Well, we all know it deep down. The Nintendo 64 had some of the greatest games ever. While it may not have had the Controller for shooters, like the Playstation did. It had what I felt the playstation seemed to lack, fun games. Which is what this list is dedicated to, the best games of the Nintendo 64.

Star Wars Episode 1 Racer, remember the movie? Where they podrace? No? Not anymore? Been a while I guess, but you get to pick a number of different characters, who each have podracers with various status, then race against bots for money, which you will use to buy upgrades, new parts and pit droids to repair the pod. With different prices depending on condition of parts, and a constant strive to be the best, you will definately want this one. Did I mention it is dog gone funny watching some person you are playing with slam into the wall of an obvious corner?

Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire. Amazing, after all these years, I remembered specifically the first level. The Battle of Hoth. Anyone who has seen the Empire Strikes Back knows how fun it is to fly around and blast apart the AT-ATs and Probe Droids. Not only that, you can walk on the floor as DASH RENDAR (Heroic music playing). With a Jetpack, variety of weapons, bosses and enemies, you will be going all night. The puzzles can be puzzling and it's hilarious now a days to laugh at the silly looking character models, but it was still incredible for it's time.

Okay, Harvest Moon 64. A game without swords, guns and killing. Instead, you get to run a farm. Wait a minute, a farm? That's right. This is one of many games in the Harvest Moon series, and has a lot of good memories with it. You get to marry a girl of you choice, earn money and turn your dumpy old pad into a wonderful, fun filled farm that earns you plenty of money. A simple concept, with some amazing results. Did I mention that you can sit there and get drunk, have animals die and piss people off? Even the negatives will be positive about this.

Star Fox 64, who here cannot remember flying an Arwing through Corneria and firing at the enemies? The game had multiple endings and paths you could take depending on what you did in each level, and ranked you on it. You had several wingmates who could fight with you, and get shot down. Making protecting them a chore for the levels to come. New, fun, with no saves, meaning that you had to sit down for a while to play, a great excuse to keep going "I can't save!"

The less popular sequel to Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask added a whelm of cool, and not so cool new features to the series. We now get cool acrobatics, special abilities from masks, and we can change into new races to unlock more attacks and moves. It was a great, unique game with flaws such as the time system, which got very annoying when it came to buying things or completing dungeons. A great game for the great system that will stand the test of time.

A surprisingly fun sports game, Mario Tennis featured many characters from the series, and pitted them in several tournaments, featuring secret characters, courts and many modes you have to play before you die, or your life isn't complete. I spent $25 (more expensive than the N64) buying this game on eBay, not including shipping, just so I could have it to play.

Super Smash Bros, a refreshing idea. Take Nintendo's greatest game characters, have them stare at each other, then move closer, and closer... until..... POW! Someone starts to smack the crud out of the other one. This continues until someone flies off the edge and to their death. Super Smash Brothers featured some of the best Multiplayer ever, a party wasn't a party until you pulled out the coke and played some rounds of SSB. Featuring several secret characters and many items to aid in your quest to smash the crap out of opponents, you had everything you needed to survive a nuclear war, just sit in your basement and play until you are attacked by some radiated monster.

The game that came out with the System, Super Mario 64 brought the series into three dimensions, much like Ocarina of Time did for Zelda. It featured a new star system, required ingenuity and some surprises! I doubt any child growing up during this time would have forgot jumping into the pictures, or hearing Mario yell "WAAAHAAA!" as he performs his triple jump move. This my friend, is why it deserves third.

Second place goes to GoldenEye, if you have played N64, you have played this game. It's probably the only game I would ever rate 10/10 that was based on a movie. It totally revolutionized the FPS system with it's unique ideas, headshots dealt more damage, stealth is important, etc. The detail alone that Rare put into this game is amazing! And what's more, the single player is fun, as well as the multiplayer! With 20 missions that were all fun, well done and chalk full of action, Goldeneye Deserves it's spot.

My all time favorite game, Ocarina of Time took several years to finish production, and when it came out, it took first in sales of game for the year. Even though it was out for 39 days that year! It featured beautiful graphics, amazing music, a great storyline (with plenty of twists) and best of all: a strange calling that made you want to play it. If you look up "fun" in the dictionary, you see a picture of this cartridge.

There you have it, a great system, lost in time. Whether or not you agree with my list, I don't care. Some honorable mentions were Mario Kart 64, Perfect Dark, Donkey Kong 64 and Paper Mario. If there was a collection showdown (dun dun dun..), these games would make you a shoo-in to win.

List by TripleJump (04/03/2007)

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