You Never Know Who You'll Be Matched With!
Attach your Super NES Game Pak to the XBAND Video Game Modem, insert the modem into your Control Deck, plug in a standard phone cord. Now you're ready to hook up with the real competition waiting for you on the XBAND Video Game Network.

Start by typing in a CODE NAME (using a simple-to-use on-screen keyboard), to pick a CHARACTER and think of a TAUNT that your opponents will see right before you start a game. Pick CHALLENGE and you'll get automatically matched to another gamer. Or play someone you know by putting their CODE NAME in your PLAYER LIST.

It's not just about gaming...receive and send X-MAIL to your opponents to set up games, check your STATS to see how you rank on the XBAND Network, read the two on-line newspapers, BANDWIDTH and XBAND News, for the latest entertainment, gaming and network info.

Your monthly subscription gives you Connect Credits you'll use on the XBAND Network. Once you're matched with an opponent, you can keep the competition going as long as you want...for only one credit. Expecting a call during your game? XBAND will pause your game and let you take the call (if you have call-waiting). Set up your account to play opponents in your LOCAL area only or pick XBAND Nationwide and play cross-country! Want more info? Ready to Register?

Call 1-800-X4-XBAND to Sign Up Now and get One Month Free!

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