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    Welcome to another one of my FAQ's, and we're going back to the SNES
    days. Vegas Stakes, in my opinion, is the BEST casino game ever made. I
    have yet to play a casino videogame that is as good as this Nintendo
    classic. Released back in 1993, then re-released in 1998, this HAL
    developed (Super Smash Bros Melee, Kirby series, Earthbound) game gives
    1-4 players the oppertunity to play 5 different games in 5 different
    Table of Contents
    [ 0] Quick Control Scheme
    [00] Available Casino Games 
    [ 1] The Casinos
    [ 2] Getting Started
    [ 3] Blackjack Strategies
    [ 4] Slot Machine Strategies
    [ 5] Roulette Strategies
    [ 6] "Craps" Strategies
    [ 7] Seven Card Stud Strategies
    [ 8] Do I Have A Deal For You!
    [ 9] Other Tips
    [10] I'm Done
    [ 0] Quick Control Scheme
    A- Place Bet
    B- Remove Bet
    X- Finish Betting
    Y- Does Nothing
    D-Pad- Move Cursor 
    Select- Leave game or see winning combos or rules
    [00] Available Casino Games
    Vegas Stakes covers the popular casino games that you'll find in Las
    Vegas. While it would have been nice to see Keno included, you do have a
    choice of Blackjack, Slots, Roulette, Craps, and Seven Card Poker.
    [ 1] The Casinos
    Vegas Stakes also allows gamers to chose which casino they want to play
    in, and this is one of the reasons why I like Vegas Stakes over any
    other casino game on the market. Each casino is like a level of
    difficulty, the harder ones will require higher bets. Here are the
    casinos and their dollar limits:
    The Hideaway (Easy)- $1-$100. A sort of last resort for gamblers. It
    looks more like an Elks lodge than a casino, but if you're starting out,
    this may be a great place to start.
    Golden Palace (Easy/Medium)- $5-$200. This is where you're signed up to
    stay at, and not a bad place to start. Low betting amounts allow
    beginners to make some cash, and then can graduate to more moderate
    Buffalo Head (Medium)- $10-$500. The music here annoys me, and for some
    reason, I don't go here that much. Good for those who want a little more
    challenge, as well as make some nice cash.
    The 2020 (Medium/Hard)- $25-$1000. I go here a lot, mostly for the $100
    slots. The poker games here also get pretty heated up, and it's tough to
    force others to fold. Still, if you're at the $10,000 level, this is a
    great place to be.
    Laurel Palace (Hard)- $1000-Unlimited. Once you pool in $100,000, you're
    invited to a complimentary stay at their hotel. Only high rollers apply
    here, and you can place million dollar bets in most games (how about
    $250,000 on red?). Careful, it's easy to go bankrupt if you get too
    carried away.
    [ 2] Getting Started
    So, you've just completed a 400 mile drive to Vegas, and you're ready
    for some gamblin'! But where to start? So many choices, so little cash
    (gamewise). Yeah, you start with $1000, which is a lot to gamble in
    reality, but here, it goes fast. Stay in the Golden Palace. The 2020's
    bets are pretty high, and you don't need the Hideaway just yet. If you
    want to make some big money, head over to the Poker table. If you are
    looking for a challenge, try Roulette. Blackjack is also a good place to
    make some money, and you don't have to play against anyone. Slots are
    tricky. It's always random, so strategy here is little to none. It's up
    to you, it's your cash.
    [ 3] Blackjack Strategies
    If you're at least 12 or older, you should know how blackjack is played.
    It's pretty easy to grasp. Beat the dealer's hand without going over 21
    (bust). 2-9 are their face value, 10,J,Q,K are worth 10, and an A is 1
    or 11. Blackjack is a face card and an ace, and will pay 3:2 (winnings
    and a half). Careful, you can also lose 3:2 if the dealer has BJ. Also,
    if the dealer has an ace shown, she will ask if you want insurance. I'd
    rather not place that bet, since more often than not, she won't have 21. 
    Now you don't necessarily need 21 to win, and sometimes it's good to
    stay at 15 or 16 if you're uncertain on what to do. You can demand as
    many cards as you want as long as you don't bust. Remember this, the
    dealer hits at 16 and stays at 17. If she's got an 8 or a 9, keep the
    cards coming.
    If you come across two of the same cards, like 8,8 or 5,5 , you'll have
    the option to split. Careful, it will reqiure another bet, since you
    will now have two hands. AA is a good split as well as any of the face
    cards (but it may be a good idea to keep that 20). 88 is a good split,
    but avoid 22, 33 or 44. It's a waste.
