Review by Ofisil

"Fun for a while"

Putty Squad is a Platform game developed by System 3 and released by Ocean. Although quite an amusing game it brings nothing new to the genre and is just another Platformer.

Story: N/A/10

No need for a plot in a game like this…

Graphics: 8/10

Very good comic quality graphics that create an almost surreal world. Your character although just a simple blue blob, has good animation, especially when he stretches or becomes a balloon in order to fly. The enemies are more detailed and rather strange I must say. All levels are very colorful and have great amounts of detail. The distant background has the same quality but makes things very complicated and that because the screen fills with detail and is a bit tiring to look at.

Sound: 7.5/10

Simple upbeat music tracks that although a bit repetitive are not bad at all. Sound effects have great variety and are quite good without being anything special.

Gameplay: 7/10

You control a cute little blue blob whose mission is to search each level in order to find his red blob friends and save them. You can jump, stretch your body in order to reach some places, fill with air in order to fly, punch enemies or melt and absorb items. In each level your red blob friends are scattered in various places and you must avoid traps, destroy enemies, use items and in general do everything you can thing of in order to find them. After finding them all, a door opens up you enter it and voila! You are in the next level, where pretty much the same things happen, some more enemies, a different background, the same items and blah, blah, blah… That sums up the gameplay of Putty Squad. Simple and amusing but only for half an hour… at least for me.

Although quite challenging, Putty Squad is not unfair. Also don't expect difficult puzzle solving or something like that, you just search for your friends, try to avoid dangers… the end! After 10 or so hours the game is over and most likely you won't try to play it again.

-Good graphics

-0 replay value

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Overall: 7/10

Although I found Putty Squad to be a boring, unoriginal and repetitive game, I've gave it a 7/10. Why? Well to be honest it isn't a bad game, the problem is that is offers the same as hundreds of others. It lasts for a while, but only for a while.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 10/01/07

Game Release: Putty Squad (EU, 12/31/94)

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