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    FAQ/Walkthrough by RJLilley

    Version: 3.1 | Updated: 07/06/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                                   Bonk's Adventure
                                    Turbo Grafx 16
                                      Version 3.1
                     Written by RLilley (Carpainter[at]gmail.com)
                           Last Updated:  July 6, 2007
       This file is Copyright (c)2000-2007 Randy Lilley. All rights reserved.
    If you wish to use this guide, or any other of my guides, feel free. I'd 
    appreciate it if you contacted me first, so I can give the guaranteed "yes"
    and advertise your site in this particular guide. If you do decide to use it,
    do not change any part of it. Just keep as it is, and we're cool. If for some
    reason, you don't want your site advertised on here, that's okay too. Just
    let me know in the e-mail asking for the permission. Thank you for reading
    one of my guides! It's very much appreciated!
              TABLE OF CONTENTS
    A. Introduction/Getting Started
       1. Introduction to Bonk's Adventure
       2. Controls
    B. Miscellaneous
       1. The Cast
       2. Items and Power Ups
       3. Miscellaneous Information
    C. Walkthrough 
       1. Step One: Title Screen
       2. Step Two: Stage 1-1
       3. Step Three: Stage 1-2
       4. Step Four: Stage 1-3 (Part One)
       5. Step Five: Stage 1-3 (Part Two)
       6. Step Six: Stage One Boss
       7. Step Seven: Stage 2-1
       8. Step Eight: Stage 2-2
       9. Step Nine: Stage 2-3
      10. Step Ten: Stage 2-4
      11. Step Eleven: Stage 2-5
      12. Step Twelve: Stage 2-6
      13. Step Thirteen: Stage 2-7
      14. Step Fourteen: Stage Two Boss
      15. Step Fifteen: Stage 3-1
      16. Step Sixteen: Stage 3-2
      17. Step Seventeen: Stage 3-3
      18. Step Eighteen: Stage 3-4
      19. Step Nineteen: Stage 3-5
      20. Step Twenty: Stage Three Boss
      21. Step Twenty-one: Stage 4-1
      22. Step Twenty-two: Stage Four Boss
      23. Step Twenty-three: Stage 5-1
      24. Step Twenty-four: Stage 5-2
      25. Step Twenty-five: Stage 5-3 (Part One)
      26. Step Twenty-six: Stage 5-3 (Part Two)
      27. Step Twenty-seven: Stage 5-3 (Part Three)
      28. Step Twenty-eight: Stage 5-3 (Part Four)
      29. Step Twenty-nine: Stage 5-4
      30. Step Thirty: Stage 5-5 (Part One)
      31. Step Thirty-one: Stage 5-5 (Part Two)
      32. Step Thirty-two: Stage 5-5 (Part Three)
      33. Step Thirty-three: Stage 5-5 (Part Four)
      34. Step Thirty-four: Stage 5-5 (Part Five)
      35. Step Thirty-five: Stage 5-6 (Moonland)
    D. Conclusion
       1. Revision History
       2. Frequently Asked Questions
       3. Contact Information
       4. Special Thanks
       5. Signature
    Learn all that you can about the game we call:  "Bonk's Adventure".
    A1. Introduction to Bonk's Adventure
    You're here, looking for some FAQs, when something strikes  your attention.
    There are barely any FAQs/Walkthroughs for the Turbo Grafx 16 System! You're
    flabbergasted! How could this be? You had one of these systems yourself, and
    you loved it! Something has to be done!
    Is this why you're here? If so, you're not alone. The Turbo Grafx 16 was my
    first Video Game Console, and one of my all-time favourites. Bonk..
    Bomberman.. Even Keith Courage caught your eye. You didn't care that the
    Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis Systems were being released.. you stuck by
    your favourite system. Too bad nobody else did.
    I decided that the Turbo Grafx 16 did not recieve as much credit as it
    deserved. Thus, I wanted to create some FAQs for my favourite Turbo Grafx 16
    But where to start? 
    When my dad bought me a Turbo Grafx 16, he took a chance. A system noone had
    heard of.. for Christmas. Would I be satisfied? Definitely. The system came
    with two games. Keith Courage, and World Class Baseball. Both hold a special
    place in my heart. The third game, however, brought me into the world of
    gaming. It was my first real favourite game. Bonk's Adventure. That's the
    reason that I am going to start with this game for my very first FAQ.
    Bonk's Adventure is an easy game. Don't get me wrong.. it's easy, but very
    fun. There are five levels. UNLIMITED continues. You get three lives per
    continue. Therefore, If you have patience, you will beat this game.
    There are five bosses for each level, and a variety of level types. This
    should be a fun game to whomever decides to play. It can get really addicting
    if you give it a chance. 
    Well, thanks for reading the introduction. Now it's on to the content!
    A2. Controls
    Hey, It's the 'author' again. Yes, I am aware that I did not note what the
    'Turbo Switches do. I'll briefly explain them here.
    Turbo Switches (when switched different ways) allow Bonk to SPIN in the air
    repeatedly, while you hold down the 'Button II'. If it isn't switched, then
    he will spin once, then fall head-first to the ground. But remember: This is
    Bonk we're talking about. So naturally, he isn't hurt.
                   / / F
                  | |
    |        Turbo Switches      |
    |  |                         |
    |--|--             [-] [-]   |
    |  |     |-|  |-|            |
    |                   D   E    |
       A      B    C       
    First of all: I apologize for my inability to ASCII-draw a decent Turbo Grafx
    16 Controller.
    LABEL A: The D-Pad
    The D-Pad is used to move Bonk around (Left to Right), and to control his
    spinning. While swimming or climbing, down will lower Bonk, but to move up,
    use up in conjunction with Button I. Up also allows you to enter the skeletal
    elevators, and bonus enterances. Left and Right can be used to switch sides
    on the climbing levels like 2-6.
    LABEL B: Select Button
    To be blunt, this button is nearly useless. When you lose all three lives,
    and it shows the title screen, and then you press Run, and it gives you two
    options. 'Continue' and 'End Game' I believe. Use Select to switch between
    each choice. it's easier to just use the Up/Down on their respective places
    on the D-Pad.
    LABEL C: Run Button
    This button is used to pause during the game, and allows you to 'enter' your
    choices in the game. It works like the 'Start' button on a Super Nintendo,
    or the 'Enter' or 'Return' key on the keyboard.
    LABEL D: Button II
    Why does Button II come on the controller before Button I? I have no idea.
    Anyway.. Button II is the button that allows Bonk to headbutt! When in the
    air, if you repeatedly hit this button, Bonk will spin. (You can hold it down
    if the turbo switches are in play.)
    LABEL E: Button I
    This is the button that allows Bonk to Swim, Jump and Climb. It's arguably
    the most important button in the game.
    LABEL F: The Cord
    Do not leave the controller hanging so that someone can trip on this cord.
    It's not that long, so when pulled, it will send the system flying. Believe
    me.. I know. (Please note: The only reason this is here, is because this is
    how I lost my beloved system. My sister feels terrible as my dad played this
    system as much as I, if not more.)
              B. MISCELLANEOUS
    Here is the important (yet random) stuff!
    B1. The Cast
    After you defeat the game, the ENTIRE cast will scroll vertically throughout
    the screen. Pretty awesome in my opinion. Here is the cast, of Bonk's
    Al. E. Gator
    - The alligators I try and get you to juggle at the very beginning of the
    Stu Stinger
    - The big dragonflies.
    Tommy Tic
    - Small tick-like creature that sort of reminds me of a grasshopper. Has more
    green than Terry Tac.
    Terry Tac
    - Small tick-like creature that sort of reminds me of a grasshopper. He is
    mostly brown. Also smaller than Tommy.
    Timmy Toe
    - Small flying tick-like creature with a huge yellow 'stinger' for a nose.
    (Tic Tac Toe)
    Freddy Frogger
    - The weird looking frog.
    Mini Mongoose
    - Remember that small, rounded tree, that when you bonked it, a small lizard
    thing would run out? That's Mini-Mongooose. The duo's name I suppose.
    Sally Slug
    - The blue slugs that were in Stage 1-3. I had no idea that she was female!
    The OopaLoopas
    - The round, red, ball, spinny things outlined in green, and the peach little
    cute things that appear when you bonk them. Sort of hard to explain.
    B. Lou Roach
    - A blue roach. Vertically impaired, Horizontally inclined.
    Henry Hatchet
    - The Egg Lizards I refer to in the walkthrough.
    Bill Duck
    - The birds, with the shells over their heads. They swoop down and peck you
    to death! More deadly than they sound.
    - Fish with just the skeleton!
    The Squibbs
    - In Stage 1-3, they were the multiples of round zappers surrounding the
    heart and the Large Meat.
    The Squbbs
    - The thin Fish Bones that swim left to right.
    Andy Ammonite
    - The Blue Ink squirting sea creature.
    Funk E. Fish
    - The Green Fish that would Zap you. They also hang out in waterfalls.
