You all know about it, and some of you probably play it. It has become the epitome of nerdiness in popular culture, although that's not really fair. Iím speaking of course, about Dungeons and Dragons. Since its creation who-knows-how-many years ago, it has spawned a legacy of movies, TV shows, heroes, villains, monsters, realms, and of course, video games. Here is my list of the best of them all.

This was one of those games that people were watching and thinking, "This could be good." It helped that the story was written by R.A. Salvatore(of Drizzt Do'Urden fame) and that it was a little darker then other entries. However, once the game was actually released, reaction to it was varied. Most people thought the hack-and-slash gameplay was fun for a while but got old fast. In the end, this game was mostly forgotten by gamers.

Another one of those hack-and-slash games, this game was regarded as much better than Demon Stone. You could play as a fighter, a cleric, a thief, or a sorcerer, and it was fun to get some buddies together and play. However, there actually was a lot of depth to this game as you searched for missing shards and gathered uber loot during the journey. It was a fast-paced adventure with mediocre graphics, but most importantly, it was fun.

This was the beginning of the wonderful BG saga, and it featured great gameplay and memorable charcters such as Imoen, Minsc, Jaheira, Edwin, and others. With a long single player game and a good expansion pack, Tales of the Sword Coast, this game could keep you coming back for more. Add the fact that dialogue is actually amusing, and you have a game well worth playing, a game that hinted at the great things to come.

A game for consoles released with the Baldur's Gate name, although the two had little in common except setting. You could play as a dwarf fighter, a human archer, or a elven sorceress. Two people could team up and play through the whole campaign, making it a great co-op game. The great variety of armor, weapons, and magic kept the experience fresh, and the unlockable character Drizzt Do'Urden made playing the game a second time even sweeter.

A sequel to Neverwinter Nights, this game was expected to take the awesomeness level up a notch. While it didn't quite succeed in that tall order, it did manage to be a quite good game with great variety of gameplay. Many fan-made mods added onto the game and prolonged the euphoria of Neverwinter Nights goodness, but most gamers could not get over the plethora of bugs and the lackluster ending. Overall, it couldn't compete with its predecessor.

The sequel to the acclaimed PC game Icewind Dale, this game brought more greatness to the DnD name, and it offered an alternative to Baldur's Gate. It featured a very deep character creation system, which such exotic races as tieflings. You traveled with a party made up of a variety of classes and races, and you could control them all and equip them as you saw fit. All in all, a good, deep game.

What? you say, an Arcade game is third on my list? Quite simply, yes. This great game introduced me to DnD gaming goodness, and I spent countless hours (and quarters) on this game. My brother and I and some friends always used to go to the local arcade and play this game until we were broke. We always went home extremely happy. I remember when the arcade in our town shut down, I almost cried because of the loss of this great game. It would be such a trip down memory lane to play it now, it featured such old school stuff as bosses that couldn't be beaten until your character was almost dead, and great, simple controls.

Yup, the sequel to Dark Alliance, this game is even better. It features a longer campaign, more playable classes, more enemies, more epic bosses, and more great equipment. It's definitely worth it to play this game. I won't ruin the story for anyone but suffice it to say if you liked the first game, play this now!

Originially the sequel to Baldur's Gate II, this game brought the series into the third dimension, with superb results. It featured an interesting plot with several twists (Aribeth FTW?!) and cool boss battles. The game was actually fun to play, and creating an uber character was extremely satisfying. It updated the series engine to the at-that-time new DnD rules. If you like RPG's and own a PC, go out and get this game now!

This is it, the holy grail of DnD gaming. My favorite RPG of all time, this game is what a sequel should be, and it took BG I to a whole notha level. Several NPC's from BG I made a return, and many new interesting ones were added. The NPC's were all great, with many wonderful interactions among themselves and with the Player Character. This game will make you laugh and cry, and many characters you will remember forever. Even the villains are excellent, with Joneleth Irenicus having some great lines. Add to that the fact that speech accompanies the written dialogue. The story will draw you in, and there are so many side-quests you can do. The game can last you up to 200 hours to complete, and even after you'veinvested so much time, you want to play it again as a different character. The quasi 3d graphics are good, with some truly magnificent spell effects. You will visit such exotic places as the Underdark, a pirate island, and various planes of existence. Also, there are powerful items and enemies, with Kangaxx the demi-lich being the most infamous monster. Even Drizzt makes a cameo towards the end. What more is there to say, why are you still reading this?? GO BUY THIS GAME!

And there you have it, the top-ten DnD games of all time. Sorry if your favorite DnD game wasnít included, but this is my list. There is one game on this list that I havenít actually played, but I read a lot of reviews and know it belongs where it is. All of these are definitely worth a look even if you donít know much about DnD and you think that Dungeon Masters have levels.

List by ender_gamer500 (05/09/2007)

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