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    FAQ/Walkthrough by frodorox

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    The Wizard of Oz - Walkthrough
         for SNES
             by Jared Davis
    Version 1.0
    This document is Copyright 2004 Jared Davis
    This game is not so great, because it doesn't really follow either the MGM
    movie or L. Frank Baum's book. It's characters are obviously based on the
    movie, however. This game has never had a walkthrough before. This game is by
    Seta US and supposedly has a function to allow you to change color. I don't
    know how to do this, so don't ask. Besides, it doesn't really apply to a
    A--Jump/Attack/With Dorothy, holding down A will allow her to float for awhile,
    if she has winged slippers
    Y--Shoot (Yellow gems or magical items)
    L--Turn off status bars
    R--Nothing that I know of
    Select--Switch character
    Left--Move left
    Right--Move right
    Up--Enter doors/Lion can climb trees
    Down--All characters except Tinman crouch.
    Dorothy: Dorothy is the famous little girl from Kansas. She is the first
    character you will have in the game, and the most important. If Dorothy's lives
    are eliminated, the game is over. She can really do it all. She can kick, shoot
    with Glinda's wand (and she's the only one who can shoot stars and bubbles),
    and jump. She's trying to see the Wizard of Oz, so he can send her home, and
    she also wants to get Toto back from the Wicked Witch of the West.
    Scarecrow: The most vulnerable and lightest member of the party. He can jump
    and shoot gems, and attack with a pitchfork. If gets too close to crows, they
    fly away! He's the second character you get. Whether or not he needs a brain in
    this game, I don't know.
    Tinman: He's the toughest character, but also the heaviest, so he can't jump.
    He can still shoot gems, kick, and attack with his axe. He's the third
    character you get. He's definitely heartless, but it's questionable if he wants
    Lion: He's cowardly, and almost as good as Dorothy. He can jump, throw gems,
    and attack with his paws. He can also climb trees. He's number four and the
    last. I bet he'd like courage.
    Different colored bricks are needed for each country, and try to get 99 of each
    color for a good score. The bricks are needed to bridge a gap between each
    country, so you can continue.
    --Yellow Gems--
    Any member of your party can shoot yellow gems. You must collect them as you go
    through each level. Remember, you CAN run out!
    --Winged Slippers--
    These allow Dorothy to fly for a short period of time by pressing "A."
    --HP ups--
    Each character can find little items that increase their HP. Dorothy has purple
    bubbles, the Scarecrow has straw, the Tinman has oil cans, and the Lion has
    these little things that look like sticks of butter.
    --1 ups--
    Each character has their own life rate. So, each one has 1 ups, too. Each match
    the character symbol at the top of the screen, bows for Dorothy, mortarboard
    hats for the Scarecrow, hearts for the Tinman, and badges for the Lion. Each
    character can only have nine lives.
    --Magic Attacks--
    Blue bubble wands and stars allow Dorothy ONLY to shoot blue bubbles and stars.
    To get into the Emerald City, you need six of four different colors of tickets
    to get in, yellow, red, blue, and purple. They are collected in mini-games,
    mazes, and some are just floating there. Each country has it's own colored
    --Dog Bones--
    These let you play a mini-game with Toto, and with each, you are rewarded a
    ***Notes on gameplay***
    You can leave each level at any time by walking back to the beginning.
    You can return to any level.
    Tickets are the only thing that will not come back once collected.
    Any character can collect HP ups and 1 ups for the other characters, but they
    will not increase their own HP or lives.
    You can use a password on the "CONTINUE" option on the menu screen. It will
    take you to EXACTLY where you left off, but you only get a password after
    beating a boss or finishing a country.
    Dorothy is lying in the prarie with Toto, and talking about Miss Gulch (the
    first and initial tipper that this game is based on the movie, as Miss Gulch is
    not in the book) and then sings "Over The Rainbow." Then, a tornado comes and
    blows her and Toto to the Land of Oz! Dorothy suddenly has a pair of ruby
    slippers, as Glinda, who floats in, informs her. She then gives Dorothy a wand
    as the Wicked Witch of the West appears and takes Toto as she threatens our
    girl for having the ruby slippers. Thus, Dorothy's adventure begins in...
    (In the book, this was the Land of the Winkies, but this game obviously makes
    it the Land of the Munchkins.)
    You start up in the Shy Village, so we'll list it here...
