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    FAQ/Walkthrough by BLandry

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    Wizardry V FAQ/Walkthrough
    Version 1.3
    Bryan Landry
      1. Intro/Disclaimer/ History
      2. Creating a Party
      3. Walkthrough
      4. EndgameSequence
      5. Armor
      6. Items
      7. Spells
      8. Enemies
      9. NPC's
    10. Pools and Swimming
    11. Character Classes
    12. Game Genie Codes
    13. Credits/Thank You's
    1 Intro:
    Wizardry V, Heart of the Maelstrom is a game for the Super Nintendo
    Entertainment System. It was released in 1993 and is based on a PC game
    of the same name. This game starts you in a maze called "The Maelstrom"
    This maze was created by an evil force referred to as "Sorn". I have
    been playing this game off and on for years and i have finally beaten
    it. All names and other copyrighted words are the property of their
    respective owners. This FAQ is my own work,unless noted. I take no
    responsibilities for any damages or injury that result from improper use
    of this FAQ. If you want to use it, or want to add something, email me
    at the above address. I am awating permission for use of actual game
    maps, which will be posted on my site as soon as i get them. ALSO This
    FAQ is to remain complete if you use it.
    Completed Table of spells, Added Endgame info. Added Thank You/credit
    Started Table of spells
    Corrected/Completed Information on Character Classes
    Added section on Pools and Swimming
    2 Creating a Party:
    Creating a party is the most crucial step to playing the game. Beginners
    should use the following setup:
    4.Thief (Thief/Ninja)
    5.Magic User (Cleric/Lord)
    6.Magic User (Wizard)
    -My party consists of 1 ninja, 2 samurai, 2 lord, 1wizard.
    Notes on character order:
    -First, you should arrange it so that all your characters can attack. An
    easy way to do this is to give 3 of your characters long-range weapons
    and put these 3 in the back.
    -Characters with heavy armor should be placed before those with light
    3. Walkthrough
    Quest 1: The Orb and The Statue
    The maze is long and difficult to memorize. A map is needed to navigate
    the convoluted passageways. There is a magic spell that has the same
    effect, but magic is best used for other purposes. Magic points are
    scarce in this game. The map is an item called the Solemn Statue. To get
    it, you first have to have the orb of Llygamyn. What you need to do is
    advance your character's levels by fighting the various monsters in the
    maze. Once one of your characters learns the Mage spell Dumnapic, use
    this spell to find your current location. It is now time to get the orb.
    The orb is located at the coordinates(E18,N9) Get Orb, save your game,
    and go back to town to rest up and see if anyone gained any more levels.
    Now it is time to get the Statue. There are two things that you need to
    get the statue: the orb, and 37500 dollars. The Statue can be found at
    (E8, N24)
    You must purchase it from G'bli Gedook. He has many wise words for you
    as well. If he does not wish to speak, give all your gold to one party
    member, save the game, quit the party, and restart just the member with
    all the gold. Have him go in alone. It is never a good idea to fight
    G'bli Gedook or steal from him. He has spells that can kill off your
    party very easily. Buy the statue for 25000 dollars, then go to Boltac's
    Trading post and identify it for 12500 dollars. If you're wondering how
    to get the gold to do this, go
    to the vampire statue at (E20, N27) and repeatedly give the wrong answer
    to fight the bats. These are the best sourse of experience on the level.
    By the way, the correct answer is "Vampire." The correct answer reveals
    a door. In this area, you can meet Ironnose the Dwarf. I met him at
    (E16, N28). you need to buy a key from him for $300. Charming him works
    well. BEWARE! there is an enemy in this area(E15, N23) known as a
    "living rock" He packs quite a punch. If you do beat him, he leaves a
    mace. After raising your level high enough that you have 6 uses of
    Dumnapic, its time to proceed to the second floor of the maze. The
    creatures there should increase your fortune quite a bit. (Make sure you
    explore the area behind the vampire statue first.) The next section is
    on getting to the second floor of the maze.
