As we all know, video games are EXTREMELY addictive. Most gamers set at least an hour of their day to the video game that they are currently playing. These are the games that I have found that I or others spend at LEAST 100 hours playing, although seriously, I could make it 1,000 hours (or more) for some of these games. You may or may not be surprised about my selections, but for those who have been addicted to one (or all) of these games should know why they are included. Let us begin with...

The #10 spot goes to that classic, that awesome, that brilliant game that set the bar extremely high for Zelda games: Zelda 64 a.k.a. Zelda: Ocarina of Time. The replay value on this game is so extremely high as this game never seems to get old. You could play through it a couple of times, get sick of it, and find yourself wanting to play it again a couple of weeks later. I have personally spent around 200-250 hours playing this game. So if you are less than 100 hours, pick up this game again and find all those Pieces of Heart, then go give Ganon the ass-kicking he deserves.

The #9 spot goes to this classic football game (I know, I am probably surprising people already), but most sports games could go in this spot because there is SO MUCH to do in games like this. There are challenges to do to get Crib Points to make your crib awesome. Also, who doesn't like to challenge their friends to a friendly game of football only to make it unfriendly after you BLOW THEM OUT 120 - 0? Then they get mad and want a rematch with a better team (cause it was OBVIOUSLY the TEAM that lost them the game, not the fact that they suck. Obviously). So pick up the latest sports game, practice it, then go out and spend your quality time decimating people over the internet or just making fools of your friends.

My last two choices may have made people look at me funny, but my #8 spot may make people think that I am just plain out crazy. But believe it or not, Civilization II is definitely on this list. Maybe some people just aren't into turn-based strategies, but this game is VERY fun. This game doesn't take my "Longest Total Playing Time on One Video Game" award, but it does take my "Longest Playing of One Video Game in One Sitting" award with 26 hours. (I didn't have a car or a job at the time). But back to the game...even if you don't spend a lot of time in one sitting on this game, you can still play this game for a long time. Be the Romans and destroy all your enemies with Elephants that magically become Knights with the Chivalry Knowledge and Leonardo's Workshop Wonder of the World. Or be the peace loving Americans who want nothing but to be the first into space and to get their space ship to reach a new world first. Each time you play, something different happens that is unexpected, so you are almost guaranteed a fun time each time you play. You can probably find this game for cheap somewhere, or you can steal (or borrow without permission with the intent to return at a much, much later date) it from your friend because you know he won't notice it being gone because he never plays it anymore. Whatever floats your boat :)

No, the men from that hospital where we send those "crazy" people aren't coming for me. The #7 spot goes to one of my personal favorite games: MGS2. Another game that I got for free (many thanks to my friend for not wanting it), the reason that this is on this list is because you simply cannot play this game only once. The plot line is one of the best ever and you could play it only for the plot line, but why do just that. There are all those beautiful Dog Tags that you can get. Of course, it is not as easy as that, as there are obviously several tricks to doing that. Also, why just go through the game where you CAN be discovered when it is Tactical Espionage Actions a.k.a. STEALTH. Play it on the harder difficulties where you can't be discovered. Did I forget to mention the training missions, which some will make you pull your hair out, but also are just lots and lots of fun trying to get the high scores. Also, there are Snake Tales and the ever fun Movie Viewer where you can change characters. (Why does Fortune sound like Revolver Ocelot?) It seriously makes me sad, though when I walk into my favorite new and use video game store that I'm sure all of us go to and see a bunch of copies of this wonderful game sitting there, needing owners. Go out and buy a copy, give this wonderful game a home, and play it until you go around screaming "Raiden, turn off the game console right now!" or "Snake, answer me, SNAKE!!!"

Spot #6 on this list hopefully surprises people less than the previous entries, as there are so many places, so many missions, and so many people to harass in this game. This game can even be a great party game. Try to get the most money from a trick, or survive the longest with 5 stars, or other inane, insane things. Or you can just do all the missions. I'm sure you can find a copy of this somewhere, but more than likely, you may have to pick up another GTA title, but no matter which one, you are guaranteed hours of senseless violence and/or fun.

Now while the single player for this game is pretty good, this game shines for the multiplayer. My #5 spot goes to Half-Life 2, and what fun you can have with that gravity gun and things you can throw at your friends/enemies. But the HL2 multiplayer is just the tip of the iceberg. I'm talking about the mods for this game, mainly Day of Defeat (DoD) and CounterStrike (CS). Ever heard the term "AWP Whore"? If not, you have never even heard of CS, as CS and "AWP Whore" tend to be synonymous. But aside from the hackers and the previously mentioned people who use one, and only one, weapon, CS is a great game. DoD is one of my favorite multiplayer games. The intense action, it is almost like you are back in 1943. Pay attention to your friends yelling "GRENADE" or "SNIPER", because if you don't, you will probably meet your doom and have to wait at least a couple of seconds before you respawn and must now get revenge for that death (and that person ruining your 15-0 run). I still see copies of HL2, but you can pick up CS and DoD as stand alones, so go out there and start having fun.