    Move Dorothy along to the right, avoiding birds, lemon drops, and frogs. Be
    sure to collect yellow gems, magic attacks (like bubbles and stars), yellow
    bricks, and winged slippers. On the first tree, jump on the mushroom and shoot
    the lemon drop. Now jump to the branch, fall off, collecting the brick, jump
    back on the branch, and then onto the ledge with the door. Enter, shoot or kick
    the chair, then collect the brick and gem, then leave. After this tree, notice
    the dog bone. Get it, and play a mini-game with Toto.
    Have Toto jump to Y-O-U-space (to the right)-A-R-E-space (to the
    left)-N-O-T-space (to the right)-I-N-space (move up)-K-A-N-S-A-S-space (move
    up)-A-N-Y-M-O-R-E. Hmm...doesn't this sound like a rearraged line from the
    movie? Now, find the yellow ticket. Some tickets are harder to find than
    others, this first one's just lucky! To get this ticket, jump to the right.
    Okay, you should be fine on your own until the third tree.
    Enter this tree, and you'll be in between two doors in the Maze House. Kill the
    chair and take the door to the left. You'll enter another room, take the left
    door here, take the left door, then take the single door you come to. Continue
    to left, kill the chair, and collect a purple bubble and the second yellow
    ticket. You leave through the door in this room. Continue to the right, and
    collect what you find, avoid or kill enemies, and you can leave the level when
    you see a flashing red arrow.
    Next level is GAMBOGE GORGE. This introduces cactus cats, buzzards, and clouds
    that will try to blow you back, so we'll call them blowhards. When you start,
    watch out! Throw yellow gems to get the buzzards, and be sure to kick the
    cactus cats. It only takes one hit.
    After a bit, you will notice pits in the ground. Some you can go down and some
    you shouldn't because there are thorns that cause instant death! Don't worry
    about the first one, there's only yellow gems and bricks inside, but be sure to
    get them! Use the springboard to get out, but be sure to go over to the left,
    as there's another cactus cat on the right side you need to be ready for. Stand
    on the left side of the pit and kick until you hit it. Now jump or spring
    Soon you will see a cactus cat on a ledge. Drop down on it when it's away and
    kick it! Get the brick. Now jump around to the right to get through this rocky
    place. You could go on the top, but there's blowhards that make the going
    tough. Besides, down here, there's a LOT of items! A bubble wand, a yellow gem,
    then, when you cross the spot under the bridge, you can get another pair of
    winged slippers! (You're really going to need these on level 5.) Anyways, if
    you're going underneath, jump up the rock column until jumping straight up can
    do no good. Jump up and shoot the cactus cat at the same time. Now jump over to
    the right, get the bubble wand, then jump up higher on the rock column, until
    you're on the very top.
    Shoot the next cat, and head back left if you need a HP-up. Continue on to the
    left, jump on top of this next pile of rocks, shoot the buzzard, and jump over
    the pit. (It has those deadly thorns!) Watch out for the cactus cat and
    buzzard. (Need I say "shoot them?") Jump down the next pit to spring back up to
    get a 1-up for Dorothy. Bounce back to the left, jump over the pit, kick the
    cats, jump and shoot the buzzard. The next pit, go for it! This is where yellow
    ticket #3 is! Try to shoot the cat before you go in. This may take a few tries,
    but in the long run, it pays off. Spring back up, shoot the next cat, skip the
    pit (thorns!). Don't bother going down the next pit. Kick the cat, stand on the
    very edge, jump and shoot the next cat, then jump from column to column,
    collecting the brick you find along the way. The blowhards will blow you down,
    but if you fall to the right, you should be safe on a column. Jump from column
    to column until you reach the last one.
    Right here you have two options. You can jump from the top of the last column
    to a ledge and jump off the right side of the screen, thus ending the level, or
    you can float from the top of the column to get to a HIGHER ledge, and get a
    yellow gem, then walk off the right side. If you're in for items, go for the
    This is the level where you get the Scarecrow AND the fourth ticket! The
    ticket is won through a dog bone mini-game. Basically, kick and shoot the mad
    maizies on unicycles, the springing pumpkins, the crows, and the mice. Get all
    the way through (and try to keep a high HP rate!) and walk past the red arrow.
    Keep an eye out for the dog bone and the most difficult mini-game in the WHOLE
    	Lemon Drop Elimination
    You good at adding? Toto is! (How on earth he is, I don't know.) Have Toto jump
    on the red trampoline, which will roll the dice, and the sum of the dice's
    faces will be how much you have to take from the lemon drops' numbers. Example:
    5+1=6, could be answered by hitting 6, 5+1, or 4+2. Believe me. Playing it is
    MUCH easier than explaining! Usually, you won't be able to answer the last few,
    and you'll have to find the dog bone and restart the mini-game (which can be
    very frustrating, especially if you're playing on a REAL Super NES and not
    SNES9X on your computer), but keep trying, and you'll succeed. The ticket will
    right above your head.