    Jerry Jelly
    - The Jellyfish that are always hanging around the water levels.
    Blue Hawaii
    - By far my favourite enemy name in the entire game. This blue creature holds
    a harpoon which he will shoot at you. He wears goggles and everything!
    B. Ike Link
    - This is a weird enemy that looks like a bikechain. That's the only way to
    describe him.
    Crocket Dile
    - The horizontal croc that will attempt to swallow you whole! He fills King
    Drool's moat in front of his castle. Takes 5 solid bonks to defeat this
    R. Ed Beaker
    - The Red Dinosaur creature who reminds me a lot of Bonk.
    Gary Geek
    - The Purple Kangaroo type enemy that debuts in the second stage.
    Egghead Errol
    - The Eggheaded purple dinosaur thing. His head is literally shaped like an
    The Amigos
    - The names for the cacti throughout the game.
    The Uvulalas
    - The 'Pipes' in the bloodstream level.
    Roz Erback
    - A sunglasses wearing, annoying little wilderbeast/triceratops type-dude.
    Spike Sauros
    - The big green Triceratops throughout the game. They pack a mean punch.
    V.L. Chure
    - The mother birds of the groups of three little bird-dudes which debut in
    the second level.
    The Imps
    - Each little-bird dude.
    Lee Octness
    - The Big Blue Dino-Dude, with the purple cap, and orange goggles.. Not to
    mention a REAL long neck. He shoots water our of his head to help Bonk reach
    some higher items.
    T. Rex
    - The Stony, Tricaratops Statues that charge at you.
    Skins Kellyton
    - The walking skeleton creatures who walk on four legs. Sort of like the
    Fishbone on land.
    Red Riding Ape
    - The magical, purple Ape. He wears the really neat purple cape.. and
    vanishes and such.
    Twinkle Toes
    - In the second level, there are these big palm trees with faces. Bonk them,
    and they'll jump, and move back and forth as if it's dancing! It carries Bonk
    along so he can grab the high items. Twinkle Toes is cool in my book.
    Google Eyes
    - The pink flowery thing that will swoop down and attach to Bonk's head for
    two seconds. He will then transform into a Pink Flower Spring!
    Flora Springer
    - The Pink Flower Spring
    Floret Sprung
    - The Yellow Flower Spring
    Venus Bonktrap
    - The Skeleton, bouncers that hangout in some 'Flora Springers'.
    - The boss of the first stage. He likes to blow bubbles, and stick up for
    people who cannot defend themselves. When he isn't brain-washed, he just
    hangs around as everyone's best friend.
    - The boss of the second stage. She can teleport, and can create holograms of
    herself. When she isn't brain-washed, she can use her knowledge to help out
    the citizens of Moonland.
    Kongo Zilla
    - The boss of the third stage. This monkey is tough, and strong, and likes to
    workout. When he isn't brain-washed, he likes to work on his banana farm..
    which creates about half of Moonland's food.
    Punchy Pedro
    - The boss of the fourth stage. He is a universe-classed boxer who can duke
    it out with almost anyone. He is great friends with Princess Za. When he
    isn't brain-washed, he likes to box, and practice his world-famous: 'Rocket
    Psudo Za
    - I believe she is the brain-washed version of Princess Za.
    T. Ractorhead
    - The former 'multi-attack' vehicle for King Drool, after Bonk destroyed it,
    Gladdis rebuilt him. T. Ractorhead learned from his wrong ways, and now
    offers to help Bonk anytime he needs it. T. Ractorhead also runs the most
    successful junkyard in the history of the world.
    Evil King Drool
    - Bonk's nemesis.. and final enemy of this game. The big drooling, crown
    wearing, dinosaur. Bigger than Bowser, that's for sure.
    Princess Za
    - The ruler of Moonland. When captured by Drool, Bonk and the five 'bosses'
    swear to bring her back. The six heroes don't know each other, but will after
    the journey is over. The six become great friends.
    B2. Items and Powerups
    I made a terrible ASCII chart, (If I mock my skills, you can't. Hahaha.)
    which contains a name for the item, how many points you recieve, how many
    hearts it will fill, and any other things it may do. (Note: Not all items are
    here yet.)
    Item and Powerup Table:
    |Name:         |Pts: |Hearts:  |Other Information:           |
    |Small Meat    |0    |None     |The small meat allows Bonk   |
    |              |     |         |to 'upgrade' his status from |
    |              |     |         |normal Bonk, to 'Medium'     |
    |              |     |         |Bonk, and then to 'Crazy'    |
    |              |     |         |Bonk. (Homemade Names)       |
    |Large Meat    |0    |None     |The large meat will upgrade  |
    |              |     |         |Bonk immediately to 'Crazy'  |
    |              |     |         |Bonk from Normal, and will   |
    |              |     |         |also keep him invincible for |
    |              |     |         |a short time.                |
    |Vegetables    |50   |Smallest |The Vegetables are quite     |
    |              |     |         |common around each level. 50 |
    |              |     |         |pts, and a small bit of life |
    |              |     |         |isn't bad at all.            |
    |Fruits        |100  |Twice as |Fruits are less common, but  |
    |              |     |much as  |definitely more valuable. One|
    |              |     |veggies  |fruit can give you enough    |
    |              |     |         |life to finish a level. It   |
    |              |     |         |does everything twice as much|
    |              |     |         |as the vegetable. I sense    |
    |              |     |         |biased opinions by designers!|
    |Red Hearts    |0    |Fills one|A red heart will simply fill |
    |              |     |empty    |one of your 'blue' hearts.   |
    |              |     |heart    |This is a VERY useful item,  |
    |              |     |         |and should not be missed at  |
    |              |     |         |any cost.                    |
    |Blue Hearts   |0    |None     |The Blue Heart is an empty   |
    |              |     |(Creates |heart. When you collect your |
    |              |     |one blue |first one, you will have four|
    |              |     |heart)   |total heart tanks, instead of|
    |              |     |         |three. That's the best way I |
    |              |     |         |can explain it.              |
    |Small Bonk    |0    |None     |This is the 'Extra Life' in  |
    |              |     |         |the Bonk series. Collect this|
    |              |     |         |and recieve an extra man!    |
    |              |     |         |Obviously, this is a very    |
    |              |     |         |good item.  You receive one  |
    |              |     |         |for every 100k points.       |
    |Smiley Face   |0    |None     |These are quite common...    |
    |              |     |         |However...                   |
    |              |     |         |Collect every one you see... |
    |              |     |         |You'll be rewarded at the end|
    |              |     |         |of the stage.                |
    B3. Miscellaneous Information
    Everytime you finish a stage, directly after the 'Smiley-Face Tally-Up',
    there will be a motivating message toward the player. I'll record every one I
    find here just in case someone is curious as to how many there are! (I add
    more as I beat rounds.)
    "Go for it!!"
    "Waste 'em!!"
    "Rip 'em up!!"
              C. WALKTHROUGH
    Having trouble with this game?  Here's the help.
    C1. Step One: Title Screen
    Wait for screen to load; Bonk should be sleeping on the logo.  Then, press the
    Run button, and watch Bonk jump to the ground. The game begins.
    C2. Step Two:  Stage 1-1
    (Tip sent in by Johney Choi:
    In Stage 1-1, at the very beginning go to far left of the screen and head bonk
    the floor, a small flower will appear. Eat it and a google eye will appear.
    Grab it before it flies away though because if you grab it, it will change to
    a pink flower which contains a nice 1-up.
    Thanks for the tip, Johney!)
    Walk straight to the right, a crocodile will be waiting. Jump into the air,
    and spin rapidly toward him. When you two collide, you both will be sent into
    the air. Continue to spin, and follow the crocodile. This has nothing to
    really do with any storyline, but it will allow you to get a huge chunk of
    point. When I did this, I got 4900 pts. Not too shabby if you ask me.
    Continue to the right, and there is another Croc. Do the same as you did in
    the above step. After that, there is an 'Egg Lizard'. I'm unsure of the
    actual name, so I will go with this. He is armed with an axe, so be a little
    aware.. there will be other 'Egg Lizards' in the game, and they will more
    dangerous than this. Use this opportunity to bonk this guy around for major
    points like you did with the crocs.
    Continue, and you approach three yellow things. These are called: Flower
    Springs. They are your friends, not your foes. Jump on them, and they will
    usually change into items. These yellow ones, are simply: Springs. Jump on
    them, and if you press Button I at the right time, you will be catapulted
    into the air. Grab the three small veggies, and continue on your way.
    One crocodile should appear.. Easy. When you approach the steps, a
    crocodile will walk down.. which MAY throw you off. Attempt to juggle anyway,
    as there is a Red Heart coming up to refill you.
    Climb the steps, and you'll approach a Pink Flower Spring. Jump on this
    little guy, and you'll recieve the Red Heart I was talking about. This should
    bring you back to full health. Continue on your journey.
