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"A basic, fun, repetitive game with great multiplayer"


Bomberman '93 is a Turbografx 16 game released by Hudson that came out in December of 1992. Now, as a reviewer, I had never played this game until I downloaded it in March of 2007, but I must say that this is a surprisingly fun game. It may not be too deep, but it is a good time killer. This game became available on the Virtual Console the first month the Wii was out.


The graphics are bright and colorful, and aren't blurry or ugly. The enemy designs can be a little weird, but not in a distracting way. The levels are very repetitive looking, and while this can be expected as its a classic Bomberman game, it still does not help. Sometimes, there are some nice things in the background to spice the levels up, but usually these don't interact with the player in any way.


Now for a game from 1993 on the Turbografx, this game has really good music. It is of course no orchestra, but there are some really catchy tunes in this game. I never would have guessed, but I loved the music of Bomberman 93. The sound effects are effective, and that's all that can really be said - you don't hear them that often, as the bomb sound is somewhat quiet.


Whether you are playing single player or multiplayer, your goal is simple - kill everything on the screen with your bombs. You can set a bomb and then run away so as not to kill yourself, and hope that it hits your enemies. As you get power-ups, you can set more bombs, and their blast radius gets larger. There is also a power up that allows you to kick bombs, as well as walk over certain tiles of the level you normally wouldn't be able to.

As far as the single player part of the game goes, it is repetitive, but it offers a fun (if not very meaty) challenge. You proceed from level to level, killing all the enemies and finding the exit before the time runs out. As mentioned before, the graphics and layout of the levels all look very similar, so this may be a turn off for some people - although I don't recommend getting the game solely for the single player. The only way I would recommend getting it for single player is if you have played this style of Bomberman before, or if you don't mind a repetitive game that gets slowly more difficult as you go.

The boss battles, though, can be very tough. The regular levels aren't all that hard, but because most bosses move so erratically and can only be hit at certain times, they can be exceptionally difficult.

Multiplayer is always what these old Bomberman games were about, and this one delivers. With some somewhat customizable options and eight different levels, there are many ways to play. You can have up to five people playing with you (four Wii-motes/Classic Controllers and a Gamecube controller), or you can have less than that playing as well, with computers filling up the remaining spots. You don't have to use computer's either, if you just want a free for all with just your friends. A very nice option, indeed.


Now, obviously, multiplayer is the main reason you'll be coming back to this game. The more people you have playing with you, the more fun you'll have. The computer controlled characters can be a little stupid at times, but usually, you won't have many problems with that.

The single player game is a mixed bag, though. I, on the one hand, will be playing through it again someday, as it is so easy to pick up and play. You can save at any point in the game, and you have unlimited continues (provided you DO save, of course). The Wii save state function also helps as well. But some people may have thought the first play through was repetitive enough, and may not want to play through it again.

Final Recommendation

I stress to you, if you do not like repetitiveness, do not buy this game for single player. Most people won't like the game unless they are playing multiplayer. If you have played one of the old Bomberman games before, and you don't feel like you have played it to death, then I heartily recommend this game. I bought this game myself to kill 10 or 15 minutes at a time, and it serves that purpose well.

Overall Rating - 7/10

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 03/16/07

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