    Here you may be VERY low on HP. If you die, go back to the 1-up in Gamboge
    After you get ALL the way through, you will be in a small section with a
    scarecrow on a pole, a HP-up, and a giant crow. You have to kill it! Use all
    the magic attacks you have left, and if that doesn't work, kick it! Finally, it
    will die, and the Scarecrow will fall off the pole. Glinda will give you a
    password like:
    (This a REAL password!)
    Congratulations! You finished exactly 1/8 of the game!
    Be sure to have lots ammo and a good supply of winged slippers doesn't hurt!
    And keep an eye out! The fifth yellow ticket is in this stage!
    When you start, duck and shoot the mad maizie. Jump on the fence, and then
    jump to the top of the stalk. Jump to the next stalk, then to the next one.
    Jump down, collecting and enter the Mill.
    In the Mill, have Dorothy kick all the mice on the floor. Take note of the
    little moving sawblade. Jump onto the very left edge of the shelf it runs
    across and kick it until it vanishes. This will take awhile, but in the long
    run, it's worth it. Switch to Scarecrow and have him move right and use his
    pitchfork to destroy the giant sawblade. This will go faster, because it
    doesn't move. Use Dorothy to destroy the next two sawblades, especially the big
    moving one. Okay, jump onto the little shelf, then float over to the right to
    the long shelf. Here you may notice the ticket. Jump up to the next shelf, then
    float over to the ticket. You can go back down, or go over to the shelf all the
    way at the top. Because the second thing really cuts out HP (and I do mean
    "cut"), I'd suggest going on out, since all you get is another pair of winged
    slippers, which you won't desperately need until the next level, and can
    acquire more easily in Shy Village.
    Once you leave, continue on to the right. There are small barns on the top of
    some cornstalks, and they have bricks and yellow gems. In front of one barn,
    there's an HP-up for Dorothy! Note a large barn. There's nothing in it except
    mice, a 1-up for Scarecrow, and a very hard to reach HP-up for the All-Kansas
    girl. Basically, continue to the end of the level, defeating enemies and switch
    when the character you use is low on HP.
    Okay, before level 5, go back to Shy Village and stock up on winged slippers
    and ammo, and you can get more bricks, too. Then, head on to level 5.
    I suggest only using Dorothy when you need her in this level. Basically,
    hurry and get through! Climb to the top of the stalks, and then go from stalk
    to stalk. Soon, you will see moving leaves. Don't even try to use these. Just
    use Dorothy to float over the gaps. Ignore Dorothy's 1-up unless you REALLY
    need it. Keep on floating and jumping from stalk to stalk until you reach the
    end of the level. That was a short walkthrough for that level, but it does take
    a few minutes to get through.
    Go right, kick the cats, avoid the lemon drops,  when the path ends, jump
    right to the treetop. Jump up for the final dog bone game of the Yellow Country.
    Reach the emerald that reads "end" to win. You have to press direction
    combos, like left+up, left+down, right+up, and right+down. If the mice get in
    the way, go the other way, if you're stuck, press select to exit. If you do
    exit, you'll have to walk back left and get the bone again. When you win, the
    final yellow ticket is just a jump above you.
    Now you need to focus on getting the rest of the 99 bricks and finishing the
    yellow brick. Jump from treetop to treetop, avoding lemon drops, birds, cats
    and trees that fling red balls at you. At some point you will have to go on the
    ground. Just defeat the enemies and continue to the right. You will soon finish
    the level.
    Now, welcome to CITRON CITY. There's no way to go but up in this one. Beware of
    the citizens, water drips, sweeps, fire, and birds. Jump on up. There's not
    much to do here, unless you want to go in the houses to get more bricks, which
    it may pay off better and be easier to take more romps through Shy Village
    until you have 99 bricks. When you finally get up above the roofs, in the
    center area is a 1-up for Scarecrow above a flame. Have Scarecrow stand close
    (but not too close!) and hit the flames with his pitchfork until the flames are
    extinguished. Then he can jump on the platform and get the 1-up. Over to the
    left is the highest point in the level. Jump straight up on it to leave.
    Okay, check to see how many bricks you have. If you don't have 99, go back to
    Shy Village and get more until you do. Remember Shy Village. It's a perfect
    place to come back to if you need more ammo or winged slippers.