    Another crocodile should appear.. as well as three more Pink Flower
    Springs! Juggle the crocodile, and then beware. The middle Pink Flower Spring
    contains an enemy! Jump on the middle one first, and then watch it bounce
    out. It's a giant skeleton! Hit it, and juggle it for good points. If he
    happened to hurt you, and take some heart, don't worry. The other two Pink
    Flower Springs contain Large Veggies! (Ironically, both are fruit.) They
    should heal you, plus 200 more pts. Continue, and you'll approach an Egg
    Lizard. Juggle it. Simple as pie.
    Another Flower Spring.. except this time it's a brownish type. What's it
    contain? Meat! Jump on it, collect the meat, and become 'Medium Bonk'!
    As Medium Bonk, you can jump into the air, slam the ground, and you'll
    freeze all enemies around! Try it on the conviently located crocodile
    immediately ahead of you.
    Two more crocs will appear, and try not to be hit by them. Just defeat
    them.. Don't try and juggle. Up ahead, there is another Brown Flower Spring.
    Jump on it, and become Crazy Bonk! You are now invincible! Run through every
    enemy that stands in your way! If you were hit, you'll only be Medium Bonk.
    This is still better than nothing. Jump into the air, and down the steps, and
    slam the ground. This will freeze the three crocodiles. Then simply bonk them
    A Pink Flower Spring ahead.. What's it contain? Large Veggie! 100 pts, and
    a little heart regained.
    One crocodile stands ahead, and by this time your status should be wearing
    off at any time. If you were Crazy Bonk, you become Medium Bonk. If you were
    Medium, you become Normal Bonk. Just destroy the crocodile ahead of you.
    Shouldn't be too difficult, so juggle him. Another crocodile appears, juggle
    it as well. After they are both gone, walk to the sign.. you've finished 1-1!
    C3. Step Three:  Stage 1-2
    Walk to the right, and an Egg Lizard will be waited, Armed with a hatchet,
    this guy means business. Just juggle him, and head to the wall.
    I've had people asking me how to climb this wall. I'm not sure why... It's
    not that hard. Just go right up against it, and while holding RIGHT on the
    D-Pad, Jump! Then, keep pressing Jump, and Bonk will bite the side of the
    wall. Continuing to press Button I to jump will allow Bonk to climb the wall
    with his teeth. Simple as that.
    When you get to the top of the wall, watch out. Another Egg Lizard will be
    there.. so get ready for some more juggling. (Juggling is great, isn't it?) A
    Pink Flower Spring awaits.. 50 pts, a small heart.
    On the following two steps, there will be two 'Egg Lizards' on each. Juggle
    them each. Then climb the steps.. another Egg Lizard.. but a new type? Yes,
    this one contains a Large Meat! Stop drooling, and destroy it. Take the Large
    Meat, and go crazy!
    While in the state of 'Crazy Bonk', RUN REALLY FAST. Run right through the
    three Eggmen, and get the smiley faces. Then LEAP over the volcano! Now,
    don't worry if it begins to fade.. because another piece of meat awaits! Get
    that, and go crazy again.
    While you walk, a volcano will appear out of nowhere. Leap over it, and
    beware the yellow block below. Step on it, and you will hit lava! Jump over
    it, and another volcano will spontaneously spawn. (That sounded neat.) Leap
    over this volcano as well, and you're on your way.
    Three more yellow brick blocks await.. Avoid them. Jump right over. Then, a
    piece of land should raise a bit. Avoid every second piece of land. It will
    colapse, and you will hit lava. Jump on the first piece that RAISED, and skip
    the next, etc.
    When you get to the top, an Eggman awaits. Juggle him, and then beat the
    one below him. Beware the ledge, as it will colapse, and lava will scorch
    you. Jump across the gaps, until you get to the land with the Yellow Flower
    Spring. The volcano in the background will then proceed to shoot fireballs at
    Jump on the srping, and spin fast as you jump to the right. Try and land on
    that Yellow Spring, and bounce toward the three smiley faces. Grab all three,
    and then just keep walking. You finished the scene.
    C4. Step Four:  Stage 1-3 (Part One)
    If you haven't taken much damage yet, you've been lucky. This part can get
    annoying. REAL annoying. You walk onto the stage, and you see a slug! My
    advice? Don't juggle it. No need to. Juggle the Eggman behind it. Then watch
    out for the spikes.
    Watch the spikes carefully.. every second green block will have a spike in
    it. Some move faster than others. Just be swift, and you should be fine.
    There will be two slugs.. But don't risk fighting them unless you have a good
    chunk of life. Those spikes will do damage. At the end of the spikes, you'll
    see three items. Grab them.. and you should see a dinosaur head. On the far
    right is a Pink Flower Spring. Jump on it three times, to get three items.
    This should fill you right up, and get you ready for the next stage.
    If you don't see an end, don't get discouraged. Jump up, and bonk the
    dinosaur. He should cry, (aww) and then.. jump on his tounge.
    C5. Step Five:  Stage 1-3 (Part Two)
    After being swallowed alive, you will fall into a pool of blood.
    (Literally.) Swim to the left, and jump onto the ledges. Be careful regarding
    the two 'Happy Pipes'. They will do decent damage, and are quite annoying.
    Simple tip: When under one, don't jump. Just fall into the pool. Simple but
    effective strategy.
    Two more pools await.. this time with Fish Bones! Bonk them, and then jump
    to the ledge to the left. Jump high, and spin directly at the slugs.
    At the end, will be an annoying Happy Pipe. DO NOT ATTACK IT. Just wait
    until it is facing either side, and quickly run underneath. Jump to the
    Beware this pool. It is filled with little 'Electrodes' and 'Fish Bones'.
    However, a heart awaits you, as well as some large meat, at the bottom of the
    pool. If you wish, you can collect the Large Meat, and then quickly destroy
    all Electrodes in hopes of gaining items.
    Before continuing to the left, climb the outer wall. There will be a gap.
    When you jump above the gap, spin. This will slow you down enough to allow
    you to enter the small space. Follow the path to a 1up!
    Here is a tricky part. Follow the path.. but be careful. Everytime time
    that you reach the top or bottom, a pipe will be waiting. Just wait until
    they move to the side, and then quickly attempt to escape. Between ever
    division, Fish Bones will be floating as well. (I attempted an ASCII map to
    show you exactly, but it didn't work out for the best.)
    After you finish the maze, beware the final pipe waiting for when you jump
    out of the water. See the red flashing heart? Bonk the blocks to destroy
    them, and then collect the red heart and jump down to the next step!
    Oh, wait. There is a gray block monster thing who just opened it's mouth.
    Trust it? Of course. Enter it's skeletal mouth, (pressing up) and it will
    take you to the first boss.
    C6. Step Six:  Stage One Boss
    Leave the elevator, and head to the right. The four blocks will fall, and
    will not allow you to go back. If your turbo-switches are on, fix them so
    that when you hold 'Button II', Bonk doesn't spin, he just Bonks and falls
    head first to the ground when in the air. This will help a great deal.
    When the enemy drops, he may hurt you. This should be the only time he gets
    you. He will attack with bubbles.. but if you know what you're doing, the
    battle shouldn't take more than two minutes.
    Jump on the stools on the left, and jump over him. Press Button II and fall
    onto his head.. cracking the shell each time. Just keep bouncing off of him.
    It takes FIFTEEN hits to defeat him. After three or four, his horns that hold
    the brain-washing helmet will fall. The shell will crack, and after the
    fifteenth blow, will fall to the ground. The enemy is instantly heeled, and
    will thank you. He'll also clap his hands and will make you happy.
    "Gee Wiz!! Thanks!! I feel a lot better. I'm your new friend. Arf Arf
    C7. Step Seven:  Stage 2-1
    Head to the right, and take some time to watch the cactus dance. I don't
    know.. I always found it interesting. To the right, sits a purple Kangaroo
    with glasses. His name.. is Gary Geek. He's a pretty easy foe.. just juggle
    him, and grab easy points. Continue, and there will be another 'Amigo'
    Cactus, and a few more Gary Geeks. Shouldn't be a problem.
    Continue, and there are three Flora Springers. (For the flower springs, I
    will refer them as Pink and Yellow. I'm not too fond of the official names.)
    The one on the far left contains a Vegetable. The one on the right contains a
    fruit, the middle contains a Venus Bonktrap. Choose whichever you prefer.
    I had to play this next part a few times to ensure that I was correct...
    but three more Pink Flower Springs, and another Amigo and a Gary Geek. It's
    the same as the step before. No double-print.. it happens twice.
    I believe there is one more Gary Geek, but it's not too important. Just
    continue until you see the yellow flowerspring. Jump on it, and grab the
    three Vegetables. Destroy the Gary Geek below, and grab the small meat in the
    brownish Flower Spring!
    Ahead, sit three 'Amigo' Cacti. Jump them, and bonk the Gary Geek in the
    middle of number two and three. Then, (hopefully if you didn't get hit by one
    of the cacti or the geek), grab the second small meat and powerup.
