In gaming, these adorable crustaceans seem to be oft overlooked. However, after reading this list, I hope you will find it in your heart to join me in demanding more crabs in video games.

Not the most daunting of the crabs listed here by any stretch, and definitely the most boring. It crumbles relatively fast if you focus fire on it and ignore its cronies. Unique characteristics being aforementioned cronies- there are tons.

The second boss fight of the NES classic, Blaster Master. Not too interesting himself really, but notable for his ridiculous stage. Without a walkthrough, you could end up spending a lot of time there, and it's responsible for a lot of game overs in my childhood, and stands as the part of the game I had the most trouble with.

The first boss in Robotrek, he really kicks things off and gives you an idea of the game's difficulty. Unless you grind for a long time in the preceeding dungeon, you're in for quite a battle. His defense is very, very high (like every other boss's in the game).

There's probably a pretty large chance you aren't familiar with this guy (though the same thing could be said for most things on this list...); he's the first actual boss in the game Seiken Densetsu 3, the Japanese-only sequel to Final Fantasy Adventure and Secret of Mana, and he appeared again in Legend of Mana. For a first boss, he's pretty dang hard- incredibly harder than Mantis Ant, at least. Also I'm aware he kind of resembles a spider, but Legend of Mana labels him a crab, so crab it is.

Relatively late in the game, you search for the installment's "MacGuffin" items; the Beanstar Pieces. Guarding one of them is Hermie III, a hermit crab with a Christmas tree shell, the top of the tree being decorated with said Beanstar Piece. He's one of the harder battles in the game if you didn't raise your attack too much, because his defense is very high (deja vu).

You're speeding through a level with relatively no problems, then suddenly- "aw, no, I don't need to stop. I'm sure I'll make it under the left shot OH GOD" and with that you remember there is also a right shot. Then you lose all your rings.

Interesting tidbit: I was considering whether or not I should credit the game he's from as Super Mario Bros. 2 or Doki Doki Panic- he's actually unique to SMB2. In the original, there was just a third fight with Mouser in his stead. As far as his tactics go, he's basically a Birdo on steroids- he throws a rock at you and you must throw it back, etc.

My preferred starting Maverick of the game takes the number 3 spot. After you learn how he telegraphs his attacks he's really nothing to worry about... but if you try to get through without learning to deal with his pattern, you get ruined. Also, his theme is incredible and is my favorite track from MMX2.

But of course its appearances are not only limited to the original. In a few of its incarnations, Gohma is a crab- these being, as far as I know, LOZ, the cartoon adaptation and Oracle of Ages. In all of its incarnations, its achilles heel is poking (in one instance, smashing) its eye with one item or another. In Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess, Gohma gets the spontaneous desire to procreate midbattle. On the ceiling.

For those of you unaware, Genji is a fantastic game sporting real-time weapon change as well as recreations of real battles that actually took place in ancient Japan. To say the least, the battle against the Giant Enemy Crab is absolutely enthralling, and your breath will be completely taken away when you strike its weak point for massive damage. Truly, a sorely overlooked battle in gaming. More than worthy of place #1.

And with this toplist, I hope I've given enemy crabs the credit they deserve. And remember, stand sternly against eating poor defenseless crabs for dinner- this is not what you are supposed to do with them. They were born for climactic battles to the death. Enemy crabs forever.

List by NightmareLink (03/27/2007)

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