    Quest 2:
    The Purse, the Motor Room, The Hurkle Beast, and Level 2
    Before you take up this challenge, go back upstairs to the Adventurer's
    inn and see if you gained any levels. Then save the game at the foot of
    the stairs. First of all, you need the purse it is at (E4, N4) you have
    to search the corpse and fight some undead monsters to get it. To get to
    the purse, you must turn off the motor. To do this, you need the Brass
    Key from Ironnose. The motor is located at (E6, N4). Use the key to get
    in and select the actions in this order to de-actiavte the machine
    D,B,C,A. Collect the Bag of Tokens by defeating the monsters. The bag in
    in the chest that they leave behind.
    The Token Booth is located at (E12, N4). It lowers you to part pf level
    two. This sealed area contains a teleporter at (E7, S4) that can take
    you to levels 2,3,4,or 5. The corner (W3, S14) has a chest containing
    the bottle of soda. Somewhere in the area is the Hurkle Beast. He has
    about 38 hit points and his attacks cause poison and paralysis.
    He doesn't leave an item. Hang around this area and fight monsters to
    your heart's content. If you want to explore more of level 2, there is a
    rope leading into another sealed room at(E9. N5). The pit located in the
    small room next to (E11, N1) leads to the same room. This is damaging,
    though, so its better to take the rope. This small room has pits at
    (W17,S1) and (W16,S6) that damage you. The rope to get back up is
    located at (W5, N2).
    Quest 3:
    The Legendary Den of Theives:
    The idea of this quest is to build your levels higher. First, go to the
    Inn and check your levels. Its also a good idea to buy weapons and
    armor. Make sure you got the map before coming here. To get to the den,
    go to the shimmering portal on the first floor (E15, N9). You should see
    lots of black. Use the map to find your way to the door. This is the
    door(E10,S1) to the den of theives. Inside you will find strong enemies
    and several bands of roving theives led by NPC's. Busted Brian, Rick the
    Pick, and Le Dombo can all be found here. Make sure you charm them and
    get their advice sometime during the game. Always save at the room with
    the "Den of Theives" sign so you can restart there in case the theives
    steal one of your good items. Their hints cost $250 each. Avoid fighting
    the Blackblades, Armor Eaters and Assasins if possible.
    Quest 4:
    Level Three, The Mad Stomper
    This is where the enemies begin to get hard. Level threeconsists of
    three parts. The first part is the hallway surrounding the maze part.
    The maze part is the second part.
    The third part is the top area. Until you get the Litofeit spell stick
    to the hallway area.
    Aviod the gastrap at (E21,S23).
    Its a good idea to try fighting the enemies in lovel 5 to speed this
    process. Don't enter Manfretti's yet, i believe you cannot leave for
    awhile if you do so.
    4. Endgame Sequence:
    Thanks to Snafaru <eric@iosphere.net> for this info
    -Before you can begin the endgame, you must have the following items:
         King of Diamonds                             Staff of Earth
         Queen of Hearts                               Staff of Fire
         Jack of Spades                                 Staff of Air
         Staff of Water                                 Orb of Llygamyn
    -Once you begin the endgame, you cannot go up to the castle. If you do
    so, you must begin the endgame again.
    -Use Silver Mail to heal your characters.
    Go to level 7.
    Find the Lord of Hearts at (5E,5N). Give him the Queen of hearts. Then
    go to the4 blue Flame at (1W,1S). Use the Orb to open the portal and
    take the portal to level 8.
    Fight the evil clones, have someone equip the staff of water, use the
    staff at (0E,4S)
    light candles BEH and answer GROWTH. Go back to the portal and go back
    to level 7.
    Find the Lord of Spades at (6W,5N). Give him the Jack of Spades. Go to
    the red flame at (0E,1S) and use the orb to open the portal. Take the
    portal, fight the clones. Equip the Staff of Earth, and use it at
    (4W,0N). Light candles ADI and answer NATURE.
    Go back to level 7.
    Find the Lord of Diamonds at (6W,6S) and give him the King of Diamonds.
    Go to the yellow flame at (0E,0N) use the orb here and fight some more
    clones. You should get the Ace of Clubs for Equip the Staff of Fire and
    use it at (4E,0S). Light candles CFG and answer CHANGE.
    Go back to level 7.
    Find the Lord of Clubs at (5E,5S)and give him the Ace of Clubs. Go to
    the white flame and use the orb. Fight the clones. Equip and use the
    Staff of Air at (0E,4N). Light all the candles, and answer MAN.
