BL,HP,BL
    Babality: F,F,D,F,HK
    Pit: F,D,D,LK
    - Elevate can't be used in combo.
    Inviso Slam: B,D,B,HK
    Teleport punch: D,B,HP +
    Fireball: D,B,LP
    (2) K,LP (15%)
    (3) Slam,HP,HP,..fireball(25%),..teleport(22%)
    (3) Slam,HP,jumpkick,sweep (34%)
    (4) K,HK,LK,B+HK (23%)
    (4) HP,HP,B+LP,D,F+LP (22%)
    (5) HP,HP,B+LP,HK,LK (24%)
    (5) K,LP,Slam,HP,HP,Fireball (27%)
    (5) K,LP,slam,HP,jumpkick,sweep (32%)
    (6) Cross kick,teleport,slam,HP,jumpkick,teleport,sweep (41%)
    (7) Jump,HP,HP,HP,B+LP,D,F+LP,jumpkick,sweep (43%)
    (7) K,LP,jumpkick,teleport,slam,HP,jumpkick,sweep (44%)
    Head Punch: (unknown on this version, was RN,BL,RN,RN,HK)
    Bloody Slam: D,U,D,D,D,BL (1/3-2/3 screen)
    Brutality: HP,HP,LP,BL,HK,LK,BL,HP,LP,LK,HK
    Pit: RN,RN,RN,RN,LK
    - Ermac can't Slam or teleport after 5 hits.
    - He has no friendship/babality in this version.
    Spear: B,B,LP
    Teleport Punch: D,B,HP +
    Air Throw: (jump),BL
    (2) Spear,uppercut (26%)
    (3) HP,HP,U+LP (18%)
    (3) Cross kick,teleport,run,HK (27%)
    (4) HP,HP,HK,B+HK (24%)
    (4) K,HK,LK,LK (23%)
    (5) Spear,HP,HP,HK,B+HK (28%)
    (6) Teleport,spear,HK,HK,LK,LK (22%)
    (6) Jumpkick,spear,HP,HP,HK,B+HK (29%)
    (7) Jumpkick,teleport,spear,HP,HP,HK,B+HK (33%)
    (8) Cross kick,teleport,run,LP,spear,HP,HP,HK,B+HK (36%)
    Toasty!: D,D,U,HK (2/3 screen)
    Hotter than... : F,F,D,U,RN (close)
    Friendship (skull-in-a-box): B,F,F,B,LK
    Brutality: HP,HP,BL,HK,HK,LK,HK,HP,HP,LP,HP
    Babality: D,B,B,F,HP
    Pit: F,U,U,LP
    - Scorpion can't teleport after 2 hits.
    Net: B,B,LK
    Bomb: (far)(LK)F,F,HK   (near): (LK)B,B,HK
    Teleport: F,D,BL +  
    Air Throw: D,F,BL against midair opponent to jump towards 
     - throw : LP
    (2) Throw,...roundhouse (24%),...air throw (30%)
    (3) K,HK,B+HK (19%)
    (3) HP,HP,LP (18%)
    (4) Throw,LP,jumpkick,sweep (31%)
    (6) HP,HP,HK,HP,HK,B+HK (30%)
    (7) Net,jump,HP,HP,HP,HK,HP,HK,B+HK (40%)
    Helio Slash: D,D,U,D,HP (anywhere)
    Last Request: D,D,F,U,RN (close)
    Friendship (boogie down): RN,RN,RN,U
    Brutality: HP,HK,HP,HK,HK,HP,HK,HP,HK,LK,LP
    Babality: F,F,B,HP
    Pit: RN,BL,RN
    - Cyrax can't use net after 3 hits.