    After you have 99 yellow bricks, go to the very end of the Yellow Country and
    do the last level. You will see that all your yellow bricks go from 99 to 0
    very fast. Why? The bricks build a bridge across the gaps in the road. Follow
    the Yellow Brick Road with either Dorothy or Scarecrow, it doesn't matter. When
    you're done, Glinda will give you another password like:
    Now you are done with 1/4 of the game.
    (In the book, this was the Land of the Quadlings.)
    Welcome to ROUGE RIVER, NORTH FORK. By the way, you need 99 red bricks and 6
    red tickets to officially finish this country. You've done one, there's only
    three more, then the Emerald City! Here you will have to jump from little
    mounds of dirt and logs to get over to the right and finish the level. The
    first red ticket is here, so be sure to get it. Watch out for giant teeth! When
    you see the first ticket, it will be floating to the right. Get over to the
    right of the ticket, then when you see a log at the bottom of the screem going
    left, jump on it, and ride it to the ticket. Hurry back to a lump. Basically,
    keep going until the end of the level.
    Next, something from the book AND the movie. The not-so-deadly POPPY FIELDS.
    When you start, watch out for the bees! There's a pair of winged slippers above
    the flower to the left. This level has two red tickets, so follow closely! When
    you get the winged slippers jump from the tops of the flowers going to the
    right. Some flowers' heads come off, so move fast! Watch out, because some
    flowers spit pollen! You will soon see a dog bone above the flowers, but ignore
    it for now. Further to the right is another ticket. Get it, THEN fetch the
    bone! Be careful with that first ticket, because the flowers that it's under DO
    have heads that fall off! Watch out for bees as you get the bone!
    This isn't so hard, but it can be frustrating.
    Go right, then down, down, right, right, up, up, up, right, right, down, down,
    down, down, left, left, down, down, right, down, right, right, up, up, up,
    right, and up until you hit "END."
    You will go back just left of the next ticket! Jump, get it, jump back
    (although you will get stung by a bee). Fall down to a leaf to stand on before
    you can get stung again. Jump from leaf to leaf to get to the end. If it's too
    far to jump, have Dorothy float.
    Now it's CINNIBAR CITY. Try to survive! When the flames go out on a pipe, jump
    to it and jump to another. Jump or float to the ledges on the first house and
    jump up. These not-so-civil civilians look familiar? There are NO tickets in
    this level, so don't waste time and HP looking, just get through. Jump from the
    first house to the second, only entering doors if you want bricks. (There ARE
    other levels that have easier bricks, though, so don't come back!) Jump on top
    of the door of the second house. Have Dorothy float to a ledge, then go up to
    the top of the house. Fall from the top to a bridge over a gap. Cross to house
    #3, and above it's flaming chimney is HP-up for Dorothy. Have Dorothy float as
    far as she can from the very edge of the house. You should land on some
    building bricks (not the type to collect) that will fall when stood on. So
    quickly jump to the fourth house. Get on top, have Dorothy float as far as she
    can. You should land right in front of the fifth house. Get on top (takes a bit
    of floating) float over to the building bricks, climp up, get the 1-ups for
    Dorothy and the Scarecrow, and then fall to the right. You can now just walk
    right and leave the level.
    Guess what? This next level will have you complete 3/8 of the game, so you may
    guess that we get our new traveling buddy here. CARNELIAN FOREST is where
    you're at. Get on top of the trees, and jump from treetop to treetop,
    collecting bricks as you go. Watch out for these red bees! Soon you'll see red
    ticket #4! Jump to get it, and you'll land on ANOTHER treetop! Continue jumping
    from treetop to treetop, collecting more bricks as you go. Float to the last
    tree to get two more bubble wands. Fall from the tree to get another brick and
    go right to finish this part of the level.
    Now you will notice a rusty Tin Man. He's guarded by a locomotive that must
    be destroyed. If you were careful enough in part one of the level, both Dorothy
    and Scarecrow's HP rates should be full. Start fighting with Scarecrow and
    yellow gems. When he runs out of gems or runs low on HP, have Dorothy use her
    attacks. You will have to kill off the locomotive with a kick or strike from a
    pitchfork. You'll know it's time to do this when magic attacks don't harm it.
    He will die, and Tin Man will become rust-free as you get a password like:
    Welcome to SCARLET MARSH. Start with Dorothy or Tinman, because a bird flies
    toward you, and the best way to kill it is to kick it. Welcome back, buzzards!
    Continue on to the right, avoiding and killing giant teeth, buzzards, and
    birds. Here there are big springy mushrooms that make whoever lands on them
    spring very high. When walking through the marsh, use Scarecrow. If he's buried
    up to his waist in marshy stuff, have him jump. There's quite a few items hid
    up there, and the only way to get them is to spring up, jump, and float.
