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Reviewed: 12/06/06 | Updated: 12/08/06

A "Blast" from the past!

Ah Bomberman 93, a Bomberman game before the complications of dual screen/stylus action or 2 D-pads + 4 different buttons to deal with. If you're being discouraged by the fact that this game was made originally in 1992 don't. This game is a great addition to any Bomberman fan's collection. With its multiplayer and surprisingly good gameplay it would be a great game to buy for all ages.


This game's singleplayer mode can be described in 1 sentence, 48 variations of the same level. Which to be honest is actually what it is. Step 1: kill enemies. Step 2: Find portal. Step 3: pray your time doesn't run out. This game's singleplayer mode actually can be easily lost on the 1st LEVEL yes the 1st level. Let me explain, you kill enemies like heck, then, what's this!?!?! The portal is nowhere to be found. This is a common problem for every level since the portal may be the very 1st block you decided to skip because you wanted to get to the enemies faster. But if you are a true Bomberman fan you might like the classic way of doing things. All in all, if you're going to get this game, it shouldn't be for the singleplayer.


The Multiplayer mode is by far the greatest aspect of the game. It features something that no other video game system of today has. 5-player action! This game utilizes the wireless wiimotes / classic controllers and the GameCube's controller, by combining the 2 types you have 5 player action. The multiplayer has many different stages with different backgrounds and terrain features. Some include conveyor-belts, regenerating blocks, warp portals, and many more. The power-up's are the classics, ranging from super speed, to more bombs, to bigger blast, to skull viruses, to remote control bombs, and many many more. Even without 5 people to play with, or even with only 1 person this game's multiplayer is still great because you can substitute any human player for a computer in it. So that means that if you have 3 friends over, they can play as well as 1 computer playing with you too.

Graphics- I'm not even going to give this a grade because this is for the Wii's Virtual Console which is all about games from the past so if you are buying games from the VC graphics shouldn't be a huge issue. After all this game was made in 1992 so what do you expect? (But if you really must know the pixel size is pretty big)

Sound-Also not going to give this a grade because it's for the VC, but surprisingly for all of the bee bo bop bo bo beep sounds in the game the sound actually isn't annoying. (I actually find myself humming the tune to the multiplayer theme as I type this.) The sound is more of a present day arcade game, rather than the horrible music everyone probably thinks this is.


The price for this game is 600 Wii-points which after tax comes to about $7 so lets see, super fun 5-human multiplayer action with many different stages and o.k. singleplayer comes out to be, YES of course.

Controls/Learning Curve
The controls are completely simple. 3 buttons… only 2 of them are used for playing. The 2 are a D-pad and a button to lay down bombs. As for the learning curve you will know what each of the stages is and what the power-ups are after about 30-45 minutes of gameplay, which is about 15 multiplayer matches.

Replay Value

This is based on the fact that you really never play it the 1st time around and that this game is being carried down the path completely by its multiplayer mode, which actually never gets tiring if you have people to play with. Expect this game to be in your favorite channels sections for a long time.


This is a truly great game. It will keep you happy for hours on end. This game is a perfect example of a great pre-1993 Bomberman game. Finally is the fact that this game has four 10's and one 7 that just goes to show how great it is.

This is for the Wii channels so it will stay in your Wii not in a disk so that's good. The game also is not hard to beat (some take this as a con but this isn't their review now is it?). As for the rent / buy question this is for the VC so you can't rent it. Lastly the game is just plain fun; the game will make you laugh, cry, and have an annoying urge to hurl a round bomb at your friends.

Final Score-9.5 (rounded up to 10)

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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