The Nintendo DS has a lot to offer with it's single-card Download Play multi-player function. One may even be surprised that the DS can connect with other DS' without a Cable Link such as the one used in the older Gameboy models. But there's one thing that makes the Nintendo DS a top-notch handheld system. WiFi.

This brings a lot of original creativity to the WiFi table. This game enables players to design their own levels with the Level Editor tool featured in the game. Then other players are able to download the players levels via WiFi service and play it on their own DS!

In StarFox: Command up to four players can blast each other out of the sky using DS-style controls and all that jazz. The way the WiFi game is played is by opponents shooting each others crafts and snatching up the players coins. Fun for awhile but it's gets pretty repetitive.

Globally known as one of the most addicting WiFi games for the DS to date. Metroid Prime: Hunters supports multiplayer functionalities from single-card play, to multi-card play, all the way up to the Nintendo WiFi Support we all know and love! The games WiFi has so much to offer in an FPS-style perspective. Such as Capture the Flag, Deathmatch, it's all in there!

Castlevania has always been a solid series. But with the latest installment in it's series comes Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin. Let's just skip all that junk and get right down to business. This game has two modes in it's WiFi feature. The first mode is a mode called Boss Rush. In this mode you team up with someone over net via the Friend Code system and you and that partner are faced with challenges against various bosses featured in the single-player game. This mode is enjoyable because it gives teams to compete with each other who can get the best record time. Now, the second mode is something a lot simpler. This mode is called Shop Mode. In this mode user(s) can put items for auction and and other user(s) can buy them for a price set by the other user. This can be a fun mode for all those money-cravers out there.

Who ever knew On-line Chess could be so much fun? Clubhouse games AKA 42 All Time Classics is a game composed of various Board, Card, Action and many other types of games. And with the DS-style controls games like Bowling have never been more enjoyable. It gets even better... You can play all these games with people around the net via.. you guessed it, Nintendo WiFi! The way you play the games is by collecting various players Friend Codes and typing them up into your roster. Now you and that person can compete with each other in a relaxing game of Chess or spice things up with a challenging game such as Darts.

There has been a lot of controversy on this game. It is a solid Racing game and people only buy it for it's WiFi interaction. But with the expanding population of cheaters known as "Snakers" who use a technique in the game that helps them maneuver their kart easier so they beat everyone else, Not many people will find this game to their liking. But if you can get past the whole cheaters/snakers issue then you will be able to sit down and enjoy a very fun game.

Just a tiny notch above Mario Kart DS, this racing game has good WiFi-quality action written all over it! Not only does it have WiFi, it has a single-card play functionality. With just one copy of this game you can race the tracks you earned, battle each other in fun minigames, and even create your own tracks and race each other on them. All of that with just one copy of this game! But with WiFi, wow, that just broadens everything! Even if you don't have WiFi, go grab a few DS pals and waste hours upon hours racing each other in this one heck of a game.

This solid fighting title packs in a really addictive on-line multiplayer option. For those of you who have played games such as Super Smash Bros. will surely like this game. The WiFi is simple, really. You Fight!! The only problem people have with this game is that some people can't and/or don't import games.

Who wants to live alone? Well with WiFi for Animal Crossing: Wild World you don't have to. Wow, that sounded like a cheesy pick-up line for an infomercial. But Animal Crossing: Wild World's WiFi allows players to interact with each other in various ways. You can visit people's towns to gain access to items you couldn't in your town, play fun user-created games. The list goes on. Think of Animal Crossing: Wild World's On-line community as a virtual world where you and your friends can just hang out and play together.

The reason why these games have made it to the #1 spot is simple. On-line battling and trading! Back in the days of Red/Blue/Gold/Silver/etc. you could trade and battle friends via a Gameboy Link Cable. Now with the release of Pokemon: Diamond/Pearl you have the ability to actually trade and/or battle people from all over the world! The way you set-up these trades and/or battles is by the Nintendo Friend Code system. Each game is given a Friend Code that the player will find in-game. User(s) then give other users their Game Name and the digits included in their Friend Code. The other users will put this information in what's called a Pal Pad. Another add-on to the Pokemon: Diamond/Pearl WiFi world is something called GTS. GTS is a Trading service where users can put up their Pokemon for trade and others can log on to the GTS and do a trade with them while the user who put the Pokemon up for trade isn't even on-line. Even if you don't have WiFi you can still battle and/or trade with friends who have a DS system and a copy of the game. So this games wireless interaction is still enjoyable for those who can't access Nintendo's WiFi service.

In conclusion, some people may not agree with this list but I hope that this list will be more than a troll-fest for bashing games. I hope this list will also help new users to the WiFi world choose what games that are appropiate and the most enjoyable.

List by GARZombie (05/08/2007)

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