    Time Stop: B,F,LK
    Gas Blast: B,B,HP +
    Roto-cutter: B,B,B,RN
    (3) K,LK,B+HK (18%)
    (3) HP,HP,D+HP (13%)
    (4) K,LK,HK,B+HK (24%)
    (4) HP,HP,HK,B+HK (19%)
    (4) HP,HP,D+LP,D+HP (17%)
    (5) K,LK,HP,HP,D+HP (15%)
    (6) K,LK,HP,HP,D+LP,D+HP (17%)
    (6) K,LK,HP,HP,HK,B+HK (18%)
    (6) Jump,HP,HP,HP,D+HP,jumpkick,gasblast (37%)
        (can add run,HK if close to corner for 44%)
    (8) Time Stop,LK,LK,HP,HP,D+HP,jumpkick,gasblast (30%)
        (add standing LP in corner for 32%)
    (10) Cross kick,time stop,roto-cutter,run,LK,LK,HP,HP,D+HP,
         jumpkick,gas blast (57%)
    Inflato-Head: D,D,B,F,BL (1/2 screen)
    Takes Off Mask: RN,BL,BL,BL,HK (close)
    Friendship (marshmellow roast): RN,LK,RN,RN,U
    Brutality: HP,BL,LK,LK,LK,HK,LP,LP,LP,HP,LP
    Babality: RN,RN,LK
    Pit: BL,BL,HK
    - Kabal can't use time stop after 2 hits.
    Vortex: F,F,F,HP
    Power Ball: F,F,LP
    Flight: B,B,F,HK
     - move: B or F
     - fireball: D,F,LK
     - land: BL
    Air fireball: (jump) D,F,LK
    (3) HP,HP,D+HP (18%)
    (3) K,HK,B+HK (19%)
    (4) K,HP,HP,D+HP (22%)
    (4) HP,HP,LP,HK (25%)
    (5) K,HP,HP,LP,HK (33%)
    (6) Jump,HP,HP,HP,D+HP,jumpkick,air fireball (43%)
    (6) Vortex,K,HP,HP,D+HP,walk in,HP,powerball (36%)
    (7) Vortex,HK,HP,HP,D+HP,walk in,LP,jumpkick,air fireball (43%)
    Scream: RN,BL,BL,RN+BL (close)
    Hair Spin: RN,RN,BL,RN,BL (1/3 screen)
    Friendship (football): RN,RN,RN,RN,RN,U
    Brutality: HP,BL,LK,BL,LK,HK,BL,HK,LK,BL,LP
    Babality: RN,RN,RN,U
    Pit: D,D,D,LP
    SMOKE (robot)
    Spear: B,B,LP
    Inviso: U,U,RN (repeat to turn back)
    Teleport Punch: F,F,LK +
    Air throw: (jump),BL
    (3) HP,HP,HK (18%)
    (3) HP,HP,LP (18%)
    (3) K,HK,LP (19%)
    (5) HP,HP,LK,HK,LP (26%)
    (6) Spear,HP,HP,LK,HK,LP (31%)
    (9) meet in air,jumpkick,teleport,walk in,HP,spear,HP,HP,LK,HK,LP(63%)
    End Of The World!: U,U,F,D (far)
    Eat A Bomb: (RN+BL) D,D,F,U (1/2 screen)
    Friendship (horn): RN,RN,RN,HK
    Brutality: HP,LK,LK,HK,BL,BL,LP,LP,HP,BL,BL
    Babality: D,D,B,B,HK
    Pit: F,F,D,LK
    - Smoke can't use teleport punch after 2 hits.
    Fireball: F,F,HP +  (low): F,F,LP
    Flying Kick: F,F,HK
    Bike kick: (LK)
    (2) Jumpkick, ..flying kick (22%), .. fireball (25%)
    (3) HP,HP,B+LP (13%)
    (4) K,LK,HK,LK (22%)
    (5) HP,HP,B+LP,jump punch,air fireball (18%)
    (5) HP,LK,LK,HK,LK (25%)
    (6) Jump,HP,HP,HP,B+LP,jumpkick,flying kick (27%)
    (7) HP,HP,BL,LK,LK,HK,LK (29%)
    Inner Fire: F,F,D,D,LK (anywhere)
    MK2 Machine Drop: U,D,U,U+RN+BL (anywhere)
    Friendship (picture show): RN,RN,RN(hold)+D
    Brutality: HP,LP,HP,BL,LK,HK,HK,LK,HK,LP,HP
    Babality: D,D,D,HK
    Pit: RN,BL,BL,LK
    Fireballs: (1) B,B,HP (2) B,B,F,HP (3) B,B,F,F,HP
    Upward Fire: F,B,B,LK
    MORPHS (must enter fast - returns after about 10 seconds.)
