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"Bang for the buck"

Bomberman has been around for a while, but its gameplay hasn't changed much over the years. These retro releases are proof enough of that. It's still primarily about blowing up bricks, collecting power-ups, and trapping other players with bombs.

This version of Bomberman is about as basic as Bomberman can get. And that's not necessarily bad. You'd be surprised how much fun Bomberman is even when the game is stripped of such useful items like the ability to throw bombs, remote-detonated bombs, and speed-increasing skates. In Bomberman '93, the item list only contains the usual increases in bomb capacity and explosion range and poisons. Poison can be anything, though, be it reversing your controls or taking away the ability to drop bombs or even making you run ridiculously fast. The fun of poison is spreading it onto other players when you touch them, which means matches are just as frantic and hilarious as ever.

One thing sorely missing, however, is the inclusion of a revenge mode. In more recent Bomberman games, revenge is a way to get back in the game after you've died. Here, you just have to sit it out and wait for all the other players to die. And this time around, that includes five players instead of the regular four. The fifth player can join in by holding the R button on a Gamecube controller when the game first boots up. This also means you can use any combination of Wii remotes, classic controllers, or Cube controllers. Granted, five players isn't such a great feat if you've played any of the portable Bomberman games, but it is pretty cool to be able to get five people in one round on a home console. Even with just three or four people, though, this makes for some great multiplayer action. No amount of Wii Sports will match this level of competitiveness.

Playing by yourself, on the other hand, is not so cool. But is that any surprise? The one-player mode is simply a series of single-screen grids that require you to blow up all the monsters and uncover the exit. Boring, indeed. And playing the battle mode against computer opponents isn't much more preferable, either, since they are programmed to always know exactly where to stand. You can't change their difficulty or even set handicaps for yourself, which only adds to the fact that this is such a basic package by today's standards.

Final Comments:
If you own a Wii, you already have access to one of the best versions of Bomberman ever: Bomberman Generation on Gamecube. Bomberman '93 doesn't feature a revenge mode or any of the newer items, like remote bombs, that have ultimately made multiplayer Bomberman better. The only reason why you would want or need to download Bomberman '93 is out of convenience. Having the game saved onto your console is nice, but not as nice as being able to play with up to four friends by using any combination of Wii remotes or Gamecube controllers. Plus, it's only $6.

+ Classic Bomberman action
+ Supports up to five players
+ Convenient to have on Wii
-- No revenge mode
-- Basic item selection
-- One-player is boring

Score: 7.5

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 06/20/07, Updated 06/26/07

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