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    FAQ/Move List by SBrouwer

    Version: 1.00 | Updated: 01/07/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                                     ROYAL RUMBLE
                                 ____    __    _______
                                 \ \ \  /  \  / _____/
                                  \ \ \/ /\ \/ /____
                                   \ \  /  \  / ___/
                                    \ \/ /\ \/ /
                                     \__/  \__/
                                   * SUPER NES *
    			      WWF ROYAL RUMBLE
                                  T E X T    F A Q
                                    Version: 1.00
                                   Date: 07.01.99
                     Written By Shane Brouwer a.k.a The Inferno Kid<mirandow@one.net.au>
                                    PLEASE READ!
      You may distribute this document in any form, free of charge.  You may NOT
      make modifications to it and claim it as your own work.  If you would like
      to include any of its contents on your own web site, please give credit
      where credit is due. Please do not print on toilet paper or use the paper 
      this is printed on as toilet paper, either.
      ** 1. Table of Contents **
      Section 1..................Table of Contents
      Section 2.......................Introduction
      Section 3.........................What's New
      Section 4.........Frequently Asked Questions
      Section 5...........................Controls
      Section 6..........................Notations
      Section 7......................... Move List
      Section 8.........................Nick Names
      Section 9............................Credits
      Section 10........................Final Note
      ** 2. Introduction **
      Hello and welcome to WWF Royal Rumble move list.
      This has been made with all possible moves tried out, so if
      you find a move not listed, or misspelled words please e-mail 
      me at mirandow@one.net.au.
      ** 3. What's New **
      Version 1.00 This whole FAQ is created.
      ** 4. Frequently Asked Questions **
      There are none yet as no-one has e-mailed me yet
      because this is the first version. I hope that 
      made sense.
      ** 5. Controls **
      Top L = Eye Gouge 	      Top R = Choke
      A = Kick            	      B = Punch
      X = Grapple     	      Y = Run
      D-Pad = Move wrestler
      Start Button = Pause        Select = Change Tag Partner (3 man tag only)
      (Eye gouge and choke only in Brawl, Royal Rumble, outside the ring or when ref is knocked down)
      ** 6. Notations **
      opp. = opponent
      ** 7.  Move List **
      In grapple (press rapidly)
       A = Headbutt
       B = Scoop Slam
       X = Suplex
       Y = Whip to Ropes
       Top R = Back Breaker
       Top L = Atomic Drop  
      After Whipping Opp. to Ropes
       A = Standing Drop Kick 
       B = Hip Toss
       X = Clothesline
       Y = Run
      Opponent on Ground(standing above)
       A = Knee Drop
       B = Body Press
       X = Pin
      Opponent on Ground(standing below)
       A = Stomp
       B = Senton Splash
       X = Pin
      Outside the Ring
       X = Pick Up Chair
      Outside the Ring (with chair)
       X = Put Chair Down
       A,B,Y = Swing Chair
      Special Moves (must be done when health meter is in red)
       NOTE : To daze opponent atomic drop them when their health meter is low
       Randy Savage      Flying Elbow Smash    Stand on top turnbuckle when opp. is down, press R
       Mr Perfect        Perfect-Plex          Win grapple with R
       The Undertaker    Tombstone Piledriver  Win grapple with R
       Bret Hart         Sharpshooter          Press R at feet of fallen opp.
       Tatanka           Reverse Slam          Whip opp. to ropes, as he comes back at you press R
       Crush             Cranium Crush         Stand behind dazed opp, press R
       Ric Flair         Figure 4  Leg Lock    Press R at feet of fallen opp.
       Shawn Michaels    Back Suplex           Stand behind dazed opp, press R
       Razor Ramon       The Razor's Edge      Win grapple with R
       Yokozuna          Banzai Drop           Stand near turnbuckle when opp. is down, press R
       Lex Luger         Running Forearm       Whip opp. to ropes, run the opposite way, when you meet press R
       Ted Diabaise      Million Dollar Dream  Stand behind dazed opp, press R
      ** 8. Nick Names **
      "Macho Man" Randy Savage
      "Mr Perfect" Curt Hennig
      The Undertaker
      Bret "The Hitman" Hart
      "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair
      "The Heart Break Kid" Shawn Michaels (HBK)
      Razor Ramon
      "The Narcissist" Lex Luger
      "The Million Dollar Man" Ted Diabase
      ** 9. Credits **
      Thanks to myself for created ths FAQ.
      ** 10. Final Note **
      My favourite wrestler in WCW is Disco Inferno, in WWF Mankind, Cactus Jack, Dude Love, Mick Foley
      or what ever name he is using at the time you read this. My all time favourite is Terry Funk.
      From what I've seen of ECW my favourite is Stevie Richards.  
      In a recent interview WWF owner Mr. Vince McMahon was
      asked if Yokozuna was returning to the WWF. His answer?
      "Yes, once he loses approximately 400 lbs." Yokozuna is
      listed at weighing 505 lbs. I thought that was funny.

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