    Kitana: F,D,F,RN
    Reptile: RN,BL,BL,HK
    Scorpion: D,D,F,LP
    Jade: F,D,D,BL
    Mileena: RN,BL,HK
    Ermac: D,D,U
    Classic Sub-Zero: BL,BL,RN,RN
    Cyrax: BL,BL,BL
    Sektor: D,F,B,RN
    Sonya: D+RN+LP+BL
    Kano: B,F,BL
    Jax: F,F,D,LP
    Kung Lao: RN,RN,BL,RN
    Liu Kang: B,U,F,D
    Sub-Zero: F,D,F,HP
    Nightwolf: U,U,U
    Stryker: F,F,F,HK
    Kabal: LP,BL,HK
    Sindel: B,D,B,LK
    (3) K,HK,B+HK (19%)
    (4) Upward fire,uppercut (36%)
    (4) HP,HP,LP,B+HK (22%)
    (5) K,HP,HP,LP,B+HK (27%)
    (5) Upward Fire,jumpkick(hit with last fireball),jumpkick (44%)
    (6) Upward Fire,HP,jumpkick,sweep (48%)
    Spike Slam: (LP) D,F,F,D (close)
    Spirit Lift: (LP) RN,BL,RN,BL (close)
    Friendship (joust image from 1982): LK,RN,RN,D
    Brutality: HP,BL,BL,BL,LK,HP,LP,LP,BL,BL,BL
    Babality: RN,RN,RN,LK
    Pit: U,U,B,LP
    SMOKE (human)
    Code: Select robot smoke, hold B+HP+HK+RN+BL until the round begins
    Human Smoke appears in a puff. Will not work after the restart trick!
    Spear: B,B,LP
    Teleport Punch: D,B,HP +
    Air throw: (jump),BL
    (2) K,HP (15%)
    (3) K,D+LP,D+HP (19%) (splits up often after the K)
    (3) HP,HP,U+LP (18%)
    (4) HP,HP,HK,B+HK (24%)
    (5) K,HK,LK,B+HK (23%)
    (6) Spear,K,LP,jumpkick,teleport,run,HK (39%)
    (6+throw) K,LP,spear,LK,LP,jumpkick,air throw (43%)
    (8) K,LP,walk in,HP,spear,HK,HK,LK,B+HK (31%)
    (9) K,LP,jumpkick,teleport,spear,HK,HK,LK,B+HK (40%)
    Head punch: RN,BL,RN,RN,HK (close)
    Brutality: HP,HP,BL,LK,HK,HP,HK,HP,HK,LP,LK
    Babality: D,B,B,F,HP
    Pit: F,U,U,LP
    - Smoke can't teleport or spear after 5 hits.
    - Smoke has no 2nd fatality or friendship in this version.
    Fireball: F,D,B,HP
    Grab: F,F,LP
    Teleport: D,U
    Tail Sweep: B+LK
    Combo(2) Fireball,sweep(38%)
    Hammer: B,F,HP
    Shadow Ram: F,F,LP
    Victory Knee: F,F,HP
    Fireball: B,B,F,LP
    Laugh: D,D,HK
    Verbal Taunt: D,D,LK
    Jump up: U (only straight up)
    -- 06. Kombat Kodes
    For 2-player games only. At "VS" screen, each player's LP,BL,and LK buttons set
    the boxes at the bottom center of the screen. Symbols will be referred to as
    numbers instead here.
    0= dragon     1= MK    2= yin-yang  3= "3"        4= question mark
    5= lightning  6= goro  7= rayden    8= shao kahn  9= skull
    Left player controls slots #1,#2,#3 (HP,LP,LK).
    Right player controls slots #4,#5,#6 (HP,LP,LK).
    Tap button to go up 1 symbol, hold up to go down 1 symbol
    (can go from 0 to 9 this way).
    000-033 or 033-000 PLAYER 1/2 HALF ENERGY
    000-707 or 707-000 PLAYER 1/2 QUARTER ENERGY
    445-any or any-445 Timer Disabled
    012-345 One Button Brutalites (just hit HP)
    955-955 Gives extended fatality time. (about 30 seconds.)
