Tired of the constant lag and blue screen frustration on Halo 2 online mulitiplayer? Campaign mode getting you down? Well, I have the top 10 remedies to Halo 2. Most of these games you may have never heard of and some you will thank me for someday for mentioning them to you. So here are the top ten Xbox games you should take a break from Halo for:

No other game can compare to how long I spent on Morrowind. I began my quest in Morrowind in September and did not finish this game until December. Being a FPS fan with little love for such RPG games I found myself ditching Halo for three months to complete the main quest on Morrowind. I don't think I even completed the extra quests for the Game of the Year Edition as there is so much and too much to do in this game! Morrowind takes the cake and all the cherries as being the ultimate break from Halo.

Another rare gem to find, Sniper Elite provides an excellent plot and gameplay experience. Sniper Elite lives up to its namesake. You won't last two seconds if you think you can survive this game with Halo 2 sniping skills. This is a game that requires patience, if not a few replaceable controllers.

This was definitely Splinter Cell at its peak. This intense spy game has the best graphics and missions of the series as well as plot. So if you have never really dabbled into the Splinter Cell series much, but need a break from Halo, I can guarantee you hours of an excellent break.

Of course Syberia leaves you with such an emotional cliff hanger of an ending that you have to follow up. The controls are much more improved and the artistic and story quality are more than superb for an adventure game. I could not return to Halo 2 without knowing whether or not mammoths still exist within the mysterious land of Syberia.

Another Microids masterpiece! Syberia has the same play style as Still Life, but with much less complicated puzzles. The story is by far one of the most emotional as well as adventurous plots ever put into a real life/fantasy game. I randomly found this game and bought it to break from Halo for a while and ended up spending at least more than a week trekking through Russia to get New York attorney Kate Walker to find the eccentric Hans Voralberg.

Full Spectrum Warrior is one of the rare military combat games that give you an actual feel for real life military strategy and tactics. Even the Army's own attempt with America's Army: Rise of a Soldier failed to pull this off. The sound quality and strategy give this game an excellent reason to take a break from Halo and put some brains into your helmet.

I'll admit this game is hard to find. But it is very well worth the find. No break from Halo is complete without a dinosaur sim park. You can spend a few days enjoying Jurrassic Park and there are several side games to play to unlock a free-roam island for your dinos. Nothing is more fun than to pit a few T-Rexes against a Spinosaurus.

Cold War. Now here is a game that will give you a "history" lesson about what "really" happened at Chernobyl. You find yourself as a MacGyver-like American reporter who can turn a few plastic bottles into anti-Communist devices. The gadgets and plot are quite incredible and make this game quite a unique experience.

KOEI finally decided to get out its sequel to a great game of the N64 and Playstation days. If you are a Metal Gear fan this would be a great warm up for you. The action is just as classic as the first game and the plot is very upbeat. You can also choose between different characters for missions.

Still Life starts off as a crime scene investigation game, but soon you'll find yourself baking Christmas cookies for your dad among other various puzzles. This game has a great visual setting and makes for an engrossing late night struggle to unlock the mystery of a legendary murderer.

There are a plethora of unheard of games that Halo 2 bumped out of the spotlight when it was released. Although there were substantial casualties in the wake of Halo 2, many have found these gems of adventure games and can really appreciate at how much TLC has been put into the experience of gaming beyond the First Person Shooter. So take a break, and try one of these games out if you haven't already.

List by DandyQuackShot (04/26/2007)

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