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"The King Of 2D Gaming"

Super Nintendo is to 2D gaming as PlayStation2 is to 3D gaming.

The Super Nintendo, or SNES for short, was the long awaited predecessor to the Nintendo (NES), which pretty much jump started the gaming scene. The SNES is one of the best consoles ever made. It has tons of great games and they are still fun if you play them today.

To explain the statement in italics, the PlayStation2 is currently king of the gaming world and the current generation has almost no 2D games and only 3D games, while the SNES's generation was nothing but 2D gaming, and the SNES kicked the Genesis and any other console's ass then.

Anyway, if you are a true gamer, you have to own a SNES. It is a classic and it has tons of classic games on it. A lot of it's game series started on it like the F-Zero and Mario Kart series, for example.


CPU Type : 65c816 [16-bit].
CPU Speed : 2.68 and 3.58 MHz [Change able].
Ram Memory : 1 Mbit [128 Kbyte].
Picture Processing Unit : 16-bit.
Video Ram : 0.5 Mbit [64 Kbyte].
Max Resolution : 512 x 448 pixels.
Colours Available : 32,768 colours.
Max Colours On Screen : 256 colours.
Max Sprite Size : 64 x 64 pixels.
Max Sprites : 128 sprites.
Min/Max Cart Size : 2 Mbit - 48 Mbit.
Sound Chip : 8-bit Sony SPC700.
Sound Channels : 8.

That's what the SNES had inside of it. The hardware is the best in the 16-bit era. It has the best graphical capabilities, and, well, is just the all-around best, really. There are 2 controller ports so you can play games with one friend. The system uses cartridges that are wider than the Nintendo 64 cartridges, but not nearly as big as the NES cartridges. Overall, the hardware is magnificent for it's time.

Hardware Durability

The SNES has to be one of the most durable consoles ever. I've had mine for close to 8 years and it still works perfectly. The controllers, like the console itself, are also very durable. They'll only break if you throw them at a wall just right and hard enough, and you might be doing that a lot because the SNES has some pretty damn hard games. Battletoads alone might make you want to break 100 controllers, because that is one of the hardest games ever, if not the hardest.


The controller is great. It is the first system to have 6 buttons and the button lay-out is kind of like Sony's DualShock controller. The controller is great for all games, but fighting games aren't as good on the SNES as on systems like Sega's Genesis, which was the ''other'' system in the 16-bit era. Overall, the controller is great and very durable. Nintendo kept it uncomplicated, yet complicated at the same time, in a way.

Peripherals and Accessories

A cool thing that Nintendo always does is release peripherals for it's system. The coolest one for the SNES had to be the Super GameBoy Player. With this, you could play GameBoy (only original) games on your SNES. This was a great thing to have if you never travel, but you still want to play all of those great games on the original GameBoy. There are lots of other things that were released on the SNES besides just those, but you just have to find them.


You can usually find the SNES for around $30 or so. If you do find one, I recommend you buy it on the spot. They are very rare to find in stores and stuff. If you really wanted one, you could find it on eBay or something. Anyway, the console can be found for $30 and the games usually cost $5 or less, but some are way overpriced because they are very rare. Chrono Cross and Final Fantasy games are a good example of the rare games. Overall, you can't beat the price for the system.

Graphics, Sound, and Load Times

The graphics are fantastic for it's age. Almost all of the games are 2D and most of them look really good. A thing that made the SNES more powerful graphically than the Genesis is it's Mode 7 thingy. The Super FX chip allowed the SNES to have the first ever 3D games, too. While they didn't look that great, the Genesis could not have done them because it didn't have the Super FX chip.

The sound, like the graphics, is also very good. A good thing about the SNES using cartridges is the fact that there are almost no load times at all, unlike CD based consoles. Not having to wait for a game to load is really awesome if you are impatient like I am. Overall, the graphics, load times, and sound are all great.


The games are what makes the SNES shine. It has many magnificent games on it such as Super Mario World, Star Fox, Mario Kart, Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy III, Super Mario RPG, Super Metroid, EarthBound, Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Secret of Mana, F-Zero, Castlevania Dracula X, Battletoads, Contra III, and so much more. There are countless numbers of classics on the SNES. There are around 800 games on it. Overall, it's games kick major ass.


Not only is the SNES ''home'' to such classic franchises started on the NES such as Mario Bros, Donkey Kong, Final Fantasy, Legend of Zelda, and Metroid, but it lots of today's franchises also originated on SNES, such as Star Fox, F-Zero, and a lot more. Every Nintendo franchise that you loved on NES probably has a game on SNES. Overall, it has lots of awesome franchises on it that cannot be missed.


-Controller is very well set-up
-Awesome 2D graphics
-Great sound
-Had the first 3D games on it
-Has all of the great Nintendo franchises
-Started many great franchises
-One of the best selections of games of any console to date
-RPG fans will be in Heaven
-Great hardware for it's time


-Controller not as good with fighters as Genesis controller
-Very rare and hard to find
-Some of the better games are hard to find


In conclusion, the SNES is a very great console and you must own it. Do yourself a favor and run out to buy it right now. I'm sure you can get it for $25+ at GameStop or Electronics Boutique or $40+ on or something.

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Originally Posted: 07/19/03, Updated 07/19/03

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