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Reviewed: 02/07/11

This game never came to see the light, but maybe it should have...

Introduction: Maybe it’s an outlawed idea to review a game that never came to light, but I don’t care. I feel I should tell anyone who ever comes across this about the game that never was, clearly ripped off from the system of a game that Accolade actually released.

RHI 95, which stands for Roller Hockey International, was a short lived roller skating hockey league (imagine THAT) which survived from 1992 to 1999. To put it nicely, franchise support and existence was about as fragile and as convincing as Arena Football League teams are, and the term “International” comes off as misleading considering that the clubs only came from the USA and Canada.

Read on if you care to know about the game that never was.

Gameplay: Ever play Brett Hull Hockey or the follow-up 95? Good, then nothing you haven’t seen before. The only difference stems not from the game set up, but from the fact that RHI rules regulated only four players on the rink at a time, as opposed to the five players in the NHL and any other ice hockey league. The game also remains true to the other rules, such as minor penalties being one and a half minutes in length and major penalties being four minutes, and the “Illegal Clearing” rule (which is just like icing, except you don’t need to touch it behind the net). (8/10)

Controls: Copy, paste, rinse, and lather, repeat from BHH and BHH 95. One noticeable difference though is when you hit players when you are playing defense, your player tends to hit harder and hip checks are more aggressive too. Other than that… (6/10)

Graphics: Now, if they didn’t change the gameplay or the controls, what would make you think that they would change the graphics? The only changes stem from the RHI logos and teams, not the NHL teams. And yes, the referee still looks like Conan O’Brian-come-The Penguin, only this time he puts his HANDS up to show an infraction…joy. (4/10)

Sound: Holy smokes did they save all the changes for HERE though! You still get the same sirens and whistles, and the fans still make their “one line appearances” throughout, but the game music is totally revamped: think the introduction to Linkin Park’s “Wretches and Kings” and you get the point. And in lieu of Al Michaels, we get the vocal styling of “Ron Phillips” who says just about the same things that Al would, except he doesn’t call “Brett Hull” 500 times or call any goalie names. (9/10)

Challenge: You know, I’m pretty convinced that they pull the team ratings out of their butt cracks, because lesser rated teams would beat higher rated teams I would control and likewise I could be more powerful teams then mine. Other than that, the same challenge applies to the game it copied. (8/10)

Final Thoughts: Yes, you cannot play this game anywhere unless you have a copy of it from the lab/studio of Accolade, or you chose to use emulators and ROM files. You should at least play this game once, because while it was totally the same as BHH 95, it also has its own little quirks and lovable qualities as well.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Product Release: RHI Roller Hockey 95 (US, 12/31/98)

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