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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Shy Ranger

    Version: 1.00 | Updated: 01/16/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    >     Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster Busts Loose!
    >     FAQ / Walkthrough
    >     by Shy Ranger (ShyRangerSMRPG@yahoo.com)
    >     Version 1.00 (last updated January 16th, 2003)
    >     I.               Disclaimer
    >     II.              Version updates
    >     III.             Introduction
    >     IV.              Setup
    >     V.               Gameplay
    >     VI.              Walkthrough
              --- Stage 1: Big trouble at ACME Looniversity
              --- Stage 2: The Western movie
              --- Stage 3: Spook Mansion
              --- Stage 4: Looniversity football
              --- Stage 5: Buster's sky jinks
              --- Stage 6: Space opera
    >     VII.             Wheels o' Game
              --- Bonus 1: Mystery weight challenge
              --- Bonus 2: Hungry boy Hamton
              --- Bonus 3: Plucky Duck's go-go Bingo
              --- Bonus 4: Furrball's championship squash
              --- Bonus 5: Babs, find your friends!
    >     VIII.            FAQs / FACTS
    >     IX.              Credits
    >     I.               DISCLAIMER
    This FAQ / Walkthrough is copyright 2003 Garrett Carter (hereafter referred to 
    as "I" or "me"). None of it may be copied, reproduced, altered, or deleted in 
    any way without express consent from me. If you wish to contact me concerning 
    this matter, please use the following e-mail address:
    All trademarks, registered trademarks, and copyrights contained in this 
    document are owned by their respective trademark, registered trademark, and 
    copyright holders.
    This FAQ / Walkthrough may only be found at www.gamefaqs.com (GameFAQs). If it 
    is found anywhere else without my express permission, please contact me using 
    the e-mail address listed earlier. I will do everything possible to keep this 
    FAQ / Walkthrough solely at www.gamefaqs.com (GameFAQs).
    Copyright 2003 Garrett Carter (Shy Ranger).
    >     II.              VERSION UPDATES
    Thursday, 1/2/03:      I started this guide from scratch. The Table of Contents 
    is up, as is the Disclaimer. Additionally, most of the structure and layout of 
    the guide is set up. I should definitely have more free time during the weekend 
    (since school isn't back in full swing yet), so I'll work on this guide then. 
    Naturally, playing the actual game is a rather fun part of this process. ^_^
    SIZE: 26 KB
    Friday, 1/3/03:        The introduction section is now up. Plus, I set up the 
    little quotes sitting below most of the section titles. As expected, I'm not 
    loaded down with homework. Therefore, I should be able to diligently work on 
    this guide starting tomorrow. Watch this space.
    SIZE: 29 KB
    Sunday, 1/5/03:        The setup and gameplay sections are now up. More should 
    be up by now, but I played Acme All-Stars yesterday for a bit too long. ^^;; 
    Regardless, I did get the chance to play through most of this game again. 
    Expect fewer updates until I collect notes on the whole game--meaning roughly 
    two or three playthroughs.
    SIZE: 38 KB
    Tuesday, 1/7/03:       The structure and layout of the walkthrough and Wheels 
    o' Game section is set up. All item and enemy data is also up. I've mainly been 
    collecting game notes over the past couple days, so the full walkthrough will 
    go up next. At the moment, the walkthrough is up for Stages 1-4.
    SIZE: 72 KB
    Wednesday, 1/8/03:     The walkthrough for Stage 5 is now up. This guide is 
    definitely bigger than I originally thought, but that may turn out to be a good 
    thing in the end. In any case, I'm hoping to squeeze in as much info as I can. 
    Besides, watching TTA each day is kind of a motivation to work on this. ^_^
    SIZE: 80 KB
    Sunday, 1/12/03:       Go figure. I haven't watched any TTA since Wednesday. 
    This respite, along with the copious amount of homework my teachers assigned 
    over the weekend, caused me to postpone updates until today. Despite all this, 
    the walkthrough for Stage 6 is now up. Thus, the walkthrough is now complete! 
    Before the Wheels o' Game section goes up, I'll definitely need more notes on 
    the bonus games, meaning that the next update might not be for a few days. 
    However, my goal is still to finish this guide before my birthday on Friday.
    SIZE: 92 KB
    Monday, 1/13/03:       OK, so I updated sooner than I expected. The Wheels o' 
    Game section isn't finished, but I did clean up some of the first 6 sections. 
    Also, because I discovered more distinctions between difficulty levels, I added 
    a good bit of miscellaneous info in the sections already up.
    SIZE: 97 KB
    Wednesday, 1/15/03:    Now that I've run through the game twice on each 
    difficulty level, I have pretty much all of the info I'll need. As a result, 
    I'll probably be able to finish this guide tomorrow. As for the actual update, 
    the Wheels o' Game section is up. Also, I started the FAQs/FACTS section.
    SIZE: 104 KB
    Thursday, 1/16/03:     The FAQs/FACTS section is complete. As a matter of fact, 
    so is the Credits section. Thus, this FAQ / Walkthrough is finally complete! 
    SIZE: 111 KB
    >     III.             INTRODUCTION
    "We're tiny, we're toony, we're all a little loony..." ~ TTA theme song
    Welcome to this FAQ / Walkthrough for Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster Busts Loose! 
    I'm the author, Shy Ranger, and I'll be your guide throughout this guide. 
    (Redundant little catch phrase, wouldn't you say?)
    Video game introduction:
    Released by Konami in 1993 for Super Nintendo, this fun 2D platformer contains 
    6 stages of wacky fun, plus 5 bonus mini-games to keep you occupied during 
    breaks in the action. Taking control of the co-host of TTA, Buster Bunny, you 
    must overcome all of the challenges in each stage to complete your adventure. 
    Whether you're trying to escape an out-of-control train, rushing toward the 50-
    yard line in a hectic football match, or sitting back and enjoying a chance to 
    earn extra lives in Go-Go Bingo (not hosted by Gogo Dodo, oddly enough), you'll 
    be sure to love the zany action in Buster Busts Loose!
    Shy Ranger's thoughts (AKA mini-review):
    This game is one of the first games I received for my Super Nintendo, and I 
    still enjoy it 7 years later. Combining the loony humor of the lovable Tiny 
    Toons with the solid gameplay and catchy music of early '90s Konami titles, 
    Buster Busts Loose! stands out among cartoon-to-video-game transition titles. 
    Even if you hate the Tiny Toons (shame on you), take note--this game is fun.
    >     IV.              SETUP
    "Just don't get ice cream in the Super NES, please." ~ BBL! instruction booklet
    Trust me, you'll want to have the SNES off when you insert the game cartridge. 
    Once you put the game in and turn the power on, the licensing credits appear, 
    followed by the Konami logo. Finally, after seconds of waiting, the title 
    screen will pop up at you. Press START or SELECT to bring up the main menu. If 
    you wait about 5 seconds, a game demo automatically starts. Press either START 
    or SELECT to stop the demo and return to the title screen. The main menu 
    consists of Start, Password, and Option. Press UP/DOWN or SELECT to move 
    between choices, and press START to choose one.
    Start: Starts you off at the intro to Stage 1.
    Password: Takes you to the password screen. Press LEFT/RIGHT to move between 
    spaces, UP/DOWN to choose which Tiny Toon appears in the current box, and START 
    to finalize your decision. You'll hear a sound effect if you've entered an 
    invalid password; otherwise, you'll be taken to the intro of the stage at which 
    you received the password. Note that only Children difficulty uses passwords. 
    (There is one password that is different than the rest. Check the FAQs / FACTS 
    section if you're interested.)
    Option: Takes you to the option screen. Press UP/DOWN to move between options, 
    and press LEFT/RIGHT to move between choices for each option. Each option gets 
    a more detailed treatment below.
    LEVEL: Choose between Children, Normal, or Challenge difficulty. The chart 
    below shows the differences in difficulty levels.
    [                                                                             ]
    [  LEVEL                   INITIAL HEARTS      MAXIMUM HEARTS      CONTINUES  ]
    [  Children                       3                   5            Infinite   ]
    [  Normal                         3                   5                5      ]
    [  Challenge                      1                   3                3      ]
    CONTROL: Change the function for six of the controller buttons. You can choose 
    between No Use, Dash, Jump, and Drop Kick for each button. By default, A is No 
    Use, B is Jump, X and Y are Drop Kick, and L and R are Dash. This guide will 
    follow the default controls whenever it references the controller buttons.
    SOUND TEST: Listen to the background music. Press LEFT/RIGHT to cycle through 
    the game's 27 music tracks, and press B to hear the current selection. Press Y 
    to slowly fade out the current song.