    When you reach the last tree, spring up, climb all the way up the tree, and
    have Dorothy float over to red ticket #5 and a 1-up for Scarecrow.
    Welcome to ROUGE RIVER, WEST FORK. Jump right up when you start. Avoid and kill
    fish and crabs. Jump over to the left side of the level, and enter the door
    labeled "secret." (Oh, sure REALLY secret!) You'll come out a similar door, and
    jump right over to the right, before the teeth bite you! Continue going up.
    Finally, at the right side, there's another "secret" door. It only leads to a
    so called "secret cavern" with some bricks. The next level is the level you
    should go back to when you need more bricks. I suggest ignoring it and keep on
    going up. You should soon be up in the sky. Quickly jump from the building
    blocks and collect more bricks. Keep going up and level #5 is gratefully OVER!
    In CRIMSON CAVES,  the 6th ticket is hid REALLY well. (I'm being sarcastic.)
    Start with Scarecrow, have him jump on the jewel that's over the gap, onto the
    jewel over that, jump over to that ledge to the left, and if succeed (you will,
    don't worry), you can just take ticket #6 without any trouble. Now just
    continue to the right. If you fall on the lower or upper ledge, it doesn't
    matter. But you should go on the upper one. There's a place to get 6 red bricks
    that are in a circle. Go over to the right. When you get all the way to the
    right, go up. Keep going up, (dodge those bad guys!) When you can go up no
    further, go over to the left of the screen. Over at the left is the way to the
    exit and a pair of winged slippers.
    Make sure you have 99 red tickets. If not, keep going back to Carnelian Forest
    to get more. You should be able to get 7 at a time. You may also want to try
    Scarlet Marsh or Crimson Caves. Once you have 99, go to the end of the country
    at the right hand upper side of the screen. Same as the Yellow Country, but
    since this IS a walkthrough, I'll explain again. All the bricks make a bridge
    that spans the gaps in the road. If you want, have Tinman walk across. When
    you're done, Glinda will pop up with another password like
    That's one half of the game! The other half will get a bit harder...
    (This was the country of the Munchkins in the book.)
    First off is ZAFFER FOREST. DON'T STOP FOR BRICKS! GO! The only place you
    should stop is the secret door. There is a key at the base of the tree. The key
    actually MARKS the secret door. So enter when you touch the key.
    Welcome to another MAZE HOUSE. There are two blue tickets to pick up here. If
    you go center door, center door, only door, center door, only door, (and those
    last two repeatedly) you can keep on getting bricks. Anyways, once you have as
    many bricks as you want for now (remember this for the end of the country!), go
    in the door when you've gotten the bricks, go to the left door, not the center
    or right. Go in the door that is furthest to the right, then right, right,
    right, and keep going (can you guess?) right until you reach a room that is on
    the top floor on the left side of the house. Go in the left door, and now
    you're in a room with a ticket. Go left door, right door, right door, get the
    ticket. Now you go through the ONLY door and leave the maze house.
    There's bricks and other items hidden up in the trees, but after getting out
    of the maze house, you should just focus on getting out of the level ALIVE!
    There are mice which can only be killed when Dorothy kicks them. Up at the top
    of the very last tree is an HP-up for Tinman, but since it's at the end of the
    level, who needs it?
    AZURE HEDGES is the first garden level. All enemies are live bushes shaped like
    animals. Some are just harmless bushes. All rhinos that are close to the ground
    are enemies, as are all owls and turtles. Go to the top of the first giant
    hedge, and have Dorothy float from the right edge to a dog bone.
    This game isn't too hard, it's just frustrating! You are met with a display of
    enemies and items, and before they switch, you have to select three of a kind.
    (e.g. Three birds) Select with control pad, confirm with A. Try to go for stuff
    that's close together. You'll make it, don't worry.
    Now to find the ticket. Remember that ledge Dorothy had to float off of to get
    to the bone? Go back to the top of it and go off the LEFT side. You should land
    on a ledge in mid-air. If not, try again. You'll see that it's one of a series
    of steps, and on one of them is the ticket!
    Keep going to the right. This isn't a good place to get bricks, but on this
    one tree that goes all the way to the top of the screen is a ledge to jump onto
    a light green mid-air ledge (that will fall, be fast!) that is close to a
    regular ledge with winged slippers and a 1-up for Scarecrow!