    Surprisingly, you will actually waste the meat. If you look ahead, a cactus
    sits on a little jail-broken type thing. In the middle, you'll see a black
    enterance shaped like a rectangle... well, it's just a black rectangle. Jump
    onto it's platform, and press up! BONUS STAGE! Just follow the Yellow Flower
    Springs, and hopefully grab all eighteen vegetables, and eighteen fruits.
    As soon as you fall, or make it to the end, (Yay!) you'll go back to the
    entrance. Go to the next jail-broken thing, and enter that bonus room too.
    BONUS STAGE! In this stage, you bonk as many volcano rocks as possible. Best
    plan: Stand in the middle of where the two rocks fall, and bonk right, bonk
    left. Just repeat that. You should get at least 45 hits.
    Continue to the right, and a huge pyramid-type setup awaits. You may
    believe that a lot of bonus stages await you, but unfortunately that isn't
    the case. In fact, only one of the openings does. Imagine the two layers..
    Top and Bottom. On the top layer, sits three openings. None contain bonus
    stages. However, at the very top, sits a Vegetable. Easy collect. Anyway, on
    the bottom layer, sits three openings as well. Two on one side of that
    Cactus, and one on the right. The one on the right contains a neat little
    bonus level! You stand beside a large wall.. and ten seconds are on the
    clock. The objective is simple: Climb that large wall in that time. There is
    no trick... just jump, and begin to climb as fast as you can. At a rapid
    pace... if you slack off for a second, you're screwed. This can be difficult,
    but eventually you'll get it. A Roz Erback awaits after you finish the bonus
    To the right of the pyramid, sits a lonesome opening. Bonus stage? Nope.
    Just keep heading right.
    In the next small sequence, three Gary Geeks will be waiting. Afraid? Don't
    blame you. Anyway, another enemy awaits... but which? A Henry Hatchet? In
    pink? Ignore the irony, and just defeat it. Grab the large meat, and cause
    massive destruction in the direction known as right!
    Run over the two upcoming Gary Geeks, and the Roz Erback, and the SECOND
    opening as a bonus stage inside. This is a neat stage.. as you must leap off
    a cliff and land on your feet on the ground below. The catch? Try and spin as
    many times as you can. You get a certain amount of points for each spin.. but
    land on your head, and you get zero. (I got 193 spins while writing this
    walkthrough.) It's semi-easy.. loosely based on luck.
    After you finish the bonus stage, head to the right and eliminate the Roz
    Erback and the Gary Geek with ease. You should be looking at a tall wall. How
    to get up? Climb. Just climb and get to the top. What awaits? A Veggie! Grab
    it, and beware the upcoming quicksand.
    Ahead, should be a tree. Bonk it, and it dances! Luckily, it isn't an
    enemy, and will allow Bonk to ride a tophis branches! Without risk of getting
    hurt by the two Gary Geeks below, allow Bonk to grab the Smiley-Skulls above
    for points. Then, you have finished the stage.
    C8. Step Eight:  Stage 2-2
    A new style of level is ahead... a jungle, perhaps? Head to the right, and
    Stu Stinger awaits. Simple Bonk him twice, and beware the waterfall! Funk E.
    Fish is in the waterfall, and WILL zap you if you let him.
    Now, you have a choice. Would you rather fight Funk E. Fish and B. Lou
    Roach? Or Henry Hatchet and Mini Mongooses, accompanied by Stu Stinger? In my
    opnion the above is easier. When you get farther, you'll notice a pink Henry
    Hatchet. What does this mean? Large Meat. Grab it, and continue to the right
    until you reach the wall.
    The wall is ahead.. but instead, just fall under the waterfall. Grab the
    awaiting Veggies/Meat, and then continue to the right. It's pretty easy to
    find the items and such. Just be careful because of the Funk E. Fish. They
    swarm the waterfall, and can be annoying. After you collect the Veggie and
    the small meat, head to the end of the stage. There is nothing below the
    waterfall, so no need to fall.
    C9. Step Nine:  Stage 2-3
    A desert.. a jungle.. now a cave. It can be creepy in here... in fact,
    right off the bat, you see two Sally Slugs. Bonk them. Not too hard.
    There are two ways to go... head down and left. One Sally Slug, Two
    OopaLoopas and a B. Lou Roach await. Defeat them for the points, and then 
    look to the left of where the B. Lou Roach was guarding... BONUS STAGE! Bonk
    the left area, and then 'Up'. It's the stage where you jump off the cliff and
    see how many spins you can do without landing on your head. (144 Spins for me
    this time around.) After the bonus stage, look to the right. A green slime
    can be seen. Do NOT fall in that, as it will drain your health rapidly. You
    pass three pools, and then another Sally Slug. Two more pools, and then
    another Sally Slug. In front of you is another pool, and a block surrounded
    by OopaLoopas. Kudos to King Drool for setting up that Oopa Loopa defense..
    it's quite ingenius. To beat them, simply stand on the edge of the green
    slime pool, and bonk. No need for jumping.
    If you leap onto the now OopaLoopa-free block, you can jump to the next
    space, and a heart is in view! Remember in Stage 1-3 (Part Two) where you're
    inside that turtle, and you have to jump high and spin fast to get into the
    little opening to collect the Free-Man? Same thing here.. Easy jump, spin
    fast, and you have the heart.
    Keep heading right, B. Lou Roach, OopaLoopa. B. Lou Roach, OopaLoopa. One
    more OopaLoopa, and then continue. You should see the end of the level! But
    don't go there yet. The B. Lou Roach on the far right is hiding something...
    bonk him, and then bonk the area he was guarding. BONUS STAGE! It's a repeat
    stage.. you have to climb the large wall in ten seconds. Remarkably easy this
    time around I must admit. Then just go to the end of the stage. If you're
    curious as to what you miss when taking the bottom way, is a heart. That's
    it. Feel free to go back and get it, but by doing that, you may take more
    than a heart damage, and make the whole trip pointless.
    Also, at the top right, there is a block you can bonk to enter a bonus stage.
    C10. Step Ten:  Stage 2-4
    Henry Hatchet is right at the beginning.. destroy him. Then, a pink
    Hatchet! Grab the large meat, and move fast to the right. You'll pass a
    Hatchet, a few Al E. Gators, and V.L. Chure along with her baby Imps. (The
    birds.) Jump and spin past all the Mini-Mongoose, and it should wear off when
    you meet the pink flower spring. Collect the vegetable. Pass two more
    Mini-Mongoose, and bonk the right-side of the Twinkle Toes. Simply ride him
    toward the right collecting any Smiley-Skulls along the way.
    After you reach the end of the ride... jump off temporarily. Spin-bonk
    Twinkle Toes over the small block, and continue to ride to the right. Keep
    collecting the Smiley-Skulls, until you see the second Twinkle Toes. Bonk it,
    and have it follow you to the right. Same with the third Twinkle Toes.
    Reason? An annoying Stu Stinger approaches, and try and jump back and forth
    via the TT's. Maybe it's just me, but I find it much easier this way. Keep
    using this strategy throughout the level. Just keep following Twinkle Toes
    until you reach the small meat. Grab it, and just continue to the end of the
    stage. A simple Henry Hatchet guards the ending. 
    C11. Step Eleven:  Stage 2-5
    Take the two step plunge, and leap off HAMMERING Freddy Frogger. Leap onto
    the Yellow Flower Spring and launch yourself onto the top "shelf". Swing
    across, and land on lower level so that you have 2-3 "Tic Tacs or Toes"
    coming at you. There will be three frogs to your left. After getting rid of
    the "buzzers", leap and destroy the three frogs. Just leap and spin to the
    right to go back there. You have to be somewhat careful here. Tic Tacs and
    Toes come from all directions. A Pink Flower Spring should be above you, so
    go get the "Fruit" from it immediately. Leap down, and there is a BIG patch
    of "mud". Frogs will fill it, so simply spin through them to the other side.
    A Yellow Flower Spring awaits, but make sure you BONK the Frog to the right
    of it.
    Another Frog sits in the mud awaiting you, so bonk it to arrive at the
    other side. Another Yellow Spring awaits as well as a Frog. Bonk it. Sounds
    easy, but I assure you, it can be rather annoying. Keep this pattern up until
    you see another Pink Flower, and grab the Veggie. Unfortunately, Stu Stingers
    show up. As you should already know, they are bad news. It is now time to
    LEAP and SPIN wildly to the right trying to avoid everything. It's harder
    said than done, but there isn't much else to grab at this point.
    Stop this strategy until you reach another Pink Spring, and grab the Fruit.
    A huge blue dude will popup, but no worries. He's on your side! He'll shoot
    water into the air, so leap on the water and grab the three veggies above for
    an easy 150pts. Jump across his five 'humps' and land on the other side. A
    Yellow Spring awaits, but ... another hump?! Yes! He is indeed that long!
    Keep going and you'll see another Lee Octness smirking at you. Jump onto his
    water like you did the other one, and collect the three veggies. Leap across
    and grab the fruit from the Pink Spring, and meet the third Lee Octness. Grab
    the three veggies, and leap across his three humps to a fourth Lee Octness.