    SOUND MODE: Switch between Stereo and Monaural sound. Basically, if your TV has 
    two or more speakers, pick Stereo. If your TV has one speaker, pick Monaural.
    EXIT: Press B to exit the option screen and return to the title screen.
    >     V.               GAMEPLAY
    "Are you used to the controls?" ~ Buster Bunny; BBL!
    Your goals are to have fun and to beat the game.
    Now that the obvious is out of the way, let's get down to business. Buster's 
    adventure will take him through 6 stages (5 in Children mode) of platforming 
    goodness. Each stage begins with a short intro narrated by various Tiny Toons. 
    If you want, you can skip an intro by pressing START. They're not long, though, 
    so I say watch them. In Children and Normal mode, you'll start with 3 Hearts. 
    In Challenge mode, you'll start with 1 Heart. Regardless of the difficulty 
    level, you'll start out with 3 lives (Busters) and no Stars (explained later). 
    Every time Buster gets hurt, you'll lose a Heart. Lose all your Hearts, and 
    you'll lose a life. You'll also lose a life if you fall into a bottomless pit.
    Fortunately, you don't have to sit back and watch Buster take such abuse. LEFT 
    and RIGHT move our hero left and right, while DOWN makes him duck. Don't worry, 
    his ears won't get hit while he's showing off. ^_^ Buster will jump when you 
    press B, while he'll hop and do a quick drop kick when you press X or Y. 
    Jumping is necessary for most situations since jumping gets him higher and 
    farther than drop kicking. However, drop kicking is one of three ways Buster 
    can attack his enemies. To combine height and power, pressing X or Y during a 
    jump will cause Buster to drop kick in mid-air. You'll need the hangtime and 
    distance of a jump/drop-kick combo more than once. Finally, to take a quick 
    break from the action, press START to pause the game--or to unpause it, 
    naturally. These basic moves will help Buster get out of almost any situation.
    True to his rabbit nature, Buster can pull off a quick dash of speed. The dash 
    gauge in the upper-left corner of the screen indicates how "charged" Buster is. 
    Whenever there's dash power in the gauge, press L or R to start Buster's dash. 
    Press L or R in mid-dash to cause Buster to skid to a halt and stop dashing. 
    (This move is not usable in Children mode.) While Buster's dashing, press DOWN 
    to make him slide--the second way he can attack. Press B during a dash to cause 
    him to dash jump--easily the farthest leap in the game as well as the third way 
    he can attack. Whether dashing along the ground or dash jumping in the air, 
    Buster can climb certain walls if he comes in contact with a wall during his 
    dash. Note that Buster's dash gauge continuously decreases while he's dashing. 
    To get the most time out of his dash, wait until the gauge is full to use it. 
    (Note: in Children mode, dashing is a fourth method of attack.)
    Scattered throughout each stage are various items sure to help in the adventure 
    and make Buster's life (lives?) a bit easier. Below is a list of these items.
    Star: As mentioned before, Buster starts the game with no Stars. Each enemy 
    Buster defeats leaves behind one of these yellow Stars, and Buster can find 
    additional Stars by searching each stage. Nab 100 Stars to earn an extra life.
    Carrot trophy: These little trophies are sure to catch a young rabbit's eye. 
    Silver Carrot Trophies restore one of Buster's Hearts, while Gold Carrot 
    Trophies restore all of his Hearts. Crystal Carrot Trophies don't restore any 
    Hearts, but they do increase the maximum number of Hearts Buster currently has. 
    In Children and Normal mode, Buster's limit is 5 Hearts. In Challenge mode, his 
    limit is 3 Hearts. If he's already at his limit, Buster won't gain anything 
    from extra Crystal Carrot Trophies.
    Gogo Dodo trophy: Buster's pal from Wackyland makes a stylish statue, eh? 
    Silver Gogo Dodo Trophies fill Buster's dash gauge. Gold Gogo Dodo Trophies 
    turn him invincible for a while. Crystal Gogo Dodo Trophies turn all on-screen 
    enemies into Stars.
    Buster Bunny doll: Isn't he cute? ^_^ Get one of these plushies to earn an 
    extra life.
    In-between each stage, you'll be able to try to earn extra lives for your 
    journey by spinning the Wheels o' Game and playing one of 5 bonus mini-games. 
    Each bonus mini-game has its own controls and style of gameplay. Additionally, 
    most stages have particular sections that require more detailed explanation. 
    Check the Walkthrough and Wheels o' Game sections for this information.
    >     VI.              WALKTHROUGH
    "This game is for one bunny." ~ BBL! instruction booklet
    Here's the juicy part of the guide--the part that just might help you beat BBL! 
    The Items and Enemies lists break down the rewards and rascals you can expect 
    to see in that stage. The Intro note discusses the sprite cutscenes seen before 
    each stage, while the Shy note contains a few of my thoughts about the stage. 
    With skill, vigilance, and a little luck, the credits will roll in no time! ^_^
    Each of the three difficulty levels changes the flow of the game. While stage 
    walkthroughs cover most of the stage-specific alterations, the most important 
    change is the length of the game. In particular, Children mode is much shorter 
    than the other two modes. Below is a breakdown of the missing areas.
    > Stage 1: No boss.
    > Stage 2: No train (at all).
    > Stage 3: No boss.
    > Stage 4: Nothing's missing from this stage--although it'd be pretty hard to 
    take anything out of this stage, period.
    > Stage 5: There's no Stage 5. This change in particular makes me mad.
    > Stage 6: The stage ends after Buster gets through the second area. To top it 
    all off, there's no ending. Only the credits roll.
    This walkthrough is for Normal mode, although virtually all of the tips and 
    tricks discussed in the stage walkthroughs will work in Challenge mode as well. 
    Obviously, these techniques will let you completely dominate Children mode.
              --- Stage 1: Big trouble at ACME Looniversity
    "The teacher staff's been getting laughs since 1933!" ~ TTA theme song
    >     Items:     SCT x3; GCT x3; CCT x2; SGDT x7; CGDT x2; BBD x1
    >     Enemies:   Perfecto Prep rats (1 hit; 1 Star)
                     Frogs (1 hit; 1 Star)
                     Lobsters (1 hit; 1 Star)
                     Book-tossing PP rats (1 hit; 1 Star)
                     Arnold (4 hits; 10 Stars) [sub-boss]
                     Pogo stick PP rats (1 hit; 1 Star)
                     Dizzy Devil (9 plates of food) [BOSS]
    >     Intro:     Not only is Buster almost late for class at our beloved ACME 
    Looniversity, but a bunch of animals and scrubby rats from the rival school 
    Perfecto Prep are wandering the halls just asking for trouble. Time to teach 
    these intruders a lesson in drop kick therapy.
    >     Shy:       Good ol' Acme Loo--the famous school that the Tiny Toons 
    attend, albeit grudgingly on some days. This is a good introductory stage, with 
    emphasis on learning Buster's various moves. The traditional sub-boss/boss 
    setup that many 2D platformers use appears in this stage--and this stage alone.
    [ Walkthrough ]
    The adventure begins! Use this short enemy-free area to learn Buster's moves. 
    Getting used to the controls now will help out later when you need to use them 
    on the fly. As you head right, drop kick any rats that are strolling around or 
    jumping out of lockers. Dash and slide to get under the stairway and reach the 
    Crystal and Gold Carrot Trophies, but don't bash into the jumpy frog. Go back 
    out and up the stairs to move on.
    Every time the screen flashes "Dash!" or "Jump!" you should obey it. Your dash 
    will never run out provided you snag each Silver Gogo Dodo Trophy in the area. 
    If you want, you can go back later to get the two Crystal Gogo Dodo Trophies at 
    the bottom of the first two gaps. There aren't any bottomless pits here, so 
    don't worry if you slip into a gap or two. There are enemies in each gap, 
    though, so drop kick as you fall. Don't miss the Gold Carrot Trophy on the left 
    wall as you climb the right wall. Two quick jumps back and forth will net you 
    the trophy and dodge the falling anvil as well. Get used to this back-and-forth 
    dash jumping, especially since you'll need to have it down well later on. Once 
    you clear all the gaps, simply head left.
    Watch out for book-tossing rats in each bookcase. Climb the walls as often as 
    possible, grabbing the Silver Carrot Trophy on the right if you need it. Once 
    you go past the bookcase and back down to floor level, jump on the button and 
    climb up over to the left. In this new gap, get the Crystal and Silver Carrot 
    Trophies before jumping on the button again to move the bookcase back to its 
    original position. Now, take out the rat on the right and go up the case. 
    Heading left, you'll need to jump on the button up here to open up the floor. 
    Since there's no alternative, fall through the drop floor.
