The last list I went over was the acheivements that were the most difficult to get. This list however deals with the acheivements that are marketing ploys, gimmicks, require way too much time, or just make you sigh in general. Don't throw the game down in disgust though, because some of them are pretty decent, aside for that one, stupid, lame, achievement.

This is the most added in at the last minute style achievement in the game. To get it, you need to get "big air" in a jeep. Well, that's odd for a game about World War 2. This achievement is just added as a placeholder to make it 1,000. It's not even that "EXTREME" either...

Look at the name of the achievement first. Do you really want to know the rest? This is for finding all the Secret Documents in the game. I never found a single one when I played this game...

Wait a minute, we get rewarded for bailing?......I would be a very well paid skaterboarder in that case

What genius mathematicians devised this scheme? Every other 360 game doesn't need to turn into a math lesson, simple things that are multiples of 5 will suffice, but these guys screw up all the perfect math by throwing in 8's, 32's and 24's at every odd interval. The achievements and the game itself are fine, but when I see people with wierd numbers hanging off their gamerscore, I know why.

For this achievement, you must take all the money you earned on your own time and "donate" to your country. Exactly how much money, I can't remember, but I do think I only made it to about a tenth of that much. Not only that, but the server was constantly flooded for requests, only a few could be posted at once. On top of that, every time I entered live, I expected to see some updates on the war, only to find that fifteen people I had never heard of had donated to the country. Whoop de doo...

This is the quintessence of everything that is wrong in video games. The fine people who made crackdown are basically saying,"Hey, we didn't give you enough random stuff to throw all over the place, so here, we'll stick this random large object in an isolated section of the map, go kill people with it." A fine game, but this achievement is still lame.

Yes, this is a great game, and an achievement with a very good name as well, but still, this achievement is kind of unreasonable. This is designed to get people to host matches, as if there was no motivation otherwise. But there IS motivation. When you're not the host in a Gears of War multiplayer game, you have to deal with leading the enemy to get a good shot. However, while hosting, the bullets hit instantly, and you can be turned from an OK player to unstoppable. On top of this, sometimes the connection of a player isn't even good enough to host. Already this prevents people from getting this achievement.

I haven't played this game, so I'm going on my friend's advice. Apparently, you need to record a clip of you doing something awesome. This needs to be so awesome that it finds its way in to the list of the top 20 most downloaded clips. I don't think it's exciting enough to deserve an exclamation point though.

In order to achieve (a word I use in the lightest sense possible), you must own an Xbox live vision camera. For most of us, that transalates to: you must go to the store and buy an Xbox live Vision Camera (39.99 US dollars). And what do you do with this fabulous creation? You spend five minutes taking a picture of yourself, then your warped face is transplanted onto your character, so every stranger you run into online can see your face.

I played this game, and even I didn't think it was so awful that the only way they could get 1,000 people online at the same time was with an achievement for it. In order to get this achievement, you need to be online along with 999 other people. At the same time. Why? How is that an achievement? The only way that anybody got the achievement was when a few gaming websites, forums, etc. all agreed to schedule times to get the achievement. This easily wins the lamest achievement award.

Some of these games are good, in some cases, excellent, but they failed in one of the categories which has become a main focal point of Xbox 360 games being released, the achievements. Now, there are even set guidelines for achievements, so hopefully achievements like this won't happen again, but like I said before. Not a bad game, just bad achievements.

List by elsquanto (03/14/2007)

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