    Grab the three more veggies, and jump down. There is a Yellow Spring ahead.
    Use it to leap up and swing on the branch slightly offscreen to the right.
    You see a familiar enemy ... HENRY HATCHET! It's one on one, winner goes on
    to the next level. (It should be no contest.) Defeat him, and you're on to
    the next stage!
    C12. Step Twelve:  Stage 2-6
    You can't move left or right, and you obviously cannot move down. This
    means you get to climb! Goodie! Jump onto the side of the "pole" beside you.
    You should have a solid grip with your teeth on the pole. Now, press "LEFT OR
    RIGHT" to switch sides. Knowing that information will make the entire level
    Go up the left side of the pole until you can turn in right. A blue Henry
    Hatchet should be there as well as a Pink Spring which contains a veggie.
    Continue right to another blue Henry Hatchet. You'll actually see three and
    the starting level "flag". You could've just went up that way, but my way is
    easier. Eliminate the three Hatchets, then jump onto the Spring and catapult
    yourself to the right. Jump off that one, and grab the high ledge that sits
    there. (The lower level just has two Freddy Froggers.) Swing to the left and
    eliminate the two Froggers. (Not the ones I mentioned before, the ones
    Climb up the left side, and swing to the left. Climb up to the Pink Spring
    and eliminate the Henry Hatchet. I received a red heart from this Spring, so
    you'll probably get a fruit. Continue climbing until you are forced to swing
    to the right toward that Yellow Spring. Leap on it, and attack the Freddy
    Frogger on the left first. Then the Henry Hatchet on the right. Now leap left
    and up to latch onto the side and climb up. Attack the Freddy Frogger and
    Tic-Tac-Toe member, and then head to the right. You're almost done.
    Latch onto the right wall, and swing right. Climb up, and take out that
    Henry Hatchet. Head over, and eliminate all enemies on this level. Above sits
    two Henry Hatchets. If you're low on health, make you sure you jump after you
    climb, and spin while they jump and throw their axes. They will miss, and you
    land on the Pink Spring. Grab the item, and it'll recover you somewhat. Then
    bonk the two Hatchets, hopefully avoiding all damage.
    C13. Step Thirteen:  Stage 2-7
    You're starting rather high on the screen! Leap onto the clouds below to 
    test the bounce. Now you can strategize. Leap onto the green platform, and 
    move forward toward that first cloud.  Bounce off the cloud, and spin to the
    left.  Once you are on that green platform, you should be above the sign.  You
    will see a life-up, as well as a large meat!
    Continue on your way throughout the level. You'll meet a few tic-tac-toes, but
    nothing too serious. Should you be damaged, just go below the various platforms
    to grab fruits and vegetables. Continue this, until you find the large meat.
    Eat the meat, and head to the upper right as quickly as possible. The skull 
    elevator will popup, and this will lead you to the second stage boss!
    If you wish to collect a Blue Heart, look for the Green Sprung midway through
    the level.  There are a lot of meats in this level, so it is not too difficult.
    C14. Step Fourteen:  Stage Two Boss
    Leave the elevator, and head to the right. The four blocks will fall, and
    will not allow you to go back. If your turbo-switches are on, fix them so
    that when you hold 'Button II', Bonk doesn't spin, he just Bonks and falls
    head first to the ground when in the air. This will help a great deal.
    Gladdis will teleport at the upper centre, and will split into two. Leap, 
    and just bonk the real one. It shouldn't be too dificult.
    After a few times, she'll combine into one Gladdis again, and will teleport 
    around shooting stars at Bonk. Continue to follow her teleportation 
    throughout the screen, whilst bonking her. After about 15 blows, she'll give 
    "You're my hero!! You've won my heart and mind, Bonk!!"
    C15. Step Fifteen:  Stage 3-1
    Head to the right, and witness a red dinosaur with a head shaped like his! 
    R. Ed Beaker is the name. I'll call him 'Beaker' from now on. Get the fruit 
    from the pink springer, and beware the three annoying bugs. Beaker appears 
    again, and he'll show you to a large structure.
    The first door you approach in the structure is a bonus stage ... sort of! 
    Congratulations, you've won TWENTY BANANA BUNCHES. That's huge! Grab the 
    meat/fruit springers, and then go to lower right door. It contains ... TWENTY 
    GREEN FRUITS?! Yes! It's so awesome!
    The next platform to the right of the structure holds nothing. However, the 
    second one with a cactus does. Go in ... Bonus stage! Bonk as many volcanic 
    chunks as you can. Find the middle spot, and bonk right then left. I 
    constantly get at least 50 hits.
    Grab the meat, and beware these Beakers. They are angry by this point. The 
    next platform holds a bonus stage. In the bonus stage you leap off a high 
    cliff to see how many spins you can achieve whilst landing on your feet. I 
    did 153. Might have been a fluke!
    The next platform also holds a bonus stage. This one forces you to jump 
    from yellow springer to yellow springer collecting fruits and veggies.
    Continue to the next large structure, and the bottom centre door allows you 
    in. What do you recieve? TWENTY WATERMELONS. This stage is loaded with 
    bonuses, don't you think? Well, continue to the next large platform. It also 
    contains something in the bottom centre. TWENTY GREEN FRUITS. Sweet stuff!
    The next four platforms you encounter with enemies contain absolutely 
    nothing. They're empty. The 5th has a cactus to the left, and contains the 
    bonus level where you have to climb a wall in a certain amount of time. Just 
    turn the turbo switches so that you can hold down the jumping button. You'll 
    be fine.
    Head right to the yellow spring to get on the high wall. Pass the two 
    Hatchets, and you are at the end of 3-1!
    C16. Step Sixteen:  Stage 3-2
    As opposed to falling from the bones, walk on the first bone, and quickly 
    jumpspin to the far right. If done correctly, you will land on the other side 
    with two bonuses ... a free man, and a warp to 3-5!
    If you don't make it, you just drop down to the bottom.  Make sure that you 
    don't fall down to the far left, as there is a set of spikes.  Then just walk 
    right to finish the stage.
    C17. Step Seventeen:  Stage 3-3
    Swim to the right, and you'll notice Jerry Jelly and Crocket Dile.  Climb on 
    the upcoming land or go underneath it.  Watch out for B. Ike Links and Crocket 
    Diles.  This Crocs will attempt to swallow you whole!  To defend against them, 
    you have to bonk them 5 times.  When bonking them, hit them from below.  Andy 
    Ammonites will shoot ink at you, so be sure to avoid them at all costs.  Or, 
    bonk him.  The crocs who sit, not moving, while snapping their jaws will lunge 
    at you.
    When you have the option of going on land, or underneath it, go above.  If you 
    go beneath, you have to face pointless B. Ike Links.  Hit the pink flower on 
    land to get a vegetable.  Head into the water, and look to the left.  See those 
    ice blocks that are so horribly obvious?  Bonk them, to reveal an open area.  
    Enter the area, go as far left as you can, and press up.  You enter the bonus 
    level where you have to bonk Volcano blocks.
    Head right and go over that voclano.  Head back onto land and jump on that pink 
    flower.  Collect the item, and bonk Twinkle Toes into the water if you really 
    want to.  Leap into the water, and go to the next land.  Another Twinkle Toes 
    is there.  Henry Hatchet looks at you, so bonk it or something.  Go into the 
    water and dodge the upcoming Andy Ammonites, Crocket Diles and Jerry Jellys to 
    complete the level!
    C18. Step Eighteen:  Stage 3-4
    To your right are two Jerry Jellys.  Destroy them!  Instead of following the 
    sign's instruction to go up, head to the right.  Under the Blue Hawaii is a 
    secret level.  Bash the block to the bottom right.  This is the "Climb the 
    Wall" bonus level.  So just switch your Button I turbo up and hold down the 
    Button I.  Afterwards, you have some swimming to do.  Head up!  Dodging the 
    Blue Hawaii, Jerry Jellys, you want to swim up while watching for what I call 
    "Ball Chunks".  If you come close to these Ball Chunks, they will explode into 
    four pieces.  If you're still too close, they'll explode into eight!  Beware 
    them at all costs.  After a bit of swimming, you'll notice that yes, there is a 
    ridiculous amount of Ball Chunks.  When you see an opening to the right, swim 
    there.  There will be two Blue Hawaii waiting for you.  Defeat them, and you're 
    rewarded with an extra life!  Go back left, and get rid of that Blue Hawaii.  
    You'll see the exit, so swim up, and leap onto the land!
    C19. Step Nineteen:  Stage 3-5
    Get ready for a long one.  First things first, get rid of both the Henry 
    Hatchets.  If you land on the ice, 'heads down', you will glide out of control.
    So, I'd try and refrain from doing that!  The pink flower has a fruit for you. 
