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Reviewed: 02/07/00 | Updated: 02/07/00

Pinball meets Aliens!

Alien Crush is a very solid pinball game for the TG-16 ( as is its sequel, Devil's Crush.) Being a pinball game, there is not too much to say about it as far as what you do: you bat a little ball around and go for a high score. What makes Alien Crush such a good game is the solid play control. Ever since game companies started making video pinball, the issue of having tight, exact physics in the game was crucial. Even modern games like Pokemon Pinball suffer from a lack of precision control. No such problems here. The game has excellent physics and enough interesting features to keep the game diverse. A good pickup for the old TG system!

Graphics=8.6 Futuristic, Alien-like graphics. There are a number of creepy, pulsing creatures to whack and a few pretty neat bonus games. A nice looking game ala Geiger.

Play Control=9.2 Very good for a pinball game. The board is somewhat forgiving, eliminating cheap shots while still requiring a good deal of skill to fulfill objectives. Better than most pinball games; can get very fast at times!

Sound=8.0 A catchy main theme and the normal bleeps and bloops of pinball. The bonus stages have kind of dark songs which fit with the whole ''scary alien' theme.

Challenge=8.4 Getting a really high score is going to take some serious dedication. As with most pinball games, the basic gameplay is not tricky but racking up the big points is!

Storyline=n/a You are playing pinball and beating up aliens-- not so much of a story as a theme, I suppose.

Overall=8.2 A worthy investment and a ton of fun. While this classic is hard to find, its sequel Devil's Crush is even harder to locate!! If you are a fan of action pinball, then this is a title to look into.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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