    As soon as you land, thus smashing the statue of Montana Max, Arnold the 
    Pitbull will come out with a flashlight looking for whoever made the noise. 
    Every time he spots you or gets hit, he'll start dashing. You can attack him 
    anytime, so whacking him 4 times shouldn't be too hard. Rapid-fire drop kicks 
    work best (and fastest). Grab the 10 Stars and key he leaves behind. Now that 
    Buster has the key, you can leave through the left door. Before you take the 
    elevator, go up the gap in the ceiling just outside the door. Not only is there 
    a Gold Carrot Trophy up this gap, but there's also a Buster Bunny doll hidden 
    inside the wall in the top-right corner of the gap. Nab the goodies, fall back 
    down, and take the elevator. You'll hear a sound effect as Buster gets the 
    Silver Carrot Trophy in the elevator shaft, but it shouldn't be necessary after 
    the Gold Carrot Trophy you just got. Up in the cafeteria, take out the annoying 
    rats (now on pogo sticks, no less) and lobsters en route to the kitchen. Hamton 
    will stop you, and a bit of dialogue will explain what's up. Seems Dizzy Devil 
    is hungrier than usual and is trying to eat everything in the kitchen. In the 
    process, he's destroying the place. Buster agrees that he'd better feed Dizzy 
    before the kitchen looks like ground zero at WWII Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
    [ BOSS: Dizzy Devil ]
    Start off by assessing the situation. The three conveyor belts are carrying 
    plates of food back and forth as Dizzy walks around in search of fresh grub. 
    Each door has a corresponding door with the same color light above it. Go in 
    one green-light door to come out the other green-light door (same deal goes for 
    Dizzy, obviously), etc. To feed this hungry devil, hit a plate of food from 
    beneath and bump it up into Dizzy's mouth. If you bump him like this, Dizzy'll 
    turn around and start walking the other way. Attack him and he'll start to 
    spin, destroying parts of the conveyor belts in the process. Attack him while 
    he's spinning to make him spin longer. Yeah, basically, don't attack him. Once 
    you bump 1 or 2 plates of food into his mouth, hide in one of the doorways as 
    Dizzy spins all over the place. Once you bump 9 plates of food into his mouth, 
    he'll stop the mayhem and doze off. Too bad he ate all the food beforehand. ^_^
    >>>       *** STAGE 1 COMPLETE! ***
              --- Stage 2: The Western movie
    "Of course, I'm the main actor!...I'm the star!" ~ Montana Max; BBL!
    >     Items:     SCT x4; GCT x2; CCT x2; SGDT x9; GGDT x1; BBD x1
    >     Enemies:   Tomato-tossing window coyotes (1 hit; 1 Star)
                     Dogs (1 hit; 1 Star)
                     Tomato-tossing walking coyotes (1 hit; 1 Star)
                     Condors (1 hit; 1 Star)
                     Walking coyotes (1 hit; 1 Star)
                     Yale thugs (2 hits; 1 Star)
                     Fat thugs (2 hits; 1 Star)
                     Silas Warner (5 hits; 10 Stars) [sub-boss]
                     Arnold (2 hits; 10 Stars)
                     Small stacks (4 hits)
                     Main stack (6 hits)
    >     Intro:     Even Plucky can't stand Montana Max's ego. That kid just wants 
    to hog the spotlight every time, doesn't he? In any case, you'd better make 
    sure his antics don't cause major trouble during the movie.
    >     Shy:       I'm not really big on Western themes, but the jump rope part 
    is a cute touch. Plus, the train section is rather challenging the first time. 
    I recall having plenty of difficulty with the dash sections when I was younger. 
    Overall, this stage provides a good workout for Buster's platforming skills.
    [ Walkthrough ]
    See those stacks of barrels? Slide into them to knock them into the enemies 
    ahead. As you patter along, dodge any tomatoes that the coyotes are tossing. 
    Once you reach the hay, dash jump off the hay to the left to climb the Town 
    Hall and to reach the Crystal and Silver Carrot Trophies atop the building. 
    Past the hay are two kids twirling a rope. Jump the rope 10 consecutive times 
    to proceed. If you're up for a slightly harder challenge, use X or Y instead of 
    B to jump rope. Now you'll come to a bunch of horses--some brown and calm, some 
    blue and hyperactive. Standing on the blue horses when they kick in the air 
    will launch Buster skyward. This is generally not a good idea, since condors 
    start to swarm the area and dive-bomb our hero. Just duck whenever a condor 
    comes and jump during breaks to get through unscathed. Continue into the inn.
    You're inside now, but you're not out of harm's way. Grab the Silver Carrot 
    Trophies fast before the chandeliers fall. You can drop kick any and all of the 
    barrels bouncing down the stairs, causing them to leave the screen harmlessly. 
    You'll arrive at the top floor just in time to hear Max say bye-bye and leave 
    with all of the inn's valuables. Be a good kid and get them back.
    The stage changes pace abruptly once you crash through the roof of the train's 
    caboose. The screen now slowly scrolls to the right, the music picks up the 
    pace, and Buster's previous troubles start to seem like child's play. Drop kick 
    the coyotes in the caboose (you can see their moving ears through the windows). 
    Once you exit the caboose, you'll have to jump to clear a series of four nets. 
    If Buster gets caught in a net, quickly slide to escape it. Once you clamber 
    onto the tallest car in this section, you'll have a couple of seconds' pause in 
    the action. Once you see the screen flash "Dash!" you'd better do what it says. 
    Utilizing the power of 6 Silver Gogo Dodo Trophies, you'll have to make a 
    series of dash jumps across the rocky ledges, making sure to jump whenever 
    "Jump!" flashes across the screen. Additionally, when you come to the Silver 
    Gogo Dodo Trophy that is right on the edge of its cliff, you'd better jump even 
    though the screen doesn't flash the command. Once you pick up the sixth Silver 
    Gogo Dodo Trophy, don't jump. Buster will automatically pick up the single Gold 
    Gogo Dodo Trophy in the game and plow through a series of coyotes.
    Once you're back on the train, use your remaining invincibility to your 
    advantage by merely walking into any coyotes that try to bug you. Soon, you'll 
    stroll onto a low train car. All of a sudden, the bridge you're crossing will 
    start to collapse. After a few seconds, the train car you're riding on will 
    start to slowly fall. Wait until you spot the next train car on the right edge 
    of the screen, then dash jump over to that car. Hit L or R as soon as you land 
    to stop your dash without risk of dashing back to the left (and off the car). 
    The third falling train car is different. Once the screen flashes "Dash Jump!" 
    and you see both Little Beeper and Calamity Coyote run by Buster, do as the 
    screen says and dash jump to the right. You'll dash over rocky ledges similar 
    to the first cliffs but not nearly as long. Dash jump at any cliff edges.
    While you're done with the frantic dash jumping for now, you're not out of 
    danger yet. Once the lights flicker and dim, thugs will attack you from both 
    sides. Take out the Yale thug before dealing with the fat thug. Repeat for the 
    second pair of thugs. Jump around inside the sheet metal before the next train 
    car to find a Gold Carrot Trophy that you just might need right about now. 
    After all, the next enemy you'll face is that rascal Silas Warner. Apparently, 
    he's still out to capture Wackyland's animals on board his train of madness. 
    Jump before you approach him to avoid his cane, then drop kick him in the head. 
    Repeat as necessary. 5 hits will take him out. Soon, the train is clear of the 
    tunnel--but there's no more train to traverse. Maybe those boards flying toward 
    Buster have some purpose...? Well, it's either them or an endless fall below. 
    Hop on board the boards. The first three come in one set. After a short pause, 
    the next three arrive in a set. After a slightly longer pause, two more boards 
    come in a set--one flying rather quickly, one traveling at normal speed. Jump 
    from board to board, noting this pattern. Once you see the train car ahead, 
    jump toward it and dash in mid-air to reach the car. Whack L or R once you're 
    safely on the car to stop Buster's dash. It turns out Arnold is back, and he's 
    the one that's been chucking all these boards. Attack him twice (five times in 
    Challenge mode) to stop his barrage of boards. The next challenge consists of 
    several poles moving up and down, much like a wave, as condors zoom around. 
    Always turn left when drop kicking the birds so that Buster falls to the right. 
    If he falls to the left after the kick, he might fall off-screen and lose a 
    life. Once you're past the birds, get atop the last train car to reach a Gold 
    Carrot Trophy. Once again, Buster's dash comes into play; however, this time he 
    automatically does the hard work for you. Jump up to the stars...
    ...and down onto the engineer cabin. Apparently, no one's running this train! 