    Beware of the Egghead Errols.  These are the 'purple chompers' that try and eat 
    you.  From the left, an iceblock will fly so watch out.  The right flower will 
    hold a veggie for you.  Once again, an ice block will fly from the left.  Why 
    don't you jump on it, and ride it the rest of the way?  Bill Ducks will swoop 
    and try to peck at you, so you can destroy them, or stay on the block.  When 
    the ride ends, a pink flower containing a fruit awaits.  Jump down, and ride 
    another block.  Right before the waterfall will be a pink flower containing a 
    Under the waterfall are four Blue Hawaii.  Head right and break the iceblock to 
    reveal a bonus level.  Leap from yellow flower to yellow flower collecting 
    fruits and vegetables!  Don't fall in the holes!  Head back left and collect 
    that brown flower's meat.  Bonk Egghead Errol, and look at the small flower.  
    Whilst avoiding the Bill Ducks, get the flower.  From above will be a Google 
    Eyes.  Jump up, grab it and be rewarded with a pink flower.  Jump on the flower 
    to get MORE MEAT!  Run through the Egghead Errols and then get the three pink 
    flowers.  The sequence is veggie-monster-fruit.
    Afterward, a cloud with severe lightning storms appear.  Avoid it and cross the 
    ice block bridge.  If you want to fall below, just jump and bonk one of the 
    blocks.  There are a few Blue Hawaiis, but heading right past the Blue Hawaiis 
    will result in a bonus level opportunity.  This is of course assuming that you 
    see the ice block to break.  It's the same bonus level situation as before.  
    Break it, and enter the bonus level.  It's the 'Climb the Wall' bonus level.  
    After the bonus, break the bridge from below, and get back up there to get a 
    small meat.  A few Egghead Errols are in front of you, so bonk them and 
    continue.  You will get more meat!  Rush through the rest of the Egghead 
    Errols, and only get the middle pink flower in the set of three.  The other two 
    are monsters, while the middle holds a fruit.  There are two ways to go 
    through, so make a choice.  Would you rather face Henry Hatchets, and try to 
    avoid the clouds?  Go on land.  If you'd prefer Funky Fish, Crocket Diles and 
    so forth, go below the waterfall.  At the end of the stage, you will face one 
    Henry Hatchet.  Then, you have a BOSS BATTLE!
    C20. Step Twenty:  Stage Three Boss
    After heading the usual direction (right), you'll notice an icey-type flooring. 
    Oh, boy.  New boss to face, and you'll be slipping left and right.  The boss is 
    "Kongo Zilla".  When he goes underground, he will throw a lot of junk up, which 
    will show where he is coming from.  When you see him, you have to jump and bonk 
    him on the head, missing his spiky arms.  He also is armed with an ice block, 
    which he will chuck at your head.
    "You made a monkey out of me, Bonk.  Come to think of it, I am a monkey!  By 
    the way, have you seen Princess Za?"
    C21. Step Twenty-one:  Stage 4-1
    There is only stage in Round four, and it is a doozy.  The music is sweet 
    though, so I suppose it evens out ... somehow.  Defeat the three Henry Hatchets 
    and notice the purple clothes of the third.  Those Hatchets always give you 
    large meat, so collect it, and be invincible.  Run quickly and defeat the Roz 
    Erbacks and the Spiky Sauros.  I was able to blaze through seven.
    After bonking a few more dinos, receive your items from the two outside 
    flowers.  The sequence is ... WAIT!  Monster-Veggie-Monster!  The game is 
    trying to trick us!  Take the middle one!  V. L. Chures and her Imps will try 
    and hurt you as well, so bonk them.  You meet a pink flower containing a 
    veggie.  More of the same (V. L. Chures, Imps and the Dinos) will try and 
    attack you, so just be prepared.  Continue along and collect another veggie 
    from the flower.  You'll have to defeat more, and congratulations ... you're at 
    the quicksand!
    Leap over the amigo, before the yellow flower.  For the next two Amigos, use
    the yellow flower to get some serious hangtime.  There will be another set of
    Amigos, so leap over them too.  After a few of those, you will have to leap
    over a set of three amigos.  Not a huge problem.  Coming up, you'll see a few
    Twinkle Toes, so feel free to climb them to get more of the happy faces.  In
    between each rest stop are pink flowers with Vegetables.  Beware the annoying
    Bill Ducks, and continue on your way.  Jump on the blue flower as it holds an
    extra heart tank.  Spike Sauros charges at you, so bonk it.  The volcanoes in 
    the background erupt, sending lava chunks your way, so be careful.  Just jump
    over the rolling Al E. Gators and avoid the Spike Sauroses.  Defeat the 
    Hatchets and you'll see that dreaded Skull Elevator.  Who is the boss this
    time?  It's a boxer named PUNCHY PEDRO.
    C22. Step Twenty-two:  Stage Four Boss
    Pedro is fast, so don't get in his way.  Stay in the air, and bonk his head
    repeatedly.  If you miss him, and fall to the ground, good game.  He has two
    punches that are devastating.  The first, I call "Rocket Jab".  It's the
    quickest jab I've ever seen.  Second of all, is the "KO Punch".  If he connects
    with you, you'll lose a heckuva lot of life.  I lost a few lives the first time
    I fought him, but improved by the second.  Don't be afraid to get in his face!
    "You really rang my bell on that one.  It feels great to be out in the light.
    Now I can find my beloved Princess!"
    23. Step Twenty-three: Stage 5-1
    Head to the right, and use the Yellow Sprung to reach the first part.  Destroy
    the two Hatchets, and jump on the Yellow Sprung to reach three more Hatchets.
    After defeating them, and climbing up, you will appraoch three Pink Sprungs.
    All three of them contain Venus Bonktraps, so it may be wise to avoid them.
    Jump on that yellow Sprung, and avoid the hiding Hatchet.  I received a heart
    from that Pink Sprung.  Continue climbing, and one of the "windows" will
    contain a room with Watermelons.  (The window directly to the left of a Yellow
    There is another Venus Bonktrap in the next Pink Sprung as well.  In the next
    window with a Yellow Sprung to the right of it,  In this bonus level, you leap
    from Yellow Sprung to Yellow Sprung to collect the fruits and vegetables!
    Climb up and avoid the Pink Sprung on the right.  It contains a Venus Bonktrap!
    The Pink Sprung on the left contained a heart for me.  Kill those three
    Hatchets, and just keep climbing.  Keep destroying Hatchets, and watch for the
    window beside the Yellow Sprung to find a room full of Watermelons.
    The Pink Sprung on the right contains a Veggie, and the Brown Sprung on the
    left has a small meat.  As you reach the end, that Pink Sprung has a Venus
    Bonktrap.  Kill the enemies at the top, and you've completed the level.
    24. Step Twenty-four: Stage 5-2
    The first Yellow Sprungs are kind of useless, because after you kill the first
    two Hatchets, there isn't anything up there.  The Pink Sprung contains a ...
    yes, Venus Bonk Trap!  As you continue, destroy the first Hatchet, and as
    always, the Pink Hatchet contains a Large Meat.  Charge to the right, and the
    next Pink Sprung you see will contain a vegetable.  The next one ... a
    Keep heading right destroying enemies.  The next Pink Sprung has a Fruit.  The
    one after, a Venus Bonktrap.  Head right, and jump on the bone to carry you to
    the right.  Jump up on the vertical scrolling bone, and just keep following the
    bones.  BEFORE you head down that "hallway", the final vertical scrolling bone
    allows you to find a secret level.  Start bonking the right wall, and when you
    reach the top, it'll reveal a black square.  Press up, and enter to reach some
    fruits.  Continue right, and exit the level.
    25. Step Twenty-five: Stage 5-3 (Part One)
    (Tip sent in by Johney Choi:
    In stage 5-3 (part one) water level, swim up the waterfall towards the right of
    the screen until you reach a wall. Jump and head spin until you land on top of
    the wall for a very quick shortcut to the skull elevator without going through
    the spikes and enemies.
    Thanks for the tip, Johney!)
    Fall a long way, and dive into the water!  It's another swimming level!  Avoid
    the spikes on the floor, as well as the ones above you.  You can swim by
    pressing up, but don't press jump.  Bonk the simple fish enemies, and beware of
    the crocodiles which WILL swallow you.  If they catch you, bonk repeatedly
    until you escape.  Continue right.  The crocs who are wildly snapping will
    charge you if you swim directly in front of them.  The others need to be
    provoked before they will bite you.  For the upcoming Blue Hawaii, you can
    deflect the arrows by bonking.  Attack the crocodile from underneath by
    pressing Button I before heading to the bonus level on the right.  The square
    with the extra colours can be bonked to find a very sweet room.  Large meat,
    and twelve vegetables!  Continue bonking enemies while following the path.
    You'll see another secret room directly after the spikes.  The secret room has
    sixteen fruits.
    Continuing left, you must bonk the enemies and the arrows to avoid taking
    damage.  Another secret area will be easily seen.  This area will give you a
    Large Heart which will fill your health bar, a Small Bonk (extra live) as well
    as another Large Meat!  If you move quick enough to the left, you will be
    invincible when you get to the croc.  Destroy all the Blue Hawaii, and enter
    the Skeleton Elevator.
