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"Bombs away!!"

Bomberman '93
Black Bomberman has stolen the power generators to the galaxy's own power station, and hidden them between seven planets, it is up to White Bomberman to restore power to the station and bring peace to the planets again and capture black bomberman and bring him to justice. The objective is the same as in the first Bomberman game, use bombs to destroy all enemies. Once you have made your way throughout each level destroy the boss that is guarding each of the power generators and transport yourself to the next planet.
Bomberman graphics are just simple, cute and colourful. The bosses are imaginative, fairly large and quite well animated. Basically everything just does the job with not that much frills.


OK this is my favourite part! The BGM in this game is some of the best heard throughout the PC Engine Bomberman games. There's a lot of variety in there from remixes of the original music to Egyptian themes all in Stereo sound (hey this was back then in 1993 you know)!! If you can hook your PC Engine to a decent amplifier and have a nice decent set of headphones Bomberman has some nice suitable bass in its explosions and the sound chip can produced some really nice deep base tones in Bomberman '93 's bgm. The sampled drums are awesome too; music really helps you go along through the many stages.


Game play
Ok you got your basic story mode. Hectic 5 player battles, battles between handheld to handheld and a password feature, or save feature (if you got suitable media for back up). Power-ups include more bombs, manual detonation, extra lives, and extended flames. Occasionally, you also get the ability to walk through bombs or walls, or to kick bombs. If you accidentally blow up the exit, whether it is active or not, or if time runs out, you will unleash new enemies that you also need to destroy.

Hudsonsoft have added stuff to keep things interesting like conveyor belts, gates, warps, tiles that stop you placing bombs placed on them. Some of the boss fights are really hard in this!

Overall Hudsonsoft has made a fantastic bomberman game, personally I think this is the best one simply because the music is just really awesome to listen to and its definitely worth owning in your games collection. In one player story mode the game starts of slow but as you eventually get more power ups and become stronger the levels become more hazardous, but bomberman has always been a multi player party game and this is where the fun is at!


Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/20/06

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