    There will come a time when the ground ends. Quickly jump onto the ledges
    (some will fall) and you'll be on some steady ones! On this first big one on a
    stalk, have Scarecrow jump on the next ledge, then jump to the next, but DON'T
    MOVE! Let yourself fall to this ledge. You will lose about 1 HP, but you will
    have ticket #4! Kill the turtle before it can do more damage and get the two
    bricks here. Jump to the next ledge, then the next, then onto a branch of the
    stalk you see. Do it fast, because all the ledges up to the branch fall! Jump
    to the branch on the left, then have Dorothy float over to the ledge. Manuever
    from this to falling ledges all the way to the top. Jump to the next ledge,
    which falls, so JUMP TO THE RIGHT! You'll be right at the exit!
    NAVY VILLAGE? Must be named for the color, 'cause there's no water here!
    There's also no tickets, but PLENTY of bricks! On the fourth (or fifth?) tree
    is a door. Enter it. Jump down to the ground. Ignore the next two trees with
    doors. The one AFTER these two is where you want to go! Enter this door, float
    over to the next tree, jump to the right to collect 1-ups for your entire party
    so far. (When you have the Lion, there's one for him, too.) Quickly go back
    left after collecting the 1-ups and enter the door. Float to get bricks, then
    go back to the ground. Go back left and the second-to-last door is where to go.
    Get these bricks. Now, go to the right and leave the level. (Well that's been
    the shortest walkthrough for awhile!)
    SMALT FURNACE is where you meet your final travelling buddy! When encountering
    steam, if possible, use Tinman, he's invulnerable to it. The very first gap
    with that annoying blue drop that flys into a pipe, drop down into it. Jump
    from here to some more pipes, and continue to the left. When you reach the very
    left edge of the screen, jump up and get the ticket and bubble wand. Drop down
    and float over the right edge. There's a couple blue gloopie guys you'll meet
    along the way. When you get over to the ultimate right edge, get the purple
    bubble for Dorothy's HP. Switch to Tinman, kill the gloopie guy, and walk past
    the steam, keep going left, drop down to where the fireballs are, avoid them or
    kick them, and switch to Dorothy. Float over this big gap. Float over the next
    gap, and drop down to the bottom. Now, onto the boss!
     (I can't resist!) THE LION AND THE MOUSE
    From where you start, float over to the right for a star and bubble wand. Drop
    down with Tinman to confront the giant mouse who has a Lion in a net. (Hmm...
    the mouse has a crown, like the Queen of the Field Mice in the book? She was
    helpful in the book, though.) Have Tinman use yellow gems on her. After you run
    out, have him use his axe. If he runs low on HP, switch to Dorothy with HER
    magic attacks. After it is dead, the net dissolves.
    New password!
    And that's 5/8 of the game!
    INDIGO PALACE is supposed to be a trick, looking like the Witch's Castle,
    though it isn't. If you don't have winged slippers or yellow gems, go back to
    Shy Village and get some.
    Step back over to the left to avoid the Flying Monkey. Have Tinman or
    Scarecrow kill the guard. See that half hourglass (lengthwise)? Jump up onto
    it, then onto the clock. Have Tinman or Scarecrow take out the hands with the
    axe or pitchfork.
    Jump to the left platform, onto the little falling hourglass, then to the
    clock. Jump onto the clock to the left, onto the top, onto the big hourglass,
    onto the small clock, then onto the steps. Jump up to the top of the platforms,
    then quickly jump to that big hourglass via the small falling hourglasses. Jump
    from the big one to the clock over to the left, and use that small hourglass to
    the top of the clock. Take out the hands, then over to the right hand falling
    hourglass, then to the clock. Get rid of those hands, jump on the hourglass,
    then to the top of the clock.
    Head over to the right, then jump onto the hourglasses (mostly the big ones
    that don't fall, but there are a few small ones mixed in!) to go up.
    Finally, you'll reach a big platform. Notice that it looks like the beginning
    of the level? Using the half houglass (lengthwise!) get to that clock, destroy
    the hands, go over to the platform to the left, and have Dorothy float over to
    the left. Destroy the hands here, then to the little hourglass to another
    clock. Jump over to the top of the clock to the left.
    See the guards? Make sure you're on THE VERY TOP of the clock. Switch to
    Tinman and have him swing his axe. It will kill the guard above you when hit.
    Switch, jump up and continue the procedure up to the top. When at the top,
    float over to the right side small hourglass and jump over to the left side
    platforms. Make sure your character is Dorothy. Now float over to the clock at
    the right, and float to the left from this clock as far as you can, collecting
    the final ticket. When you get it, go back to the platform on the right and
    And you thought this was the end? Not really! The character you finished the
    level with (which should be Dorothy because of all that floating you had to do)
    appears on a big platform next to a crystal ball. The witch's face appears in
    the ball and she says "I fooled you, my pretty. You are in the wrong castle if
    you are looking for me. Ha, ha, ha!" And she tosses her head back and laughs.
