Every now and then we've all come across a particulary annoying or tedious mini game that we just can't seem to do for days. It can be because it is tediously long or just plain irritating. I have come across horribly straining mini games tha I can't stand at all. Some will make you want to tear your hair out and others will make you want to throw your control/keyboard at the ground in a fit of rage. Here is my selection of the worst ever:

Lockpicking was not particualry hard just annoying. Imagine it, you've just fought your way through an insane dungeon and have got little health left and no healing items. You have run away from most of the enemies and all of a sudden you come to a very hard lock on a door that you need to open to continue. You have 10 lockpicks, no problem. Suddenly you have 2 picks. Huh? All of a sudden you have one left. You finally get all but one tumbler in place and just as you are about to fit it your hand slips and the pick breaks. I cannot count all of the times that this has happened to me. I honestly felt like strangling something after this.

I hated pub games. The only one that I really enjoyed "ahem" exploited yes, exploited was coin tossing. The rest of them were hard and pointless. All you get is a stupid doll in the end that can't do anything at all. A worthless minigame.

There was a specific objective that needed to be done. Basically you, Ryu, had to activate a timer and then go to the bridge of the ship when the timer was at an exact point and tell one of your friends, Momo, to start the ship. The catch. The timer is on the bottom floor and the bridge is just one maze away. You need to time your run to the split second or start all over again. I hated this and it took me a long time to finish it.

I am talking about the minigame of Agent 9's. It is a first-person shooter that was insanly difficult. It took me many tries to finish this misssion. Many futile efforts. You die so quickly. All you get is a lousy egg in the end but it was worth it. Edging through twisting corridors, being attacked by ninja-rynorks and even laughing at their lame death animations was fun for a while but became bland eventually. What's worse is that after this mission you have to come out of this place in the mission called "You're Still Doomed"

This was hard. The number of times that I invited him over and completely forgot about it is unthinkable. You need to give him a tour of you house and then cook him dinner to earn points. You need 90 to pass. the problem was that if you still didn't have 90 points after the dinner and the tour then its over. The schooze option never worked at all for me. Hard and frustrating and really not worth it. Getting your kids into a private school only offered minimal advantages.

This is a minigame despite what you may think. I am happy to say that I DID finish this one. It started of fun but grew into as agonizing experience later on. There were basically 10 challenges of increasing difficulty tha needed to be completed. Challenges 1-8 were easy and fun but 8,9 and 10 were hell especially 10. In 8 you had to kill thousands upon thousands of enemies. It was very difficult to last that long. Challenge 9 was okay I guess but it was still quite hard. You had to kill some cyclops with very little time. 10 is enought to make you burn your disk. You need to consistantly kill enemies on a small platform in order to make it rise. It took me an entire weekend (about 400+ tries) to finally win this. Whats worse is taht if you get tired and put the game off you need to start from challenge 1 again. Frustrating very.

Welcome to hell on earth. The point of this game was to find 30 cars hidden all over the STATE of San Andreas. By a state I mean a massive car destroying piece of land. The problem here was that you needed to bring the cars to San Fierro but most of the cars could only be found in Las Venturas and Los Santos. It was hell to drive them safely, without crashing them into the sea or flipping them, to get them safly to San Fierro. Also many of the cars took ages to spawn and when they did it was at the worst possible moment such as in the middle of a gang fight. Your problems only start after it spawns. This minigame was boring and tedious. I hated it like hell although I LOVED the game.

Help me its blitzball. I hate this sport. Did I mention that I hate this sport. Oh, I almost forgot I hate this sport. I am sure that Square had good intentions when they made it up and I will admit that I did enjoy it on my first playthrough of the game but all good things must come to an end as stated by Robert Frost in his poem 'Nothing gold can stay' Let me explain the rules. There are two teams in a sphere that is filled with water. The sphere is large. A game is 10 minutes of REAL time divided into two halves. The object is to score more goals against the other team than you concede. In other words it is underwater soccer. Now comes the worst part. In order to get Wakka's ultimate weapon you need to play 15 LEAGES PLUS 2 Tournaments. A leage is 10 GAMES and a tournament is 2-3 games. You will spend roughly 15 minutes per game so you can kiss of 6 HOURS of your life goodbye. The first 2 games will entertain you and then you will feel TRUE PAIN. I hate BLITZBALL. Good thing it was removed in XII. There were special moves that you could learn but opposition rarly used them and you could recruit players which was fun but eventually Tidus will score all of your goals and little else matter except making sure the ball gets to him. You will eventually win every game you play and later on the prize for a LEAGE is a Hi Potion. What a waste of time.

This was a horrible minigame. In San Andreas there were oysters to find as well as snapshots, horseshoes and gang tags. 100 tags + 50 sanpshots + 50 horseshoes + 50 oysters = 300 different collectables. Many of them were incredibly well hidden all over the State and it would take you well over 20 hours to find all of them(without a guide). In GTA Vice City hidden packages ruled the roost. I really hated this minigame.

My second choice from FF X. I am sure most of you knew this was coming. You had to dodge 200 lightning bolts in a row without engaing an enemy, without leaving the area and without saving your game. The bad thing aboout this minigame was that you had to start over so many times. I got to 187 bolts and then got *ahem* distracted and lost my whole tally! Natrually I threw my control down in rage and it broke but oh well. There have been many ways to help you do this but they don't make it very much easier. This is the only minigame that ever defeated me. I could not finish it. Definitly the most fristrating minigame ever.

So there you have it. The most frustrating minigames ever.

List by sumo_gamer (03/23/2007)

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