    944-944 One button fatalities
    HP: fatal 1   LP: fatal 2   LK: Friendship
    RN: babality(works rarely)  BL: pit
    Will glitch out often, especially with characters with incomplete finishers.
    Following moves can't be done with method:
    Rain and Jade's pit / Rain and Noob's babality / Human Smoke's finishers.
    044-440 NO POWER - One hit kills!
    300-300 SILENT KOMBAT (no music)
    012-012 Health Recovery.
    Will cease to work if the Scorpion/Ermac/Human Smoke air teleport move is used.
    Shao Khan says "excellent" or "outstanding" after each throw.
    205-205 WINNER FIGHTS SMOKE (still robot Smoke..)
    444-444 or 460-460 RANDPER KOMBAT
    820-028 Fight at PIT III
    343-343 Fight on the Roof
    282-282 No Fear message (outdated)
    987-666 Flipper message (outdated)
    123-926 "..no knowledge without power"
    221-557 Uppercut changes stage every time
    191-191 Hyper speed
    120-120 Credit screen before fight
    989-898 8-man tournament with random characters
    999-995 In-close combos disabled
    091-293 Sweeping disabled
    432-234 Minimal damage
    449-449 Invisible fighters
    987-123 No powerbars
    688-422 Dark fighting
    985-125 Psycho Kombat
    642-468 Play hidden game (space shooter)
    666-444 Fight at Scorpion's Lair
    330-033 Fight at Jade's Desert
    466-466 Unlimited Run
    002-003 Fight at the River
    004-700 Fight at Kahn's Kave
    ???-??? Fight at the Portal (933-933 DOES NOT WORK)
    -- 07. Special Kodes
    Master Cheat Menus: (on left controller)
    R,U,B,B,A,D,U,B,D,U,B - Kool Stuff
    U,B,A,L,D,Y - Kooler Stuff (includes Motaro)
    B,A,D,D,L,A,X,B,A,B,Y - Scott's Stuff (includes Shao Kahn)
    B/F on controller 1 to select stages.
    A note about bosses:
    They can only be used in a 2-player game, and then only by one person.
    On left controller, Left,Down,Y,Y to access sound test. "Come here!"(#141)
    Old and useless:
    Hold Left+A on copyright screen
    Hold Right+B on WILLIAMS screen
    Hold X+Y until options screen appears
    It's the old Smoke code from the original MK3! But who needs it now?
    "Restart" trick: In a 1-player game, tap start on the other controller and then
    hold start on yours. Select "MORTAL KOMBAT" and you can restart the fight with
    a new character without using continues!
    Shao Kahn's Treasures
    Dragon: See character ending
    MK: Play hidden game
    Yin-yang: WILD CARD (Noob Ermac/Fat. Demo 1-3/Friendship Demo)
    "3": Short fatality demo
    Question mark: same
    Lightning: same (for new guys)
    Goro:Fight Noob and Ermac
    Raiden: same
    Shao Kahn: same
    Skull: Shows fatalities and friendships for all except Rain,Noob,Classic Sub,and
           Human Smoke,and babalities for all.
    Play hidden game: Fight 100 consecutive 2-player battles.
    Believe me, it's not that good. It's a space shooter.
    -- 08. Glitches
    Garbled message: Turn the game on and hold L+R on the right controller. An
    unintelligable message will appear in the upper center of the copyright screen.
    Huh? It says "SEPT 6 11:03 AM"
    No kombo with kick: Occasionally, when next to your opponent, they will do a
    kick instead of a combo starter knee.
    Friendship???: When using 1-button fatalities with Rain,Ermac,or Sub-Zero, use
    LK and they walk to about sweeping distance and freeze and the game says
    "FRIENDSHIP". Occasionally occurs during demo mode as well!
    Liu Kang kombo glitch: Doing his HP,HP,B+LP kombo causes all following moves
    to do greatly reduced damage!
    Scroll glitch: Doing Nightwolf's axe or Kitana's fans sometimes causes the 
    game to slow down or scroll weirdly.
