Sometimes there's just nothing better than blowing things up. Whether you're using finesse and strategy to bomb your enemies into oblivion or charging in full-force with rocket launchers, you're bound to have a good time. Um... in a video game, of course. Here's a list of what I think are the best explosive weapons around.

If you've ever played a Bomberman game, you'd know that it can get pretty hectic. Little Bombermans running all around and dropping bombs like crazy can be dangerous, and that makes it all the more fun to get your bombs powered up. Whether you use great skill or stumble upon the power-ups randomly, the result is the same. Once you charge up your bombs for maximum fire, the range is insane, and anybody who isn't very careful will gets smoked, including yourself. Be careful out there!

In the Banjo-Kazooie series, a crucial (and fun) part of the gameplay has always been morphing into all kinds of transformations, be it a walrus, a snowball, a washing machine, or any of the other crazy things Rare dreamed up. Rare's sense of humor often comes into play during these sequences, including the one I'm about to talk about, which is the Detonator. This seemingly-useless transformation changes you into a TNT-like detonator, allowing you to do two things: hop around and blow yourself up. Yes, your only attack in this form is to explode, taking a small chunk off your health bar. This is strangely entertaining, and can be useful if you find the right objects to blow up. It's also pretty funny.

Missiles act as the anti-air unit in Battalion Wars, and they do their job well. When an enemy Gunship is picking off your poor defenseless ground units, and you can just tell the pilot is chuckling to himself after every barrage, it feels great to bring the Missiles in. You charge up the Missiles to the max, aim up at the copter, and let loose a stream of spiraling rockets into the air, smoke trailing behind them. The pilot isn't chuckling anymore. Then the Gunship explodes in a very satisfying way, using Battalion Wars' excellent (and unique) graphics engine to good use.

This is quite possibly the funniest explosive of all time, perhaps second only to some of Worms World Party's. NOTE: This is only very fun and hilarious during a mutliplayer match. Okay, imagine this. You've bested your opponent in a sniper-fight, and his health is very low. He has retreated as far as he can go, and you have him on the run. But before you know it, he's cornered, and has nowhere to run. You begin to approach him, but suddenly you hear a noise to your right. You glance over and notice a ticking mine on the ground, which can only mean one thing: your opponent is armed with one last deadly weapon... the Timed Mine. You rush him, hoping to end him swiftly, and he wildly tosses tons of mines at you in a panic. Explosions are all around you, but you finally have one in your sights. However, mines can stick to anything, including walls, ceilings, and even... other players. The next thing you know, a red flashing icon is on your screen, warning you that your opponent has attached a mine to your person. You run around like a maniac, desperately ramming yourself into your enemy, hoping to take him out along with yourself. Then the explosion sounds, and you both fly into the air. And now you know the danger (and outright fun) of TimeSplitter 2's Timed Mines.

It's hard to choose just one explosive from Worms World Party. Why, there are bazookas, dynamite, banana bombs, exploding sheep... all manner of things that blow up! But it would be a shame to write a Top 10 List about explosives and not include the Holy Grail of them all... the Holy Hand Grenade! This is pretty much the most powerful bomb in the game (radius-wise), and that's saying a lot. Although small in size, tossing the grenade onto flat ground (preferably with lots of worms stationed nearby) results in a massive explosion, creating a huge sinkhole, catching some of the unsuspecting worms inside. It's also handy for knocking out walls and floors, which oftentimes opens up a hole leading into the murky waters below, which worms tumble into more often than not. Plus, it deals out huge damage. Very fun to say the least.

It's pretty tough to choose just one explosive from GRAW, but in the end I'd go with Smoke Grenades. When you're pinned down in an alleyway, and need to get to the other side of the street, Smoke Grenades are the perfect option. Tossing them out at just the right angle while dodging enemy fire can be rewarding, and as the smoke slowly floats out, the air becomes thick and smoky. Activating Thermal Vision allows you to see through the fog while the enemies can't, and successfully sneak past their sights with your squad. This tactical explosive adds onto the GRAW experience a whole lot, and is very cool.