    Take the portal back to level 7, give the Queen of Hearts to the Lord of
    Hearts once again. Go down to level 8 and find the Sorn at (0E,0N)
    During the first round, have your ninja/theives hide and cast a summon
    spell to summon the gatekeeper. Once you win, you will get the "Heart of
    Abriel" Give this item to a character that can cast mage spells, and
    cast Malor and teleport up 7 levels, climb the stairs, and your quest is
      7. Spells
    Spells are divided into two categories: Cleric and Mage
    Here are the spells and their descriptions.
    Cleric spells:
    LEVEL       NAME             USE
    1              Dios               Restores 1-8 Hit Points.
    1              Badios           Inflicts 1-8 points of damage to 1
    1              Milwa            Lights up more of the maze.
    1              Kalki             During combat, lowers party's AC by 1.
    1              Porfic            Lowers Caster's AC by 4 during combat.
    2              Katu              Charms a group of enemies or a NPC.
    2              Calfo             Determines nature of trap on chest.
    2              Montino         Prevents 1 group of monsters from casting
    2              Kandi             Gives location of missing person.
    3              Latumapic     This spell identifies the enemies you're
    3              Dialko           Cures paralysis, wakes sleeper.
    3              Bamatu         Reduces party's AC by 3 for whole battle.
    3              Lomilwa       Same as milwa, lasts longer.
    3              Hakanido       Drains monster of magic-casting ability.
    4              Dial               Restores 2-16 hit points.
    4              Badial           Deals 6-30 points of damage to 1
    4              Latumofis     This is the infamous poison cure spell.
    4              Maporfic       This spell lowers the whole party's AC by
    4              Bariko           Deals 5-15 points of damage to 1 group
    of enemies.
    5              Dialma          Restores 3-24 hit points.
    5              Di                 Attempts to resurrect 1 party member.
    5              Bamordi        Summons monsters to aid the party during
    5              Mogato          Attempts fo banish monster.
    5              Badi              Attempts to take monster's life.
    6              Loktofeit      Teleports party back to castle, must
    re-learn spell after.
    6              Madi              Recovers all hit points.
    6              Labadi           Drains all but 1-8 of monster's HP,
    restores caster's HP fully.
    6              Kakamen       Deals 7-49 points of damage to 1 enemy
    7              Mabariko       Deals 12-72 points of damage to all
    7              Ihalon           Grants favor to 1 person, must be
    re-learned after use.
    7              Bakadi           Attempts to slay outright all monsters
    in a group.
    7              Kadorto         Restores lifeless characters, even those
    turned to ashes.
    Mage Spells:
    LEVEL       NAME             USE
    1              Halito            1-8 damage to a monster.
    1              Mogref           Reduces Caster's AC by 2.
    1              Katino           Causes a group of monsters to sleep.
    1              Dumapic        Look at the map.
    2              Ponti             Increases 1 person's speed and reduces
    AC by 1.
    2              Melito           1-8 damage to an enemy group.
    2              Desto            Attempts to unlock door.
    2              Morlis           Raises monster AC.
    2              Bolatu           Tries to turn a monster into stone.
    3              Calific          Will Reveal secret doors, if any are
    3              Mahalito        4-24 damage to a group.
    3              Cortu             Protects party against magic spells and
    "breathing" monsters.
    3              Kantios         Disrupts actions of1 group of enemies.
    4              Tzalik           20-60 damage to 1 monster.
    4              Lahalito        6-36 damage to 1 monster group.
    4              Litofeito       Lets your party float over pits, shafts,
    and other traps.
    4              Rodko            Stuns 1 group, harder to recover from.
    5              Socordi         Conjures a group of monsters to help you
    5              Madalto         8-64 points of ice damage to a group.
    5              Bacortu         Fizzles spells from 1 enemy group.
    5              Palios           Reduces monster magic screens, dispells
    fizzle fields on party.
    5              Vaskrye        Random effects to 1 enemy group.
    6              Mamogref     AC-10 wall around 1 person.
    6              Zilwan         500-1000 damage to 1 enemy.
    6              Lokara          Earth will engulf some monster types.
    6              Ladalto        10-100 points of damage to an enemy group.
    7              Malor           When cast in combat, teleports party to
    random location.
    7              Mahaman      Caster must be level 13, performs a great
    favor in battle.
