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"Hey buddy! You want a piña colada? You want to get caught in rain? Look elsewhere because you won’t get it with this. Or much of anything."

Hey buddy! You want a piña colada? You want to get caught in rain? Look elsewhere because you won’t get it with this. Or much of anything.

That first line of the review was brought to you by our friends at Big Al’s Tire & Rims, the Cincinnati Bengals, the Mike Tyson Boxing for Poor Amish College Dropouts Fund, the Society for the Study of the Effects of Kryptonite, and readers like yourself. And I only picked the best sponsors for my review.

One day, not so long ago, I felt the random urge to play an extremely obscure game on an extremely, extremely, obscure system. I looked and I looked, but I couldn’t find anything that stood out to me as obscure.First, I found Mary Kate & Ashley games to be close but not my flavor considering it had those poor Full House rejects in them. Having hope at first, I couldn’t really find any obscure PC titles, because my local stores only sold things like Morrowind, Simcity 4, and Icewind Dale. All of those games are fairly good, but not what I desire at that time. I didn’t feel like ordering any offline because they charged a large sum of money with the damn shipping and handling charges. (My next goal is to lead a campaign to remove those shipping & handling charges from poor old blokes like my self who can’t pay for them. FIGHT THE POWER!) Eventually I found a TurboGrafx 16, I don’t know how, but I found one. I got it and the game that I got with it was an old game made by some company called the Irem Corporation called Image Fight. It’s an 2D overhead view air combat title sort of like Galaga and Galaxian except your enemies are moving all the time instead of staying still for sometime and then coming after you. (I know there are other titles like this one that are better examples than these two. I generally don’t play games like this, though.) At first the game seemed all right, but as it progressed along, it became more and more tedious. The game was extremely hard for me at first even though I was playing on the lowest difficulty level. Being the average male I am, I hate when games have to be hard no matter what. It ticks me off so much I want to take a salad spinner and go on a rampage at Irem Corporation, if I knew if they still existed. Overall, the game was mediocre. The graphics and sound quality of it made up somewhat for the tedious gameplay and noticeable lack of a story. (IAX did not get the manual so that did not the writing of the review) Image Fight is a good experience for old-school gamers who liked games like Galaga but otherwise, I wouldn’t recommend it as the first title you try if you’re interested in a game like this.

Besides the major lack of a story, the other low point of the game is the dull gameplay. It is rather easy to pick up and figure out how to play. You merely just control the ship while going around and shooting your enemies so the don’t hit or shoot you. There are enemies of different sizes, ranging from crappy easily taken out fighters to If you do get hit or blown up, you’ll see a shower of wonderful 16-bit sparks. This may seem rather simple at first but once you get deep down into it you’ll see the true horror of what this game is. (Kind of like the Incredible Hulk. That new movie kicked ass.) You’ll see that the true horror of it is that the game will get incredibly hard even on the lower difficulties, and the fact that the game is incredibly boring. I sat through hell for about 3 hours playing this once. There’s only one mode (Mission Mode) in the game, which is for you to judge yourself because it isn’t the game like Galaga was. Galaga is a titan while Image Fight can’t even be considered a midget when you stack them up against each other. In Mission Mode, you have to get to the end of every level while trying to eliminate your enemies. Simple, eh? Well, as I have said before, the game is incredibly hard. Difficulty levels range from Cadet to CP Staff. This translates into Hard to So Extremely Arduous You’ll Be Living a Hell! Control in Image Flight despite the crappiness of the gameplay overall is definitely the shining star of it. Likely you’ll be able to master the control of this crappy game easily. That will make this game slightly more pleasant but still not up to snuff with the other aspects of the game. Being crappy overall excluding the control, you’ll see that there are more fun things like macramé, ice hockey, and professional wrestling. Oh yeah, I left a few things out to make this a more family oriented review. Thanks for the advice, Ma!

I can feel the often peacefulness and tranquility of nature to often have immense pleasures that are often unrestricted and provide a great deal of pleasure to the ears. Now if Image Fight has the sound quality is had and was released today, I would likely throw my copy of it in the highway, counting the number of cars that ran over it. Now if I first played this game back when it was released back in 1990, I would likely be hearing a serenade that my ears would find it extremely pleasure. That pleasure might be so great I might wet myself. Image Fight, as you can probably already tell has so rather fine sound quality. Not the best for its time, but it definitely was much higher than the standards I had. Music in the game is rather fine with a theme during gameplay that is decently composed and it suits the mood. It may not be the Harlem Boys Choir, but the music in Image Fight is sure as hell better than some of crap brought out by Michael Jackson or Fred Durst (Limp Biskit.) At the main menu, a more quiet and serene space theme plays that suits the mood really well. The only major downside to the music is the annoying repetition that it provides during gameplay.

Sound Effects in the game are very good but not excellent. It’s kind of like half of a ham & cheese sandwich. All of the major effects like the menu clicking, the shooting of the cannons on the ship, the thrust of the ship and so on and so forth. They all are really good sound effects. It’s just the fact that they leave you feeling like the could have done better done with them. Cannon shooting sounds like in would come from a pistol, not an extremely large cannon. Thrust sounds come across sounding much more like a mini-rocket engine rather than the large one they have. And in the sandwich’s case, you want the other half. :P

Graphically for a 1990 game by some unknown enigma in the mist like Irem Corporation, the game is good but not at all excellent. It looks about the same as Super Mario World would on the SNES. (Well they’re both games from 16 bit systems? You have no reason to smite me now) If you put it against a game like the Donkey Kong County series or even F-Zero, they put it to shame. They make the tombstone, dig the hole, buy the coffin and bury the it’s ass in the ground. You see where IAX is getting now? Now back to me describing the good but sham-ed graphics of Image Fight. The ship you control in Image looks much it is supposed to and does have some distinguishable features. Enemies in the game are much the same looking like they are supposed to and having those noticeable features. Environments you flying around in beating the crap out of enemies do have some depth with notice features like trees, somewhat detailed water, craters, and many marks of battle that have seem to appeared from this onslaught. The menus look excellent though, having many distinguishing features and good looking aspects about them. Image Fight in general is a good game graphically but with nothing the great. (They kind of relate to women don’t they, eh?)

Replay Value in the game is one of those things that I’d rather not talk about in Image Fight, the gameplay is so bad I’d rather not experience it again. And after reading about the gameplay of it, you should be entitled to agree or I will have to seek some immensely drastic measures. Enough said.

Overall, Image Fight is a mediocre experience for an average gamer, a horrible hell of a casual gamer, or a decent experience for the Galaga loving, girlfriend lacking, no-life hardcore gamer that can exist in this age.

Overall- 5/10- Image Fight is one of those games that is extremely rare and nobody will ever play. So people will set on a quest for them. Others like me probably wouldn’t care if the game existed in the first place.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 06/25/03, Updated 07/26/03

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