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"Locked In An Everlasting Struggle With The Sega Genesis For 16-Bit Surpremecy"

To this day, more than nine years after both systems were released, you can still hear the deep and bitter arguments:

''The Super Nintendo was better! More RPG's!''

''Nope! The Genesis was better! More sports and action!''

''Super Nintendo! Genesis! SUPER NINTENDO! GENESIS!''

And so on, and so on, and so on. Truth be told, the Super Nintendo has a slight slight slight SLIGHT edge on the Genesis overall. However, this can mainly be attributed to the lifespan of the systems; the Super Nintendo was forced to live longer and compete against the Saturn and Playstation, hence, a larger game library.

Early on, the Super Nintendo trailed the Sega Genesis in a big way. Sega had built a large early lead on Nintendo by rushing out the Genesis, and achieving success with a large installed user base built up by successful advertising. The Super Nintendo had trouble building up popularity against Sega's ads at first, but eventually powerful games such as Donkey Kong Country, Killer Instinct, and a Mortal Kombat 2 that didn't require the buying of a six button controller propelled the Super Nintendo to equal footing with the Genesis.

Technically, the Super Nintendo was a more powerful machine than the Genesis, and its special array of carts were excellent. Nintendo's plan was to include graphics and processing upgrades inside the actual carts. This upped the price of the individual game. However, Sega's policy was to sell entire new add-on systems, such as the 32X and Sega CD. Nintendo's policy was clearly MUCH better, as it didn't require the purchase of a fifty to one-hundred dollar system to play games, which costed another twenty to fifty dollars apiece. Nintendo's most famous upgrade chip was the Super FX chip in various generations, which powered Star Fox, DOOM, and Stunt Race FX.

As previously mentioned, the Super Nintendo had a longer lifespan than that of the Genesis. As a result, more graphical and musical advancements were made. For the most parts, the systems were neck to neck in both areas, up to the release of Donkey Kong Country for the Super Nintendo. At this point Nintendo pulled away from Sega definately.

Every genre of game type is well-represented by the Super Nintendo's library. Well, except for baseball, surprisingly. That is the only type of game where there is not a clear cut excellent game that appeals to many gamers. Role playing games were the strong suit of the Super Nintendo, with such titles as Final Fantasy 2 and 3, Chrono Trigger, Lufia, Lufia 2, Breath of Fire, and Breath of Fire 2. The surplus of role playing games on the Super Nintendo is the main contrast to the Genesis, which is more action and sports orientated.

One definite edge of the Super Nintendo was the controller design. The Super Nintendo controller featured a directional pad and four action buttons on the right side, labeled A B X Y. Two more action buttons were located at the top of the controller, to the left and right, conviently labeled L and R. The setup was vastly superior to the three button Genesis controller, and it still considered to be the best controller ever made by many. Adapaters for it to the Sony Playstation and personal computer are available online.

The Super Nintendo was one of the two main titans of the early 90's. At present time, it can be found for twenty to fifty dollars. With a library of over eight hundred games, readily available from online stores such as Funcoland, you can't go wrong with purchasing one. You won't regret it.

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Originally Posted: 06/27/01, Updated 06/27/01

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