Over the years games have advanced into an unseen realm of environmental realism. Effects such as thunderstorms and dense fog have been done in countless games but to me no effect adds better enjoyment than snow. Yes snow, I feel if done right it can do the setting of a game wonders and make the game itself that much more memorable.

The Antarctica level scores high marks for its interactivity in the level as the big glacier you are on begins to break away as you continue to play. One of Playstation's finest games!

Yes an odd title to feature on here. But I couldn't deny to take note to the wonderful snow effects featured in this game. Yes they are cell shaded but my are they great. If only this game was featured in a full out blizzard!

Why is this expansion pack on here you may wonder? Because it added the only weather effect missing from Morrowind making the game suitable enough to launch a weather channel: Frost Fall 19th slight chance of snow with flurries in the afternoon!

Based on the horror movie by John Carpenter, The Thing was an early PS2 title that offered a lot of promise for a movie licensed title. The Thing captures the blizzard setting of the movie and adds to the whole survival horror element.

This is a title that clearly deserves to make the list. The nasty blizzard in New York City is a perfect atmosphere for the intense action and dramatic story. The flesh of fallen angels!

One of the most revolutionary First Person Shooters of its time, GoldenEye featured a hefty load of James Bond in one game cartridge. This game scores big for having the first snow levels in a first person shooter.

About as snowy as a game can get. Lost Planet: Extreme Condition takes next gen snow to a new level with a high draw distance for the perfect white out effect.

One of the first few Playstation games that featured realistic snow to an unknown degree. It was so remarkable at the time how interactive it was people we're just buying it to play in the snow. Things such as the sight of breath, giving off heat, leaving footprints, and even getting a cold from being outside were all executed in a way never seen in gaming. Truely a classic!

The whole game features a dropping in temperature as the plot progresses. Ironically the game was originally to be titled Fahrenheit. The game starts with a temperature around 20 degrees Fahrenheit and at the end is somewhere below -50. A cool game indeed!

I feel no game captures the essence of snow better than SSX 3. This games environments are amazing to behold and features more snow effects than any game I've ever played. The sparkles from the light reflecting off the snow, the orange glaze from a sunset overcasted on a snowy mountain, it's all here and in addition to the excellent game itself it nearly takes the list. The mountain is a huge 25 minute ride that will leave your pupils burning from the white you'll witness on the screen!

List by Muck0 Man (03/12/2007)

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