    Rain game crash: Once I did the PowerKick and the game froze.
    What fatality?: During one-button fatalities or occasionally in demo mode,Rain,
    Noob, or Human Smoke will walk to a certain distance and just do their winning
    pose. I think this is what happens when you attempt a fatality that isn't
    really there.
    Ghost of Sheeva: Use old tournament mode and random select, if you get an "E" 
    it thinks it's still Sheeva! You will have an almost completely invisible
    image. The "ghost" cannot do Sheeva's special moves, but can still do her 
    kombos, at least the HP,HP,LP,F+HP one! Try throwing with her and watch the
    screen go up and down!
    Novice level glitch: When playing on this tower, the difficulty level seems to
    be high on the second CPU opponent.
    After image: Have your brightness turned up on your TV/monitor when doing
    Classic Sub's head pull fatality. While the screen blacks out, a very faint
    image of Sub-Zero doing his winning pose, your opponent in his "scared" pose
    and the word "FATALITY" can be seen!
    Missed combo: Stryker and Kano can't start their combos beginning with a HP 
    from a jump punch on either of the female ninjas, the standing HP hit will miss!
    Cyrax also has this problem and the first punch will miss when he nets N.Wolf
    Mileena with fans? Drain your the last of your opponents' energy with a jump
    punch and then hit HP,HP as if starting a combo. Mileena will hold fans for a
    split second while doing her winning pose!
    Soound test trick: Play sounds #109 and #110 right after each other very very
    quick! Nuff said.
    Noob's flashing baby:
    When your opponent has 10% or less life in the final round, finish them off
    with this combo:Slam,LP,blast. Then do the babality(F,F,F,LP). The baby will
    flash and then be discolored! You can also do another blast and Noob himself
    will flash in his winning pose!
    Reptile's floating baby:
    At the end of the match, stand back a full screen and throw a slow orb. Then
    quickly do his babality (F,F,B,D,LK) before the orb hits. They will be bounced
    up as they are turned into a baby and stay suspended in air!
    Cyrax false mercy:
    Do a MERCY with CYRAX right after launching a far bomb and see what happens!
    Silent taunt: Doing Kahn's verbal taunt at certain times, he will not speak.
    Brutality freeze: Enter 1 button brutalities with fatalities OFF. And finish
    with HP and your character does just half of his/her brutality and then stops!
    3 Friendship glitches:
    Have 1 button fatalities turned on, end of round 2 only, and have opponent win
    first match.
    Attack Rayden: Hit LK for Nightwolf's friendship, then have the other player 
    perform his/her brutality.
    Brutality glitch #2: Have Scorpion or Reptile do their 1 button friendship and
    do your brutality. You do it but THEY get credit for it!
    Double winning pose: Hit Scorpion or Reptile before the skull or lizard head 
    comes out. Both will do their victory poses!
    Unfinished Brutality: If you do Kung Lao's brutality in the corner, he will
    stop right after the screen goes black.
    Noob throws twice: Do his Image Throw up close then LP for a double throw.
    -- 09. Credits
    SeCreativo - 99% Noob Combo
    PL526@aol.com - found the Master Cheat Codes!
    jeescypouliot@videotron.ca- One Button Brutalities Kombat Kode!
    CBlaney: Complete list of brutalities from his FAQ
    Worknman: Got Noob's pit and babality from his FAQ
    Sub-Zero: Some Rain and Noob kombos from his FAQ
    K-No: Simpler Noob pit from his WWW page
    rentoon: fixed Kitana's brutality
    LindseyB@gain.mercer.edu: New Kitana combos and the sound test code!
    moorep: Helped me get Noob's 6-hit juggle
    Alfonso Campana: Sent me the Cyrax glitch
    Richard Knechtle: sent that sound test trick
    Jim Ng: Friendship/Brutality glitches
    DREDRE: Kabal 10-hit kombo
    ???: hidden Friendship Demo
    genius: Garbled message
    Pelly Khan(pbandi@hotmail.com): KL's 100% juggle
    MORTAL KOMBAT and all associations (C) WARNER BROS GAMES
    Super Nintendo is a trademark of Nintendo

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