Review by pfunkallstar3427

Reviewed: 09/03/03

great game

Air Zonk a great game that some people maker it off because it’s a side scrolling shooter
But it’s so much more than that. It was made in 1992 by Hudson.This is one of turbo grafx best games ever with likes of parasol stars, splatter house, ninja sprit etc…

Story 8/10air zonk bonks cyborg sent to the future to stop a evil green guy named king drool. you are helped by your many funny looking and strange friends with super sun galsses.

Graphics 10/10 very strong part of this game is its graphics then used all 16 bits and it still looks great today. The whole game is colorful the background, the bosses and you and your friends.

Gameplay 10/10 simple put is outstanding you fly around side scrolling format and shoot people with a giant selections of weapons you pick up including boomerangs ,boxing gloves , nuclear bombs out of your mouth ,and electric shooting braches. Also you get simile faces and after so many you get the friend you picked to help you and after so many more simile faces you and your friend fuse (which is crazy and makes the game great) your friend are a gumball machine ,a cow, blowfish, gum, a missile ,a cat ,a baseball, a dump truck , a u.f.o, a little girl with a crystal ball, and a drill guy named mumbles.

Sound/music 8/10 Pretty dare good music gets you in to blowing up trillions of enemy‘s the sound is good to it as good explosion sounds that help this game in this category.

Difficulty9/10 the levels aren’t that hard. The bosses are hard form trash bags to buildings with people in them ,football playing 3 headed robot, under water robot flower , electric bay head ,a boom rang guy and a dinosaur the bosses will kick your asses some times and the last level is really hard.

Replay 8/10 This game is very fun and short so it as great replay value its great to stick in the turbo grafx for about a half hour and kill countless bad guys and blow up bosses and hust see who you can fuse with to look cool.

Over all 9/10 this is A very fun game and should be bought when it is found. all turbo grafx games are rare put there is always ebay so look for this game if you have turbo grafx and buy on sight. Thank you I hope this review helped you in your gaming experience.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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