Review by sarevokmb

Reviewed: 05/31/07

Not nearly as good as the original

Bonk's Adventure was a great platformer, despite it's low difficulty level and somewhat short length. It's obvious that the developers of the game realized that, and tried to fix it in the sequel, Bonk's Revenge, but something obviously went wrong. The difficulty was bumped up, and the game is longer, but neither in a good way.


The gameplay of the first game was almost flawless for it's time. In my opinion, the game was more fun than the original Super Mario Bros, with tighter controls, and neat secrets. As said before, it had problems though. It was too easy, and Hudson "fixed" this not by making more intelligent enemies, or adding more challenging jumps, but by messing with the once great controls! In the previous game, you could hold the B button on the Wii Remote to basically use the function of the 1 button repeatedly. While standing on the ground, this will make Bonk attack repeatedly. If you jump and hold it, Bonk will spin, slowing his fall, and letting you move around, basically gliding like Knuckles from the Sonic games. In Bonk's Revenge, Hudson makes this move useless by slowing the speed at which you can turn and move while doing this. The purpose of the change was to add difficulty to the game, but all it really did was add annoyance. Another example of what Hudson messed up was just regular jumping. In Bonk's Adventure, Bonk could jump again the moment he hit the ground after the previous jump. In this game, you must wait over a second on the ground before jumping again. This does add difficulty, but also adds frustration when you can't do things possible in the previous game.

Hudson's solution to the problem of the length of the game was to add different modes. This sounds good at first, but is really a dumb idea. There are three modes available, Easy, Normal, and Hard (they are called different things in the game, but you get the picture). The problem is that the difficulty is not the thing changed in each mode, but the amount of levels you go through. In Easy, you only go through one level before the game is over, which takes roughly 10 minutes. In normal, you play thorugh 4, and in Hard, you get to play the whole game. I recommend you simply sip to hard.

Not all that Hudson did was bad though. They did add more variety to the environments and enemies. Bosses also require some strategy now, no longer easy to defeat by just jumping on their heads repeatedly.



The Music in Bonk's Adventure was one of it's high points, with different music for each stage, and great boss music. Bonk's Revenge basically remixes this music, and it all sounds better (except for one track, which sounds as bad as I do when I play piano). There is a big problem though. Whenever you attack an enemy, take damage, pick up an item, or do pretty much anything other than move, the music cuts out. This means that when you are fighting a boss, the music will stop every time you attack him, lasting from the begging of the attack to the end of it. This DID NOT happen in the first game, and it is sad that it does in this one.



This is one of the game's high points. The graphics are much better than in the original, and, unlike the original, everything doesn't look like a shade of red. Bosses are detailed, as are the environments.


Overall, Bonk's Revenge is pretty disappointing. This does not make it a bad game though, and I do recommend it. In most ways, it feels like a downgrade from the original. If you have not played it already, I suggest playing this before the first game.


Rating:   3.5 - Good

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