    Also, there will be an oppertunity to "double down" (usually if the
    total is <11). You place another bet, and only get 1 more card. It's
    risky if you have a total that's pretty low, but go for it if you think
    you can make 20 or 21.
    The manual explains this better, this is just my wording. The main thing
    to remember is that blackjack is like a game of addition. If you can't
    do that, go to school!
    [ 4] Slot Machine Strategies
    What strategy could there POSSIBLY be?! You're at the mercy of a machine
    and not a human. Well, here are some tips:
    $ Place all 5 bets to cover all areas of the machine. You'll be bound to
    win with at least one combo.
    $ Cherries are the most common combo and don't pay that much unless you
    have multiple "hits".
    $ Play the 25 dollar machines at the Hideaway. The odds of winning are a
    little greater there than anywhere else.
    $ Break your pattern every once in awhile. If you always bet 5 times,
    try betting only 3. 
    $ Machines over 100 dollars will suck up money quick, so save those for
    $ People are more likely to come up to you here with propositions and
    such, so be careful on some offers.
    [ 5] Roulette Strategies
    Roulettes a pretty easy game, but awfully hard to win. But the payoff
    can be very good if you're lucky.
    Roulette has 38 numbers to pick from, 1-36, 0 and 00. 
    Here are ways you can bet:
    Straight Up- Pick a number and hope it comes up. If you win, it's a very
    big payoff. Odds 35-1.
    Number Split- Place your bet between two numbers like 20 and 21. Odds
    Street Bet- Place a bet on a row like 25, 26 and 27. Placed on the line
    of the starting number. Odds 11-1.
    Square Bet- Place a bet on 4 numbers that form a square as such:
    The bet goes in the center of the square. Odds 8-1.
    Five Number Bet- 0, 00, 1 , 2 and 3. Odds 6-1.
    Six Number Bet- Like a street bet, but placed in between two rows for
    six numbers. Odds 5-1.
    Column Bet- Any number in the column (the square that says 2 to 1). Odds
    Low Number Bet- Bet between 1-18. Odds 1-1.
    High Number Bet- Bet between 19-36. Odds 1-1.
    Even Bet- Bet on even numbers. Odds 1-1.
    Odd Bet- Bet on odd numbers. Odds 1-1.
    Color Bet- Bet black or red. Like the odd or even bet. Odds 1-1.
    Dozen Bet- Bet on 12 numbers. Odds 2-1.
    What's a sure bet? Odd/Even and Black/Red. Problem is it's 1-1. It won't
    pay much. Column bets are good, and it's a 1 out of 3 chance of winning.
    If you want to still cover some space and want to win some better money,
    try a square bet. Straight up bets are for the adventurous, it's a tough
    win, but when you do, CA-CHING!
    One more tip, don't bet too much. Straight up bets should be as low as
    possible since you probably won't win. Lower odds can have better bets
    (like Dozen Bets), since you'll more likely win. And don't place bets on
    BOTH odd and even, you won't get anything.
    [ 6] "Craps" Strategies
    Craps is probably one of the more exciting, yet tougher games to win. 
    Craps has multiple wagering possibillities, but some bets can not be
    placed until a "come out" roll has been established. You play Craps by
    rolling two dice, each numbered 1-6 (an average die). On the table,
    you'll see places where you can bet on the combinations of the roll and
    the sum of numbers. Craps is the numbers 2, 3 and 12. 
    Here is a summary of each betting possibillity:
    Pass Line (labeled "Pass Line)- This wager can only be placed before the
    come out roll. After that, you can't. If you roll a 7 or 11, you will
    win. If you roll a sum of 2, 3 or 12, you lose. If any other number is
    rolled, it becomes the point. The point numbers can be found above the
    "come" box. 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, and 10 are "points". 
    When the point is established, the bet (or wager) stays on the pass
    line. If you roll the point again, you win. If you get 7, you lose.
    Don't Pass Bar (labeled "Don't Pass, with two sixes)- The wager can only
    be placed before the come out roll. This is the opposite of the pass
    line. If you get 7 or 11, you lose (makes sense). If you throw a 2 or 3,
    you win. 12 is a tie. The point still applies, but if you get the point
    again, you lose. If you get a 7, you win. 
    Come (labeled "Come)- This bet can be made after the point has been
    established, which means you can start doing this on the second roll.
    The come bet corresponds with the pass line. If the point immediatley
    after the come bet is 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10, the chips are moved to the
    box of that number.
    Dont Come Bar (labeled "Don't Come")- Same as the come bet, but relies
    on the "Don't Pass Line".
