Its a fact of life that "you can't win them all", and this applies to video games too. No matter how good you are, there are times that you will lose horribly to the computer, a friend, or a random gamer while playing online. While losing isn't fun at all, there are some games you really don't want to lose on. I've compiled a list of such games that, for various reasons, you really don't want to lose at.

Murder mysteries are an every-day experience for Phoenix Wright, ace attorney. Defending the accussed is Wright's job, and should he fail, then the justice system has failed. You don't want to see your innocent clients face punishment they don't deserve, do you? If that is the case, you simply can't affored to lose in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney.

As rookie surgeon Derek Stiles, its your job to operate on everything from car crash victims to those infected by the latest forms of bio-weaponary. Failing operations can be a matter of life and death! Well, not really. Its only a game. Still, losing a patient you become attatched to is a heart-wrenching experience.

Its fair to say that games have gotten easier as time has gone on, but before you're so sure that's right, play Ninja Gaiden. An incredibly cool game that sees you (as ninja Ryu Hayabusa) running up walls and wielding various weapons, it also sports an incredible difficulty. Even on the easier levels, Ryu becomes swamped by enemy ninjas in seconds. The whole game is so difficult that you won't want to lose at any point and have to replay the tough parts, but have no illusions, you will probably lose many times if you start playing this game and intend to beat it.

Super Smash Bros. Melee is one of the GameCube's finest. It also offers up many reasons why you won't want to lose at it. Losing to a yellow, electric rat called Pikachu isn't particularly fun. Neither is losing to a fat, overall-wearing, mustache-wielding plumber named Mario. Little more needs to be said.

Mario Kart 64 is all about having fun with three of your mates, but for such a fun and light-hearted racer, things get quite intense. Imagine racing around the multi-coloured Rainbow Road circuit, a dangerous course with no barriers. You're leading the pack and have done throughout the race. The third lap goes smoothly, but wait: you get shrunk by a lightning bolt! Bowser, who had been second, over takes you, knocking you off the barrier-less course in his wake. You should have been first, but you finish last. Very infuriating!

This smash hit strategy game has become a firm favorite for hand held generals over the years. Numerous sequels have delivered plenty of challenging war scenarios, but the original stands as one of the most difficult. Some of the campaign's later levels see you taking on wave after wave of opposing enemies, and you can seriously spend hours on one map. It is a crushing blow when the jaws of defeat snatch you from the gates of victory. Losing near the end of a mission can result in hours you will never get back.

Codemasters' classic racing franchise got it's first 3D installment back on the PlayStation. In V3, you could collect a host of different cars and race with them against your friends. The catch is that if you lose, your opponent wins your car! After countless races around breakfast tables and the beach to obtain that elusive car, you really don't want to go and lose it to a friend. It can get even more brutal though; if your opponent wins your car and he or she already owns that model, it gets smashed into pieces with a hammer right before your eyes!

It took its time in getting to the Western world, but fans love the RPG/Strategy mix of Fire Emblem. Created by the developers of Advance Wars, you wield swords and magic rather than tanks and troops. The RPG elements allow you to level up your characters, and each one has a personality that you grow attatched to. It is so cruel then that once a unit dies in battle, they are dead for good. You either have to mourn the loss and continue the rest of the game without said unit, or restart the battle from the beginning and hope things end less tragically.

This monstrous mech-simulator is something of a rarity thanks to it's limited print run and extremely high cost. Steel Battalion's defining feature was in it's mech cockpit controller. An extravagant piece of kit that features lots and lots of buttons, it was the main reason for the high cost. The reason you don't want to lose on Steel Battalion is that if your mech is about to explode and you don't eject from the cockpit in time, your save game gets deleted. Forever. How harsh it that?

There are winners and losers in every game. Make sure you aren't a loser in these games!

List by SpellSword89 (04/11/2007)

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