Before I get started on my #4 spot, Final Fantasy VII (FF7), let us take a deep breath. Breath in the good, out the bad, in the good, out the bad. Ready? This game takes the cake for me in terms of "Longest Total Playing Time on One Video Game". I seriously don't know how many hours, days, weeks I have spent playing this game. I have run through this game so many times that I know the plot pretty much inside and out. To some, it may seem like a big waste of time as they claim that this game is overrated. Well, I'm not here to rekindle that never ending debate, I'm just going to say that this game has it all: great plot, classic music, replay value, side quests that take a lot of time, cool protagonists (Cloud, Barret, Cid), even coolers antagonists (Sephiroth, the Turks), and things of the sort. Final Fantasy 6 and 8 are also great examples, but I have not spent nearly as much time on those as I have on this wonderful game. So, if you don't have this game, and are not biased against it, then get on EBay and find a copy. If you are biased against it, yet have not played it, then I suggest you play it at least once to see if maybe you might change your mind.

Every time my friends get together to play video games, we play my #3 spot: Halo 2. What can I say about this game other than FUN, FUN, FUN. This game can easily drain time out of any day, especially if you get online. Although I must warn that online there are the whinny people who can't take losing, which is one of the main reasons I stick to playing with my friends. The single player is pretty good, but that is a stretch (Halo 1 was so much better), but this game shines with the multiplayer. Of course you MUST customize your Spartan or Elite to make him look as badass as possible. Once that is done, go out and have fun. You can Co-Op with a friend, or play him, get frustrated as he gets up on a first to 15 game 13-2, get a Running Riot and win the game 15-13. I'm sure that you can find this game, especially now that Halo 3 Beta is out and Halo 3 will be out pretty soon. Just remember to call the Rocket Launcher the "Newb Stick" and to taunt people when you stick them by saying something clever (or stupid according to my friends because they hate it when I say) like "WHAT COLOR IS YOUR SCREEN?" when you stick them. Or not.

I'm sure by now you are tired of reading, so I will attempt, but fail, to be brief. My #2 spot may or may not seem obvious, but Starcraft was definitely going to be on this list, for two reasons. 1: Starcraft 2 was announced, and I'm sure that a great many people became happy with they heard the wonderful news. The second reason is morbid and has to do with the multiplayer aspect of this game. Before I hit the morbid part, the multiplayer is wonderful. Build up a fleet of Carriers and decimate anything in your path, or scream "Kee Kee Kee, Zerg Rush!" as you send wave after wave after wave after wave after wave of Zerglings to overwhelm and destroy your opponent’s base. Being able to out think someone (again, especially if it is a friend) is a great feeling. Especially when they think their fleet of Carries is going to crush your weak Zerg base, until your Hydralisks and Scourge begin to fight their Carriers, then all of the sudden, their base seems to be having an infestation problem; which is a triple pronged attack of Hydralisks on one flank, Zerglings on another, and Mutalisks/Guardians on a third. Let's just say, it doesn't end well for your opponent. But the morbid reason is that this is the most prominent game that people literally DIE from playing. Yes, people forget to eat, sleep, exercise, live life and end up dying while playing this game. So...if you are able to know when to quit, buy this game, play through the single player, and get ready for Starcraft 2.

Did anyone seriously doubt that this was going to be the top spot? The #1 spot was clearly, obviously, blatantly going to be this MMORPG known simply as WoW. I have only played this game for about thirty minutes, but I know the effects that an MMORPG has, as I was once addicted to Diablo 2. I thankfully got the help I desperately needed to quit. People spend so much damn time on this game that I am amazed that they do anything else with their lives. And this is the generation that is going to run the world some day? (Shudders). But as for the game, it does have its high points. You choose a race, then a character class, then build from there. You get skills depending on the race and class, and then you join other people and go out and kill creatures or other people. You can even join a guild and take a city of the opposing race. This is obviously another brilliant chapter in the ever changing realm of Warcraft. I am scared to think what Blizzard will pull out next.

A few things in conclusion. 1: I have to give recognition to two games that I was unable to fit on this list: Super Metroid and Castlevania: Curse of Darkness. Buy these games and play them. 2: Many of these games have, or are, multiplayer. So make sure to embarrass your friends. 3: And finally, this list is obviously my opinion, so don't take it for absolute truth. But if you can, try these games (except maybe WoW or any MMORPG) to see if you do enjoy them. But most importantly, have FUN!

List by djpdogg (05/24/2007)

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