    7              Tiltowait    10-150 Damage to all monsters.
    7              Mawxiwtz   Super-Charged Vaskrye, works on all monsters.
    7              Abriel          You get this when you beat the game.
     9. NPC's
    These are found throughout the game. They offer advice, sell items, or
    sometimes steal from you and can even attack.
    Level 1 NPC's
    G'bli Gedook
    He is found at (E8, N24) He should not be attacked and you should not
    try to steal from him either. When angered, he calls acolytes and casts
    death spells. He is not easily charmed. Buy the Statue from him.
    He is found near (E16,N28). He is a tough opponent. Buy the Key from
    him. He can be charmed.
    Level 4 NPC's
    Busted Brian
    Rick the Pick
    Le Dombo
    These Shady Characters are found in the den of theives. They sometimes
    steal from you. They can be charmed.
    They run when attacked, but their buddies stay.
    Level 5 NPC's
    La diva Brenda
    Lady Lenore
    Lucianne Skye
    Lady Karena
    Lady jane
    These ladies wander level five. If you try to talk to them, you have to
    pay $250 or they will call the guards. They sell some good stuff, I'll
    have a list one of these days. They can be charmed easily.
    Big Max:
    This guy is located at (E7, S1) he sells tickets to Manfretti's. He
    packs quite a punch, so try not to anger him. It may take several times
    to charm him.
    10. Pools and Swimming:
    Swimming is an important skill in this game. Items and gold can be found
    in pools, as well as monsters and stat alterations. A Character's swim
    rating is show in the status screen. This number is the number of levels
    they can swim without drowning. To raise this level, save the game and
    make the character dive a level deeper than the rating. If your
    character drowns, reset the game, otherwise, save and continue. There is
    an item that allows characters to swim as deep as they wish without fear
    of drowning. This item is called the rubber duck. You can buy it from
    the Mad Stomper on level 3. Once you equip it on a character, he/she
    will never drown.
    11. Character Classes:
    The basic classes are:
    You know who these guys are. They're strong and they beat up stuff.
    Upgrade these as soon as possible to a Lord, Samurai, or Ninja. Fighters
    can be good, neutral , or evil. A character must have 11 Strength to be
    a fighter. Gnomes make the best fighters.
    Mages have low hit points and can only use light armor and weapons.
    Thety can cast mage spells, which often come in handy. You should
    upgrade these guys to Samurai as soon as possible. Mages need 11 IQ.
    Clerics cannot be neutral. They have limited weapon and armor choices.
    They cast cleric spells and are  very necessary. THese Characters should
    be upgraded to wizards or lords as soon as possible. Clerics need 11
    Thieves are used to open treasure chests and locked doors. They can hide
    and ambush as well. They can also steal from NPC's. obviously, theives
    cannot be good. Hobbits make good theives. Theives need 11 Agility.
    The advanced classes are:
    Wizards are master spell-casters. They can use slightly better
    equipment. They can identify items found in the maze, which is very
    useful. They cannot be neutral. They need 12 IQ and 12 devotion.
    Samurai are great warriors. They can use most Fighter weapons and armor.
    At level 4, they begin to learn Mage spells. Samurai cannot be evil.
    They need 15 strength, 11 IQ, 10 devotion, 14 vitality, and 10 Agility.
    A Lord must be good. The Lord is basically a fighter with the ability to
    cast cleric spells. They can use all Fighter armor and weapons. Lords
    can dispell enemies as well. They need 15 strength, 12 IQ, 12 devotion,
    15 vitality, 14 agility, 15 luck.
    Ninja can use the same armor and weapons as samurai, but work better
    without any. They can be used to hold your non-combat items this way.
    Their armor class lowers a point evert three levels. They can hide and
    ambush enemies during battle do do almost double the damage. They can
    identify and disarm traps as well. Ninja must be evil. They need 15
    strength, 17 IQ, 15 devotion, 16 vitality, 15 agility, and 16 luck.
    13. Credits/Thanks
    -Thanks to GAMEFAQS for being the best game info site ever.
    -Thanks to Snafaru <eric@iosphere.net
    His Wiz V Walkthrough allowed me to beat the game.
    my endgame sequence is based on his information.
    Copyright 1999 Bryan Landry       <sonofdurell@hotmail.com>

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