    No wonder the ride has been so interesting. Anyway, jump up and make your way 
    across the top of the cabin. The steam blasts will hurt Buster if they're full-
    blast, so drop kick each small stack 4 times (6 times in Challenge mode) only 
    when the steam subsides or is half-blast. The main stack takes 6 hits (8 hits 
    in Challenge mode), but it has a rather annoying habit of shooting fire at the 
    most inopportune times. Obviously, you don't want to scorch yourself on the 
    tower of flame, either. For best results, always drop kick the main stack in 
    sets of 2, then fall back to avoid the fire. You can climb down the ladder 
    anytime you want, but you'd better hurry down once the screen starts scrolling 
    back to the left. Down here, run past each steam blast whenever it subsides. 
    Wait until the screen starts scrolling to the right again before leaping down 
    onto the revolving axle. Sneak past the steam blast as soon as it subsides and 
    get your paws on the Buster Bunny doll. Hurry on over to Max before the front 
    panel on the train explodes and damages Buster--even down on the axle, the 
    falling pieces of train can hurt our hero or knock him off the train. Finally, 
    just sit back and watch Buster and Max escape the train via a speedy rail cart. 
    I had no idea rail carts could go so fast. O_O
    >>>       *** STAGE 2 COMPLETE! ***
              --- Stage 3: Spook Mansion
    "Spook Mansion!" ~ Babs Bunny; BBL!
    >     Items:     GCT x3; CCT x3; CGDT x1; BBD x2
    >     Enemies:   Ghosts (1 hit; 1 Star)
                     Cakes (1 hit; 1 Star)
                     Two-headed monsters (3 hits; 1 Star)
                     Bat/Dracula (3 hits as Dracula; 3 Stars)
                     Mini-bats (1 hit)
                     Melvin the Monster [BOSS]
                     Mind-control machine (11 hits from bolts; 10 Stars) [BOSS]
    >     Intro:     Buster's exactly right--stereotypical as ever. Then again, 
    Babs' big surprise shout at the end of the scene proves that stereotypical can 
    be a good thing indeed. On a side note, those are pretty large raindrops, no?
    >     Shy:       Although this mansion has only 3 areas, it provides a plethora 
    of rewards for the exploring bunny. The mallet setup is pretty neat, and the 
    stained-glass Tiny Toon windows are almost haunting. Come to think of it, this 
    whole place is pretty haunting. I definitely wouldn't want to live here.
    [ Walkthrough ]
    Aside from the fact that the song here is straight out of the TV show as well 
    as the first stage BGM that doesn't loop in the TTA theme song at one point, 
    this is just your average, everyday haunted castle. The ghosts in this first 
    area really don't pose much of a problem unless about ten of them cycle out of 
    the floor and ceiling. In any case, grab the Crystal Gogo Dodo Trophy whenever 
    you see a good number of ghosts on-screen. Upon coming to the gold platforms, 
    jump on the leftmost pad. This sends the two red balls into the air. When they 
    come back down, they'll hit hard enough to launch Buster up to the ledge above. 
    Before entering the main part of the castle by following the "Welcome" sign, 
    dash up the gap in the ceiling to reach a Crystal and Gold Carrot Trophy.
    More of the gold platforms appear here, complete with a red ball in most cases. 
    Remember, jump on the empty platform and wait for the red ball to launch you. 
    You'll run into a series of cakes and two-headed monsters. The cakes are normal 
    enemies, but they can't be hit when they curl up into a red sphere. The two-
    headed monsters are stronger than average enemies, taking 3 hits to go down. 
    Then again, you can always drop kick them into one of the numerous bottomless 
    pits in this area. ^_^ When you come into the red ball sitting on a pedestal, 
    drop kick it to the left. This enables the gold platform to the left to become 
    a dual launcher, alternating left and right launches as each red ball flies up 
    and down. Use this to access (albeit all too easily) the Crystal and Gold 
    Carrot Trophies sitting on the ledge above. When you come to the large gold 
    platform past the pedestal, jump on the third platform to raise the fourth one. 
    Now, jump onto the fourth platform. As soon as you touch down, jump again and 
    dash right toward the ledge near that platform. With the right timing, you'll 
    scale the wall and score a Buster Bunny doll to boot. To shortcut over the 
    wall, dash up to the top of the wall and dash jump to the left. Quickly pull 
    back to the right to catapult Buster over the wall. If you go too far and land 
    on the ledge on the other side of the wall, simply climb up the ladder there.
    I really like the background in this area. The windows with alternating pics of 
    the Tiny Toons, the plethora of candles resting near the bottom of the screen--
    the name Spook Mansion definitely fits this nuthouse. The first things you'll 
    notice are the mallets. Each time one mallet hits another, the second mallet 
    arcs either up or down and whacks into something else--whether it be a ledge, a 
    gold platform, or another mallet. If it hits a gold platform, it acts like a 
    red ball--use this to springboard yourself through the first part of the room. 
    Watch out for the bat. Don't attack it until it turns into Dracula and throws 
    two mini-bats at you. Hit Dracula to turn him back into a bat. Three hits in 
    Dracula form will take down this annoyance. Soon, you'll have to brave taking a 
    ride on a mallet to get anywhere. Hop on the first mallet you see and wait for 
    the one below it to whack it into an upward arc. Once it stops over to the 
    left, jump up to the nearby ledge. Wait for the mallet directly above the ledge 
    to swing over to the left before jumping on the gold platform. Launch yourself 
    up onto that mallet and use yet another gold platform to reach a red ball on a 
    pedestal. Drop kick that ball to the left, then use the gold platform on which 
    it fell to get up to the next pedestal. Drop kick the final red ball to the 
    left, where it will fall for quite a while. Follow it down and to the left to 
    reach another large gold platform. Get the Crystal Carrot Trophy if you missed 
    an earlier one, and take the Gold Carrot Trophy to replenish your Hearts. 
    Before you head on up, wait for the mallet below you to swing to the right. 
    Jump down, aiming directly below the mallet. You'll land on a small ledge. 
    Using a jump/drop-kick combo to cross the gap to your left, take the waiting 
    Buster Bunny doll for yet another extra life. Double-back to the large gold 
    platform and use it to catapult Buster up next to a small wall. Dash left to 
    climb the wall and scale the steps leading to Babs. Apparently, she knows the 
    monster that lives here. That's right, he's none other than Melvin the Monster. 
    Just like in the TV show, though, Dr. Gene Splicer has stuck a mind-control 
    helmet on Melvin's head. You guessed it--it's up to you to free him.
    [ BOSS: Melvin the Monster ]
    [ BOSS: Mind-control machine ]
    Melvin will prance around, tossing out light bulbs and/or bolts in sets of 3. 
    Attacking him will make him toss out another set faster than he normally does. 
    Light bulbs will break if Buster hits them, but bolts will fly up and backward. 
    You'll need to hit the mind-control machine with 11 bolts in order to break it. 
    Each time the machine takes a hit, it will temporary lock up, causing Melvin to 
    stop tromping around and forcing Splicer to restart it. Switch sides each time 
    you attack to avoid getting hit by any light bulbs or spare bolts. Once the 
    machine goes down, grab as many Stars as you can before the dialogue starts. 
    Splicer is dazed, Melvin is free from his control, Babs is glad, and Buster is 
    playing it cool as usual. Everything is back to normal--meaning that something 
    is obviously going to happen soon. After all, if something didn't happen, there 
    wouldn't be a Stage 4, now would there? ^_^
    >>>       *** STAGE 3 COMPLETE! ***
              --- Stage 4: Looniversity football
    "I'm just a substitute player..." ~ Bookworm; BBL!
    >     Intro:     14-10 with minutes to play--ACME Looniversity definitely needs 
    a touchdown to win the game! Babs makes a good reporter, considering her 
    "enthusiastic" response to Bookworm's line. (I didn't think he could talk...)
    >     Shy:       This stage is one of the most unique I've ever seen in a 2D 
    platformer. To top it off, it's downright fun! I'm normally not a huge football 
    fan, but the mixture of sports action and classic gaming gives this stage real 
    flair. The music is good--and fitting, putting you in the mood of the game.
    [ Walkthrough ]
    First off, this stage is unlike any other stage in the game by far. The lone 
    goal here is to make it to the right side of the field, evading Perfecto Prep 
    defensemen along the way, and score a touchdown. Buster still has lives and can 
    acquire Stars, but no standard items or enemies appear on the field. The stage 
    plays out much like a normal game of football. Once Perfecto Prep kicks off the 
    ball, Buster catches it. He'll always be dashing in this stage, so all he'll 
    need to do is evade the onslaught of defensemen by jumping over some and 
    sliding under others. Once one of them tackles him, Buster will drop the ball 
    wherever he lands. From then on, each play acts out the same way.
