There are a lot of great games on the PS2. Some of the finest were RPGs. Since the launch of the system, the idea of what we call a great RPG has evolved. The whole genre has. So here are the ten that stand out as being outstanding examples of what we call an RPG.

To start our list, we begin with the sequel to the PS2 launch title Dark cloud. This game greatly improves over the decent game by giving it quirky graphics, style, and dialogue. And not to mention the in depth customization. The game is a real time dungeon crawler. And that is where the game falters the most. It is a tedious dungeon crawler. This is a major turn off to a lot of people including myself. I'm talking over twenty floor dungeons. It is very hard to get into this game because of it. But a lot of the good things make up for it. This game is ignored more than a lot of RPGs on the system. So try it out and see if you like it.

Talking about milking a series for all its worth, this game ruined the story of Final Fantasy. But the battle system is one of the most fun systems you'll play in an RPG. But the whole game is a thirty hour episode of Charlie's Angels gone terribly wrong. But the game is now dirt cheap, and really fun to play. If you're okay with the feminine story, dialogue, and costume system, then this is money well spent.

At number eight we have a game that has a game within it. It has a 171 character recruit roster. And all the people in the town move on their own schedule all over the town. The first twenty hours are fetch quests, the ending is cheap, and the battle system is a little shallow. But all of these flaws are small blemishes when you put the good next to them. The graphics are quirky, the map is big, the town is awesome, and the extras are very rewarding. What else could you ask for?

The worst things I can say about this game is that it is way too traditional, and is ridiculously wrong. Now to some people this is heaven, but I think it's boring. But this game is great. The music, graphics, voiceovers, battle system, maps, and special attacks are immaculate. I would recommend this game to anyone who likes RPGs. But to those who aren't up to spending eighty hours on a game, steer clear.

At number six we have the sequel to the Disney Squar Enix cashcow. The only reason why it is this low is because it barely passes as an RPG and it is way too easy. But it is the best hack n slash around. The camera was fixed, the graphics are some of the best on the PS2, it has a deep storyline, hours of side quests, and some of the most fun reaction commands outside of Resident Evil 4. If you are looking for a fun RPG, but don’t want to spend a lot of time on one, play this now!

At number five we have the most controversial game on the countdown. Shaking the very foundation of the Final Fantasy series, XII took what people liked from a MMORPG and made it a single player game. I almost didn't put this on the countdown, but it deserves a spot because the game is beautiful. The only cons about this game are the camera, the storyline can be boring and is not as personal as other installments, and it has FFVIII map syndrome. But if you can overlook the flaws like the elephant in your living room...then you will have a great time.

This game is so abused and underrated. It is the most unique title on the list. It melds a survival horror, adventure storyline, with an RPG battle system. The graphics are great for its time, but don’t expect FFX graphics. It was a launch title. The battle system is great, the characters are unique, the story has great twists, and the music is phenomenal. So if you can find it(I got it off Ebay), buy it. It is only about twenty five hours long, so it is a very short RPG.

At number three we have the first FF on the PS2. This game is ten times better than XI and twice as better than XII. The graphics can stack up against 2005 games, and it has a great, yet annoying, cast of characters and voiceovers. The story is confusing, but in a good way. It has a lot of replay value because of its many side quests. The sphere grid owns the license board, and is the most logical way of enhancing your characters out of any FF. The biggest issue I have with this game is the main character. He sucks and is very annoying.

This truly is a ground breaking game. It has over ten(twelve?) hours of cut scenes! This could be a good or bad thing depending who you are. The whole storyline, music, characters, cut scenes, battle system, environments, and atmosphere of this game are immaculate in every way. It is a bit slow paced. Everything is slow from the battles to the cut scenes, so if you are more of a “I want action now” person, this game is certainly not for you. The time between the scenes and battles are about even. But if you want the most original turn-based RPG, buy this game. It is very cheap now. It makes me wish that the other games in the series had this much polish.

What words can describe Kingdom Hearts? Heaven? Awesome? Innovative? It just reeks greatness. The only flaw is its camera. That is why the second one is about equal with it. But the whole experience from beginning to end is amazing. The Disney and Square aspects of the game go together so well. It is a hardcore RPG too. It takes more than a few times to beat some of the bosses. They are fun and challenging. The environments are huge too. You can get lost easily. But that is a great thing compared to the three foot environments in the second. This is my favorite game. It is easy to find, and is pretty cheap. So if you haven’t tried it yet, try it now! What is wrong with you!

That is the list. I hope I got in all of the great RPGs for the PS2. Star Ocean and Xenosaga III almost got on, but I think more variety was needed. But I hope I was fair with the list. Thank you for reading.

List by Fatalheart14 (04/05/2007)

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