    26. Step Twenty-six: Stage 5-3 (Part Two)
    Watch out for the Stone Rex.  These enemies can be very annoying.  Keep heading
    right and the next Pink Sprung contains a vegetable.  The next two after the
    next few enemies, has a heart and a fruit.  Next Pink Sprung has a fruit.  The
    one after has a vegetable.  Just keep defeating the few enemies there are, and
    enter Skeleton Elevator.
    27. Step Twenty-seven: Stage 5-3 (Part Three)
    The first two "Bones" take a lot of shots and have deadly bubbles.  They come
    in patterns of three, and do damage.  The sprinklers you saw in Part Two are
    back.  Avoid them.  The next Pink Sprung had a vegetable.  The next few lava
    pits will shoot magma rocks at you, so be careful.  Contnue jumping and
    spinning, and then collect the fruit from the next Pink Sprung.  Be very
    careful with the next four lava pits as well, and get the vegetable from that
    Pink Sprung as well.  Dodge the next four "Bones" and the Hatchet, and enter
    the Skeleton Elevator.
    28. Step Twenty-eight: Stage 5-3 (Part Four)
    Dodge the "sprinkles", and get the fruit from the Pink Sprung.  Red Riding Apes
    will appear out of nowhere, but from my experience, he isn't a difficult enemy.
    The next Pink Sprung contains a Venus Bonktrap, so you may as well avoid it.
    The next one has a fruit, so you'll gain a little health.
    The upcoming three Pink Sprungs all have Venus Bonktraps.  Yuck.  The next FIVE
    you'll see ALSO contain Venus Bonktraps!  Yikes!  Luckily, to make up for it,
    the next one has a heart, a fruit AND a vegetable.  All in one!  As you jump
    up, get the fruit, and enter the Skeleton Elevator.
    29. Step Twenty-nine: Stage 5-4
    As you step into 5-4, you'll notice white blocks.  You will jump on these to
    make your way to the top, but you cannot stand still.  They come apart, and you
    will fall!  (Don't worry, you won't take damage.)  Make your way up, until you
    have to destroy the two Stone Rex's.  When you spin to get to the next White
    Block, do NOT land on your head.  If you do, you will stall on the block, and
    fall to the bottom.  The next batch of Stone Rexs are hiding a secret area.  On
    the left, you can bonk the wall to reveal the area.  The room contains twelve
    vegetables, and a Large Meat!  Head up, and start climbing white blocks.  
    The scrolling bones here may be annoying, but you have to make do.  The
    scrolling bone on the right will help you get to a secret area.  It has a Big
    Heart, a Small Bonk as well as a Large Meat!  As you make your way right, you
    will find another Skeleton Elevator.  Here we go.
    30. Step Thirty: Stage 5-5 (Part One)
    Head left, and you will see "carbon copies" of Huey, Gladdis, Kongo Zilla and
    Punchy Pedro.  Enter the Skeleton elevator.  What a difficult stage, eh?
    31. Step Thirty-one: Stage 5-5 (Part Two)
    Attack the crocodile by pressing Button I.  Climb the waterfall by pressing
    Button I and up.  Bonk the enemies hidden in the falls, and make your way up
    the falls.  On some of the platforms in the waterfalls, you can find secret
    rooms.  I accidentally found a room with sixteen watermelons.  I found a few
    more.  Excellent.  Continue up the falls, and enter the Skeleton Elevator.
    32. Step Thirty-two: Stage 5-5 (Part Three)
    IT'S KING DROOL!  GET HIM!  Wait, he's taunting us.  He is dropping four eggs.
    I wonder ...
    Bounce on the clouds to the right, and climbs those waterfalls to enter two
    secret rooms.  The one on the left has an extra life, and a Large Heart, as
    well as a Large Meat.  The right one has sixteen bananas.  Continue right,
    climb the white blocks, and head right.  See the big red with a big closed eye?
    Enter its mouth.
    33. Step Thirty-three: Stage 5-5 (Part Four)
    Hey, you fell a long way back to Part One?  All right.  I think you know what
    is going to happen.  An egg falls, and activates the carbon copy.  It's a clone
    of Huey!  Use the same strategy you used in level one.  Bonk him thirteen times
    on the head to deactivate it.  This time through the tunnel, bonk the middle
    squares to get two fruits and two vegetables.  It's nice if you've taken a bit
    of damage.
    Gladdis is the next one to be activated.  Bonk her like you did in Level Two,
    and get the fruits and vegetables in the next tunnel.  I also received a Large
    Kongo Zilla will actually be easier this time, as he doesn't have his "ice
    ground" to torment you.  You will not slip!  Beat Kongo Zilla, and move on to
    Punchy Pedro.  In this tunnel, you receive a Small Heart, a Large Heart, a
    Small Bonk, and a Small Meat!
    Using the same Punchy Pedro strategy you used before, defeat him.  Head left,
    and you'll notice the Skeleton Elevator is gone.  The white blocks will fall
    away, and you will find the way to ...
    34. Step Thirty-four: Stage 5-5 (Part Five)
    ... a tunnel!  The tunnel contains three fruits and a Large Heart.  Princess Za
    will appear!  You saved her!
    Wait, she's brainwashed.  Note the shell on her head.  She jumps up, and lands
    in her throne.  It is time for a WHOLE new boss.  T. RACTOR HEAD!
    T. Ractor Head is equipped with abilities all the first four bosses had.  He
    has Huey's Bubbles (complete with a small Huey replica head, Gladdis' Seven
    Star attack, Kongo Zilla's Ice Bomb, and Punchy Pedro's Rocket Punch (two
    flying boxing gloves).  He also has the ability to have a small volcano shoot
    magma rocks at you, as well as fire five homing darts.  He will randomly start
    jumping around the screen as well.  Bonk him!
    T. Ractorhead will charge, and retreat a few times, before launching one of
    those attacks at you, via his compartment on his back.  You have to defeat it
    by hitting the "switch" flashing on his head.  He will explode after you hit
    him enough.  The powers T. Ractorhead had will snap Za out of her
    brainwashing.  She says:
    "I am Princess Za from Moonland!!
    "My people had been brainwashed!!"
    "Help me get back to Moonland!!"
    After entering the big door, head right.  Such peaceful music.  The tunnel
    hides a Small Bonk, and a Large Heart!  Follow Za into the Skeleton ... Rocket
    Ship.  You will launch, and head toward Moonland!  Upon arriving, you will be
    attacked by King Drool.  Crash land, and begin the biggest fight of Bonk's 
    35. Step Thirty-five: Stage 5-6 (Moonland)
    Pass the sign, and here comes King Drool.  The screen will flash, and a Yellow
    Outline of King Drool appears!  With him in this form, you cannot hurt him.
    He fires fireballs at you, and when you bonk him, he disappears.  He reappears
    again, and after eight hits, you've defeated his "shield".  He goes off-screen
    and prepares his first attack.
    He will dive from the sky.  You have to jump spin him, and his crown WILL cause
    damage you.  After you defeat him ...
    "Love is in the air!"
    "I get to go back to Moonland!!"
    "Thank you so much. You set me free!!"
    "I want to go back to the banana farm on ...Moonland!!"
    "Thanks for saving Princess Za!!"
    In the background Drool's castle will fall.  Huey, Pedro, Gladdis and Kongo
    Zilla are waving to the player, and Za gives Bonk a kiss!  He goes crazy as if
    he received some meat!
    The game ends, and the credits roll.
    Afterwards, Huey, Gladdis, Kongo and Punchy are seen on Moonland.  They are
    waving to you!  And ... so is Moonland!  Yup, the planet is alive!
    The end.  Thanks for playing.
              D. CONCLUSION
    It's been fun, boys and girls!  Now let's end this thing!
    D1. Revision History
    VERSION 3.1, July 7, 2007
    Ended up receiving an e-mail regarding two very helpful tips.  One for Stage
    1-1, as well as Stage 5-3.  Thanks, Johney!  Also added Mr. Choi to the
    "Special Thanks" section.
    VERSION 3.0, June 23, 2007
    The walkthrough is complete after five years of writing this thing.  Absolutely
    unbelieveable.  I also added another end message a friend of mine found while
    playing.  I also found a new secret area in Level 2-7.  Awesome.  Added another
    FAQ question due to the Virtual Console.
    VERSION 2.2, June 1, 2007
    ... Three years later, I finally clean up some stuff.  For those curious, I had
    planned on finally finishing this FAQ, but the walkthrough pages I had were
    lost in a harddrive crash.  I want to look at finally getting this thing done.
    VERSION 2.1, November 8, 2004
    Well, they're typed up, and the guide is larger than ever before.  All I need
    to do is write down the final level, and I'll try and do that tonight.  There
    are quite a few mini-stages in the fifth round, but some are longer than
    others.  I'll be done this week, if not tomorrow.  After two years, I'll
    finally have completed this FAQ.  How sweet it is!