    Press START to put a merciful end to that.
    CYAN CITY is similar to CITRON CITY. Get out by going up.
    I reccomend the right side of the screen. I also reccomend going back to Shy
    Village for another pair of winged slippers.
    There are doors here with bricks inside, but since they have three enemies
    guarding them, forget them and get the rest of the 99 bricks at Navy Village or
    by that Maze House thing. At some point, you'll have to go to the center, then
    to the right in front of a door with a dripping faucet above it. Float from
    this door back to the center. Go back to the right. Watch out for birdies! When
    you can't jump up to climb anymore, float to the right, jump on top of the
    house, over to that scaffolding, get on the top, and jump up to leave the level.
    Now make sure you have the 99 blue bricks, and by now you should know what for!
    If you don't have all 99, go back to Navy Village or do that infinite brick
    trick in the Maze House back in Zaffer Forest. I reccomend the Maze House,
    since you don't need winged slippers to get through. Now go on to the end of
    the country and make the bridge, and cross. Glinda will give you another
    Now 3/4 of the game have been completed.
    (In the book, this was the Land of the Quadlings.)
    Well, this is the last country before Emerald City. It's also the country where
    the Wicked Witch of the West resides. (That was the Land of the Yellow Winkies
    in the West from the book. If they were going by the book, she'd be the Wicked
    Witch of the Land of the Purple Quadlings in the North!) The very last purple
    ticket is along the purple bridge, so don't go nuts looking for it.
    The country starts with MALLOW MARSH. Have the Lion climb trees and use the the
    springy mushrooms and jumping from brach to branch to collect items. Have
    Scarecrow go through the Marsh itself and attack the teeth. When you come to
    the last tree, go all the way up to the top with the springy mushroom and
    jumps, and have Scarecrow jump to the left to get purple ticket #1! Have him go
    back right in midfall or go back up the tree to get more bricks. This part
    especially is useful for getting all 99 bricks. There are 14 in this level.
    Before entering MAUVE CASTLE, go back to Shy Village and make sure you have
    LOTS of yellow gems and winged slippers. When you start, have Dorothy float or
    have Scarecrow or Lion jump over the building bricks. One touch to a cauldron
    causes instant death! When at the right side, go on up, dodge the fireballs,
    and the guards, only vulnerable to physical attacks, so save your gems,
    bubbles, and stars. After that first pair, go left for a bubble wand, but try
    to get to the blocks above the first set of guards. It's easy, but be sure to
    jump from the very RIGHT edge of each block, and do it fast, because EACH of
    these fall! Continue up and left, and forget the Scarecrow's HP-up and the
    star, you can't get it.
    There will be a squeeze that any charcter can walk through. Keep going up,
    but when you see the building blocks leading right, get on them. Try to get to
    the second set of blocks, then go up and right. When you're at the top, have
    Dorothy float over the guards all the way to the left. Over a ledge there is
    purple ticket #2. Now drop down, and you'll be back at the foot of the
    staircase of blocks. Go right and down. Avoid the guard, the cauldron, and the
    hole in the floor. Go right into this little alcove with Scarecrow. This
    platform will descend after the room shuts off. Jump on and SWITCH TO TINMAN!
    While the platform ascends, have him walk back and forth to avoid the
    fireballs. You'll soon meet THE WICKED OF THE WEST!
      IF I ONLY HAD SOME WATER... But you don't.
    Avoid her magic attacks and use your own. Switch between characters when they
    get low on HP. The Witch will take longer than any other boss and can move from
    one side of the room to the other. Soon, she will MELT! And as I'm playing this
    to let you know EXACTLY how to do it, I just used up ALL of my magic attacks
    and most of my characters only have 1 HP.
      And guess what? You get a password like this!
    And you're supposed to get Toto back, but there's still a dog bone game, and
    you don't see him with Dorothy again until the end, thus leaving the player
    wondering about the storyline of the game... And by the way, you've completed
    AMETHYST MOUNTAINS, get through, survive! Good luck!
    Heh, heh, heh... Did you really think I wasn't gonna help you? Jump quickly to
    the farthest right edge of the tipping jewel, and kill the scorpion. Go up, get
    the bricks, and continue right. You'll have to be careful, especially with the
    tipping jewels and the falling jewels! There are some items up in the sky, but
    these are easy to get. Finally, you'll get to the end.
