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"This could be one of the most imaginative SNES games to be created."

This game, first of all, is not meant for inpatient players, heavy action players, or players that like really fast games, and of course, those of you who only play a game for it's graphics, not saying it's bad to be that way=). Besides that, I'd be happy to say that this game might be the greatest SNES game I've played.

GRAPHICS: The graphics on this game are not the most high tech but frankly I don't mind, and if you don't then you will enjoy this game alot. I'll have to say that for a game like this, these are good enough graphics. I guess I'll have to say 4/10.

SOUND: Nothing special here. It may get kinda repetitive but it's still ok. Some of the musics are ok. Like graphics these drag the ratings for some people but not for me. I'll say 4/10 here as well.

VARIETY: ALOT. Not graphic wise and sound wise, but what makes it great is the freedom that the player gets. No considerable time limit that I know of so you can do everything you want!! You can do many different things including trading or fighting. The towns are mostly all the same but with almost 100 towns what do you expect? There are many (I estimate about 50 or 60) characters that can join your crew, and all have different personalities. Alot of things to change gameplay. I'll say at least 9/10.

GAMEPLAY: This one is important!! I'll give it a high rank mostly because this game takes on so many ideas. I like games that let you choose between fighting, trading, exploring, etc. This one does. But you also have to put a little but of patience in it and you must not try to rush the game. Try to understand it first, then try to cut corners. Gameplay here deserves 10/10.

Challenge: At first it seems easy. Wait till later, yikes. Some players might not find any difficulty but I did, and the game get's very hard. Many will find it very hard once you have many ships, since food is expensive and the world is so extensive. It also depends on your character and role. Alot of pirates and don't think you can just whack them because you have a little sword. Challenge 8/10 for easy start.

REPLAY VALUE: You can play in entirely diffirent ways each time with 6 different characters. Very fun each time. I've beaten 2 of the 6 characters and it is not easy. The game has alot of freedom, but if you rish through it you miss all of it. I'll have to say 10/10.

SIZE: The game is huge. It takes place on earth and most of the important coastal cities are there. HUGE world. 10/10.

PLAYER: Recomended for players which like stratedgy/rpg and are patient. If you like fast games or dont like to read the text then maybe this isn't for you. Takes alot of patience. The trading and money managing takes plenty of thought and memory too. That is all the challenge.

I don't average, I give ratings. 10/10, try it and if you don't like it this isn't your kind of game. Thanks!!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 08/13/01, Updated 08/13/01

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