    VERSION 2.0, November 5, 2004
    How sweet it is.  I changed the layout of this FAQ and after reading a COMPLETE
    Bonk's Adventure FAQ, I am determined to finish this thing!  I will have the
    last laugh!  MWEHEHEHEHE!  As of now, I have 4 of the 5 stages on sheets of
    paper that I will need to type out.
    VERSION 1.4, November 30, 2003
    It has been a while again, but school took over my life. After working on 
    the two TG16 FAQ projects (Tale Spin and World Class Baseball) I took 
    somewhat of a break. What I have yet to announce, was that I ordered a TG16 a 
    few months ago, and now I can play all these games on console. I decided 
    today to go play Bonk's Adventure. I got to the part where I am on the 
    walkthrough, and decided to write things down. I added 2-7, Stage Two Boss, 
    3-1 and partial 3-2. Why partial? I found a warp, and didn't want to skip 2-3 
    and 2-4 all together. Disadvantage of using the console! Well, I also added 
    an end quote: "Mindblowing!!" and I will probably add a few more levels 
    later. This update puts this FAQ at 52 KB, catapulting me over the 100KB 
    plateau! Sweet deal!
    VERSION 1.3, July 18, 2003
    Changed the Contributor name from Carpainter to RLilley.
    VERSION 1.2, June 25, 2003
    As you may have noticed, the walkthrough was not completely fixed to fit
    the new layout, and that has been completely finished as well as ... TWO NEW
    sections to the walkthrough. 2-5 and 2-6 are now fully covered. I'm excited.
    This FAQ will be finished, and my goal is September 15th, 2003. Guess why.
    Added a few more people to the special thanks, and added "End Quotes" to the
    mscellaneous section. This should be the last update you see for this FAQ
    until I feel enough content has been completed. We'll be through stage two,
    anyway ...
    VERSION 1.1, June 23, 2003
    It's been nearly a year, folks. A lot has happened in that time, and it is
    time to get to business. In that long period of time, I had the thrill to see
    this FAQ posted on GameSpot. I have been told that it isn't that huge of a
    deal but nevertheless, I'm flattered beyond belief. Too much work went into
    this FAQ to just let it die, and I don't intend to watch that happen. What
    happened a few days after October 7th was that I lost my good computer, and I
    was unable to run MagicEngine. I use this to write my FAQs as my real TG16
    has been out of commission for a while now. Well, I bought a new computer for
    about $500 Canadian, and I am now able to run the program! Now I can finally
    work on the FAQ! A special "Thank you" to Brian Suplher for all his support.
    Also, address has been changed to: --> thebestofalltime [at] hotmail.com -->
    Topbar has been edited to show more important information. Cleaning up the
    entire FAQ. I think it looks nicer.
    VERSION 0.5, October 7, 2002
    About two weeks has past since I last updated this thing. We moved to a new
    town/house, and I haven't had time. We won't have the internet back for a few
    days/weeks, so I've decided to try and get this FAQ/Walkthrough as close to
    done before the 'net comes back. In this update, I added Steps: Seven, Eight
    and Nine, as well as starting Ten. Changed the Table of Contents so that the
    reader can see which parts of the Walkthrough are completed/nearly completed
    and use the CTRL + F (Find) command to go directly to that section. Also
    fixed some line widths. Some had been pushing the 79 character rule. I'm
    trying to keep it all under 65-70 to ensure that I don't break this rule,
    even though my FIRST version DID have some lines that broke the rule. More
    updates to come through-out the next week.
    VERSION 0.4, September 24, 2002
    Pretty massive update this time around. I played through the game, and at
    the end had a scroll with the ENTIRE cast. Naturally, I wrote every character
    down in the 'The Cast' section. I started writing for the second level, and
    got to the first two bonus levels. On a lighter note, I added a new
    'End-O-Quote' in the Misc. Info section. I fixed the item table, and also 
    changed the walkthrough sub-headings. Regarding one of the FAQ questions, 
    (Which are real, I swear!) Rhyos Beoulve reminded me that Bonk's Adventure 
    and Bonk's Revenge were also released for the Game Boy. Last but not least, I
    noticed that Bonk's Adventure is the NUMBER TWO on the top FAQs list for the
    Turbo Grafx 16; behind the hardware FAQ. I'm not sure what determines the Top
    Ten List, but I'm thrilled either way. Further updates to come soon.
    VERSION 0.3, September 22, 2002
    Had to change my e-mail address from  Carpainter@dobber.net to
    Carpainter@ebvortex.com. Added a new function for 'Up', added a new section
    entitled: 'End-O-Stage Quotes' under Misc Info, and finished Stage 1 of the
    walkthrough. Added some FAQ Questions.
    VERSION 0.2, September 20, 2002
    Started the walkthrough, and finished a few sections. Decided to send
    in this first version to CJayC at GameFAQs to hopefully raise awareness of
    the Turbo Grafx 16 section. Perhaps someone will see this FAQ, and will want
    to play a Turbo Grafx again...
    VERSION 0.1, September 15, 2002
    Began the layout for the FAQ, and began the actual FAQ writing on this
    date. Obviously not all sections will be finished in this version, but just a
    quick overview. Wrote up Stage 1-1 in the Walkthrough.
    D2. Frequently Asked Questions
    E-Mail me at --> carpainter [at] gmail.com <-- with your questions.
    Then I can answer them here in future versions.. Any serious or comical
    question to be answered.
    Q: Who is Bonk's Dentist?
    A: King DROOL. Ha hahaha. Ha. Get it? You drool when your mouth is open for
    too long while being drilled. I crack myself up.
    Q: I haven't heard much about Bonk, but I'm curious as to what happened to
    him. He sounds like a unique character. What's his history?
    A: Ironically, this was his first game. And boy, was it a hit. Bonk then went
    on to appear in Bonk's Revenge. (I have that game as well.) After that, well,
    rumour has it that he appeared in a Bonk 3. (Bonk's Big Adventure.) However,
    I have never seen the chip. They also had a Bonk knockoff, which was entitled
    Air Zonk. It was a pretty good game as well. On the Super Nintendo, he's had
    two games. Super Bonk, and Super Bonk 2. I've played the former.. it's great.
    While searching for exact info for this question, I found out an arcade
    version of this game was made! How cool!
    (NOTE: My friend Rhyos Beoulve reminded me that Bonk's Adventure could also 
    be played on the Game Boy as well as Bonk's Revenge. Both released in 1994.
    Cannot believe I forgot that one. Thanks, Rhy!)
    Q: In 10 words or less, describe Bonk.
    A: Bonk is a caveman whose only weapon is his head.
    Q: Why do you bother writing a FAQ for something most people won't even
    care about?
    A: I want information on this game.. and there was no FAQ. Why did I bother?
    Not only is this great fun, but I'm sure there is at least one person who
    would appreciate my work. Also, so the TG16 is dead.. I wish to honour my
    system. If you don't want to read it, fine.
    Q: Will Bonk appear on the Playstation 2, Gamecube, Game Boy Advance or the
    A: Probably not... although I would love to see it. Never say never, though.
    Q: I don't have a Turbo Grafx-16.  How could I play this game?
    A: Well, if you purchased the Nintendo Wii, you are able to download both
    Bonk's Adventure and Bonk's Revenge for 600 points, I believe.  That's
    six dollars.  As of this writing, Bonk's Big Adventure and Air Zonk are not
    released.  (Use the Virtual Console.)
    D3. Contact Information
    There are THREE easy to ways to contect me.
    MSN MESSENGER:  Carpainter[at]gmail.com
    E-MAIL:  Carpainter[at]gmail.com
    D4. Special Thanks
    CJayC and GameFAQs: The pure inspiration for writing the FAQ.. and for posting
    Abjure, Katon, flyinghippo:  Keeping me company on Skype while I finally
    finished the walkthrough!
    Mansion_Maniac: Finding a terrible grammar error. TERRIBLE.
    Rhyos Beoulve: My Bomberman buddy! Helping me edit this thing.
    Garurugirl: Pointing out some grammar errors. Thanks, girl!
    d`Jeu, Catamax, SirXWolf, Ness151, poik007 and Psychic Kid: Giving honest
    opinions about the FAQ when it first started.
    Dr. Boris, PappyCat and Garurugirl (Again! ^_^) for giving opinions on the
    NEW (June 23rd) design!
    NEC, Red and Hudson Soft: Creating some of the best games I've ever played.
    Bomberman anyone?
    Brian P. Sulpher: 'Yelling' at me to get this done, and making sure that I
    realize that is in fact, a decent FAQ. :)
    Johney Choi: Sending in some helpful hints.  I really appreciate it!  (I swear
    I knew about 1-1, but I completely forgot about it.  My bad.  :D)
    My Turbo Grafx 16 System: You may be broken.. but I'll never forget you.
    Thanks for bringing me hours of fun.
    D5. Signature
    This FAQ has been brought to you by ...
                                        _____ __    _ _ _         
                                       | __  |  |  |_| | |___ _ _ 
                                       |    -|  |__| | | | -_| | |
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