    LILAC FOREST is played completely on treetop. Try to make it until you see
    these little clouds that appear and disappear. You can use the clouds to walk
    on. Be sure to drop down to lowest part of the tree that sticks up here. It has
    purple ticket #3. Go on back up and continue right. Floating can make it
    easier, but just jumps can do it.
    In LAVENDER GARDENS, go all the way up at the beginning. Avoid those owls!
    Shoot the rhino at the top and get ticket #4. Float from the left edge and fall
    to get the dog bone.
     An old favorite? Maybe! IT'S FOLLOW THE PATH!
    This isn't so hard, but it can be frustrating.
    Go all the way up, right until you have to go down at the next to last to last
    jewel at the top. Go right, down until you have to go left, down, left until
    you have to go up, up until you reach the anyway jewel, where you go right and
    follow the path you have to go on, until the next anyway block, where you go
    right to the next anyway block, then dow, right, right, down, left, down, left,
    up, and continue  "left, down, left, up" until you can't, then go left until
    you hit "END."
    You should be very close to the ticket, so close you can see it. So it'll be
    easy to get it. Now go right and continue right and up. I really don't want to
    go into big detail. Besides, you've come this far. Believe me, it's EASY!
    Same old thing. Make sure you have 99 purple bricks. Try Mallow Marsh and
    Lavender Gardens. I prefer Mallow Marsh. Anyways, once you have all 99, go to
    the end of the country. The bridge will appear. When you cross, keep your eye
    out for the final purple ticket! You'll have to jump, so don't use Tinman.
    When you're done, you get the final password.
    And you'll be at...
    In the EMERALD CITY, go all the way to the right, jump on the floor edging,
    then on to a shelf then jump and grab a key. You see that giant emerald? That's
    a door. But you can't open it now. Go back left to another emerald door. Enter
    it. Jump right for the next key. Drop down to the floor. Go back right to the
    door I first mentioned.
    So much for the ground floor. Jump on the edging, then onto the small shelf,
    then onto the bigger shelf, then jump over the fire. Walk past the next door.
    Jump onto the next shelves, then get the key. Enter the next door.
    Use Dorothy to float over the gap. Get on the edging, then the shelf, then get
    the key. Jump on the edging, then float over the gap. Head back to where those
    three flaming pillars are, and enter the door to the left. Go right, then jump
    over to the key. Go back to the three flaming pillars, enter the left door
    again, then enter the door here. Go past this next door. Drop down, being sure
    to get the key. Left door again, then enter the door here, then the next door.
    This is the top floor, and the game's ALMOST over! Jump up to the top on the
    left side. Head left, and get the key. Drop down to the floor. This key doesn't
    open anything, but you need it. Now go to the right. You should notice two BIG
    pillars, but don't go up yet. Jump all the way up to the top. Go over to the
    right onto the shelf, the jump to get the key. Drop down to the ground. Go back
    between those two big pillars, and jump straight up. Twice if you need to.
    The wizard will appear in a giant crystal ball. "You have fought long and
    hard to get here. It was important for you to deliver the ruby slippers... But
    in getting here, you  have used up all their magic (say WHAT??? That's
    something neither the book OR the movie did! WHAT WAS SETA THINKING?). Now they
    are just shoes. Neither witch will want them... (NEITHER witch? Excuse me but I
    only remember ONE witch. Unless Glinda's on the wrong side.) Thank you,
    Dorothy. For your reward, I am sending you back to Kansas." Wait a second...
    He's REALLY A WIZARD? Press start to go to the next scene of Dorothy and Toto
    flying away in a balloon. (Wait a sec, Toto didn't run away?) Then Dorothy is
    back in Kansas with Toto, except she's in color, while everything else in sepia
    tone! This is supposed to be THE WIZARD OF OZ, but this scene disturbs me, it
    looks more like PLEASANTVILLE! And Dorothy says "There's no place like home."
    Now the credits come on. Notice how few people worked on this game, plus the
    characters get listed in there. Why? Maybe to make the credits longer. Then the
    game will start up again. You may want to take the cartridge out of the Super
    NES and put into the garbage can! But don't, please. Despite the confusion,
    wasn't it still a fun game?
    I'd like to thank my little brother, Arthur, for finding a book with this game
    in it, which got me interested in Super NES emulation. I'd like to thank
    www.cherryroms.com for their free ROM. I'd like to thank Gary Henderson and
    Jerremy Koot who made the SNES9X emulator (http://www.snes9x.com) that can be
    downloaded at http://www.zophar.com and I recommend over a real SNES. I'd like
    to thank topcities.com, who allowed me to make my own Oz website, and allowing
    a big enough file upload for this game (check out the website at

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