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"Remember when consoles were based on gameplay?"

The Super Nintendo Entertainment System (also known as the SNES) is one of my all time favorite consoles and is home to many great games, including Final Fantasy 6, Donkey Kong Country, and Chrono Trigger. The Super Nintendo Entertainment System ruled when it came to role playing games, action/adventure games, and racing games, although a lot of other companies produced games in different genres as well.

The cartridges had a unique shape to them, and looked more like a wider Nintendo 64 cartridge than a Nintendo Entertainment System cartiridge. The Super Nintendo Entertainment System itself looked like a Sega Genesis sorta, it was a top loading system. You load the game on top, and on the two sides were the power buttons and reset buttons. The new Super Nintendo Entertainment System console design looks a lot different than the old console design.

The console also was known to be pretty sound when it came to graphical capabilities. As most of you may know, the Super Nintendo as a console has 16 bits of power. 16 bits may not seem like a lot today, but back in the days it meant twice as much as the old NES. Some of the best looking games ever made (like Chrono Trigger) were released on the Super Nintendo. One of the most innovative things about the console in terms of graphical capabilites is the Mode 7 effects, this was a rather hyped idea that turned out really nicely.

Some great companies that produced games for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System included SquareSoft, Capcom, Taito, Nintendo, Rare, Acclaim, FCI, and more. As a result, tons of original and innovative games came out, inclduing Final Fantasy 6, Super Metroid, Zelda 3, NBA Jam, and Madden series. Some of my all time favorite games were released for the Super Nintendo, heck my three favorite games of all time (Final Fantasy 6, Chrono Trigger, and Super Metroid) came out for the Super Nintendo!

The role playing genre was very well represented on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. From the games released by SquareSoft (Secret of Mana, Final Fantasy 6) to games like Breath of Fire 2 and Robotrek, there were a variety of role playing games to choose from. Some of them were not that good, but the simple fact that suitable role playing games came out for it overrides anything the Nintendo 64 can claim.

Most of the other genres were well represented as well. The sports genre had the EA Sports series like NHL, NBA Live, and
Madden, while the racing genre had such classics as Top Gear, F-Zero, and Rock N Roll Racing. The action/adventure genre
had games like Super Metroid and Zelda: Link to a Past. Strategy game wise, games like Civilization 2, Aerobiz SuperSonic, and Sim City came out, I have only played Sim City but I know there were a few strategy games released.

If you have or or planning to get a Super Nintendo console, I reccomend you get Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy 6, Donkey Kong Country 2, Legend of Zelda: link to A Past, and Super Metroid. For the sports genre, Tecmo Super Bowl 3 isn't a bad choice. If you are an action game fan, the Mega Man X series is one to get, Mega Man 7 was actually not that good.

The Super Nintendo Entertainment System was actually a less powerful machine than the Sega Genesis, but the variety of
games and the overall suport of the machine by Nintendo make this one of my favorite consoles of all time. Hopefully Nintendo will rebound with the Dolphin. I doubt it, though, because they seem to be worried too much about stuff like Pokemon to worry about making an actual console that will appeal to fans of all ages. Oh well, the NES and SNES are two consoles that appeal to fans based on game library, something that is missing from today's consoles.

Good Points
-Great game library
-Smooth console and controller design
-Graphical capabilities
-No Pokemon games

Bad Points
-A lot of crap was released for it
-Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island

Graphical Capabilites - 9/10
Audio Capabilities - 8/10
Game Library - 10/10
Overall - 10/10

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 08/13/00, Updated 07/16/01

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