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Switch battery not charging? 1
Can't connect switch to tv? 5
Switch won't connect to the internet!? 2
Stuck on "New User" screen? 1
How to fix sticky/clicking buttons? 1
How do I connect my Switch to my imac? 1
Why does Switch look so terrbile on 4k? 3
Is the DLC region free? 2
Switch battery issue? 1
The Nintendo Switch can't connect to wifi? 2
Recent Questions Answers
Sky and water doesn't look blue. Looks an aqua colour? 1
Can somebody help me pick ? 4
How do you find the game manuals? 2
Can't make GameCube adaptor work. Help? 2
Should I buy Super Mario Odyssey or Splatoon 2? 1
Why can't I get my joysticks to work right? 1
Need help finding the people to finish the complete? shrine quests 1
ZR taking me to home menu? 1
How do I jump farther as a squid? (Splatoon 2) 1
Perfect 3rd party controller by J&TOP?? 2
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Unresolved Questions Answers
Nyko Nintendo Switch docking set or Kacosata Switch Mini dock, which to buy? 4
Joy-con lock jammed..? 3
Why won't my Switch connect to a specific Wi-Fi network and why doesn't it connect to public online servers? 3
Nintendo Switch Boot Loop! Any fixes? 2
My Nintendo Switch Joy-Con packaging didn't have barcode sticker on the bags? 2
Nintendo Switch viable USB-C -> HDMI dock alternatives? 1
Not connecting to wifi? 4
Why does my sound drop out randomly? 6
Online Lag and General Unresponsiveness? 3
How do i connect my switch to my speakers? 1

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