    At the start of each play, you can choose to "run" the ball or have the 
    quarterback, Plucky, "pass" it to you. Either way, once you get the ball, 
    you'll need to dodge as many defensemen as possible. You'll have 4 chances, 
    called "downs" in football, to get the ball at least 10 yards closer to the 
    opponent's goal line. Every time a Perfecto Prep defense player tackles Buster 
    (or Buster slides to a complete stop), you'll move on to the next down. If you 
    succeed in moving the ball at least 10 yards downfield during any of your 4 
    downs, you'll earn a "first down" and get another 4 downs to move the ball at 
    least 10 more yards downfield.
    Earlier I mentioned the types of plays you can choose. If you "run" the ball, 
    Hamton will hike to Plucky, who will hand off the football to Buster as the 
    blue bunny dashes by. Furrball will head out in front of you to attempt to 
    block the first opponent that's coming your way. Most of the time, he'll 
    succeed; however, you'll still have about 10 more animals to dodge before 
    you're in the clear. If you can jump and slide past the entire defensive line, 
    they'll come charging at you full-speed from the left side. You'll definitely 
    need to jump to avoid them now. You can turn around in mid-jump if you need 
    some extra space to clear more heads. Regardless of how skilled you are, you'll 
    eventually get tackled roughly 99.8% of the time. If you decide to go for a 
    "pass" play, Hamton will hike to Plucky as usual. This time, however, Plucky 
    will throw the ball about seven yards past the starting point as Hamton and 
    Furrball look on. Buster will need to high-tail it to the spot where the ball 
    will land and catch the ball. Perfecto Prep players will try to knock the ball 
    around in the air and mess up your catch. You can't bump into them until you 
    have the football; however, you must catch the ball to gain anything. If you 
    miss, you'll start your next down from the same position as the previous down. 
    If you do catch the ball, the rest of the play will act out the same as a run--
    dodging opponents while trying to gain as many yards as possible.
    The life and dash gauges are nowhere to be found (not to mention unnecessary). 
    Instead, you'll have three boxes next to the lives and Stars counters. The box 
    in the upper-left corner indicates which down you are on as well as how many 
    yards you still need to gain for a first down. The box next to it indicates how 
    much time is left in the game. The third box indicates how far down the field 
    the ball is (shown by the number as well as the field gauge). The only other 
    symbols that will come up appear during pass plays. During a pass play, radar 
    will appear below the third box that shows where the ball is in the air. Also, 
    a flashing "X" on the field will indicate where the ball will land.
    You'll have 15 minutes to score a touchdown in Children mode, 7 minutes in 
    Normal mode, and 4 minutes in Challenge mode. Nothing stops the clock from 
    running except an incomplete pass. If that occurs, it will stop until the next 
    play starts. Running out of time causes you to lose a life. Also, failing to 
    earn a first down on a fourth down play causes you to lose a life.
    However, there are rewards at stake as well. Each first down you earn nets you 
    one Star; plus, you get one Star for each extra yard you reached past the 
    required 10 for a first down. Scoring a touchdown gives you a bonus of 10 Stars 
    in addition to the Stars you would normally earn on the play.
    My strategy took some time to figure out but is actually kind of simple. 
    Basically, I always choose a pass play on my first down. Once the play starts, 
    I hold left until Plucky throws the ball. As soon as Buster turns to the left, 
    I hold right to turn him back around immediately. I then run down the field 
    until I spot the X. I run about a yard or so past the X, then wheel around just 
    in time to reach the X as the ball reaches it. Usually, I'll turn back to the 
    right once I catch the ball. However, I usually run into a Perfecto Prep guy 
    right off the bat. So, I choose a run play on my second down. I always jump 
    high over the first defenseman. If I manage to clear the first two, I slide 
    twice to dodge the next two. I then jump over the following two and again slide 
    under two more. Finally, I quickly jump the last player and head for the goal. 
    By this time, the Perfecto Prep players are speeding back from the left side. 
    Buster usually doesn't get too far at this point, but at least I've gotten a 
    first down with plenty of extra yards to spare. Oh, and don't worry if you 
    don't catch Plucky's pass on the first down--you should be fine as long as you 
    catch it anytime during or before your third down. 
    Cross the goal line to score a touchdown and win the game 16-14! Go ACME Loo!
    >>>       *** STAGE 4 COMPLETE! ***
              --- Stage 5: Buster's sky jinks
    "I hate flying, I hate flying, I hate flying..." ~ Buster Bunny; TTA
    >     Items:     SGDT x12; BBD x1
    >     Enemies:   Condors (1 hit; 1 Star)
    >     Intro:     Heeeeeere's Calamity Coyote! Always the kid genius, Calamity 
    manages to invent the most useful devices, complete with several mishaps along 
    the way. This time around, his clumsiness made him forget some type of item in 
    the sky. Naturally, Buster will go get it for him--but what is it?
    >     Shy:       Another great stage on the horizon--literally. This stage 
    gives you challenge within the level design rather than hordes of enemies. In-
    between the hectic football game and the upcoming drama, this peaceful lull in 
    the action is the perfect breather. The music, not only appropriate but also 
    quite catchy, adds to the airborne flavor of this whole experience.
    [ Walkthrough ]
    Like the coyote said, jumping on the button allows you to go higher. That must 
    be one powerful balloon. Once you stop rising, Hamton will fly by in a biplane 
    resembling Tails' biplane in the Sonic games. Each time he flies across the 
    screen, he leaves behind a row of 4 bubbles. Jump up the rows of bubbles fast, 
    since each bubble pops after a few seconds. Grab the Stars inside the falling 
    bubbles if you want, but don't risk falling. If you do fall, aim for the center 
    of the screen to land safely on the Calamity Coyote balloon.
    You'll see a couple of small balloons as soon as you enter this next area. 
    Trust me, you don't want to jump to them right away. Instead, wait until they 
    pop, then leap onto the next set as soon as you see the first new balloon. 
    Cross on all 5 balloons to reach one of the floating balls of safety (as seen 
    earlier in the stage). The next sets of balloons don't pop, but they do sink 
    whenever Buster stands on them. Hop along to get through the area, but hang a 
    left when you see a "stairway" of balloons leading up and to the left. Up that 
    path lies a Buster Bunny doll surrounded by 3 Stars. After you acquire the 
    doll, go back down the balloons and proceed right as usual.
    Not too long ago, you were on a balloon. Now, you're on a blimp. Thank goodness 
    a fighter jet isn't next up. O_O Ride the TTA blimp as it journeys through the 
    sky, being careful not to slip and fall into the screen-wide pit below. Once 
    those pesky condors start attacking, you'll need to plan your drop kicks to 
    stay on the blimp. If you're facing right when you attack, you'll fall to the 
    left after the hit. If you're facing left when you attack, you'll fall to the 
    right after the drop kick. Don't ever do two drop kicks in a row and face the 
    same way on both--chances are you'll fall off the blimp. Once the blimp shifts 
    to the right side of the screen, always face to the left when you hit the 
    birds. As it slides back to the left, watch for the line of 4 condors all in a 
    row. To avoid hurting Buster or falling, face right when you drop kick the top 
    bird in the row. You'll take out at least one more birds and give yourself 
    enough time to jump the last bird. Out of nowhere, the blimp's stopper pops up. 
    Thankfully, a condor saves Buster from his imminent fall. This is no ordinary 
    enemy condor, though--it's your pal Concord Condor to the rescue!
    Who built this pinball machine way up here!? Anyhow, the stopper you start on 
    will disappear as soon as you jump off, so don't rely on it for safety. Bounce 
    off the flippers and pop bubbles to your heart's content. Once you get 5 of the 
    colored balls inside some of the bubbles, a moving platform will appear in-
    between the next set of flippers. You guessed it--bounce up there to move on. 
    Now, you must get all 56 of the colored balls in this new bubble-free section. 
    To help you out, a bumper is conveniently situated in the center of the table 
    just below the 4 rows of balls. Note that Buster bounces higher than usual if 
    you land dead-center on the bumper. Once you get all the balls, the third set 
    of flippers will appear above the bumper. Bounce up to the final challenge in 
    this section. Actually, it's not really much of a challenge. Just aim Buster 
    toward the hole that opens in the ceiling of this mid-air pinball table.
    Like last time, the stopper disappears once you leap off of it. No worries, 
    though--you should be able to use the flippers to reach that large gray circle 
    in one bounce. Upon touching it, you'll destroy it. Catch as many Stars as you 
    can before they scatter and fall into the pit below. In this door is the script 
    for the next episode. You've found Calamity's important item, but you're not in 
    the clear yet. The place starts to collapse, and Buster enters the door.
