Ever found yourself humming a video game tune while just walking down the street? Ever find yourself really worked up for that final boss battle just because the music is so great? Music has always been a very instrumental (hehe, pun) part to any videogame. Get it wrong, and the whole gaming experience could fall apart. Get it right, and create a masterpiece that will outlive the ages.

A lot of people thought it was Danny Elfman that penned this soundtrack, but no. I can see where people might think this, as the similarites in musical style are most definately there for all to see. It gives the school, and game, a more gothic sort of feel. The game is on this list because, well, it basically makes the game. Most ever reviewer out there has listed the music, above all else, as the strongest part of this game

This is on the last probably as more of a personal preference. I loved the Ratchet and Clank series, and find a music upbeat, likeable and unforgettable. It is hard to make a different tune that fits perfectly into each of the various planets our duo explore, but Insomniac have gotten it right here

A weird choice this one, as a lot of the game is played without any music at all. But that adds all the more to the experience, and the times when there is music, such as the intro and various boss battles, it fits in perfectly.

Ahhhh, Harry Gregson Williams. Thank you for agreeing to make the music for Metal Gear Solid. Like a Hollywood movie this soundtrack boasts some great standout pieces. All of the boss battles have there own great pieces of music associated with them. But none of them can beat the piece "Debriefing", used in the final cut scene of the game. I will never forget that night, when I completed this game for the first time, ever.

How does a developer try to convey that sense of eerieness in a video game? Simple, make sure the soundtrack is equally disturbing. The soundtrack to this game does an equisite job of capturing the haunting feel of the game, and is deserving of a spot on this list.

What was the one thing that made you feel like you were living in the 80's? The music. This was probably the most important part of the game, and when you consider some of the other parts of the game this is probably the part that developers worked the most on. The 80's soundtrack fits the game perfectly, and you almost find yourself spending as much time playing the game as you do just driving down the street listening to the radio stations.

This was a hard choice for me, and I felt it deserved to be one spot higher, but alas it had to settle for 4th. While not necessarily having any standout tunes that are easily remembered, this soundtrack does something else. It created an atmosphere when playing that is almost second to none. Even after helping out the Canine warriors, everytime you visit one of their number you get the same musical track. And who can forget Susano's theme, which always cheared me up when I played as Susano was such an upbeat likable guy. Then there are the sapling interventions. All in all every part of this game has a respective piece of music associated with it, all of which fits in with the feel of the game, while adding another dimension to the play experience.

What can you say. Nue's last full soundtrack for a Final Fantasy game, and in his own words, a soundtrack containing what he considers his best work, "To Zanarkand". Straight away when you boot up the game the player is treated to this masterstroke of musicaly artistry. And who could forget the haunting "Hymn of the Faith". These are two standout tracks for sure, but this game has many more, and deserves it's place near the top of this list.

Everytime I watch a video review for this game, and here some of the music in the background, it immediately takes me back. While roaming the fields in DQ8, trying to get that extra level, I would find myself humming along to the music. Even after putting the game down the music has stayed with me. While maybe not a standout soundtrack like some of the other titles on this list, it fits the game perfectly, providing a nostalgic experience. Taking us back to the days of the old RPG.

The ultimate musical masterpiece. Just imagine for a second how different this game would feel without it's exceptional musical score. Impeccable doesn't give and andequate description of it's soundtrack. From the subtle strings used in the Sewers, to the deafening bass in the up tempo tracks, there is no piece that sticks out. Why? Because every piece of music in this game, is great, is one of a kind. And as a whole, it helps to make God of War an experience that cannot be missed.

So there you have it. Mind you the one game I have yet to play is GOW2, but thats because it hasn't come out yet here in NZ. But I've sort of counted that in as it would have basically taken God of War's place on the list instead.

List by Kill06 (04/04/2007)

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