When you saw the likes of Godzilla and King Kong growing up, what did you think? Well, I know that I thought it would be cool to be them, or at the very least control them. Video games have given that opportunity to monster fans around the world. Here are my top ten video games that involve monsters fighting.

This brawler has the feel of an old B-Movie. All the monsters are new, but feel and look familiar. However, this game isn't all that good, because to unlock new monsters you must purchase them with points gained through the single-player mode, which is very long and boring. However, it is still a fun game to play with friends.

This interesting game has few controls, but is still intricate. The goal of the game is to, as Godzilla, find your way through a labyrinth at the center of which is your son, Minya. You can only proceed if you clear the level. This is achieved by destroying all of the boulders on the level. However, don't think it easy, because a horde of famous Godzilla foes will come after you. Most can be destroyed with a quick press of the attack button, but a few can not be destroyed except by crushing them with one of the aforementioned boulders. If you take too long to complete a level, watch out, for the hydra-like King Ghidorah will appear. He cannot be defeated by any means, even boulders. This game is really good, and you are lucky if you have played it before. However, it hasn't aged well, which is why it is only number 8.

While more-recent Spyro games have been a big let-down, the original is a gaming classic. With good-graphics (for its time), a cool gameplay system (running around levels rescuing gem-encrusted dragon elders), and an original way of saving (use of saved dragons' pedestals) make this game great.

Monster Rancher is a series in which you train monsters. Here's the catch: you "unlock" these monsters by using your real discs. You know, DVDs, Video Games, CD's, etc. This game is much like the others, however improves many aspects. For example, you can train your monsters by purchasing training equipment and putting it on your ranch. There are also times when you go an adventure with your monster in a dungeon-crawling experience, which was very briefly explored in the second game, but left behind in the third. Of course, the main use of your monsters are entering them in tournaments. One main let-down is the inability to get some monsters unless you have another Tecmo game. Yes, Tecmo.

This games big draw is the ability to combine animals to make super-creatures. However, under the surface lies a challenging RTS. I, for one, don't like games that are too hard, but many people do, which is why this game is number six.

While dinosaurs aren't technically monsters, neither is King Kong. However, he is still considered a monster. Warpath has a good selection of dinosaurs to play as. While there are no power-ups in the conventional sense, little dinosaurs, people, and goats appear from time to time as health-replenishers. The stages are great, too, and include scenes from the first two movies. One stage even takes place at a Universal Theme Park!

While kind of a stretch as a monster-fighter, the fact that chocobos are sometimes enemy monsters in Final Fantasy games makes this game a viable choice. The card-battle system is great, and unlike most other card-battlers, doesn't require you to memorize too much about the cards. The story is also cute, but still retains the dark overtones of the main series, making it enjoyable for all ages. The fact that our favorite Scottish Cat, Cait Sith, makes an appearance as a card is a bonus as well.

While many reviews may claim this isn't as good as the predecessor, which it isn't in terms of normal games, it is a better monster-fighting game than the original. Why? Because, well, it has a whole lot more monsters. Favorites such as Mothra, Godzilla, and Rodan make appearances, but relative unknowns like Megaguirus and Jet Jaguar make the game even better by expanding your knowledge of the monster world. The inclusion of quirky minigames, like basketball and a rail-shooter in space, makes the game even more enjoyable.

This game lets you play as a big ape. Do you really need more information? I guess you do. Besides playing as Kong with a 3rd Person point-of-view, you also play playwright Jack Driscoll, in a FPS-mode. The fact that the creatures of Skull Island react to changes in the environment is really cool, but the big draw is that the movie's cast voices the game.

Big surprise, eh? Indeed, Pokemon takes the monster-fighting genre to the next level. If I had made this list a few months ago, I would have chosen Pokemon Gold and Silver, but they would be lower on the list. With an updated time system, over 100 new Pocket Monsters for you to catch, and the best plot in a Pokemon game so far, this is an obvious shoe-in for the best monster-fighting game ever.

Monsters are just flat out awesome. Video games have given us the chance to play as some of these fantastical creatures. From the cute to the flat out scary, monsters in video games are here to stay.

List by davidskywalker (05/24/2007)

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