    Get ready to dash jump up a falling tower. The screen doesn't scroll up very 
    quickly by itself, but it definitely picks up the pace whenever Buster is busy 
    climbing a wall. You'll need all 12 of the Silver Gogo Dodo Trophies in this 
    tower to keep your dash going and make it out of here alive. Go back and forth 
    during the first section of the tower, jumping anytime you near a ceiling of 
    some sort. As soon as you grab the fifth Silver Gogo Dodo Trophy, jump left to 
    avoid going into the gap. Jump back to the right before you hit the ceiling. 
    Don't jump when you get the sixth Silver Gogo Dodo Trophy. Instead, wait until 
    you nab the seventh one to jump to the right side. Don't jump as soon as you 
    get the eighth one, either--wait until you can reach the ninth one to leap to 
    the left. From here on, use the same back-and-forth tactic that got you through 
    the first section of this tower. If you succeed, you'll take the twelfth Silver 
    Gogo Dodo Trophy and escape the tower just in the nick of time.
    >>>       *** STAGE 5 COMPLETE! ***
              --- Stage 6: Space opera
    "Okay. Time for me to get captured." ~ Babs Bunny; BBL!
    >     Items:     SCT x4; GCT x3; CCT x2; SGDT x1; CGDT x1; BBD x1
    >     Enemies:   Bomb-tossing bots (1 hit; 1 Star)
                     Ducktroopers (2 hits; 1 Star)
                     Spin bots (1 hit; 1 Star)
                     Bumper bot (2 hits)
                     Club Ducktroopers (1 hit; 1 Star)
                     Duck elders (1 hit; 1 Star)
                     Spring Ducktroopers (1 hit; 1 Star)
                     Duck Vader (7 shots from the paralyzer gun)
    >     Intro:     Atypical as always, Buster becomes as chivalrous as ever here, 
    vowing to be a good knight, defeat the dark side, and rescue Princess Babs. 
    Still, is this whole situation really dire and serious? Enter Babs Bunny, stage 
    left, who just as quickly leaves to go get captured as Buster remarks about her 
    lack of stage fright. Wait, Babs isn't captured? She doesn't have stage fright? 
    Put two and two together, and see if you can figure out what's really going on.
    >     Shy:       The last stage in a video game should always present itself in 
    a dramatic overture of challenge, polish, and finality. This stage, which just 
    so happens to borrow quite generously from the second episode of TTA, does a 
    pretty good presentation job. Space generally works as a conclusive setting, 
    and the challenges are balanced between level hazards and enemy overkill. Plus, 
    the melodramatic final boss sequence is as good as any other parody I've seen.
    [ Walkthrough ]
    Immediately jump kick left to take out the enemy serving as your welcome mat. 
    You'll need a well-timed series of dash jumps to make it across each pit 
    without taking too many hits from all of the Ducktroopers. Basically, whenever 
    you climb a pillar, stop your dash at the top of that pillar by hitting L or R 
    again. Pull left if you're about to fall into a pit; otherwise, hang tight and 
    dodge/destroy any pesky enemies in your path. Although it may be tempting to 
    use a jump/drop-kick combo to reach the ladder, Buster can't grab onto ladders 
    in the middle of a drop kick. Just jump on over; you'll reach it with room to 
    spare. Once you're atop the ship, head right to snag the Crystal Carrot Trophy. 
    Then, go up the ladder near the top of the ship. Take the left branch to get 
    the key to the ship; take the right branch to reach a very welcome Gold Carrot 
    Trophy and Buster Bunny doll. Once you're done scavenging, drop back down to 
    the ship and stand above the keyhole to your left. Duck while standing on it to 
    drop down into the ship. Then, head right to open up a path to the next area.
    This next area has a background reminiscent of a certain space movie series. 
    (The Ducktrooper parody should've given that away by now.) Those ships aren't 
    just fighting each other, however. Occasionally, a blast will come out of 
    nowhere and head toward the foreground--and Buster. Buster's main sources of 
    refuge are gray walls (not much taller than he is) that can take a single laser 
    blast before shattering. Stand in front of the first one you meet to witness 
    the awe-inspiring protection of the crumbly wall from the laser blast of death. 
    In all, 8 laser blasts will be heading your way. Once you use the first wall to 
    get past the first blast, jump up to the nearby ledge to reach another wall. 
    Once the second blast comes and goes, jump up again to the highest ledge yet. 
    Wait for the third blast to hit, then quickly hop down to the right. Hang a 
    left to reach a wall just as the fourth blast arrives. Once you're in the 
    clear, head right, climbing each ladder that you see. You'll need the wall atop 
    the highest ledge to take cover from the fifth blast. Wait until it destroys 
    the wall, then jump off the ledge and back down to the floor. Don't grab the 
    Silver Gogo Dodo Trophy just yet. Instead, get in front of the wall on the 
    floor to escape the sixth blast. After the laser has done its duty, grab the 
    Silver Gogo Dodo Trophy and dash up the tall pillar. Go down to the floor yet 
    again to find a wall that will keep you safe from the seventh blast. After 
    everything goes to pieces (literally), climb the ladder to your right. Up there 
    is the final wall in the area. Stand in front of it to take cover from the 
    eighth and final laser blast. Now that you're safe and sound, take the Gold 
    Carrot Trophy and scurry back down to ground. Exit this war-torn battlefield.
    See that gray button in front of you? Yep, you guessed it--stepping on the 
    button reverses the room's gravity, throwing both you and the enormous cannon 
    ball toward the ceiling. Jump on the ceiling's button to return both of you to 
    the floor. Repeat this process twice to smash both barriers. Head back to the 
    ceiling and hang a right, grabbing all 16 Stars in the otherwise-barren room. 
    Return to the floor and hang another right. The bumper bot takes two hits 
    instead of one, but duck in the lower-right corner and let him whack the bumper 
    a few times first. Take as many Stars as you like--after all, more Stars pop 
    out of the bumper each time the bot hits it. Once you've had your fill of 
    Stars, terminate the existence of said bot. Hang another right. (Notice yet 
    that the standard in 2D platformers is to head right to reach new areas?) ^_^
    Dashing through the snow worked in the song, but dashing up the walls of 
    buttons will work just fine for Buster Bunny. The right course, appropriately 
    dubbed the "Easy Course" (go with what works), contains fewer hazards but will 
    not net you any Stars. The "Hard Course" does have Stars, but it takes a bit 
    more skill and strategy to complete it. The mechanics of both courses are the 
    same, though. Dash up the course walls, hitting buttons as you go, with the 
    goal of reaching the top and leaving the area. Buttons with Gogo Dodo on them 
    act as Silver Gogo Dodo Trophies. These are the buttons we want Buster to hit. 
    Buttons with "Out" on them, on the other hand, are the buttons we do not want 
    Buster to hit. Hitting one brings a giant barrel down from the sky, trapping 
    anyone who gets in its way. While you can dodge the barrel by quickly hopping 
    to the opposite wall, dodging two barrels is near-impossible. So, the general 
    rule is to avoid hitting "Out" buttons. (If you do get caught in a barrel, 
    you'll plummet to the ground, where--upon landing--two Ducktroopers with clubs 
    will come out to greet you by beating the barrel to smithereens, injuring 
    Buster in the process.)
    ***Let's start with the Easy Course. In this course are 6 Gogo Dodo buttons and 
    8 "Out" Buttons. Additionally, if you make it past the "Middle Point" halfway 
    up the tower, you'll only fall back to that point if you slip or get caught in 
    a barrel. Start out by dashing up the left wall. As soon as you hit the first 
    Gogo Dodo button, jump to the right. Jump back to the left and wait until you 
    see an "Out" button on the right wall. Jump over that button and hit the Gogo 
    Dodo button above it. Jump back to the left, back to the right (over yet 
    another "Out" button), and back to the left just in time to hit the latest Gogo 
    Dodo button. Run up the left wall until you see an "Out" button in your path. 
