Blood and gore, some are fascinated by it, others are completely turned-off by the sight. I happen to like all things involving blood and guts splashing about. Preferably the more, the better, so I've comprised this list, based on the games I've played that incorporate all the ultra-violence one could ask for. These are my opinions on what the goriest and most brutal games are, and hopefully you agree. So get those rain-coats ready, it's going to be a blood-bath!

Our list starts off with 'Resident Evil 4', this series is well-known for it's cool characters, great gameplay, haunting atmosphere and gore. And this entry is no exception, with it's highly-realistic graphics and incredible sound effects, 'Resident Evil 4' takes violence to another level of being gruesome. Heads explode in juicy-fashion, bodies evaporate into particles of blood, heads are decapitated with chainsaws to eye-popping effect, and my personal favorite, a face-full of acid. 'Resident Evil 4' delivers great gameplay along with sweet scenes of blood-shed, although not having all limbs get destroyed keeps this from reaching a higher ranking, if only that feature was implemented, I could only imagine how cool it would be.

This game is very disturbing and high on the violence-meter, the opening alone features loads of blood-splattered bodies and head-stabbings. Along the way, you will encounter guards that have been torn in half at the waist and continue to crawl along the floor, with their intestines exposed, trailing behind them. The game goes as far as to incorporate child murder, it's sadistic-stuff to say the least. You can also use certain weapons to shatter the torsos of your enemies to pieces or change into a gigantic-beast yourself and wreak bloody havoc on all surrounding enemies, pieces fly everywhere, it's a gore-buffet in this game.

'Mortal Kombat' is the original king of violence and gore, the center of attention for senators and soccer-mom's to debate whether or not, games are bad for children. 'Mortal Kombat' was so violent at the time, that it helped to create the ESRB, now fast-forward some years later and 'Mortal Kombat: Deception' is in our hands. Easily the most violent and gory out of the series, this entry features many over-the-top fatalities all of which include some sort of bodily mutilation, dismemberment and decapitation. This wouldn't be a list of gore without mentioning, 'Mortal Kombat' and this game earns it's ranking, rightfully so.

Ah, zombies, doesn't everybody love the old decaying brain-eating monstrosities? Well, I guess not, considering how the game's main character, Frank adores dishing out all sorts of limb-ripping goodness to them. 'Dead Rising' spills so much blood that it's criminal, torsos are cut in half with huge battle-axes, bodies are sliced down the middle like watermelons and bodies are impaled on drills only to have the flailing arms and legs hit other zombies in return, only to fall off shortly after. Those who love the film by George A. Romero or even the remake by Zack Snyder, 'Dawn Of The Dead', will absolutely fall in love with this game, not only for the zombies, but for the massive levels of gore that it holds.

'Postal 2' is one crazy game, it's the only game I know where you can shove your gun into a cat's back-side to use it as a silencer. And after firing a few shots, watching it's head explode in a myriad of blood and brains. 'Postal 2' is highly controversial as well, due to the subject matter aside from all the graphic violence that it contains. I do not feel like going into detail into exactly what those things are, but rest assured, they will more than likely shock you. Aside from the whole cat-silencer deal, you can also decapitate people with a shovel, burn the disembodied head, urinate on it to extinguish the flames and kick it around. Nearby people will see this and more than likely vomit, only for you in turn be able to urinate on them as well.

'The Punisher' is one cruel and vicious game, if it weren't for the black and white filter, this game would score higher on the list. The game is crammed with horrible dismemberments, done with guns, explosives or anything that Frank Castle deems suitable for tearing your legs off. And I mean this, in one level, you can actually dip a man's head in a pool of pirahna's and watch them chew the flesh off his face. Even more graphic is the drill-bit through the skull, all done from via 'interrogation methods'. Let's just say in short that, The Punisher doesn't ask nicely when he wants things answered.

You want more blood than you can shake a severed arm at? This here is your ticket, 'BloodRayne 2' is filled to the brim with blood, entrails and many severed limbs. Seriously folks, you haven't seen so many bodies chopped to pieces until you've played, 'BloodRayne 2'. The plasma flies across the screen so much that you feel as though you'll need a bath. Get a room full of bad-guys and let Agent Rayne unleash her blades on them, you're guaranteed to witness gore on the scale of the film, 'Braindead'. Toss in some fancy fatality moves and you have yourselves splatter-city.

The sequel to the blood-filled, million-selling, 'God Of War' is even more carnage-soaked than it's predecessor. Having more weapons at the main character, Kratos disposal and even more enemies to battle against, this game is showered with the red-stuff. Eyeballs are ripped from sockets, all limbs get hacked-off in different ways, and bodies are beaten to a pulp. This game is a gore-hound's dream come true and an action lover's to boot.

The original, 'Soldier Of Fortune' was a game littered with blood and gore. It's sequel, ups the ante in all ways possible, by having 36 'gore-zones'. Which allow for multiple ways of dismembering your enemies and seeing extremely detailed depictions of human anatomy. You can blow limbs off and see the bones within the detatched part as they spurt blood. You can also slash away at an enemies face until his brain is revealed, sick stuff, but it's also a blast to play.

This game in my opinion, takes the cake for all games that are brutal and violent. No game that I've played is as sadistic with it's violence as 'Manhunt' is. Stalking your prey with weapons like machetes, chainsaws and even shards of glass, gory kills is what this game is all about. The animations and sickening sound effects only add to the gruesome nature of this title, it has also been banned in some countries due to it's content. So give it a try and see why I choose, 'Manhunt' as the goriest and most brutal game of all time.

So, these are the top ten goriest games in my opinion, other honorable mentions include, 'Chiller', 'Gears Of War', 'Splatterhouse', 'Sword Of The Berserk' and 'Thrill Kill', just to name a few. I feel as though this list is pretty accurate as far as games having the most blood and guts go. So, if you dig loads of stomach-churning carnage, you should give these games a try. And hopefully, you'll get your fix of all the blood-spilling that you'd want.

List by Sinister187 (03/20/2007)

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