Review by LordLocke

"Even more headbanging fun... but isn't as good as it was before."

Bonk 3 is a classic example of a sequal done wrong. Relying on tricks and what worked well in the past, it shows exactly why Bonk saved the TG16... and killed it again.

The graphics and sound are still the best for a non-CD TG game, despite the fact that it looks and sounds the same as every Bonk before it. The music is similar, if not the same, and the only new graphics are that of a few enemies and the bosses. If you had to guess which Bonk game it was from a still-shot, it would be tough, if not impossible to guess which one by just looking. The bosses still kick-ass, just like every prior Bonk game, and it's still the same head-banging fun.

Something new is the size candies. Eat one, and Bonk becomes big, able to leap long game and smash a lot more with is oversized noggin'. The other will make him smaller, allowing him to slink through small passages and avoid attacks. However, these candies are used too much. They seem like a gimmick, and are used almost every level, either to cross a large gap, or cross through a small passage. Over-reliance on a gimmick, especially a SINGLE gimmick, hurts any game in the long run.

The stages are eventually what kill Bonk 3, becuase they're almost all the same. There's an occasional waterfall to swim up, or a lake to enter, but otherwise, it's left-to-right, smashing the enemies with your noggin'. With less variaty to break it up than previous games, Bonk 3 gets old fast. It's a quality engine, with a strong lead character, that falls into the same rut that Sonic and Tomb Raider did: Enough sequals, not enough change.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 11/01/99, Updated 11/01/99

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