The Advanced Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game has been around since about 1974, and instantly became popular with entire generaitons of nerds. It didn't take long for the video game industry to realize there was money to be made, and from the late 1970's on, a steady stream of D & D games has been coming out and has never really stopped. GameFAQS readers are probably familiar with Baldur's Gate, but here is a list of great D & D games that came out long before the PS2 or Xbox ever existed.

One of the better RPGs available for the SNES, this game was unfairly critisized when it came out. It had good graphics for the time, good sound, good story, was quite long and quite devious. The puzzles in this game are among the most insidious I've ever seen. Check out e-Bay: this one is still available.

One of the earlier Forgotten Realms games, Hillsfar was notable for one thing: text. You could type in your character's actions, then see what happened. Best advice: act like a psycho in the tavern and see what happens.

I was never a big fan of the many alternate settings introduced by AD&D publisher TSR in the later 80s and early 90s (Spelljammer and Planescape were horrible), but Dark Sun wasn't too bad. Imagine a cross between the Road Warrior and Diable, and you've got Dark Sun. Most of the characters were beaten, scarred and a vampiric. This game featured attractive graphics and an Ultima-style perspective, not common at that time.

Pure AD&D. AOMD used the same first-person engine as Dungeon Hack, but was more linear in story. This was an extremely high level game intended for powerful characters and if you had the prequel games, you could even import an existing party. Very good graphics, excellent music, and you could create a multiple character party to defeat even more monsters.

Also by SSI, this game was also heavily customizable. Unlimited Adv. allowed a player to create an entire dungeon adventure which his friends could then play through. You could even include custom screen shots etc. Nothing quite like this has been made since , although RPG Maker is pretty close.

Another excellent SSI game. Dungeon hack was a first-person dungeon crawl, no heavy duty story line here. It had virtually every option you could imagine for character creation, including multi-class which resulted in literally thousands of options for creating a character, including paladin, bard and more. The best part though was customizable and randomized dungeons with up to 25 levels of depth and a serious unique boss at the end.

Based on the Basic-Expert style of D & D, Fantasy empires was "Age of Mythology" only better. You took the role of ruler of one kingdom, and set out to conquer the entire continent. the strategy screen allowed you to train troops such as elves and undead, build buildings and cast spells against rival rulers. the tactical screen was a blast (literally): you could control a Magic-user and fireball your enemies into submission. Hint: don't get hit by a ballista missile.

One of the best games made for the best video game console ever made. WOES was actually two games in one: the first was an outdoor, "birds eye view" tactical combat game similar to a lot of the tactics games coming out today. the second part came into play after you entered a dungeon: first person view. Very good graphics, good sound, excellent music and a good story. Top notch RPG.

A sequal game, Treasure of Tarmin was even more trend-setting than the first game. It featured a first-person perspective, almost unheard of at the time. A variety of dungeons, wickedly detailed monsters, different weapons, including bows, gave you more combat options than ever before. Even though the graphics were pixelated, TOT was still very advanced for the time. In my opinion this is one of the first "modern" video games ever made.

Hands down, and by far, THE BEST D&D GAME EVER MADE. Using the amazing Intellivision control pad, you traveled across a crowded world map of mountains teeming with dungeons, monsters and treasure. Your ultimate goal was to find the final dungeon, of course, and you had to use a canoe to get across water on the world map. A variety of weapons rounded out this amazing title which was decades ahead of its time.

Some of the best video games ever made have been AD & D games in my opinion. The real shame for a lot of these games above is that they aren't currently available. In the case of the PC games, most of them aren't even compatible with Windows ME. Sigh. A real shame. Hopefully some far-sighted software company will get the rights to these games and release them again as compilations.

List by redskinStu (05/16/2007)

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