    At this point, quickly jump right, left, and right again. You'll want to hit 
    the last Gogo Dodo button near the top of the right wall in case you're about 
    to lose your dash. There, you made it!***
    ***So, you want to test your skills on the Hard Course, eh? In this course are 
    7 Gogo Dodo buttons, 13 "Out" buttons, and 5 Star buttons. Also, there's no 
    Middle Point to help you out. You've got one shot to make it to the top. Start 
    out by dashing up the right wall. Jump left with the right timing to squeeze 
    between the "Out" buttons and hit the Gogo Dodo button. Jump back right to hit 
    another Gogo Dodo button as well as your first Star button. Jump again to the 
    left wall to avoid the upcoming "Out" button and hit another Star button. Keep 
    climbing the left wall until you hit the next Star button, then quickly jump to 
    the right to hit a much-needed Gogo Dodo button. Immediately jump back left to 
    dodge an "Out" button. As soon as you touch the left wall, jump again to the 
    right to hit yet another Gogo Dodo button while avoiding a pesky "Out" button 
    on the left wall. Climb the right wall until you hit a Star button. At this 
    point, jump left to avoid an "Out" button. Hit the Gogo Dodo button on the left 
    wall before jumping over to the right again. Jump to the left soon afterward to 
    dodge one more of those dangerous "Out" buttons. You can try for the final Star 
    button, but you'll be in for a rough ride. A safer bet is to jump right before 
    the Star button then jump back left to hit the final Gogo Dodo button. From 
    there on out, it's a hazard-free climb to the top. All right, you made it!***
    At last, you've reached the final area in the game. Only this room and its 
    challenges lie between you and the last boss. You could climb to the top of 
    this Ducktrooper-infested framework and use the rubber band near the ceiling to 
    vault Buster about halfway through the stage. Taking that route, you could then 
    drop kick the Ducktroopers on the springs and maneuver through the bouncing 
    balls to reach the final framework. Alternately, you could climb up partway 
    before leaping across to the right and grabbing the key inside the second 
    framework. You could then use the key on the door below the third framework to 
    reach a Silver Carrot Trophy and a rubber band that will vault Buster right to 
    the final framework. Either way, use your seasoned jump/drop-kick/dash skills 
    to navigate this dangerous area. Once you arrive at the final framework, make 
    good use of Buster's heralded drop kick to kill troublesome Ducktroopers and 
    bounce balls back in the other direction. Don't miss the Crystal Carrot Trophy 
    and Gold Carrot Trophy sitting on a ledge right above the first set of springs. 
    Up top, head right to meet your destiny.
    [ BOSS: Duck Vader ]
    After the melodramatic dialogue between the good knight Buster Bunny and the 
    fiendish villain Duck Vader, the action skyrockets to a climax. Duck Vader will 
    first attach his flying pod to the back of his rather large paralyzer gun. 
    Since such big guns can be useful against such small opponents, he'll then 
    start spinning the gun, firing shots every so often in an attempt to eliminate 
    his foe. Naturally, you do not want this to happen. Ignore the gun for now and 
    concentrate on Vader. Drop kick his little pod to knock it off the gun and send 
    it careening all over the room. Now, focus on the gun. Drop kick the gun to 
    spin it in the other direction. Knock it back and forth, aiming the phaser at 
    Vader's pinball disguised as a pod. Paralyzer shots also work quite well on 
    him, it would seem. After bouncing off the walls for a few seconds, Vader will 
    fly around trying to reattach his pod to the paralyzer gun. Keep drop kicking 
    the gun to delay him while hoping that a shot or two hits him in the process. 
    As always, avoid any shots that come Buster's direction. Vader will go down 
    after 7 shots of the paralyzer gun (10 shots in Challenge mode) shock his pod. 
    Congratulations, you just beat Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster Busts Loose! ^_^ 
    Watch the ending, which I will not spoil except to say that it is everything 
    from melodramatic to wacky. (All right, so it's only these two. Sheesh.) 
    Admittedly, the ending is a bit better if you beat Challenge mode.
    >>>       *** STAGE 6 COMPLETE! ***
    >     VII.             WHEELS O' GAME
    "Sorry to keep you waiting. It's game time!" ~ Buster Bunny; BBL!
    In-between stages, you'll spin the Wheels o' Game. Once Buster and Babs stop 
    talking, press B anytime to stop the constant spinning of the wheel. The wheel 
    will gradually slow down, finally coming to a complete stop. Once the wheel 
    stops, whichever color and Tiny Toon is on the top space indicates which bonus 
    mini-game you'll play. The little chart below lists color and character info.
    [                                                                             ]
    [  COLOR          CHARACTER          GAME                                     ]
    [  Yellow         Sweetie Bird       Mystery weight challenge                 ]
    [  Pink           Hamton J. Pig      Hungry boy Hamton                        ]
    [  Purple         Plucky Duck        Plucky Duck's go-go Bingo                ]
    [  Green          Furrball           Furrball's championship squash           ]
    [  Blue           Babs Bunny         Babs, find your friends!                 ]
              --- Bonus 1: Mystery weight challenge
    "Me no on diet." ~ Dizzy Devil; TTA
    The goal of this mini-game is to outweigh your opponent in as many rounds as 
    possible. Once the game starts, you'll see your lineup and your opponent's 
    lineup. In your lineup, Sweetie Bird counts as 1, Gogo Dodo counts as 2, Plucky 
    Duck counts as 3, Babs Bunny counts as 4, and Elmyra Duff counts as 5. In your 
    opponent's repertoire, Sneezer counts as 1, Little Beeper counts as 2, Shirley 
    the Loon counts as 3, Calamity Coyote counts as 4, and Montana Max counts as 5. 
    Your opponent's lineup will then be covered up as the CPU chooses its order. 
    Now, it's your turn. For each round, press LEFT or RIGHT to switch between your 
    Tiny Toons and press B to choose one for the current round. If you change your 
    mind, press A or Y to start over. Once you've chosen your lineup, the rounds 
    will go by in order. Whoever weighs more in each round wins the round--unless 
    the characters weigh the same (resulting in a draw). For each round that your 
    characters win, you'll get an extra life. If you win more rounds than the CPU, 
    you'll get another extra life.
    There's not really a strategy for this mini-game, since the CPU picks a random 
    order for its characters. Your best bet, however, might be to choose a lineup 
    and stick with it each time you play this game. Your odds won't mathematically 
    increase, but the CPU doesn't generally pick any one order twice in a row.
              --- Bonus 2: Hungry boy Hamton
    "Cookin' in the kitchen...mixin' up a cake...
    Eatin' all the goodies...before you even bake..." ~ Hamton J. Pig; TTA
    The goal of this mini-game is to have Hamton collect as many apples as he can. 
    Hamton will slowly trot down the blue path on the set of tiles. The problem, of 
    course, is that the path tiles are scattered all over the board. Just like in 
    any slide-tile game, you need to move tiles into the blank space to rearrange 
    their pattern. However, it looks like you're actually moving the blank space. 
    From this viewpoint, LEFT moves the space right, RIGHT moves it left, UP moves 
    it down, and DOWN moves it up. Hold down A, B, X, or Y to make Hamton hurry. 
    You have 99 seconds to move the tiles in order to set up a path for Hamton. 
    Note that you can move a tile even if Hamton is on top of it. If Hamton falls 
    off the path into a gray square or the blank space, the game ends. Each apple 
    he gets scores you an extra life. Getting all the apples completes the game.
    Basically, you need to maneuver the 90-degree turns to help Hamton reach the 
    tiles with apples. Since the tiles with apples are rarely set up next to a wall 
    or corner, you'll have an easier time manipulating the turns and empty paths. 
    Just in case anyone wants an example, I'll give out a strategy for the sample. 
    Press LEFT, LEFT, LEFT, DOWN, and RIGHT to beat the Children mode puzzle.
              --- Bonus 3: Plucky Duck's go-go Bingo
    "Bingo shoot!" ~ Plucky Duck; BBL!
    The goal of this mini-game is to get as many Bingo lines as possible. As in 
    normal Bingo games, each line of 5 counts as a Bingo, whether it's a row, 
    column, or diagonal. You start off with the middle square given to you for 
    "free" (hence its appearance) and 24 other squares on your 5 x 5 Bingo card. 
    Each square boasts the face of one of ten Tiny Toons--the same ones from which 
    you can choose at the Password screen. Plucky will stand by telling you when to 
    push A, B, X, or Y. Once you push any of them, a random ball pops up and out of 
    the machine to the left. Plucky will snatch the ball and reveal which character 
    it represents. Then, each square with that character's face on it will fill in. 
    You'll get 8 balls in Children mode, 7 balls in Normal mode, and 6 balls in 
    Challenge mode. Each line that fills in counts as a Bingo and lands you an 
    extra life. (Although the manual says you can fill in the whole board for 12 
    extra lives, you'll never get the 10 balls necessary to do so.)
    Which ball you get each turn is up to chance, so there's no real strategy here. 
    Simply push those buttons and hope you get lots of extra lives.
