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"Splatterhouse: Awesome Title, Boring Game"

Splatterhouse is an old school 2D side scrolling beat em'up originally released for the arcade but ported over to the obscure turbografix-16. In fact this is one of the turbografix flagship titles, and it doesn't have many. If you remember the arcade version know that this port has been dumbed down in terms of gore. This game came to consoles in 1990 after all, censoring home ports of arcade games was the norm back then. But is this game any good? Even by 1990 standards Splatterhouse is a fairly generic and easy and now days it is just a dinosaur.

As I briefly mentioned the gore and shock factor is the main draw of this game. So you can very easily make a case that this game is inferior because much of that has been censored from the arcade version. Despite having macabre backgrounds there is actually very little blood in the game. Most of the gore is in the backgrounds or the strange looking enemies. By today standards nothing extreme but it was back then. Technically the game runs fine and there are a decent amount of animations. I do wish there was some color in the game. Almost everything is shades of red. The music in forgettable and the sound effects stereotypical. With that said nothing is bad really though.

In game there is little to no storytelling but like most games or the era there is a background story. As you may of guessed Rick's girlfriend has been kidnapped and must set out into creepy mansion in the distance. Along the way you somehow come into possession of a mask that makes yourself a giant monster. And the mask just so happens to look like a hockey mask in reference to a popular horror movie franchise of the time, Jason from Friday the 13th. Thats about it for motivation to get through the game, about average for the time.

Your character has only three attacks and the ability to pick up a few weapons. Your basic attacks are pretty weak but the weapons make very quick work of almost all the enemies. Most weapons are melee as well as a couple of one time projectiles and a shotgun. The shotgun is the most powerful but only has limited moments. Splatterhouse is set up so you can make it through a whole level with a weapon if your careful. Most of the stages have two to five weapons in them. But once you get hit you drop your weapon and in most cases can not pick it back up. This means memorization is important so you can get to the difficult parts with a weapon still in hand. In practice this is fairly easy as the controls are simplistic and respond well enough. Each of the seven levels are ended with a boss fight. These are all pattern based and can be mastered quickly after a couple tries. Overall Splatterhouse is a game that can beat in an afternoon and mastered over a weekend.

Splatterhouse is an ok but outdated game. I have no real problems with it but would not really recommend it either.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 01/20/12

Game Release: Splatterhouse (US, 03/19/07)

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