    Free Odds (labeled "No Call Bets")- The wager can only be made after one
    of the above wagers has been established. Once established, the player
    can backup a line bet with an additional wager up to the table limit. It
    sounds similar to "double down" in Blackjack.
    Field Wager (labeled "Field" with numbers)- This wager can be made at
    any time. If the roll matches any number in the field, you win.
    Buy Wagers (on the numbers 4, 5, 6 and so on)- This wager can be made
    any time. You can bet that there will be a 4, 5, 6 , 8, 9, or 10 will
    appear before a 7. If the point is made, you win. If you get a 7, you
    lose. Odds based on mathematical probabillity. You must pay 5%
    commission on winnings.
    Lay Wager (above the Buy Wagers)- Opposite of a buy wager. If a 7 is
    thrown before the point you picked, you win. You also pay 5% here.
    Hardway Wagers (labeled "Hardway Bet")- Your betting if 2 2's, 3's, 4's
    or 5's will appear (doubles). You win if your combo appears before
    another one does or a 7 appears.
    One Roll Wagers (labeled "One Roll Bet")- Lasts for only one roll.
    $ Any Seven - If the next roll is 7, you win.
    $ Any Craps - If the next roll is a 2, 3 or 12, you win.
    $ Craps 2- If the next roll is a 2, you win.
    $ Craps 3- If the next roll is a 3, you win.
    $ Craps 12- If the next roll is a 12, you win.
    $ Eleven- If the next roll is 11, you win.
    $ Horn Wager- If the next throw is 2, 3 , 11, or 12, you win. The wager
    is split among the four numbers, so the amount MUST BE DIVISIBLE BY 4.
    $ Horn High- Similar to the horn wager, but split 5 ways. One number is
    chosen from the horns to recieve 2 units of the wager. If the next roll
    is one of the other 3, the wager is only one unit.
    Pass, Don't Pass, Come, Don't Come- 1:1
    Pass and Come, Buy Wagers
    4 or 10- 2:1
    5 or 9- 3:2
    6 or 8- 6:5
    Don't Pass/Don't Come, Lay Wagers
    4 or 10- 1:2
    5 or 9- 2:3
    6 or 8- 5:6
    Hadway Bets
    Hard 6- 9:1
    Hard 8- 9:1
    Hard 4- 7:1
    Hard 10- 7:1
    One Rolls
    Any 7- 4:1
    Any Craps- 7:1
    Craps 2- 30:1
    Craps 3- 15:1
    Craps 12- 30:1
    Eleven- 15:1
    2- 2:1
    12- 3:1
    Other- 1:1
    2 or 12- 30:1
    3 or 11- 15:1
    Tips on Craps
    $ This is a game of chance, and has the feel of roulette. Luckily, some
    bets you place will stay. A good bet is a pass line bet. The odds seem
    pretty good.
    $ Seven is the dice combination that will come up the most, so remember
    this when you place point bets.
    $ One roll bet wages should be small, since the probabillity of winning
    is not that favorable.
    $ Come bets are not as good as they seem, and free odds bets should be
    left alone. If you know what number you want, place it on a buy wager.
    $ If you plan on using a buy wager (one that relies on points), buy a 6
    or 8. Those two have a good probabillity of showing up.
    $ Feel overwhelemed? Place simple bets on pass or don't pass lines.
    $ Horn bets are risky, but pay off pretty well. Remember that bets must
    be divisible by 4.
    [ 7] Seven Card Poker Strategies
    You can win really big, and lose big. You're up against 4 other CPU
    opponents, and they all think they've got something good. Also, it's
    tough to tell if they're bluffing or if they have something better than
    Seven card play much like 5 card, except you can't discard any cards. 3
    cards remain unshown, and 4 will be visible, including yours. Take note
    of what the computer has. If they already have a pair, fold early or try
    to bet them out.
    Here are the winning poker hands, in order of rank:
    High Card, nothing - No combintations, highest card
    Pair - Two cards that are the same number or face
    Two Pair - Same as a pair, but with another one.
    Three of A Kind - Three cards of the same value or face.
    Straight - Sequental numbers and faces. Requires 5 cards (ex. 7, 8, 9,
    10, J).
    Flush - Five cards of same suit (like hearts), not sequence
    Full House - Three of a kind and a pair (ex. 999KK or AAA77)
    Four of a Kind - What do you think?
    Straight Flush - Combines a straight and flush.
    Betting Terms:
    Ante- Everyone puts a minimum bet in the "kitty" or "pot". Placed before
    cards are dealt.
