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    Game Genie Codes by THedstrom

    Updated: 02/25/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

        Original SNES Game Genie codes created by:
          Tony Hedstrom   t_hedstrom@yahoo.com
       These codes are copyright 2001 Tony Hedstrom
       Uncharted Waters
    These codes must be used at the start of a new game.
    There are 2 different "Uncharted Waters" games.  The
    first one is called "Uncharted Waters", and the second
    one is called "Uncharted Waters: New Horizons".  These
    codes only work on the first one (Uncharted Waters).
    I do have codes for "New Horizons", but they are in a
    different file.
    Start with about $4000 gold (instead of only $1000).
    Start with about $10,000 gold (instead of only $1000).
    Start with about $25,000 gold (instead of only $1000).
    Start with $65,000 gold (instead of only $1000).
    Tony Hedstrom
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