              --- Bonus 4: Furrball's championship squash
    "Darnit, Jim, I'm a doctor, not a barber!" ~ Doctor Furr; TTA
    The goal of this mini-game is to hit the ball 15 times in a row--and to do it 
    as many times as you can. LEFT/RIGHT moves Furrball left and right, and B 
    starts the game off. Once the ball is active, push B to swing Furrball's racket 
    at the ball as it returns to him. Hold LEFT or RIGHT as you push B to swing to 
    Furrball's left or right, respectively. Every so often, a Tiny Toon will run by 
    at the far end of the court. If you hit the character with the ball, you'll 
    receive a bonus. Hitting Calamity Coyote stops the timer for a few seconds. 
    Hitting Concord Condor slows the ball down (unless it's at its initial speed). 
    Hitting Little Beeper earns you an extra life. You get 60 seconds to hit the 
    ball 15 times in a row. If you can do this, you'll receive an extra life. 
    However, don't stop there--the ball will keep going, and its speed increases 
    this time around. Each time you get 15 hits in a row, you'll get an extra life. 
    If you miss the ball, the gauge that counts your consecutive hits will empty. 
    Press B to get the ball back out on the court, essentially restarting the game.
    Although purposely hitting or missing the Tiny Toons is rather hard to do, try 
    to avoid hitting Concord. Slowing the ball down eats up time that you need to 
    acquire as many extra lives as possible. Definitely hit Calamity whenever he 
    dashes by the court. Since he's the slowest runner, he's the easiest to hit. 
    Little Beeper, the speediest runner, is worth hitting but hardest to hit.
              --- Bonus 5: Babs, find your friends!
    "Come back! I have so much more love to give!" ~ Elmyra Duff; TTA
    The goal of this mini-game is to free all your friends from Elmyra's cells. 
    Babs is always running in this game, so use LEFT, RIGHT, UP, and DOWN to steer 
    her through the maze also known as Elmyra's house. Avoid Elmyra, Dizzy Devil, 
    and Arnold as you attempt to free Fifi la Fume, Furrball, Calamity Coyote, 
    Little Beeper, Concord Condor, and Bookworm. Dash into each friend's cell to 
    open the cell door and rescue the character. For each friend that you free, 
    you'll acquire an extra life. Free all of your friends to complete the game. 
    The game ends if you're caught by one of the three guards or if time runs out. 
    You get 60 seconds in Children mode, 30 seconds in Normal mode, and 15 seconds 
    in Challenge mode.
    It's virtually impossible to complete this mini-game in Challenge mode, so just 
    focus on freeing as many friends as you can. Regardless of the difficulty, 
    you'll need to keep an eye out for Elmyra and Dizzy. Arnold is slow enough to 
    outrun, but the other two guards are faster than Babs. Dizzy is less dangerous 
    simply because he stops spinning every so often. Therefore, a good strategy is 
    to scan the house for guards as you free any nearby friends. Spotting guards 
    early on can help you plan where to run next (in the other direction, usually).
    >     VIII.            FAQs / FACTS
    "Don't worry--be sappy!" ~ BBL! instruction booklet
    Please don't whine about the lame rhyme pun of the title of this section. ~_~ 
    If you're reading this, prepare to immerse yourself in miscellaneous info.
    PASSWORDS: The following passwords will take you to a particular BBL! stage 
    (with the exception of one). Note that all passwords automatically set the 
    game's difficulty level to Children.
    >     Stage 1: Plucky Duck; Babs Bunny; Bookworm
    >     Stage 2: Little Beeper; Montana Max; Elmyra Duff
    >     Stage 3: Gogo Dodo; Shirley the Loon; Sweetie Bird
    >     Stage 4: Bookworm; Plucky Duck; Babs Bunny
    >     Stage 6: Montana Max; Babs Bunny; Sweetie Bird
    This final password below is perhaps the best. Using it takes you to a menu. 
    From this menu, you can play any of the bonus mini-games. You can even spin the 
    Wheels o' Game if you want! Each mini-game will be at the Children level.
    >     Bonus menu: Elmyra Duff; Shirley the Loon; Calamity Coyote
    Reference: ROULETTE = Wheels o' Game; SQUASH = Furrball's Championship Squash; 
    JUNCTION = Hungry Boy Hamton; MAZE = Babs, Find Your Friends!; BINGO = Plucky 
    Duck's Go-Go Bingo; SEESAW = Mystery Weight Challenge. 
    NEAT STUFF: Check out these tricks and tidbits if you want to get a little bit 
    more out of this game. None of them will really help you beat the game, but you 
    can always utilize them to amuse or confuse anyone else watching. ^_^
    >     As stated in the Setup section, Y fades out the song currently playing in 
    the Sound Test. For fun, press Y again to bring the song back full-volume. 
    Notice that the song will start to fade out just like before. Use this over and 
    over for some interesting distortional effects.
    >     Whenever he's standing near one, make Buster run into a wall. Just hold 
    down LEFT or RIGHT until he's essentially running in place. Soon, he'll lean 
    against the wall and start chomping a carrot. It's not really much--just a cute 
    lil' animation--but hey, it beats running in place, right?
    >     You know by now that sliding into a pile of barrels in Stage 2 causes the 
    barrels to roll right, taking out enemies along the way. Try following them, 
    preferably by dashing, to see them bounce off the hay and reverse direction.
    >     Also, in Stage 2, you can jump rope as much as you like. Once you do it 
    10 times in a row and proceed on, go back left past the two kids until they 
    disappear off-screen. Now, head back to the right again. Yep, you've got to do 
    it all over again. Use this repeatedly to jump rope to your heart's content.
    >     You can actually lose a life in Stage 4 by scoring for Perfecto Prep. 
    How? Well, as soon as you catch the ball, run left and slide, causing the play 
    to stop. Now, on your first down play, choose a run play and head left again. 
    Repeat this on your second down play. If you do it again on your third down 
    play, you'll end up sliding into your own end zone with the football in hand. 
    This result, known as a safety, earns Perfecto Prep 2 points. Apparently, they 
    also get possession of the ball--since the game ends at that point.
    >     During the climbing courses in Stage 6, you've probably wound up in a 
    barrel or two. If you dodge the barrel as it falls, you can drop to the ground 
    unharmed and free. However, the Ducktroopers with clubs will still come out and 
    beat up the barrel. Attack them for their insolence.
    >     Normally, whenever he loses a life, a rather dizzy Buster plops down on 
    the ground. However, if the screen can scroll high enough (approximately two 
    whole screens), Buster will first fly into the air before crashing down into a 
    rather full dumpster. Either way, he's not exactly having the time of his life.
    >     Check out the signs in the library area in Stage 1. The kids got so noisy 
    that the librarian replaced the Dewey Decimal indicators with "SH--HH"...
    >     Those stained-glass windows in Spook Mansion seem to be able to alter 
    themselves at set intervals. Appearing as the ornate window designs (in pairs) 
    are various Tiny Toons: (Babs Bunny / Sweetie Bird) (Fifi la Fume / Furrball) 
    (Hamton J. Pig / Plucky Duck) (Montana Max / Elmyra Duff)
    >     IX.              CREDITS
    "Thank you. You like me--you really like me!" ~ Babs Bunny; TTA
    Well, this guide is coming to a close. Before I go, I'd like to thank various 
    people for their contributions and support. After all, without them, this guide 
    wouldn't even exist! Thanks so much!
    >     God, Dad, and Mom: For existence. I like existing. BIG thanks here! Also, 
    to the latter two, for buying me my SNES and most of the games I have for it--
    including TTA:BBL! Again, thanks for everything.
    >     Jacob: For being my younger brother--as well as my opponent in all the 2P 
    games we have. Remember, even though I'm better at platformers and RPGs, you 
    totally rule at extreme sports games and mech combat titles.
    >     Warner Brothers: For making Tiny Toon Adventures! Heck, for making Looney 
    Tunes, Animaniacs, and Freakazoid as well. My gosh, I could spend days at a 
    time watching these shows. Moreover, a special hats off to all the animators 
    and voice actors that bring the lovable Tiny Toons to life!
    >     Konami: For making this great game, as well as various other TTA games 
    (the enjoyable Acme All-Stars for SEGA Genesis comes immediately to mind).
    >     TTA:BBL! manual: For the ability to read all about this game. I continued 
    to reference this even after I'd collected all my notes, and it's great for 
    double-checking the basics.
    >     IGN.com: For the bonus menu password. I tried out the Power Crystals code 
    listed on that site, but it doesn't work. I think whoever sent it in misread 
    the title of the game. I've never seen any Power Crystals in this game.
    >     Me: For typing this FAQ / Walkthrough.
    >     You: For reading this FAQ / Walkthrough! ^_^
    And with that, I'm out of here! In the words of my favorite Tiny Toon:
    "Au revoir, ma petite potato de couch!" ~ Fifi la Fume; TTA
    Copyright 2003 Garrett Carter (Shy Ranger). ^_^

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