    Bet- Sometimes you can have the opening bet. Ranges from the minimum or
    the maximum allowed.
    Check- If you're first to bet, you can "check", which means you won't
    have to wager at that moment. You will have to to call, though.
    Call- Betting what the last person has bet. If the person has bet $250,
    and you call, you also bet $250.
    Raise- You can add the amount of another person's bet. Remember, you
    also have to place the call as well. So $1000 + the $250 call = $1250.
    Fold- You quit and do not recieve any money back. Best to do this if you
    haven't wagered much or have a bad hand.
    Poker Tips
    $ Don't get too excited if you have a pair off the bat. It's probably
    all you get.
    $ If a person starts betting the maximum, they probably have something
    good. If you're hand is looking pretty bad, fold. If not, go along with
    them. Sometimes they'll only have two pair.
    $ You can try to force other players to fold by betting and raising high
    amounts. Of course, beware that the CPU may want to raise on that
    $ In the Laurel Palace, don't get carried away. There's no limit to what
    you can bet, but be warned, you can lose it all in a blink of an eye.
    $ If the CPU has at least a pair showing, and they start betting high,
    they could have a 3 of a kind or higher. Also, watch if they have a
    straight or flush forming.
    $ Know when to fold. If you have nothing by the 4th card, give up.
    [ 8] Do I Have A Deal For You!
    This is what I like about Vegas Stakes, the interaction with other
    people. Most casino games lack this. In Vegas Stakes, not only will the
    games get your money, but some other people want a piece of the pie.
    Some want to sell you stuff, others just want to hang around you. So
    what's a con and what's not? Here's a list:
    Acceptable Risks:
    $ If someone tries to sell you a lottery ticket, buy it. Most of the
    time it pays off. A good $500 investment.
    $ If someone asks if you remember them, always say yes. They'll thank
    you for being generous to them in the past, and give you a part of what
    they won that night.
    $ Always let the casino opperator check your meter when playing the
    slots. She'll leave 5 credits for you just for letting her do her job.
    $ If someone sells you a watch for $200, go ahead and buy it. It will
    most likely pay off.
    $ If you find a wallet, return it to the office. You lose nothing, and
    you may get something for your honesty.
    It Goes Either Way:
    $ If someone asks you to take them to the emergency room for a sprained
    ankle, be careful. Some are pickpockets, and some do return the favor.
    $ If someone wants to wipe a "spot off your shirt", be warned, it could
    be a con. On the other hand, I did trust one person and got a winning
    lottery ticket worth $60,000!
    Beat It, You Loser:
    $ Don't buy rings. They're fake and you lose money. I haven't recieved
    anything from them yet.
    $ If someone wants to hang around you, they're only after your money. On
    the other hand, one time my "luck" did rub off on someone, and I got
    some money for it.
    $ Don't fund oil drilling projects. You lose money on it.
    ** If I find out other things, i'll publish it on an update.
    [ 9] Other Tips
    Here's the big tip, and you should remember this often. If you start to
    lose money or have been conned, don't save and pick up where you left
    off. Vegas Stakes has a battery save so you can continue later. Also, if
    you win just a little more than you had before (say $5000), save. You
    might just lose it on the next play.
    [10] I'm Done
    Well, this is the end of my FAQ for Vegas Stakes. Hopefully you'll find
    this somewhat usefull. I'm not a gambling expert, but I do know how the
    games play. If you're not satisfied with my FAQ, go look at someone
    elses! I hope you did enjoy this, though, and I thank you for reading
    Here are some useful websites on how to play casino games found in Vegas
    $ www.casino.com - This has every casino game, including ones found in
    Vegas Stakes. THIS IS NOT A GAMBLING SITE. This is an information site
    to tell you how to play the games. Very informative.
    This FAQ has been written by ME, Shaun McCracken. Portions of this FAQ
    came from the Vegas Stakes manual. This was pretty much written by be,
    though. This FAQ can only be published on other sites with my
    permission. Sale and f'd up use of this guide is not permitted. 
    FAQ is a copyright of Shaun McCracken. 2002 SPM.
    Vegas Stakes is a copyright of Nintendo of America. 1993, 1998 Nintendo.
    Game developed by HAL Labratories.
    Other FAQS written by me:
    Arcades Greatest Hits: Atari Collection 2 (PSX)
    The World Is Not Enough (PSX)
    You Don't Know Jack Mock 2 (PSX)
    Super R-Type Boss FAQ (SNES)
    Questions, Comments? E-Mail me at necrosis_wrx@lycos.com
    (the space between necrosis and wrx is an underscore)

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