Remember the asteroid field scene from Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones, where Obi-Wan Kenobi narrowly escapes Jango Fett's powerful assortment of weapons? If so, then you'll remember one of Jango's coolest weapons (in my opinion, THE coolest), the Seismic Charge. He launched a capsule into space, allowing it to float around for a few seconds. During this time, all the sound in the area was pulled into the charge, muting everything 100%. Then, with a fantastically loud bang, huge blue energy waves were released, obliterating everything in their path. Now one of the coolest scene in the movie can be reenacted in Rebel Strike's multiplayer mode! You can choose to be either the Jedi Starfighter or Jango Fett's Slave 1, both of which are equipped with Seismic Charges. You can duke it out in the skies, launching as many charges at a time as you want. My personal favorite manuever is spinning around like crazy and emptying my entire load of Seismic Charges, leaving an absolutely massive sphere of energy in my wake. Ah, good times...

How could I not add in Bob-ombs? The famed bombs with feet and eyes from the world of Mario deserve a good place on the list. Although they take various forms and uses in different games, they all pretty much act the same. And that behavior always includes ultimately blowing up. I wonder if life for a Bob-omb is sad? But that's beside the point. Sometimes you can toss them at other enemies, sometimes they serve other useful purposes, and sometimes they even help you out by opening canons for you. But whatever the use, they're a classic Mario baddie, and shouldn't be forgotten.

Ah, a true classic. Although the bombs from the 2D Zelda games are great, it's the ones from the 3D ones that land them on the list. The bombs can be used like any item from the series, and if you've ever played a Zelda game in your life, you should be quite familiar with them. Once you bring them out, they automatically go off in a certain amount of time, which can result in hurting Link if you're not careful. You can blow all kinds of things up with them, and uncover hidden caves and holes in doing so. They can be used against enemies too, which can be great fun, especially in Wind Waker. First of all, the bombs have that cool swirly cel-shaded look when they explode in that game, which is really cool-looking. And when you toss one near certain enemies, they might glance over and notice it, sending them into a panic and running headlong in the opposite direction. Bombs are a great item in the Zelda series, and pretty much every game has added them in. They're classic and essential for exploring the realms of Hyrule, which is why they landed #2 on my list. But the best is yet to come...

And finally we come to the very best of the best in Explosiville... Star Wars Battlefront's own Thermal Detonators. This is the second Star Wars-themed explosive on my list, which is a small wonder considering the fact that I, myself, am a major Star Wars fan. But rest assured, my opinion on this oh-so-wonderful weapon is not overly biased. Thermal Detonators really are the king of explosives, and now I shall tell you why. In Battlefront, many troops can use Thermals, though none can carry as many as the Jet Trooper (my personal favorite troop), which can carry up to 6. As long as you have some left, you can toss them at will, and to quote Han Solo, "Here's where the fun begins". Throw one in the middle of a group of Stormtroopers and watch them fly in all directions, stand next to a Gonk droid (which refuels your ammo) and toss an unlimited supply at a nearby battle, jet around as the Jet Trooper and chuck 'em inside the enemy's base, all kinds of things! Sometimes the air is thick with them during a large and heated war, droids and troopers flying along with them. They have such an awesome launching quality, which allows you to use them to shoot enemies out windows, off cliffs, and anywhere else on the battlefield. You can even climb up to a high ledge, drop one next to yourself, and see how far you can launch your troop. They can also be a huge danger though. Beware when you hear the ever-famous "Oh no!" of a fellow Clonetrooper, signifying a nearby Thermal Detonator, and dive for cover. They're such an integral part of the wonderful Battlefront experience, and completely deserve the #1 spot on this list.

So there you have it... The Top 10 Explosives. When it comes to blowing things up, these are the best of the best. Well, at least in my humble opinion they are. There were some great ones that didn't make it on the list, such as the Rockets from San Francisco Rush 2049 and Bombers from Advance Wars, but I think I got down the 10 best in the end. I hope you enjoyed the list, and keep on blowing things up (in video games, mind you... be legal).

List by flex_ible2000 (03/13/2007)

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