The Sega Dreamcast didn't get much of a chance to thrive and died out relatively quickly as far as consoles go. That being so, it has one of the best collection of games for a system that met such an abrupt ending. I have played almost every Dreamcast game in existence and this is my final and conclusive Top 10 List. Enjoy!

I was a huge fan of the original games on the Genesis. Afterall there is definite lack of Underwater Ocean games in the world of video games. When I found out there was a Dreamcast update, I had to own it and I was amazed at how deep and complex the designers had taken the Ecco formula. From talking to sea creatures, to using sonar to find your way, to going to the depths of the ocean to uncover the great mysteries of the sea, the game had it all. It also became extremely difficult at later levels, which only made me love the game more. The music was wonderful, and the storyline was actually quite beautiful. You don't own a Sega Dreamcast until you have Ecco. This is just one of the many original games to hit the system before it fizzled out.

I was a late comer to the Bust-A-Move franchise. Regardless of seeing it in the Arcade throughout the 90's, I couldn't waste my quarters on a puzzle game when games like Terminator 2 and Final Fight begged for more. Regardless when I finally got Bust-A-Move 4 I was treated to one of the best in the series. From the pulleys and weights to the addictive game play, this is one great puzzle game that never gets old. I still play it occasionally as it blows away the PS2 versions. This is the type of game that makes your Dreamcast shine for anyone.

This game was a blast, regardless of the shoddy controls and near impossible goals. I never imagined I would be playing an in-line skating game, but when I saw the cel-shaded stylish look of this game I had to try it out. I made it as far as I could because the game got exceedingly difficult later on, but never skimped on style. An interesting addition to the game was being able to create your own Tags (Spraypaint Art). I remember spending an hour putting the finishing touches on my Gigantic Pac-Man Spread, which I then posted all over the city. An original and hilarious game that felt fast and furious, just like in-line skating. Also it contains the best cops ever!

Of course it made the list and perhaps a little lower than many would like, but Soul Calibur is definitely a must-have Dreamcast game. The graphics were amazing, and finally made me feel like I owned a 128-bit system. The best part about this game is how people actually fall in love with their favorite character, refusing to play other characters and striving for the best. There was nothing like finally unlocking Weapon Master later in the game and knowing that your soul still burned. Regardless of how good the sequels are this will always stand as the definitive fighiting game, and it even made you forget how bad the DC Controller was. The game had more modes and unlockables than any fighter before it, and that meant you would be playing Soul Calibur alone and with friends for quite a long time.

I am a true Phantasy Star fan. I purchased the original Phantasy Star for $69.99 on the Sega Master System in 1987. I followed the series religiously until its untimely death after Phantasy Star IV. When I heard there was a Phantasy Star Online coming I was in college and broke, but as soon as I finished, I managed to pick up Version 2 for $19.99 in a Toys R Us Bargain Bin. Of course by this time the server was down, and I didn't have broadband, but I still enjoyed the game thoroughly. It managed to capture the glam of the Phantasy Star universe, purple hair, great futuristic music, and Androids/Robots/Machines abound. I finally managed to beat the game on the single player offline mode and was glad to see the world of my favorite series upheld for another sequel.

I have been a Bomberman fan since Hudson released this little gem on the NES in the 1980's. After playing the fan favorites on the Turbo-Grafx 16, I thought that Bomberman would never be better, despite being an online game, and the obviously dead online capabilities of the defunct Dreamcast, I picked up this title anyways. What I received was the best Bomberman game in a decade, containing excellent gameplay and perfect 4-player action. Even my oldest sister, who never plays games, would always want to play Bomberman when she came to visit. The game was just plain simple fun, and the formula never got old.

A truly original game that is part shooter part puzzle and part LSD experience. There is nothing like turning out all the lights and telling your friends you have a little game to show them, then watching as their eyes dilate and they taste purple. Later the producer/creator Tetsuya Mizuguchi would go on to make the PSP hit Lumines, but this will stand as a crucial addition to the Dreamcast Librairy. This is the most original game I played on the Dreamcast, despite games like Seaman and Samba di Amigo. You have to experience syneshesia. You have to play Rez.

Unless you owned a PC, there was never a console game like Shenmue before its release. The game followed the life of Ryo Hazuki in the small town of Yokosuka in 1986. Self titled as a Free Quest type of game, the game play encompasses many different elements including fighting, driving, exploration, and most significantly conversations. This was a very engrossing game and one of the most interesting games I have ever played. The best part about the game was you actually felt like you were getting somewhere from day to day, not just progressing the storyline but developing an actual character in a virtual world. If all else failed in the day, you could always call it quits and go play your Sega Saturn in your living room in your virtual home. Anyone who loves videogames owes it to themselves to play Shenmue.

I never imagined when I got my Dreamcast that there could be an RPG worthy of Square Enix's quality, but Skies of Arcadia delivered. With over 50 hours of gameplay, your hero would fly through the skies on an airship, engaging in strategic ship to ship battles, exploring the endless altitudes of the realm, and gathering new heroes for your quest. I enjoyed this game as much as any Final Fantasy, and I am picky when it comes to Role Playing Games. If you have never played Skies of Arcadia do yourself a favor and find it. One of the most stylish Role-Playing Games ever made and truly worthy of the No. 2 spot.

This is the game that has spent the most time in my Dreamcast overall. Everyone wants to give it a try, and even newbies stand a chance against professionals with the right team. Hosting one of the largest roster of characters from both companies, the possibilites in 3 on 3 battles were endless. Grudge matches between Magneto and M. Bison could finally be solved. Wolverine could take on every archenemy he's ever had. Ryu could join the Avengers with Captain America and Iron Man. The game play was great and the challenge even better. This is the must-have Dreamcast game if you can still find it.

That's the list, though there are tons of games I would love to put on here this is the definitive collector's list. Honorable Mentions include, Seaman, Street Fighter Alpha 3 (bad controller), Cannon Spike, Powerstone 1 and 2, Ikaruga, Mars Matrix, Resident Evil 2 and 3 (definitive versions), Armada (great 4-player shooter), Sega Tetris (import), Shenmue II (import), and Tetris 4-D, these are the games I kept coming back to time and time again, and will always be considered classics.

List by Ryphis_Demeanor (05/11/2007)

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