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Reviewed: 09/23/03 | Updated: 09/24/03

Pirates didn't always copy music

Uncharted Waters: New Horizons, A game of exploration, Trading and Pirating which took me several years to finally master. Not to mention beats most other pirate games handedly.

Story: There are 6 different stories in the game. Each has varying levels of difficulty. Our six characters are set on different missions such as Ernst (Dutch Cartographer) hired by his friend to map out the World. Or Otto (English Mercenary) Hired by the King to beat on the Spanish. Once in a while you'll meet up with one of other Six Characters in your storyline. But should you feel that their story isn't what you want to do well then by all means do your own thing since the game is very open ended.

Graphics: The graphics aren't particularly notable except that once in a while you might get a nice in game cut screen (Like hey we are going to rob you blind hand over your stuff.) If I may be so bold, the graphics give the characters big heads and little bodies (think Final Fantasy 6 (III) on the SNES) To simply put it. The graphics are dated (even for 1994 standards) but they get the job done.

Gameplay: This is what gaming is all about and UWNH never fails to disappoint. This game is almost a 3 in 1 sim of Pirating, Adventuring and Trading Economics. The former being what you tend to focus on the most. You cannot have the first two without tons of gold. And short of robbing a bank (which you cannot do) you have to trade goods back and forth for a while. And here is the kicker. You can actually over saturate markets making your goods worthless! So you have to know atleast 3 or 4 good money making routes to do will. There is even a mini cheat where you can manipulate the price of Gold making it near worthless and then buying tons of it to sell at huge profits.

Pirating isn't as great as it should be unfortunately. When your in combat mode you really have control over your flagship and the rest of your fleet is controlled by drunken captains. You can only give ''Indirect Commands'' to your fleet while giving direct control to your flagship. It's a system that works but the potential for more is certainly there.

Adventuring/Exploring is the least important of the three but some others may enjoy it. When you start the game all that is mapped out is Europe and a bit of the Mediterranean. So you must push back the darkness and discover new cities and small villages. The former has discoveries which, if you bring back to Europe, you can trade for money. Lets hope you paid attention in your Social Studies classes because the world is rather large in this game.

Sound : Some of the songs will stick in your head because they are fun and try to get you to enjoy what you are doing. Sailing along off the coast of a big island you get a happy little song on your adventure. Show up at a port and you get sleep port music. Infact, different parts of the world get different music. Asia has its own set of tunes as does the Middle East, as does the New World, all of which fit the area which they are located.

Replay Value: Extremely high even on the same character. With so many paths to take, villages to find, (always random) trade routes to manipulate, and Pirates to beat on you'll never run out of things to do or get board since you can switch over to another adventure when ever you wish.

Final Tally:
Story: 5 - 10 : characters vary as does the difficulty
Gameplay: 10
Graphics: 6
Sound: 8
Replay: 10

Final Tally: 9
GameFaqs Score: 9

Final Notes:
This game is for anyone who likes Pirate games, Economic Sims or Adventure games. It's not a very newbie friendly game though. The learning curve through me at first, and I didn't pick this game up again until very recently. This game is a must for anyone who enjoy any of the above mentioned type of games. Stick with it and this game will take you to the ends of the Earth.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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